You be the judge

I have decided, owing to recent events, to start posting events and conversations and work done for me etc., (past and present) and I want you to be the judge as to whether these are “just happened” or mistakes etc., or aims to adversely affect me. Please leave your comments.

This work was done recently.

The roof was made short of the supporting beam. And the end rafter is also exposed to the weather. So when it rains the whole area beneath it gets wet.


Also the roof is so gently sloping, it has to be the least sloping roof in Australia. I will try to get another picture to show this.

On the other end, where the new roof was to meet the old existing roof, they cut the tin and attached it so there is a gap with enough light coming through it is hard to take a photo of it. Well it was very overcast so I took another picture here.






And the new roof has the slightest possible slope. You can see the difference between the old beam and the new one.

difference between slope in old and new roof

More recently someone pointed out to me that the balustrade was shoddily put together, as you can see in the pictures below.

Below is the picture of the old sections and a place where the balustrade had been removed to make a wall further out. You can see that slots were cut into the wood for the hand rails and how well fitting the old hand rails are and how the new hand rails should have been made.

Was this done to scam me? They claimed to be experienced builder/carpenters from the high quality projects that they have posted on their website.



How come a computer spits out 8 digit money order numbers for some people, when most people get 10 digit money order numbers?

1st MO paid and confirmed

They said it took 10 days to receive the money order, and then they sent me a receipt confirming they received the money.

And the second money order also has 8 digits.

2nd MO paid

I had also ordered two more money orders and they too had 8 digits!

MOs 3 and 4 email sent for payment and expired note

So now the builder is saying he did not get the money order, which I have evidence I paid and there was no refund.

email from builder1

I enquired of Australia Post about the second money order # 25029686 for $979.95, which includes their fee. And the following is the reply I have so far….

Their reply cannot find it because only 8 digits

I reject this reply.

Who do I need to talk to? Do I need to go to the CEO or maybe the Prime Minister?

They have a legal duty to give me information about where and when the money order was paid or refund my money. The money order could have only gone to a private post office box AND could ONLY be paid into the company bank account.