They said:    


BUT the reality is..

And that’s true whether the likeion or not!

What the demons don’t know is that Leonidas, once king of Sparta, is one of my kin from past incarnations here on earth. I met him again transcending time, at Thermopolis in 1972 when I was in Greece. Since then he has assisted me from the spiritual realm to find his experience and thus to fight carefree. I am a freedom fighter boldly standing against the devil himself in all space and time. I know with certainty that living I partake a little longer of the life in this earthly plane, dying I am in heaven again so I can stand unflinchingly before the Lord of Death and laugh in his face. But it is also true that the job is already done, for what has been done in heaven, in the spiritual realm, will be done on earth, ie in the physical realm. There is no one and no power on earth that can stop it. I’m just going through the motions. Job’s done!

It’s the end of Jan 2013

AND they are still busy hassling my dogs.

Obviously they’ve lost sight of the road ahead..

My dogs are not the issue.

Try to move it and it doubles up

This tow near and healthy humane people

Some matters have come to my notice.

 1. Evil people seem to think that my blogs are about moralizing to them. I would have to have rocks in my head to moralize to evil people. It is about stopping the evil people. And it is so easy! My sole aim is to help humane people understand that they can protect their health and life and the health and life of their children, pets and loved ones, by simply understanding what is at play and what they can do about it. So my blogs are EXCLUSIVELY TO GIVE MY FINDINGS TO HUMANE people in the world, -the vast majority on this planet, that VICTORY IS EASY and I am not about some conjecture. I am living proof. I am up against colossal odds standing against both these groups and have succeeded in surviving and protecting both my dogs. And I should say here the protection of my dogs is important because by the very same means one can protect ones children and anyone under their care. I can say that I have never had better health in my life. And the knowledge I communicate can be used by humane others to help overcome their own medical problems. The inhumane cannot use this knowledge because they are locked into a mindset and are not free agents. Some delude themselves that they can be “mobile again”. In reality they are effectively in a grave.

 2. The other matter is that, having failed to kill me or even make me sick, they have moved to try control me and one of the ways is to threaten to blacken my name using the Australian media. The hope is probably that the public will treat my blogs with contempt. The Australian media have a dark history of character assassinations that at least on one very famous occasion took part over a lengthy period of time and which was used to boost newspaper sales. Wild accusations were repeatedly made over months and months on the front pages of newspapers and on television to destroy the character of a good person. This person is Lindy Chamberlain who was tried, convicted and hung by the Australian media, not respecting courts and court proceedings that were taking place at the time. So anything she might have said at that time was treated with contempt by the public. And let me say also that when she was exonerated and the scientific evidence was found wanting, and the experts re-examined for what was really a miscarriage of justice. They reported the misrepresented scientific “evidence” but in a low key manner and they still painted up the scientists as nice guys in the media. And why wouldn’t they after all the medical industry, one way or the other, is the main source of income for most media companies. By repeating this well trodden path, they can again blacken the name of another person to try to cause the public not to want to hear the what they have to say. I suspect the Australian public have woken up since those days. They have another problem though. I am relatively unknown so they would have to make me known to slander me.

 For see a.. Rooster!

They want to create a big scandal to blacken my name by using the fact that my early and middle life years I had had several affairs with married men. The first was when I was nineteen I had an affair with a married man, with whom I had fallen in love. It lasted for about six months. This was used against me in the past and is the main aim now to create “a one night stance” that never happened. The woman in the sequence of events that I am about to relate knew about this affair.

 In 1974 I had gone on an overseas holidays with several others, this woman included. One of the places that we visited was an island, rather primitive with little public transport (a few taxis). The motel in which we stayed was about a twenty minute or so walk through some bushland to the beach and shops. One day the woman came to my room and said that her husband, whom one of our party had nicknamed “a rooster”, wanted to go down to the shops to buy some cigarettes and would I like to go. I said no you two go down by yourselves today. She said she had a headache and didn’t want to go down to the shops and that she didn’t want her husband to go down alone. I said ask the others I am not interested. She insisted. She said the others were busy doing other things and would I go down with her husband to the shops as a favour to her. I didn’t want to go but as she continued to insist in the end I agreed.

 We walked down quickly and as soon as we reached the shops a group of men immediately descended on him. They said he was a good chess player and they wanted to play against him. A game started and it dragged on and on. I reminded him that we should be heading back, that it would be getting dark soon and that his wife would be waiting but he seemed oblivious about anything other than chess. I went outside and walked up to the edge of the forest thinking to walk back by myself but I felt a very bad feeling. I thought at the time that it might have been that I would have got lost trying to get back by myself and particularly in the dark. Now I realize that a gut feeling that rings loudly of danger is no accident and not due to any maybe. I had been set up. She wanted for there to be a long time that I would be away from the motel and supposedly in the company of her husband. And true to all evil people, conditions are set up for the person to be “punished” if they did otherwise. If I had attempted to walk back alone I would have been accosted and maybe raped on my way back. And I would now confidently say that the person was not someone waiting in the bushes for me on the off chance of finding me either, but someone there watching me and hence be able to follow me into the bush. I returned to the shop and ordered some chips for dinner. I ate my chips and again tried to move the woman’s husband from the cubicles at the back of the shop but he had started a new game and was not willing to leave. He played several games until the shop closed which was around midnight or later. Finally we left and walked through the bush in the dark.

 A short while after we returned, the woman again came to my room again. This time she started making accusations against me, saying that I must have had sex with her husband. I told her no. She said that he told her that he had had sex with me and that was why we were so late back. Now with the benefit of hindsight one can put forth evidence that he lied. Years later this woman divorced her husband. It was not because he rejected their first child and had her have an abortion. It was not because she wanted to keep the second child and he had punched her in the stomach to try and procure an abortion. She divorced him on the grounds of adultery. However it was not due to any confessions on his part. He denied any extra marital affairs. She divorced him because other interested parties had planted pictorial evidence that he was having affairs with other women, where she would find the photos. At the time that she was making accusations against me, I wanted to confront her husband about it but she refused. And he would not come out of their room and let me confront him. She then flatly told me that she believed me and left. For the rest of the holiday they acted as normal and there was no other mention of that night.

 A few years later, after I graduated from university, I met and was living with my late husband. At this time, this woman returned into my life for a few years and when she did she brought up the subject about the night on the island again. She said I don’t care about him anymore, so it doesn’t matter to me but I just want to know what happened. I told her nothing happened. He played chess all night. She insisted that I admit to having sex with him. I told her there was nothing to admit. One cannot admit to something one has never done. She became angry with me. What was this about? It was really at this time that I began to get the first inklings that I had been set up. It was not chance, as it had appeared at the time that her husband had met others and got carried away playing chess. This was planned. I could see now that she wanted reason to be openly violent towards me and at the same time to ensure that other people’s sympathy was invoked. I am one of the types of people she hates because despite my faults I am humane and she is evil, something I have only come realize in the last ten years or so. 

 This woman went further but she did not get what she wanted. In late 1989 I went to live in Queensland as my husband and I had agreed to a trial separation but my husband was not happy so I had returned to Sydney every couple of months to stay several weeks to a month at a time with him. During one of the stretches in Queensland, this woman rang me and said she wanted to invite my husband to her place, since she lived in a holiday area and it would be a nice break for him. I told her she’d have to ask him. I had no problem with this if it was going to make him happy. So my husband went and spent a week or two on holidays at her house.

 My husband and I patched things up, I returned to Sydney and we resume our marriage. About 12 years later we were discussing various things when this woman’s name came up. It was then that my husband told me that when he had gone to stay with this woman had wanted to have sex with him and he had refused her. His reason was “she didn’t do anything for me”, which was my husband’s jargon for “I didn’t feel sexually aroused by her”. But my husband also said that he felt “something wasn’t right”. This was his gut feeling. During our time apart my husband had desperately wanted us to get back together again, so his gut feeling is highly relevant. So what was she going to do? My sense is that she was going to try to use this somehow although I don’t understand how. I would not have held this against him as we had agreed to other relationships while we were apart. She was not happy for having been thwarted though and has since mooted the ideas of “he has to pay”.

But there is a catch 22 here. The reality is that I am relatively unknown at present. They need to make me known to the public in order to try and defame me. And they want to use people who are evil to make the defamatory claims but they don’t hang together and the truth will be known. Even if I have to live in a hell for an indefinite period of time I still love God and I will NEVER STOP the fight for Truth and Justice, I will never, never, never give up. I never say die. I keep on keeping on. In this incarnation I am born under the sign of the buffalo, made for the long haul. I tread the long road to the end where the evil subculture and the launderers of their crimes are exposed and as a result both perish. Humane people alone will populate the Earth. They will know true community, attain their full potential and enjoy universal prosperity, knowledge and spiritual freedom.

 image0023, And there is one more little matter..

Someone conveyed the idea “die elephant”.

Hmm.. even after more than a decade of waging war against me they really don’t know me,

 And talking about the war.. a piece of crap.. yes in human form, but hardly worthy of a human birth. This is crap, garbage! This is the publicity they don’t want, but this needs to be public. Bruising and blood clotting don’t occur after the death of a chicken. These wounds on the chicken’s thigh could only have been done while the chicken was alive. And they were fresh so it had to have been done only about three or four hours before the meat was delivered to my house. And there have to be a number of people involved. The attack on the chicken had to have been done just after I ordered some goods that afternoon and amongst them chicken. And judging on the fact that while this is the worst case, it is by no means the only time it has happened, it is not coincidental. The two holes in the thigh had to have been made with a poker. The day after my order was chic thigh attackdelivered, someone paraded around outside my house with what looked like the “weapon” used. This low life fancies himself a dog. He and other evil people are hardly worthy enough to be dogs and bitches as they claim themselves. The purpose of this attack is to be able to claim “booty” IF they could kill me and my two dogs. The Greek for thigh has the same sound as the English word booty. The reality is there is only going to be one “gain of value”, which is not ill-gotten and that gain is for the humane people with the discovery of the truth; The truth about the booty or ill gotten gains of the medical industry and the fact that they don’t need doctors, medicines and surgery to get well and stay well. The medical industry will crash image004and the evil people perish.


March 2013

What has been done is a dog similar looking to my small dog has been placed in what they are calling a “brutal medical experiment” and tortured. And the images being forcefully presented to me through the mechanism they reject.. ESP! The images and the hate have nothing to do with my dog. There are suggestions about laboured breathing and wobbly walk and I reject the suggestions. And they made up some rubbish about someone taking something back to a shop where they bought it and being told”they won’t take it back”. This being the attempt to stress me and my small dog. Furthermore there is more bullshit about “can’t have one without the other” which only relates to the medical fraud and the evil sub-culture. Everything that the evil people are trying to relate to myself and my dogs are unrelated to us. What is being suggested has no reality to me and my dogs. This is all about trying to force me to accept some falsehoods. I reject the evil suggestions. And the evil people have failed. I have maintained my privacy. All the premises that they are trying to force upon me are false. I continue to uphold strongly that both my dogs and myself survive unscathed.  


And a more complete picture is..

A more complete picture


October 2013

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