Urgent Medical Matters

Book1 The basics.


People the world over are beginning to suspect that the risk factors are bogus and that the causes of disease are known. They are screaming about the medical industry’s focus on profits instead of people’s health. What I discovered is the causes and knowing them I can make myself well and pretty easily at that. To discover these causes for yourself, you necessarily need to take in the bigger picture. The reality is that disease is fundamentally about how an unsuspecting person can be made to react by underhanded foul games played out within a toxic relationship. And it has absolutely nothing to do with psychology! Toxic relationships are about terror tactics. A person holding a gun to your head is not about psychology but terror; If that gun is not obvious it still about terror. Certainly ideas are involved but ideas are simply packets of information. Thoughts are our awareness. None of this can be legitimately claimed by psychology. The way a person reacts is not in the brain or in the mind but in the body. Basic biology is at issue. Understand that and you are in the driver’s seat again.

Toxic people see relationship as a battle field and the other person as “the enemy”. They appear friendly and even loving, but it is only appearances. Again not psychology but treachery! Many toxic people engage in a long term relationship to gain “a victim on tap”. All toxic people require what they call “narcissistic supply”. It’s a fancy way of saying toxic people require to hurt others around them to get their pleasure / power kick. They get a high from the pain and suffering of another person. Having an unsuspecting someone in their lives that they can continually hurt is their drug of choice. Again not psychology even though it is so claimed. This is the serious maltreatment of another human being and the damage is physical.. disease! To hurt others on a long term basis certainly toxic people need to be two-faced, treacherous, hateful and cruel but that is not enough. They can only look uninvolved because like-minded others do their dirty work. Thus they also need to be networked. Hence we have group politics, that of the inhumane against the humane. We are at war and don’t realize it because the damage is named disease and traded for profit.

The greater number of toxic relationships are so well “formulated” they seem and feel like the real thing, except.. well except for the medical conditions of course, which just seem to be coincidental. “And thank God this kindly person was there to help me” most say. How many men and women have married that other who “stood by them in their time of need”, of whom they say “did not even care how badly I looked”? How many unfortunately have seen that two-faced toxic piece of human garbage as their savior? You may think that calling them ‘human garbage’ is harsh but when you realize how willfully harmful they are, you will think otherwise (if you are humane). These people have no trouble maliciously and massively harming even an innocent newborn, let alone someone that is aged and with one foot in the grave! Indeed many innocent people unwittingly marry their enemy and not known it. How many youngish women have died of heart disease and cancers, high among them breast cancer and had to leave very young children behind, some even babies? When you know what is being played out, it is enough to make you want to vomit. And yet a huge industry has been avariciously built taking advantage of the dirty politics and not only. These are not simply the vultures hanging around waiting to feed on the ready-made victims of personal terrorism. Indeed these are some of the very wolves themselves. The medical industry actively protects the toxic offenders. They hammer the public with medical misinformation to justify the picture they paint of disease. What they actually do is cover the dirty work and the toxic offenders. And they do all this by the misuse science. Depending on how you conduct experiments and the criteria for selection of subjects you can draw whatever rabbit you like out of an empty scientific hat.

The medical misinformation is not perpetrated by “the doctors”, although not dismissing that there are doctors that are prepared to act in grossly immoral fashion for money, making millions without a shred of conscience! “The the medical profession is not in control of the practice of medicine. It is the big pharmaceutical companies, the “big labs” that are in control and their interests are money first, second and last! They have by-passed the doctors and affect the public directly, through the media. So great is their influence that many people go to their doctor demanding the medicines that they saw on television or in their favorite magazine or on some medical internet site. They see ads with actors that appear to be personal success stories. They see the people looking radiant for supposedly having taken some “medication” when it is all just a story. Doctors are fast becoming the vending machines of big pharma. Yes indeed this is the “information age” but what information is that?

The medical industry claims report after report that it is lifestyle choices, what we eat, drink and smoke, how active or inactive we may be and how we “handle stress”. And of course the only stress that they are prepared to acknowledge is the stress of everyday living and not pathological stress that arises out of toxic relationships. Then there are the bad luck cards that are dealt out, like your genes that you’re stuck with or the virus that you caught. And the toxins in your environment -even in the food that you eat! Our food, it is claimed, has “toxins that can give you cancer”. Much hoo-ha is made of toxins in the media and by the ‘watch dogs’ of the medical industry. Is it for real? I have found that while you criticize big pharma you’re okay because no amount of criticism can hurt them. Indeed frightening the public about toxins they must surely see as “a blessing”. Informing the public about how the drug cures can kill them don’t even hurt big pharma. For when the public see no other course of action then even the poison is reasonably considered rather than faced with the possible death sentence of a disease. But, if you offer an alternative that shuts down their business then even the watch dogs don’t like you. Are they not all on the same side?

As bad as that is, there’s worse! There is the medical misinformation about our very nature as human beings. For example what are the emotions? Are they really some recordings in your brain? Is it true that some people can find the off switch or that the off switch may be even broken? Then there is the comfort zones, surely that’s in your brain and psychological.. isn’t it? And lastly there is that unspeakable subject of ESP. ESP is the ability that we have of direct mental perception.. that doesn’t require sensory information. This is a subject that is quite literally shat on by the scientific establishment. The research is deliberately skewed. All research into ESP is double blinded so as to remove relationship from the equation. ESP is a subject considered vile beyond all other subjects. Many scientists transform into fierce, fire-breathing dragons at the very sound of it. Why? Why are there endless armies of skeptics the world over ready to pounce on anyone who dares mention these three letters together in one breath? Indeed ESP is seen more of a threat then the reality that emotions AND the coping habits are physical. Yes physical! They involve changes in the body. Those fanciful “chemical and hormonal imbalances” that are cited ad nauseam are suddenly accounted for. However this still leaves some blanks as it doesn’t account for how those emotions arose in the first place, nor does it explain a person’s need of a comfort zone.

Indeed the blanks can only be filled by ESP and its origin.. relationship!. ESP does two horrid things, as far as the medical industry is concerned. One is it lets the cat out of the bag so to speak. The very basic foul game play requires relationship and out of that entanglement comes the ability to be mentally perceptive, to have ESP capability that is strong and at times almost on par with sensory perception. Then the lights come on. Yeah the emotions are not arbitrary after all, nor is the need of a comfort zone just being weak! However there is more. ESP also shatters, at least in part, the very foundations of modern biology and that means the whole of the cancer industry. This industry has been built around that wonderful idea of “oops.. a mutation” and the rogue cell is born! This is the rogue that is heralded by big pharma as “the wreaker of havoc in the body”. This is the cell that must be stopped at all cost! For if the rogue cell gets it’s own way.. oh my God you’re doomed. The idea of a rogue cell in the body is nothing but the exploitation of people’s fear of death. It is a life and death issue created out of thin air. Could it be that the mutation is deliberate? Could it be that a perception leads to such deliberate action in the body? ESP is the little zephyr, who’s ever so gentle caress collapses this house of cards and the whole of the medical industry.. cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, mental disorders and much, much more besides C.O.L.L.A.P.S.E.S. Yeah ESP!

The truth? There are NO mental disorders. The whole of psychiatry is a fraud! The DSM is just a drug pusher’s schedule of merchandise cleverly concealed. It is pseudo-science.. quackery. However the treachery runs deeper. The true purpose of modern day psychiatry is to make a division between the mental world (thought) and physical reactivity in the body. It provides a license to treat the physical symptoms as a physical disease. Note well here. It is symptoms that are cited, symptoms that are treated not the underlying cause. The money is in treating symptoms. It is a perpetual river of cash. The reality? There are NO physical diseases either! Cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes etc., are merely bodily reactivity and not diseases in the sense that is portrayed by the medical industry. All of them are the bodily reactivity to ideas that are believed point to some reality. Again I stress this is not about psychology. Ideas are information. Bodily reactivity is the action our bodies take to do some job, either in or by the body, when it is deemed there is some reason to do so.. nothing more, nothing less. So what is health and what is disease? These are not subjects tackled by the medical industry because using the paradigm of the humankind is a machine, health and disease cannot be explained. Machines either work or malfunction. Yet we find the very same conditions in people that are well as in those with disease. The only difference is that in well people such conditions are transient whereas a sick person’s conditions endure over time. The latter the doctors claim have become ‘clinical symptoms’ and the person’s condition, a disease. The grey area is left grey so when the symptoms become clinical they hit the jackpot. There’s work to be done and drugs to be sold!

Though the big picture looks grim nonetheless the news is very good. The very fact that it is our reactions that cause us to become pathologically stressed and diseased also means that it is in our power to overcome the stress and make ourselves well again. And that means without drugs and medical procedures in the vast number of cases. You can make yourself well and stay well despite all of the treachery of toxic people and all of the medical myths. This is not about “accepting blame”, and the cries of “it’s your fault”. NO! This is not about “dummy, too stupid to see it coming” and “just not street-wise” either. For not only is the foul play extremely underhanded, a person is in addition blind sighted by the medical misinformation that serves the offenders and helps them “do their thing”! And it is also not about “accepting what’s happening, what is” for that too only serves the offenders. Maltreatment is not the victim’s fault. There is however a hard transition to make. That transition is to get past the fact that you have been cheated and not by anyone but by someone you have trusted.. someone close to you, someone unworthy of your trust. Deceit, cheating and betrayal can hurt more than the physical pain and suffering BUT once you get past this, the level of control you gain over your life is phenomenal. And that realization is found when you appreciate that they didn’t make you sick after all. All that they did and indeed all that they can every do is try to cheat you. How you reacted while in the dark is what made you sick. Once the lights come on it is a whole different ball game. You can laugh in the face of “possible, terrible disease”, eat what you like and do as you please. You can win against them all! It is in your power to gain complete control over your health and wellbeing and not only.

You can in very real terms “level up”. We do not use the mind anywhere near to capacity. We have powers that are near unimaginable while ever we live within the limited beliefs we are spoon fed through the media. We have been kept little by misinformation and underhanded foul games. A great awakening awaits you. A great enlightenment is there for you, not only about disease but of living life more fully, more abundantly. Together we can recover true community, while at the same time bringing down all that is evil and oppressive and without having to resort to any physical force. When you discover the truth you can break free of all that is at present oppressive and controlling. We can all prosper and in a world that is full of joy and good will. It may sound incredible but it’s true and it is all up to us, the humane people of this world!

Kyrani Eade.

  July, 2012

2 Responses to Urgent Medical Matters

  1. Barrack says:

    I hope you find the care you clearly need.

    • kyrani99 says:

      Who do you think you are standing here before me? I am exposing medical fraud and the corruption that exists in society? I have God’s care and that is all I need.

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