Cancer is a paper tiger!

The myth of the cancer masses as unnatural, rogue cells growing out of control.. i.e., the medico’s myths debunked!

 This myth is just the medical industry’s propaganda.

I state these are my opinions only . You need to form your own informed opinions.

The official line that cancer is about abnormal cells.. rogue cells they call them – that they are being made in the body all the time. Everybody gets them! Not a nice idea but we can take courage that if we eat right and get the right exercise… if we are healthy …well then our immune system knocks them out. They only grow out of control if we are unhealthy… right?” WRONG!

Healthy people, even athletes and sports people in their prime, with no genetic predisposition and with pristine health get cancer. Look at Lance Armstrong! He was the very picture of health, at the prime of his life and a good guy too, struck down for quite some time with cancer –multiple cancers. Are you as healthy as he? “Cancer as abnormal cells that the immune system normally kills when we are healthy ain’t the truth. The truth? No matter how healthy you are, you definitely still can grow cancer because cancer is nothing more or less than an immune response erroneously ignited owing to an unsuspecting person’s reaction to foul game play, mostly the foul play of toxic relatives and toxic friends.

Lance Armstrong is also talented and successful, and in being so he runs a massively increased risk of cancer and not only cancer, other diseases too. Take Kylie Minogue, a healthy, very talented and very successful lady and cancer. And the list of talented and/or successful people getting serious diseases like cancer is endless. Are we going to say that if you are talented and successful you must also have genes that predispose you to getting cancer or heart disease or whatever? …Some evolutionary quirk that turned on only in the twilight of the 20th century and into the 21st?

People of talent and /or who are successful are primary targets of jealous people, people who are extremely manipulative and controlling.. toxic people. You only need to appreciate how much a talented child is harassed and bullied at school. Such children often need to go to special schools to be able to attend school free of harassment. The evidence is there in the plague of health problems that talented and successful people suffer, which stands taller than the tallest building –a monumental risk of around 20 times the national average.

Thus the cherished medical myth that the main risk factors for cancer, are found in a person’s levels of fitness, diet, obesity and genes is cherished precisely because it helps gear all research in a direction that ensures the creation of wealth for the drug companies- Big Pharma.

90% or more of “the business” that walks into any doctor’s rooms looking for answer to their medical problems are stressed people, often highly stressed. No diet or lack of exercise or even genes can make a person stressed. Stress is not caught like a bug, nor is it due to our physical living conditions. And stress is not a malfunction of the body or the brain. Stress is not due to thoughts that “are what they are” and that a person is just negative thinking and torturing themselves. That is trash. Other people are always involved in the creation of pathological stress. And yet the medical establishment has for many decades now, sidelined stress and given it only lip service where disease is concerned. Pick up any medical text and you will find stress is barely given a passing mention, let alone discussed. It is not even discussed with seriousness in the psychiatric holy book, the DSM. On the contrary psychiatrists and doctors in general insist that people who want to blame others for their medical problems are delusional and need to take full responsibility for their body and its problems. And by being responsible for your health they mean go to the doctor frequently, get all the tests done at least once a year, get medicated or get whatever medical procedure they deem you need to have and stop complaining!  The truth though is that disease-causing stress is all about how the body can be made to malfunction and in the case of cancer it is all about reactivity at the cellular level. And you do need to realize that your suspicions about other people being involved are 100% correct and that furthermore you can counter their foul play, without leaving the comfort of your lounge chair. The war is fought and won in the mind!

Best myth of them all is the one about statistics! They tell us that more than half the people that get cancer now get cured, if we can include loosing half your entrails or your limbs as cures and with a guarantee of a recurrence of course, of course. The suggestion of a recurrence given by a doctor, especially the doctor who has treated you is a nocebo! “You’ll get it again, it comes back.. you’ll be back.. expect it”. From their statistics it sounds as if half of the people who got cancer got cured but what they are not saying so freely is that the overall incidence of cancer, in the last fifty to sixty years has at least doubled! 100% increase or more since the 1950’s! Nearly 50% of the population of all first world countries can expect to get cancer, with the incidence in the developing world rapidly increasing to match it. And the trend is an upward spiral!


In today’s population and without any further percentage increase in the incidence of cancer we are talking about at least a billion people worldwide get some form of cancer! The profits made from treating them lie in the trillions of dollars! It is a monumental financial bonanza for the medical industry from just one disease -cancer. It is understandable that the fiscal policy of greedy doctors and medical industry financiers and profiteers is to protect such profits. And not only! Don’t forget that like any good business they expect a healthy rise in sales every year. And how is all this achieved? With appropriate although deceptive public relations, not obliterate cancer with the truth. Good heavens no! Apart from the suffering and death, there is also a massive drain on the public purse. And for a disease that can be treated with satisfaction guaranteed without the need of doctors! It costs nothing to get your body to do the job of getting well. For the money we spend on disease like cancer we could have every child on earth educated with a private school standard education.

For the sake of the health of non-toxic people –the humane people of this world, for the sake of community health and the health of future generations we need to kill this wretched plant. It is vital for our very survival and not only for world peace. This is the wretched plant of medical profiteering from harvesting the proceeds of the public purse by claiming the victim’s that have fallen prey to evil doers are suffering from natural causes.

Another myth the medicos propagate is that there are environmental factors involved in cancer. The sun is considered to be a high risk factor for skin cancer. What about all those native people living on lands around the equator, where there is the hottest sun of all, all day long, day after day, for their entire lifetimes. They lived there for thousands of years and yet only in recent history has there been any sun cancers reported.

Then there is the idea of toxins in the environment. They have ransacked the environments of cancer patients and more particularly those of ‘cancer clusters’ and they find nothing, no supposed carcinogenic substances. There are places in big cities where in every residential block, from one side of a suburb to the other, there are two or three or four cases of cancer. What is there in the environment that’s doing this? Have they not checked and rechecked the environment? You bet they have–but found nothing.

We find that even in the cities that were bombed with atomic bombs in the second world war, where people were irradiated with radioactivity, there was still the same number of people who got cancer as the average of the ordinary population of other cities. This shows that even the radioactivity does not cause cancer as is supposed.

We see in some corporations such as the Australian Broadcasting Commission that there are cancer clusters. They count only those of the same cancers as cluster, so for instance they called the high number of people getting breast cancer a cluster. But in fact all the cancers need to be considered because they are all caused by the same foul means. They looked to blame old pesticide cans outside the building but there is no evidence of them causing the cancers. They moved out of the old building, the old environment and into a new one but “the cluster” showed no signs of abating! Herein there is definitely a clue –a clue pointing to the truth. What is common in the two environments, the new and the old, at the ABC?

Environments are of two types but only one is recognized in science, so only one is researched and checked. That environment is the physical environment of course. The other environment, the interpersonal one is not even mentioned let alone checked. Heaven forbid it be discovered! The staff at the ABC, (and I don’t single them out, they are no different to any other organization), can move a million times if they want to. Every time unknowingly they take the problem with them. The employees within an organization, whether commercial, social or bureaucratic, are a mixed bag of people. Some amongst them are controlling, highly manipulative.. toxic people and those people are networked. Not only networked within an organization but more importantly with people outside the organization as well, including with toxic people within the targeted person’s family and social groups. The numbers of these toxic people and their networks are growing in society.

In the work place, just as in the home front these types of people and their antisocial behaviour are the key risk factors, for cancer, just as they are for all the other major diseases. They harbour hatred in their hearts. These people enjoy a cover of their evil deeds. The medical misinformation launders their crimes. They deal the dreadful cards of sickness and death while the medicos reap the financial benefits from treating the damage. They commit crimes of serious bodily harm and murder one. They don’t give other people cancer in the conventional sense that we understand in infectious diseases as in transmitting a virus or bacteria etc. Nor does anyone will cancer on another person, though some of these people are so full of themselves that they do entertain such ideas and voice them at times. However without underhanded criminal means that make an unsuspecting person’s body react in an adverse fashion, there is no cancer! The means are cunning indeed and to anyone ignorant of them, they are potent means but at the end of the day it is solely the person’s bodily reaction that makes the cancer and no out of control situation. When you know the truth cancer is little more than a paper tiger! You can get well even from late stage cancer more easily than getting over a bout of the common cold.

Then we have the myth about carcinogens, such as alcohol and tobacco, but not everyone that smokes or drinks gets cancer!

Obesity and lack of exercise are factors in getting cancer!

Infections, betel nuts, salt, food additives and of course genetics are also considered to cause cancer.

For all of the above there is no hard evidence! The fact that a small percentage of people have both one of these conditions and cancer does not prove anything. However I will show you how any one of these can be used by a toxic mob, together with the magic ingredient, that being a person’s “doubt”, to cause cancer.

There is nothing unnatural about cancer masses, nor are they “out of control”. They are natural in that they are stem-cells that have taken up a task of shielding or providing resistance to a perceived attack. This is not a real attack on the body but perceived as such owing to foul game play.

Cancer is akin to an allergic reaction and other diseases of the immune response, where the immune system is caused to react unnecessarily. And the more the person reacts to the foul game play the more cells that they deliberately, albeit unknowingly, amass. Indeed in some cases we see cancer cells take up the task of becoming very aggressive and attack other cells and tissues in the body. Cancer cells can modify their function as to produce all manner of harmful chemicals to attack regions where there is a perceived problem. Ulcerations and inflammation are the usual result and once again this is no accident nor out of control situation. It is all about stem-cell mediated immunity –misguidedly ignited, but natural, deliberate and fully controlled by the body. Herein is the saving grace. Your body produced the cancer deliberately but for a mistaken purpose. Your body can again dismantle what it produced, when you arrive at the perception and reasoning that it is no longer needed, that the original belief was a lie.

Thoughts and ideas are simply information and nothing else. And as we saw earlier and throughout this blog, thoughts are not necessarily only those that a person thinks for themselves. They may be the result of mental perception of the ideas presented by others with whom they are closely related. And such ideas are presented under fear conditions, when a person is highly perceptive but not discriminative. It is a very dirty game here again.

As cancer is about immunity and like all immune responses, the body keeps copies of what has been made in the lymphatic system. I have copies of cancer cells that my body had developed in my lymph glands. There may be as many as 10 different types of cancer since most were not due to metastasis. Areas of my body that had produced cancer cells/masses include:

  • cervix,
  • uterus,
  • ovaries,
  • all areas of the large intestine,
  • pancreas,
  • oesophagus,
  • bone, and
  • skin.

I have also been targeted with harmful ideas of my brain and heart, although I doubt that in these cases that I had developed any cancer cells and certainly there were no masses because by the time they targeted me in this way I am able to divert the body’s erroneous response right from the start. The reversal of these processes and the removal of the masses by spontaneous remission, as well as the “stage-managing of the body’s functions” as to not develop cancer, do not preclude the copies being kept, where cancer cells or what I call barrier or resistance cells, had actually formed.

The doctors claim that cells may eventually move to other parts of the body, a process that doctors call metastasis. In my experience, in my insightful observation of my body, I had not observed cells migrating from one area to other parts of my body. They appeared to be associated only with the organs or tissues in which they were formed and the lymph glands in their vicinity. However I later realized that the cells do go to other areas from the lymph glands. The body tends to use products it has already formed and stored for future use, just like antibodies that are formed in fighting microbes.

However the fact that cancer cells are not locked together as other cells of other body tissues does not have anything to do with migration or metastasis. From my insightful observations inside my body, I have observed that the perceived attacks are not always in the exact same area and it appears that the body produces cells that can move about more freely to cover the area under perceived attack. 

Metastasis is also not random. Cancer cells from the lymph glands do not willy-nilly go to other places in the body. Only when there are follow up targeted areas with further perceived attacks do these areas become involved. And only then does the body move cancer cells stored in the lymph glands to such other areas. If the doctor’s conjecture was true, that cells had become unspecialized or primitive owing to mistakes in the coping of genetic material during cell division, and multiplying uncontrollably and finally being carried to other parts of the body then there would be specific targeted areas. Metastasis is not random. Certain cancers metastasis to certain other organs in the greatest number of cases and there are reasons for that which I will explain in detail later.

The whole story of genetics as a basis to cancer is one of disempowering the patient. If genetics is involved then there is nothing you can do, short of radical surgery in some cases, such as having healthy breasts removed. I strongly suspect that the support for Darwinian evolutionary theory has all to do with upholding these claims about disease and not because of the theory. We have a great deal of detail of the inner working of cells these days and we see miniature machinery that could not possibly have evolved. There is intelligence involved right from the start. I don’t have the answers and I do not subscribe to any particular design theory but I do believe that some sort of design mechanism has to be involved.

The transmutation process of the stem cells, as I have observed in my body, takes place during the latter stages of cell division. Cell division is a process that enables cells to reproduce themselves. They duplicate the genetic material, which is found in the heart of the cell called the nucleus. The cells then split into two new cells called daughter cells. Half of the original cell’s contents together with one copy of the genetic material go into one of the new cells and the rest in the other. It appears that late in the cell division process there are different changes taking place in the stem cells that develop into cancer cells than those that take place in ordinary cells and ordinary stem cells. The different direction of the cell expression or gene expression is deliberate from what I have seen and I have also observed that those cells can be encouraged to make the changes that they would have made to become the specialized cells of which ever tissues that they belong to once again.

The doctor’s conjectured mistakes in copying the genetic material or genetic changes are call a “mutation of genes”. And owing to these genetic mistakes cells doctors claim that the cells have “lost control” and thus divide uncontrollably and without limit. Here again I have seen that this is not the case. I have had cancers that have stopped growing for a time or slowed down and then started again. And finally have stopped dividing once again and then disappearing. And I have seen that there is nothing uncontrolled about the matter because concurrently I had been able to observe the behaviour of the cancer cells and masses. I was able in the earliest time to avoid the toxic people who were attacking me and that caused the cancer to stop growing and then regress and disappear altogether. Then at a later stage under further attacks I had learnt how to counter attack the toxic people who were harassing me and stop them. And again I saw the cells stop growing and the masses regress. Finally I learnt how to arrest the situation sufficiently as to prevent my body from reacting even under the severest attack /hassling.

The myth of doctors that says that if the immune system is not working well or “is down” then these cells with mutant genes continue to grow unchecked, is also not true. The immune system does not attack cancer cells. They are seen as normal by the immune system and indeed protected. The only cells that are killed by the immune system are aged or damaged cells and that includes all cells including cancer cells when they get old or damaged. The process of killing aged and damaged cells is called apoptosis. It is important to say it clearly. The immune system does NOT normally kills cancer cells. It kills them only when they are old or damaged. In regression of a cancer mass, there is a shrinkage of the mass owing to cells dying and not being replace. However this process can be sped up so that the mass can disappear in a very short space of time and that is done by apoptosis.

The research effort of the medical industry is largely futile with respect to “a cure” but of course a cure would mean profits will suffer. Cancer is highly profitable business by offering treatments or what they call “the proven methods”.. “proven to make money”. Approaching the subject with an open mind and investigating without prejudice, in a manner that befits science and scientific investigation, we, the lay non-toxic public can discover the truth.

Lastly I want to dispel another myth and that is the idea that one doesn’t have to have a disease to study that disease. This idea is basic to medical scientific research however that idea is very limited and limits research. All living beings interact in ways that machines do not. Animals interact with other animals/humans differently to what humans interact with other humans and none of this is being taken into account. In my opinion millions of animals are tortured and sacrificed in laboratories around the world for nothing.

All living beings create interpersonal environments. Those of humans are unique as they involve ideas with meaning. Ideas can have an impact on the way the body functions. Depending on how a person upholding an idea with confidence they can either get sick or well. And it all has to do with somatic reactivity and that reactivity is rational always, even if mistaken. We are not talking psychology or psychiatry. We are talking somatic reaction. And that is simple enough as we saw much earlier in the previous chapters. The idea of security moves the body to rest. The idea of danger moves the body to engage in high levels of energy production in the skeletal musculature, high perception and other changes as well. The ideas don’t do anything other than exist. They don’t magically affect the body. If we uphold the idea with confidence, that is we believe it then we move the body one way or the other, reasonably, in accordance to what needs to be done. Security means nothing needs to be done so rest is the appropriate state. Danger means rapid, urgent strenuous action needs to be undertaken, so highly energizing the skeletal musculature, sharpened perception and declining any unnecessary working of the body are all reasonable modifications to body function.

The interpersonal environment means other people are involved and specifically those with whom we are in relationship. As we saw earlier ideas can be presented to a specific person, which are not readily detectable by uninvolved others. Any person other than the person with the disease would find it very difficult to determine the ideas that may be pathogenic because they bear no relevance in the well person’s life. So the causative factors cannot be characterized and measured by an uninvolved researcher. Even in infectious diseases we cannot attribute the reason why one individual gets sick while another does not get sick simply to the action of microbes alone. We saw this in the example of the fleeing refugees in Rwanda. Far more than the germ theory is going on. The germ theory says that microbes cause disease. And where resistance to disease is used to fill the gap they don’t even ask the question “why is the immune system not working or not working well enough?” They know only too well that immunity is declined where there is fear. If we throw away the machine model and re-consider the whole picture, which means taking in the interpersonal environment and the mind as a non-physical entity, then the solution is easy and rational.

I have been working without any other person’s help, without any sophisticated investigative tools and without the multi-million dollar budgets and I discovered the answer to cancer inside of two years! I have come to realize that the only one truly capable of a complete investigation is the person who has the disease, given that that person can be observant and has an analytical mind. Furthermore far from being scrupulously objective, which is an impossibility anyway, I have found that the subjective experience is of the essence. The subjective experience, the feelings, ideas etc., of the patient are the pointers that lead to an understanding of what is going on, on what it is that is called disease. And by that understanding to be able to say something significant about what it is that we call health. At present the person with the disease is treated as an “animal preparation under the microscope”. Any remarks and feelings about others in their life are treated as the babbling of delusion. The investigator on the other hand, they treat as someone who is capable of truly independent observation. There is no place where we can stand to be an independent observer of anything. We share the one reality and that reality is of the nature of complexity, which means any one element of the system being changed, changes the system. Each element within a complex system influences the whole system. Basic physics tells us that much. Quite apart from that the medical investigator is biased by their own opinions and more to the point their observations because they are not and cannot be an independent observer. What they think colours their thinking. An investigation by anyone other than the patient needs to take the patient’s experience very seriously in order to decipher the truth. What is happening in the patient’s interpersonal environment? The malicious intent and action of other people in a person’s life are not observed by a Western doctor, nor even treated as of interest to the investigation.

By contrast in traditional cultures a shaman can make and does treat seriously the experience of the patient. They act to eliminate their pernicious effects in order to help the patient heal. If we consider and appreciate the suggestive images that may be presented in the mind and the issues created by manipulative, controlling people in relationship with the patient then we see a very different picture. Ongoing emotional reactivity, which is none other than physical reactivity, is fundamental to understanding disease and more than any other in fact is it fundamental to understanding cancer. We need to understand specifically how the body reacts to ideas. Of course we need to throw away the rubbish about emotions being psychological and irrational and as some sort of brain states etc. Emotions are none other than rational and significant changes or modifications in body function because some action needs to be taken, some job needs to be done by or in the body. Once we see all this we come to a new realization as to the impact this has on the body as a whole. Thus I will discuss the shaman’s way and how significant it can be to effect spontaneous remission. You can be your own shaman and see spectacular results.

You can heal yourself.

I know I have arrived at the truth because having used the knowledge that I have discovered, I have achieved results, spectacular results! I have repeatedly been able to get my body to reverse the processes that generates cancer. I have even learnt how to deal with pre-cancer conditions in my body to avert the formation of any masses, even under ferocious mental attacks. Yes genetics is involved but it has nothing to do with miscopying of genes and rogue cells running amuck. Indeed it slams Darwinian theory and kills it in its tracks. Stem cells are capable of changing their genetic expression so that the cells can perform another function. These are normal processes in the body. There is intelligence at work, an intelligence that underpins the whole process both in formation of cancer and its remission. The changes that are brought about are erroneously brought about, not because of any mistakes, but because the job that it is deemed needs to be done by the body is not really needed. When you understand the truth spontaneous remission –getting the body to reverse the changes in gene expression and the dissolution of the masses formed- guys it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Kindergarten! It is bad for medical business, it does not generate profits, so may they go to the wall.

I hereby proclaim that from my own experience and by my testimony, I can assure you with certainty, -beyond the shadow of doubt that conquering cancer by stimulating the body to do the job –ie by spontaneous remission, is not only doable but easy! I have been able to repeatedly return my body to full health, 100% SATISFACTION. And I have needed no doctors for a complete cure. AND not only can I effect spontaneous remission in record time these days.. I have been able to “stage-manage” my body’s responses so NO cancer forms at all!

To do as I have done the truth is the vital first step –only then can you take the additional steps that you need to effect a cure for yourself!

So in the follow posts I disclose the foul play that causes a person to react somatically as to unwittingly grow a cancer mass in their body,  an action that is fully reversible by contrary actions taken by the body.


There is no need of special diets nor anything else.

Just as the body created it with the right directives /ideas in the form of a mental prescription you can get the body to reverse the process and restore health.  

IDEAS helped bring it into being and IDEAS once again can dismantle it.


I think psychology and psychiatry more particularly are trash.


Ideas can either cause the body to react adversely or cause it to stop reacting and tidy up.


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