Why does the cancer form? Part1

In this post I will elaborate more on the ideas that are used, which are the very heart of a nocebo or what I am calling padeas (pathological ideas).

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)

Thoughts play a significant part in relating so they are the nuts and bolts of our interpersonal environment. Hence it is important to first dispel what I see as misinformation that is spread today. Some of the so-called luminaries, visionaries and modern gurus in the world today, claim that the thoughts and ideas are either “randomly generated” or are part of old conditioning (“downloaded” in childhood) that runs endlessly in the mind, like scripts in an endless loop. They advocate that these thoughts and ideas are “just what is” and that we foolishly believe them. When we consider the true underlying causes of disease, we can show conclusively by experimentation, that this a load of self-serving garbage. All that these modern luminaries are doing is to reaffirm a situation that gives the medical industry the right to say the only solution to disease is drugs and medical procedure. But now we can show that the reality is very different to what they have been and are telling us. Thoughts are perceptions and awareness. Some of those thoughts are the perception of presented ideas because we are interconnected but most significantly when we are related.

Ideas alone cannot have any effect. They are simply information and evil people know this. That is why conditions are set up in the physical world to empower those ideas and hence trick the other person into believing them. And let me specify here again that empowered ideas are not ones that the evil people can present as some potent weapon being thrown at the victim from them. Evil people have no mental powers. Empowered ideas only means that lame ideas are presented at such time and in such a way as to find fertile soil. The victim is upholding beliefs together with changes to their body function, which occur simultaneously with the ideas presented, so as to make those ideas appear as powerful ideas. They are not. It is all about deceit and really a dramatic puppet show stitched together, a cut and paste exercise. With this in mind we can then appreciate that to generate barrier or resistance cells in the body (what doctors call cancer cells) there needs to be harmful ideas presented in the mind that are empowered because of the condition of the targeted person/ the victim; and for all that to occur when the targeted person is angry and hostile.  When a person is angry and hostile they will hold a misguided volition with respect to those ideas as to struggle with them. However finding no clear and definable aggressor with which to struggle, which is their plan A, they go to plan B. In Plan B their volition becomes the desire to build a barrier or shield for protection against the mysterious aggressor. The theatre of war seems to be in the body, so the barrier that can be built can only ever be a cell barrier, which of course grow bigger and bigger the harder they struggle and fight until a mass is formed. This mass doctors call cancer.

I will go over this in more depth now and in doing that, it is unavoidable to repeat some things, but my aim in this blog is to help people better understand the forces at play that are really in their command once they understand them. It is in your power ABSOLUTELY to heal yourself, given that you have the knowledge.

The presentation of ideas is easy. All we need is someone in relationship to use ESP but for the most effect there needs to be one more condition. That condition is for the related person to know the targeted other’s current life circumstances; as for example where they are, what they are experiencing, who else is around them etc.

The presentation is made to a hostile target because they have created issues of injustice for that person. They, the evil people want the hostile targeted person to struggle against them as an unseen enemy; however to do that they have to “enliven” the area or what is really a theatre of war in the body and this is pure treachery. They make certain that there is activity in a specific organ or tissue in the body, to which the harmful ideas appear to be related. The most effective means is emotion. As I described at the start emotion is the changes in body function in order for some job to be done in or by the body. Emotion then fit the bill nicely so activity can be created by further issues that can be created.

This false relationship between ideas, hostility and activity somewhere in the body is also aided by the use of general statements, which can be used as fruitful suggestion, if the person has unwittingly accepted them as true.  The connection between the harmful ideas and the reactivity in the organ or tissue is false because it is only based on the two occurring simultaneously and nothing more. The activity in the organ and/or tissue is due to emotional reactivity and really has nothing to do with the harmful ideas. Seeing this in itself can call a halt to the struggle but of course ending the hostility is the most effective. So the most important emotion to eliminate, in order to eliminate the struggle is the emotion of anger. Anger is not always obvious and that can be an obstacle and thus I want to give as full an account as possible. Certainly anger can be suspected when seeing the signs of it, especially heat in the body, but any added means to end the hostility is also useful to know.

A closer look at the two critical conditions.

Harmful ideas. The main way to empower the ideas of hate that are presented, such as “cutting across the front of it” or “ramming it down her throat”, is to pose danger to the targeted person. Typically criminals, often those that have committed hate crimes are brought into the area, and with the means to do a crime (eg loaded gun), access to the targeted person (eg a copy of their house key) and of course criminal intent. They must be the sort of people who would go in and do a crime if they were given a go-ahead. If the danger posed isn’t real the ideas cannot be empowered because the body will not become highly charged, which is the initial condition. Always fear is used, whether obvious or not.

I also want to spell out here again that the “go ahead” that is talked about is not the ability of someone else to say “go”. Ironically enough that go ahead is deceitfully gained from the victim. What is commonly understood here is this. “If they are a criminal with a loaded gun and a key to my house then they can kill me”. In the mind that constitutes permission! As incredible as it sounds the reality is that what we hold in mind with conviction is the potent force. We have been lead to believe that someone else can just do x, y or z. They can’t. One of the real problems here is fear itself. In its early stage, fear makes us highly perceptive but at the same time far less discriminative. The reason is that the brain rationalizes its fuel resources and gives priority to those areas that need the most fuel. But that is not all. Our attention is focused on finding evidence, thus we are not in a thinking mode. Indeed in intense fear where the source of the danger has not or cannot be determined the thinking area of the brain (the executive function) remains inoperative while the person waits for information in order to determine what to do next. Thus that early stage of fear is a blind spot. However when you know this you can voluntarily invoke the executive function back into action, maybe not always fully, but enough.

Hostility /anger. The targeted person must be caused to be hostile. This of course is achieved by issues of injustice -violations. Commonly a cheat is used as an anchor while a more serious violation is committed behind the person’s back. If however there are people involved who are related then the targeted person becomes aware of them but not consciously aware so another blind spot is created. So for instance in the first example the woman was asked for just a little bit of water, which is a small cheat because water is not needed to chip trees. However they are new neighbours, they appear polite and the request, even if ridiculous, is trivial. They appeal to the person’s goodness to get them to agree. Of course the request is also a nocebo, so it is a violation and not just a cheat. The serious violation though is the invasion and use of her property as a thoroughfare without permission. Thus the targeted person is angered and made aggressive towards the offenders, not because of “something happened in the past” but because the violation is ongoing –in the present. I might add that this is always the case, with every “bothering” of a person. The violation might have happened in the past but it is ongoing and used in the present. This is done by being bringing the issue up, by laughing at the person cheated, by comments and conversation made about the person by people who include at least one person known and in close relationship to the person victimized in this way. The evil people that commit the violation in the real world are also a part of the team of evil people committing the ongoing violations in the mind, which in the case of cancer involves presenting harmful ideas under danger conditions as I will describe in the next post.

A closer look at the third, falsely associated condition.

How can the association be made? How to “point to” a particular organ or tissue in the body and make it appear associated? This is cunning. The keys are the emotional reactivity and any general statements that are made, which the targeted person unwittingly accepts as valid.

 In the examples above worry is used. Worry particularly affects the upper digestive system. If you recall worry means a lot of circular thinking because the person has not enough information to resolve the issue at hand. Thus the body moves to lower the metabolism in the musculature to give the brain an advantage. This is facilitated by the PNS and that is the same system that facilitates digestion. So the mouth, oesophagus and the stomach are activated. Hence with worry there is activity in the mouth, oesophagus and stomach. Specifically here in the oesophagus there is peristaltic movement that normally helps carry the food balls  or bolus to the stomach. And a lot of this problem is due to the activity in the mouth with the production of saliva. The person keeps swallowing it and that keeps the peristaltic movement ongoing. This is a subtle sign that is often missed.

If the harmful ideas point to one of these areas and the person perceives activity in that area at the same time then the two may be mistakenly associated and the attack leant reality. Thus in the first example the action was “cutting across the front of it”. And note too that it had to be presented by someone very close to her, her husband in this case. Notice also that “cutting across the front of it” is a general statement that is used as a suggestion. What is “it”? “It” can refer to anything. If we openly accept such a statement, we open the door to trouble. Unfortunately we tend to think in this general way because it is a short cut. However we can overcome that if we are aware of our thoughts and not dismissive of them and treat them as random garbage as we are told to do by the modern gurus and psychologists / psychiatrists. The “it” can be the front yard or the front of the house, but it can be the front of the stomach too, the part where the oesophagus is targeted! 

In the second example the suggestion is mentally presented. They, the boss’s mates are making life hard for her. So they mentally suggest “ramming it down my throat” and she would mistake this as her own thoughts. And these people do not have to be very closely related in this case because they are right there relating to her and making life hard for her. If they are regular clients and she worked there for a long time, she would know them well –the entanglement is stronger. However if they make these suggestions directly to her, while in the office, then they can rely on a more casual relationship.

Note too that they would be presenting ideas to her while engaging her in aggressive conversation. This is a common trick used by evil people.


This trick ensures that the unsuspecting person has an even greater disadvantage so that the ideas would be unconscious. I do not see unconscious as the doctors depict unconscious. I don’t believe there is any area of the brain that contain “the unconscious”. I have observed that an idea /thought which occurs in between a lot of other ideas that are very dominant becomes a weaker signal. Thus in the activity of the brain, that which is involved with mental perception, is weaker relative to the that activity owing to ideas /thoughts that are prominent. It is not a tuning out or pushing into some other area. All the ideas are there one after the other only their strength is different and that is due to our level of awareness. It is a question of how much coping habit we have eliminated and how much we still are burdened with. Thus any aggressive comments made verbally to her, but even ordinary conversation, will capture the greater part of her attention. Thus the signals that arise from sensory information in the brain will be stronger than the signals that result from any concurrent mental perceptions. In addition the use of the first person (as in “ramming it down my throat”) means the ideas gain lesser attention because they seem to both describe an action that is happening in real time and which is being experienced and seems to be what she is saying to herself, i.e., her narrative about the action, which is not really the case.

The use of the first person is dangerous for the offenders because it can be thrown back at them with a great deal of force, if the targeted person knows what is being done and are quick off the mark. Thus it is used while engaging the targeted person in some way as to blind sight them. 

The suggestions can be made verbally but  when verbal they are usually said using a negative. For example “don’t think we’re ramming it down your throat, we just need the job done urgently”. Sounds reasonable but with a little, very subtle pause in the suggestion, the whole meaning takes an 180 degree turn. And that of course is not said verbally but said mentally a short time later. The suggestion, with the same words exactly, becomes

“Don’t think. We’re ramming it down your throat. We just need the job done urgently!”

Sometimes these comments are indicated through the actions of people, as for instance a person who keeps insisting on something getting done so that his or her actions becomes a serious irritation. How that can then be used is to say generally “it’s an irritation” and an irritation can be something irritating a body tissue, as for instance in the throat or oesophagus. In the first example the suggestions are not made by the new neighbours nor their contractor because these people are too casually related to the victim. A close relative or friend of the victim has to be in the game in order to make mental suggestions. So suggestions for instance of “they’re cutting across the front of it” or “they cutting across near the entrance” are made together with “it’s an irritation” by someone very close to the victim, in this example Elle’s husband Joe, who after all is the chief offender. It could however equally be a jealous sibling or long term friend, as for instance a childhood friend that has become close like a sibling over the years into adulthood. What people need to remember is that these people do not normally act out. They look to befriend and appear credible and helpful in order to have not only proximity to the people they victimize but also their confidence and a free flow of their personal information.

The way these suggestions are stated and presented (ie mentally spoken to and addressed to the victim) is cunning because they never give away the presenter. They always appear to be the victim’s own thoughts, sometimes even as rational deductions. For these suggestions to be made to look reasonable they must typically apply to something specific, as for instance to describe the pressure and insults that are made to the secretary at the office by the boss’s toxic mates. In the second example, the use of the bulldozer to enter the victim’s property and doing damage with each and every entry is being described by “cutting across the front of it” and it can be made more specific with “near the entrance” or “some way down towards the belly of it” if the adjoining property has an area, such as a yard that can be described as a belly. This is a general statement. And we unwittingly hold general statements like that in mind with confidence as true. While we don’t understand how they can be used against us this practice opens the door for evil others to harm us. It can certainly apply to the place where the bulldozer is entering the property, which we can also note would be a track and here again a reference to the oesophagus which is also a track or tract. So the same suggestion can also be used to describe a section of anatomy. A little way from the entrance is an area near the top of the stomach. Thus we have pointing statements and added to those an action with “it’s an irritation” which would then bring to life something depicted in a hate video. 

There are also comments made that refer to outcomes such as the comment made verbally of “we want just a little bit of water”. This is also cunningly used suggestion. A person who develops oesophageal cancer cannot swallow much, so the statement is used to refer to a late stage of the cancer. It is in a sly way saying “we want (you to be only able to swallow) just a little bit of water (or for only a little bit of water to be able to go down). So you can see that these words and actions are not coincidental. They relate to actions taken deliberately in order for the suggestions to be made and used against the victims.

These suggestion are also aimed to be a source of irritation because they constitute a cheat. And an irritation is associated with an irritant, which may help ignite the immune system and lead to an inflammation. This is a common association with cancer and the reason is that an irritation is felt and reacted to.

To be cheated in terms of popular opinion, in most societies, is considered in some way to be a fool. Most people don’t like to think that they can be cheated or that they can be a victim and it is often considered “just an ego problem” but it is not so simple. It is an issue and thus a part of ego but there is grounds for it too. We live in a jungle. There are a lot of people, and a growing number of people who are antisocial, psychopathic and narcissistic and so on. All of these character types are essentially evil and thus hostile to other people. And only the tip of the iceberg is evident. Most of them look ordinary and are charming and well liked, due of course only to their appearances. They will lie and cheat without a conscience. To feel secure the average person needs to feel that they can protect themselves from aggressive and hostile people, especially when those people go out of their way to appear benign and friendly. Thus to accept that you can be cheated or victimized is to accept that you cannot always perceive the danger and can therefore fall into a pit not recognizing the danger. Thus to accept that you can be cheated or victimized is to accept that you are vulnerable to danger. There are two positions mixed and that is really what causes the problem. And it is worth mentioning here because it is one of the crises that cancer victims face.

On the one hand if you accept that you are vulnerable then you cannot feel safe. Ironically enough though, it is only through our acceptance of danger that we can be secure; the reason being that we can be cautious enough as to perceive the pitfall before we step into it or at least minimize the damage by catching it early enough. I want to emphasize here again the ideas perpetrated by psychologists and psychiatrists, as also meditation instructors many of whom are also part-time or full time psychologists (a part of the medical industry). They claim that you need to “just accept what is” and that “this is life”. This advice is in itself the sure way to fall into the pit; it is in a sense the pitfall. If you accept ideas and thoughts as “just what is” you will fall into the pit for sure, not for not having seen it, but for blindly accepting it. Our thoughts are not our creations but perception itself. Then when you do fall into the pit these numbers will tell you “Hey man, it all you fault -not street wise enough” or some such thing, and insist that you ought to accept that “it’s just bad luck”. You have to be cautious of whom you listen to because these people have an agenda. They make their living from people who are being victimized so they will sell you the version of reality that best lines their pockets.  

On the other hand whatever we declare as our life conditions, we will reap! So if you accept that you are vulnerable, then you are accepting risk of inviting danger into your life.  

For these two reasons people baulk at the idea that they can be cheated or victimized. Thus they blame the victim too, in order to affirm that they are different. This is also a pitfall because victims point to problems and if we take note of them, instead of calling them paranoid, we can avoid the same problems. So they get the moral support that they need and we get the power and protection that knowledge brings. Contrary to what some people say, it pays to be ethical. Also to realize that because a person have been cheated or victimized does not mean they are forever more “a person with a label”. The labels are evil people’s way of betraying good people, ie humane people and drawing them into the fray to help victimize the person further.  

So what to do? It is six of one or half a dozen of the other!

Living in the full acceptance of our vulnerability, is the way to a more fulfilling life and enlightenment. Not controlling, not being controlled too though. Not upholding disaster in mind simply because this life is risk, but not looking to find shelter and hide either. It is a middle path, like the tight rope walker’s path. He or she knows that there is always a probability of a fall but they use that probability to keep them securely on the rope; to be alert, to take the next step freely but with measure (“to move with all deliberate speed” as one American High Court judge had said (if I remember rightly)) and to keep moving forward because there is no place to stop and remain idle. Life here moves ever forward like a flowing river.

Next post: https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/why-the-body-reacts-to-form-cancer-part-2/

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2 Responses to Why does the cancer form? Part1

  1. David says:

    I’m very intrigued by your articles I believe I have read almost all of them I just am still a little confused as to which attitude to adopt to keep a person in a healthy mindset especially if they have some of the symptoms you talked about. Let me know or email me if you get this . Thanks for your time

    • kyrani99 says:

      You raise a very good question. Knowing the foul play is very important in being able to overcome any effects. Once a person understand this they can use a “mindset” in a sense. There are two key factors.

      One is that the threat is external and not in or on the body. A threat to shoot someone is a threat to the body but not in a way that can support the mental suggestions being made by toxic people. So for instance “ramming it down my throat” can’t be supported unless the person is made to perceive the threat in their body/ throat in particular.
      The other is that the ideas are mere suggestions of hateful people and hence of no value, of no significance and of no reality. Suggestions have to be accepted to become beliefs. In knowing they are just someone else’s suggestions and knowing that the threat is unrelated in reality means you can simply discharge the suggestions from mind.

      When you can appreciate these two key factors you can “walk through the valley of the shadow of death” and fear no evil! The body is purpose driven and not a machine, which means maintaining health is in our absolute control when we are humane. The irony is that the toxic or inhumane people have no autonomy because they all belong to networks and are beholden to the rules of the collective. Only a humane person can stand alone, drawing all of their support from within.

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