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Roles played by emotions and mirror neuron activity in the brain.

I found that emotions play a number of very different roles in cancer and they are almost always used in combination with general suggestions and subliminal mental images. Emotions play key roles in cancer and to my knowledge there are … Continue reading

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Why the body reacts to form cancer Part 2.

The Basics. Understand this and you can conquer cancer. I will discuss this section twice, once with the one example and then with the other because it is extremely important to understand it well if you want to be able … Continue reading

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Why does the cancer form? Part1

In this post I will elaborate more on the ideas that are used, which are the very heart of a nocebo or what I am calling padeas (pathological ideas). (Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s … Continue reading

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Cancer is a paper tiger!

The myth of the cancer masses as unnatural, rogue cells growing out of control.. i.e., the medico’s myths debunked!  This myth is just the medical industry’s propaganda. I state these are my opinions only . You need to form your … Continue reading

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