Depression and anxiety


Dealing with depression, WITHOUT psychiatrists and medications.

In all cases where depression is not part of a grieving process, it involves a cheat.. foul game play. And while another, wise person (wise to the situation) can be a moral support, they can’t help you. You have to help yourself.

It is reasonable to not want medication and you don’t want ECT because both of these are going to mess with your brain and body chemistry, and in the case of ECT , it will cause brain damage, memory loss and confusion as well as possibly other medical problems. But even logically, you can’t sort out a problem if your drunk as a lord.

You are very wise to not trust the psychiatrist because most of them are not trustworthy. Money and power over others are the names of their game.

I have posted 6 videos on youtube, which I have called The Underlying Conditions of Disease:  In these videos I discuss all the aspects of the basic cheat or foul game play that underpins all mental disorders as well as physical diseases.

Foul game play involves two major components.

One is a concealed threat and the other is mentally presented ideas, such that those ideas are seen as one’s own thinking. I discuss the concealed threat, comparing it with an open and an obscure threat and giving examples of how it can be used in video 6 of the above video series.

As for mentally presented ideas, it requires someone closely related or at least moderately closely related to get telepathy. The psychiatric profession and the pharmaceutical industry have heavily influenced how experiments on telepathy are done so as to deny the very existence of telepathy or at the least seriously discredit it in the eyes of the public.

At the very best, the results are diluted with many trivially related subjects, who are not even relating in the present moment, so no telepathy is possible.

The results are made to appear not believable and thus psychiatrists claim that telepathy is bogus. This hides all of the foul game play under the carpet and it’s business as usual.

There is no excuse for such results since many researchers openly admit that in those subjects, who are closely related telepathy is demonstrated dramatically. One researcher even said the mother and daughter could carry on a mental conversation, while one was in one building 2 city blocks away from the other in another building. So why not do the experiments with all subjects closely related? The reason is that it would be bad for business. Once disease is seen as a nocebo effect, all humane people (who have autonomy) can make themselves well again, without the need of doctors or medical interventions or drugs.

A summary video of ESP (telepathy) and foul game play:  NOTE: You may have to manually start the video at the beginning. Also most of my videos are 20 mins long. All also have trailers of nature scenes and birds in particular to help people lighten up since the subjects are dark.

Note also that mind to mind communication is not possible. There has to be relationship in order for there to be mental entanglement in The Mind, for there to be telepathy. That is why psychiatrists also discredits ESP/ telepathy on the grounds that mind to mind communication is impossible. And by mind to mind they are talking brain to brain because of course they are talking about meat robots.

The foul game play, very briefly.

A concealed threat is posed. This means the person does not have any knowledge about the awareness they have. They don’t know that they are being threatened. However they have awareness, which means their body will react with fear, even though they can’t appraise it so they don’t know that they are feeling fear. They may only feel that they have lots of energy or feel hot all of a sudden etc.

Then depending on the sort of conditions or issues in a person’s life, a closely related, inhumane person, as for example a relative, friend or co-worker etc., will, as the chief offender, present ideas mentally.

Note: to present ideas mentally there has to be mental entanglement and that means close enough relationship and often trusted relationship.And appreciate also that the inhumane person is masked. They appear as benevolent when indeed they are malevolent.

The type of depression a person suffers depends on how they react to issues and conditions in their life indicated by the ideas presented. The ideas will be for example..

  1. ideas about loss and that is something the person has lost. And such ideas are continually mentally presented, so the person feels there is no escape. They seem to be memories continually arising. This causes sadness.
  2. Ideas of potential loss, as for example exploiting a difficult situation at work as to continually present the targeted person with ideas to make them worried about losing their job. This also causes sadness. And the person can be additionally attacked by being told they are feeling sorry for themselves, which is not acceptable in most communities.
  3. Ideas of hopelessness, owing to the fact that the person is in a situation that they cannot properly discern or escape without knowledge. They are surrounded by people, who look good, but who are in fact enemies. By being close to the victim they will be able to continually extract personal information, which they then use against the person victimised. This may cause despair, worry and frustration.
  4. Some perplexing issue is indicated, such that the person again has insufficient knowledge to resolve. This may cause worry
  5. And there may be other conditions, which I have not seen.For example some people have said “if I do something it might be bad for me”. This would create the freeze conditions of fear and thus hold the metabolism low.

Sadness, feeling sorry for oneself, despair and frustration, being passive and worry, all lower the metabolism and hold it low.

Worry is particularly problematic. All of these emotional states needs to be assessed in the presence of the underlying, unrecognised fear, to appreciate the overall affect. But I will concentrate on worry because it can be the worst. It also addresses the issue of anxiety, which the psychiatric profession have grossly misrepresented as some brain abnormality.

There are two types of anxiety, which I have discerned in my own private research. I found that the psychiatric claims of malfunctions in the brain is bogus rubbish.

One type of anxiety is the mix of fear and worry. The other type of anxiety is the mix of anger and worry and very commonly it is fear plus anger and worry.

All of these have adverse effects on the heart and can adversely affect the lungs as well. For this discussion I will concentrate on the mix of fear and worry, or to be more correct the alternating pattern of fear and worry, because they are not simultaneous.

Fear, via the sympathetic nervous system, signals the heart to go faster, while worry, via the parasympathetic nervous system, signals the heart to go slower. This happens because with serious thinking as to try and resolve a pressing problem, especially one that is seen to involve danger, the body seeks to gives the brain an advantage over the musculature for fuel materials (Oxygen, sugars).

This means the heart will be getting signals to go fast and then slow and then fast again and so on. And as these are not like on and off switches there will be a delay in the decay of the previous one while the next one is set into motion. So a serious problem is created for the heart. The heart becomes ineffective as a pump. Hence the metabolism will be overall low. It is worse than the other emotions of sadness, despair and frustration co-existing with the underlying fear. But all of them, when in combination with underlying fear, negatively affect heart function. And one symptom that highlights the problem is cold extremities, sometimes also vibrating muscles trying to retain a life-giving level of heat.

So in depression, it is not only the ideas that matter, which affect the metabolism, but the overall bodily reactivity, which pegs the metabolism to a low level. The person will feel like they have a lack of energy, yet they may also have trouble sleeping. If the heart rate is high, then the person can’t sleep. In some cases this can be relieved by exercise, as for example where there is sadness because a change of scene may temporarily help lift the sadness enough so there is only the high energy state of fear. However in the case of worry, and thus anxiety, there are serious effects. In doing exercise the person may do damage to their heart.

Now it is important to understand that fear cause a number of conditions,

In fear states the cognitive function is temporarily declined in favour of perception, which includes not only sensory perception but also mental perception. This causes two major problems. One is that the person is unable to reason properly or even at all. And the other is that they become attentive and focused on the source of the threat, which is the chief offender. Hence they experience a blind spot, with respect to thinking and at the same time receptive to the ideas mentally presented.

There is also a freeze aspect to fear. Fear can cause the person to become slow and even unable to move (e.g., catatonia, passive movement, immobility and stupor) . In some animals even motionless is seen since playing dead is the strategy of survival. The same bodily reactivity can, to some degree, be seen in humans. Hence the metabolism may slow significantly, yet the person has no clear perception in the Mind, if there are no ideas to indicate the problem or if there are ideas such as “lay low, you’ll survive”. However often images, which are harder to consciously discern, are used. For instance mental images are presented of the person being fast asleep or even dead.

The fear reaction in all cases is obvious from the issues being presented by the depressed person. And they indicate an abnormal depression (i.e., not due to some ‘loss in life’ event).:

  • trouble falling asleep. If the heart rate is at even slightly higher than resting metabolism, falling a sleep becomes a problem.
  • oversleeping can also indicate that the person’s metabolism is too low and the heart rate is slow as in the freeze aspect of fear.
  • poor appetite. Fear declines digestion. However both under eating and over eating can both be the result of a coping habit, too.
  • feeling tired or having little energy. This can be the result of the freeze aspect of fear, but also in anxiety where the heart has become ineffective as a pump. The body’s cells will not be getting the necessary amount of fuel materials to generate energy.
  • trouble concentrating. Fear declines cognition. It heightens the sensory and mental perceptions first, until the person has gathered the information they need to find a solution to a threat or danger. Until they have this information, cognition will be declined. This of course will affect concentration. And note that in a concealed threat, where there is a lack of information about the issues involved, the fear reaction can be prolonged over time.
  • moving and speaking slowly. This too is due to lowered metabolism consistent with the freeze aspect of fear.


Recognise that the whole situation is contrived. The ideas are only the mental suggestions of someone related and inhumane and with an agenda, most commonly to manipulate and control or to punish you for some reason. Realise that the ideas are bogus. The ideas seem to be evidenced by the underlying bodily reactivity, because a higher heart rate is consistent, normally, with consent or agreement . But in reality the ideas and the bodily reactivity ARE UNRELATED. The ideas and the emotion are coincident only.

So you can do the following..

  1. Keeping a thought diary, in which you record thoughts and the people who come to Mind as well as people you have spoken to / interacted with and the subjects spoken about / information you have given. This diary must be your own private diary… strictly. And it is important to time and date everything. After a while you will see a bigger picture and you will be able to discern, who is friend and who is foe.
  2. You can ward off enemies by counter attacks in the Mind. Remote view the person, don’t use imagination, just draw from a blank Mind. Then when you have the image of their head, copy and paste beside it, so you have two images. That way you have the original. Then you can use MS Paint and red colour and modify the second image. Make blood flow out of the eyes, neck, ears, breaks in the skull etc. This then becomes a directive to the Universe. If they continue to hassle you they fall down break their evil heads and die. You can begin doing this immediately because only those acting against you will be affected. Those who are innocent will not be affected.
  3. Resolve any and all past issues, especially those of loss. For instance if you have lost a loved one and you are an atheist then you need to celebrate what you had and say good bye. If you are a theist then it is easier because there are spiritual bonds with loved ones so the loss is only temporary, in this life only and not real. It is important step to resolve any losses you have had to stop any piggy backing on any ongoing emotional reactivity. If the sadness is terminated then they can’t use it against you.
  4. Make some affirmations that counter the ideas that you discover or are already aware of in the Mind. So that when a negative idea is presented to you in the Mind, you discard it and replace it with a positive idea. And very important make all general suggestions specific. They commonly use some life incident to create a general suggestion. The person my accept it as it originally referred to something that happened in their life. However in the foul game play the meaning is changed by associating it with a mental image. This will render their foul game play worthless. They can’t get a kick out of your pain and suffering if you can flick them off and skip away happy.
  5. Become an activist. Use your documented situation to help raise awareness and to help others. THERE ARE NO CHEMICAL IMBALANCES IN THE BRAIN OF ANYONE< DEPRESSED OR NOT! The psychiatric story is only pseudo-science, false, made up science, plucked out of thin air for the purpose of selling drugs. You can help others, you can be empathetic and help others. This will give you purpose. So you become an advocate for peace. Peace in society is not just the absence of violence, it is also the absence of injustices.

NOTE: I will add more in the coming weeks.