What’s health really all about!

This and some of my other blogs are all about EXPOSING FRAUD. There are many on the net and in the world today screaming about medical fraud. All that is said is not even the tip of the iceberg. There is MEGA FRAUD because the whole of disease is being misrepresented. The truth? Humane people can make themselves well, by themselves and stay well even in the worse stress when that person understands the foul games that are being played by toxic people with whom they are related. A threat was made to me very recently by means of a word “telescope”. This is hash. Hash is taking a word or words and re-cooking it or hashing it to convey a different meaning. The hash is “tell less cope”. They have embarked on a campaign of brutally stressing me. And I strongly believe that “they” includes toxic and greedy doctors involved in trying to take my life to stop me from exposing the truth about disease. My response is I will tell ALL and I will tell all and I my two dogs survive all UNSCATHED and we conquer. We defeat all evil. It is total victory for the humane. I will soon have knowledge about all of the foul play of the evil subculture that is etiological in disease. It is unsuspecting, misinformed people who get caught and get sick. Turn on the lights and the devil is dead. I am victorious! It is a game of GO and I will soon have all of the territory.

Some years ago I heard an American commentator on television say

We are bringing down the crime rate, now all we have to worry about is disease”.

He as everyone that is non-toxic saw disease as the result of natural causes. It is after all what we are told by the medicos! What I have found since then is that DISEASE IS THE DAMAGE TAKEN as a result of crimes of terror! However the crimes are not obvious. The picture is ugly but despite that I bring you very good news! YOU have it in your power to overcome disease, without drugs and medical procedures, without special diets and weird alternative methods either. First you need to understand the reality and accept honesty, reject artifice and promises. You need to be in the driver’s seat where your body and your health is concerned and not someone else. I share with you my findings, but information is not enough. You need to investigate what I am putting forth in order to realize the truth. Only then will you become empowered and not only to overcome disease, but to realize far broader horizons, to experience to a new, higher level of living. You will also realize that ethics is the foundation stone of health.

To Best Understand Diseases it is very important to understand the Underlying Conditions of Disease. I realized that this was a shortcoming of my work so I have started a series of videos to help explain these underlying conditions.

The video series Introduction is here on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nxUl19yZU0 and in it I share with you a personal experience that made me rethink my basic university education regarding the body as a machine and disease as a malfunction in the machine. The next video will be on how beliefs can be manufactured and I expect the series will be seven videos in all. I am hoping to keep them as concise as possible. This first video is 23 minutes and the next one probably also around 20 mins.

I have started a new blog here https://kyrani99videos.wordpress.com/

where I will post all of my videos. I have realized that there are important aspects about toxic people’s foul play that is very important in understanding to fully appreciate my blogs so I am making videos to explain these.


1. This post is both an introduction and a contents page so that it is easier to navigate around my blog. You can use your back arrow to return back from each area.

2. I have begun to write this in a simpler form on another blog at  http://kyrani99book1.wordpress.com/ Here I explain the basic cheat and how it is used. It’s aim is mainly to manipulate and control another person or to punish them or to extract revenge but there are a multitude of uses. Some result in damage, disease and death while others do not create health issues but may disadvantage a person in other ways..

I have now started the second book, which I have called “Is there disease?” at

http://kyrani99book2.wordpress.com/    In this book I set out what I have discovered and by which not only can I use to stay healthy but serious question whether the major diseases at least are legitimate medical conditions at all. )

There have been two main classes of disease. Firstly there is the communicable diseases that have been conquered largely by the discovery of antibiotics and the use of vaccines. However as a country industrializes a new form of disease has appeared, the non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Certainly there has been the mass migration of people from the country side and a rural lifestyle to the cities and an urban lifestyle, which may be far less active. However this is not enough to explain the trends we see. We could further say that where people lived in small communities they now live very close to one another in large complexes. And we could surmise that maybe people politics has something to do with the matter. However I doubt that even this is enough because the average person will not resort to underhanded violence of the sort that causes an unsuspecting person to react as to generate somatic malfunction for any reason whatever. It takes a particular type of person to act maliciously and most particularly in an ongoing manner. What the evidence shows, when you see what underlies non-communicable diseases, is that there is a rise of evil people in society, since the 1960’s and in the last twenty or thirty years in particular. I would estimate that it may be as many as 15% of the population.

Since the early sixties, the medical industry as an industry has grown and expanded as to control not only the manufacture and sale of drugs and medical products but a lot more. It control the education of doctors and nurses, the research facilities, the medical journals,  It’s influence what papers get publish and what don’t. It influences the medical associations and through them has given doctors the power to exclude all those that are not practicing strictly and only allopathic medicine. In the US they made it a felony for a doctor to treat a patient with any other methods. Doctors have ended up to jail and died in jail for treating and curing patients by other methods. Big Pharma influences and even controls in many cases a country’s drug watch dog, which ought to be an independent body. In the US it has a great influence over the decisions of the FDA and it is Big Pharma that tests all drugs for toxicity. They control research into diseases and drugs and the journals in which the results are published. Big Pharma also holds substantial influence in the decisions of governments, where their interests are concerned. They need many diseased people in society to make money. Profits are the life blood of any and all companies and the medical companies are no exception. They need people on drugs for an extended period of time and in many cases for a lifetime. It is in the interests of Big Pharma and the doctors of allopathic medicine to see disease flourish and that is exactly what has happened.

We are bombarded with statistics about mortality rate, which look good at a glance BUT they give a false impression. Most people who get diseases such as cancer and heart disease don’t live longer than 5 to 7 years after treatment. So while the figures indicate that more people survive these terrible diseases, they don’t show that survival in most cases is only for another few years. The person will still die prematurely.

Take cardiovascular disease (CVD)..

If we only look at one or two year charts there seems to be a downward trend but if we look at the big picture one is alarmed. The figures for women are difficult to obtain. There is a lot of secrecy about the data. But data even for both sexes it is difficult to find if we are looking for data on incidence or prevalence. However even from the death rates from cardiovascular disease (CVD) we can see the trend:

And I think it is useless to believe that heart disease is due to all the risk factors we are told about because even fit women have heart problems. So the message is whether you look after your health or not you are still a candidate for heart disease! This fact in itself smells of rats.. the two legged variety with horns on their heads, the manipulative, controlling types!

Diabetes has also likewise escalated. There are around 300 million with the disease worldwide.

Mental disorders have gone from around 1-2% in the early 20th century to 20% or more in the early 21st century.

What’s going on?

Look at these interesting correlations:

It appears with women’s liberation there is an escalation in disease. What has happened is with the adverse influences on women for the sake of power and influence, means that their children are also affected, the next generation is affected. If we had figures about the rise of toxicity in society, then we would see it that coincides with the escalation of disease. The psychiatric profession talks about psychopaths as being 2 or 3 in every hundred (2-3%) but the reality is far worse. They are only quoting figures on those that do obvious crimes, those that end up in the criminal justice system.

Psychiatric classifications of “behavioral disorders” are really a general group, that of people who are toxic and harmful towards others. They look normal but they are surely not normal. These people are seriously criminal. They exploit and abuse others through toxic relationships. And while they don’t actually cause the diseases, their actions are designed to cause an unsuspecting person to react in such a way as to bring about malfunction in their bodies. And blaming the victim isn’t of value because every victim has also the burden of the medical misinformation to blind sight them and makes them more vulnerable. All of the major diseases and premature deaths are manufactured for the sake of power and influence and for the sake of money. Hitler killed 5 or 6 million, even the second world war in total killed 25 million.. small chips when you see the bigger picture, that of crime created. Worldwide there are 300 million with diabetes, 600 million with heart disease, 450 million with cancer and a huge death rate in the tens of millions every year. The Second World War and Hitler pale into insignificance by comparison.


The evidence.. where’s the evidence” is the immediate catch cry of all toxic people. And they are aggressive.. sounding confident. Of course, of course because they know full well that you won’t find any in any medical texts. Why? Because the research that is done only reinforces the medical narrative about risk factors, eating fat and sitting around all day watching the footy is bad for you stuff. They know this is not true but that is where the money is. Certainly a balanced diet and some exercise every day is good for your health but diet and lack of exercise won’t make you sick. On investigating these matters, you will find the evidence for yourself. There is no mental disorder and physical diseases. The only reality is that idea that are upheld as true act as directives on the body, so body function is altered  in some way either causing organs conflict or overexertion. Thus there is bodily malfunction.

A big problem for society as a whole is that the foul play of toxic people can only be done with the involvement of like-minded others. They never act alone. As a result they necessarily all need to network. The evidence is seen when we see how diseases are brought about and how many people it takes to play the foul games that cause an unsuspecting person to react adversely. Then you will realize that there is no “paranoid conspiracy theories” that anyone can put forth as the culprits are quick to suggest, but a real conspiracy going on. I would estimate based on the figures for diseases and the number of people it takes to pathologically stress a person, that the number of toxic people is possibly as much as 15% of every nation’s population, possibly more. The situation worldwide has reached a critical level.

Toxic people are the darlings of the medical industry since they help generate diseases and medical conditions from which profit are made. Little wonder that the true causes behind disease are obscured by medical misinformation. A toxic subculture proliferates, while Big Pharma makes humungous profits every year. But where does that leave the vast majority of the population who are humane? Where are we headed? This problem is the real big problem. Only by addressing the problem of toxicity, we don’t have a chance to address and fix the other problems because it is the primary cause, if not sole cause of all the other problems.

The medicos do not give evidence of disease. Of course not, the evidence is their Achilles ’ heel. That is why they only talk about risk factors such as lifestyle choices, diets, a sedentary lifestyle, age, gender, genes and toxins in the environment. And these days they are even trying to attribute some cancers to viruses when there are no real pointers. The number of women with cervical cancer and papilloma virus is a tiny percentage of those with the cancer. And yet they are inciting the public to launch into an immunization program of young girls that could cause harm in some cases and when the truth is known, is of no benefit. This is just another example of how all the research is geared around risk factors. Disease is not being properly investigated but rather with profits in mind. And sometimes they make it up as they go along. I saw one place on the net (pointed out to me by a toxic person on a forum) that claimed the lymph glands drained out cancer cells and kill them. Garbage, firstly the immune system does not kill cancer cells, outside of apoptosis which is cell death that every cell undergoes when it is aged or damaged. That is well known but little spoken about with the public. Secondly the lymph nodes are accumulations lymphoid tissues organized as definite lymph organs and are sometimes called lymph glands. These contain lymphocytes and are part of the defense mechanism of the body. Cancer cells are immunological products and thus find their way to these organs. What’s more is that if they were killed in the lymph glands why then do they get to travel to other parts of the body? Their statement is not the result of observation but conjecture because they are committed to the rogue cells story. That’s where the money’s at..

In countries like the USA the medical/pharmaceutical industry constitutes 1/6 of the country’s economy and it is headed for greater heights. How happy are you to have to suffer serious diseases such as cancer and have your life cut short, for others to have a job and more to the point for a tiny percentage of people to become rich and live a life of luxury?

The reality is that the average person can make themselves well, without drugs and medical procedures. Lay people can put forth the evidence needed to prove that disease is about crime. They can do this with neither medical degrees nor multi-million dollar research budgets. High school biology and some crude equipment that can be bought from pharmacies and fitness stores are enough. You only need to understand why your body is reacting.. nothing more! This is easily seen when experiments are done by lay, humane people that mimic the foul game play. When a person sees and understands this they become empowered and are able to stop reacting. The body will do the clean-up job, even without any further ado, but you can hurry up the processes that restore normal function of the body using mental prescriptions.. ideas formulated in a particular way. I have also found that the so-called healing that some people are supposed to do from afar, claiming to affect tissues and organs directly with thoughts is also a load of garbage. The only way that the body is restored to health is when the person stops reacting adversely. This is my testimony and it can work for you too but you need to first understand what it is all about first.

HERE IS THE EVIDENCE, when you understand all the parts of this formula, not of risk factors but cause factors.

The causes formula for pathological stress and disease.

The three keys of medical misinformation are those of the human condition. With these misrepresented the real causes stay hidden. So let’s tackle these first.

KEY #1 The EMOTIONS. what are they really? Are they psychological? Or are they PHYSIOLOGICAL!

If they are physiological then the whole medical picture changes because our emotions are part and parcel of pathological stress and not the ordinary everyday life stress that we experience and which doctors insist is the problem together with bad lifestyle choices.

I have found that..:

emotions are the rational changes to whole body function because some job needs to be done in or by the body!

This means that emotions are the bodily reactivity that arises owing to ideas we deem real or relevant that point to some action that needs to be done. So ideas of danger lead to fear, ideas of injustice and violations lead to anger, ideas of loss lead to sadness, ideas of gain and pleasure lead to happiness and perplexing ideas lead us to search for solutions and when we don’t have enough information circular thinking or worry develops.

The changes in all instances are changes to organ function. Most particularly affected are the heart, the lungs and organs of the digestive system. To effect these changes there are changes in body chemistry and hormonal levels in the blood stream etc. Some of these are the supposed “chemical and hormonal imbalances”. When pathological stress reaches a certain stage disease develops.

Medical science classifies the emotions as inner feelings or mental states, which arise in some area of the brain and are experience in the brain. And they thus call psychological so it is little wonder then that “emotion” is a word rarely found in textbooks of physicians. The view that there are such things as emotions residing or activated by certain areas of the brain means that the body and the reactions in the body can be seen as “accompanying events”. This view, as you will see, in part hides the true causes of disease. They have created the illusion of there being mental and physical diseases, when in reality disease is all physical dysfunction and nothing else. This division of disease is the highway for drugging people as the sole solution to their problems and drugging them for what are really normal body functions to boot!

You can read more about emotions in this post https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/the-emotions-what-are-they-exactly/

KEY #2  ESP.. what????

ESP or what is known in science as psi, is NOT BEING INVESTIGATED HONESTLY. All experiments are double and triple blinded. ESP is never investigated within relationship. If we add conditions of danger then ESP is even greater. With fear there are higher levels of mental perception which are NEVER investigated. The claim made to me is that such experiments would be unethical. These experiments would inform people not harm them. Danger is not harm, but the possibility of harm. DANGER is used in foul games TO DO HARM. Keeping people ignorant allows the crimes that are going on! That is unethical!

The ESP that is admitted is so small you need a magnifying glass to see it on the graph. The ESP that is not being investigated under claims of not being scientific and not ethical is nearly as great as sensory perception. Why not do this research? It would point to the true causes of disease! They know that the 80% of people know to one extent or another that they do possess extra sensory perception, the ability to perceive mentally. Thus they cannot deny ESP. (And I might add that the vast majoritiy of those that deny ESP would be toxic people, those that have vested interests in denying it.)

ESP experiments are done in such a way as ti belie the truth owing to the scientific communities insistence that all the experiments have to be double and triple blinded. And there is an endless army of so-called skeptics that sound their loud horns.. pooh, poohing ESP based on nothing but unfounded opinion, the “it just can’t be real” opinion. The vast majority of scientists claim reality is only physical and ESP goes against their paradigm! And then there are people like Randi out there who claim that if something can be done as a trick then why wouldn’t it be done as a trick? What garbage! And every psychic that he tests of course is double blinded, so the means by which the psychic knows, ie ESP, are taken out of the experiment. Of course with blinds ESP is seriously diminished as to be just a bleep on the graph.

You can see for yourself, how experiments are done and how they need to be done and the implications of those experiments best here  http://stressanddisease.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/esp-scientific-posted-on-december-29.html

https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/esp-the-scientific-evidence/  )

and here https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/esp-the-scientific-evidence-2/

I have also given here a couple of example of the uses of ESP in foul game play here https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/two-simple-uses-of-fear-and-esp-in-foul-game-play/

One example is “how a person can be made to fall in love at first sight” and the other is “the basic way an allergy is created”.


Heck this has got to be psychological.. aye?? Isn’t it?? NO! The comfort zone is a zone of mental fuzz.. yes.. BUT it is brought about by manipulating the breath.. and that means body function is affected.. Heart function and the metabolic rate is affected AND with dire consequences for a person’s health where there are fear conditions as well. I have found nothing in the medical literature admitting the physical aspects. You won’t find it mentioned in a physician’s handbook, while psychiatrists pass over a comfort zone as hardly relevant to anything. And why not, when you see the damage it can do, you’ll realize that it’s a drug pusher’s paradise; profit taking guaranteed. I explain the comfort zone and the two basic coping habits that bring it into being here  https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/comfort-zones-coping-habits/


Once you understand these three keys (in other words you overcome the medical misinformation) you get a hint about pathological stress. All the changes in the body, in cardiovascular activity, in liver function and so on to changes in brain activity are all due to emotion and when emotions are brought on, and particularly when they are prolonged due to toxic relationship and accompanied by a comfort zone. We begin to see that the pathological stress that leads to disease is none other than the bodily malfunction. Then the lights can come on. There is nothing psychological about stress. It is NOT in your head but in your body. Intense and/or episodic, either short or long-term stress, leads to organ and tissue damage so the symptoms that doctors call “clinical symptoms” come into being. When clinical symptoms appear the pathological stress has become the disease.. 

Our emotional responses are part and parcel of how we relate and respond to any given situation and none of us are blocks of wood. You can be sure that those that look like cool cucumbers on the outside no matter what, are really boiling infernos on the inside. The only thing that makes them “keep their cool” is the knowledge that they can do deadly harm in the shape of revenge through their toxic network.. BUT not anymore – the truth is out and they haven’t been able to “make the messenger go away permanently” to use their jargon.

I am sharing this information for your benefit. These are my scientific findings, since I have approached these matters as a scientist. The evidence you find for yourselves when you understand the foul game play.. when you see what happens in the body. Thus I have set the work out with experiments, which mimic the foul play. These can be done and need to be done by lay, humane people. This work needs to be “peer reviewed”. The peers here are the humane people needed to repeat the experiments. I doubt the medical researchers will ever do this research because disease is big business. Out of possibly two thousand doctors I have reached only one spoke positively to say “you are doing good work”. The rest were mainly offensive.

The main reason for you to do the research is for your own benefit and not just to prove these matters academically. To become empowered one certainly needs information but that information is of little use when it remains simply intellectual. To become empowered you need to reach a stage of realization. You need to undergo the early stages of pathological stress and disease to realize what they are and how they feel in the body. You will realize that you have total command over your body-mind. You need to understand and realize how you can overcome any and all adverse influences. You can restore your health. You can overcome all of the major diseases and medical conditions that plague the human kind. You can even protect your children and pets as well. YOU have it in your power to overcome disease WITHOUT the assistance of doctors. You need no medicines, no surgery, “no cook, fry and marinate procedures” to get well and stay healthy. Peer-review of my work is for the benefit of the humane and not for my work’s sake alone. This work is not for me but for humanity.

Here I share with you the true reasons for what are written off as panic and anxiety attacks as so-called mental disorders. These are physical and the heart is primarily affected. Through an understanding of the basic foul game play and the biological consequences in the body, you will see how pathological stress is the somatic dysfunction and nothing else. The medico’s claim that it is the “fight and flight response going haywire” is just garbage. The unsuspecting person suffers somatic dysfunction owing to maltreatment by a toxic mob. To call panic and anxiety  “mental disorders” is criminal in itself, for it not only discredits the victims, it also allows for the problem to perpetuate and become a serious cardiovascular problem over time. You need only high school biology to understand it.

Danger and ESP are key ingredients in the foul play to cause the other person to react with fear and a coping habit. Fear, as you will have seen earlier creates a blind spot because the person becomes highly perceptive and less discriminative. Perception is favored until the person has the information that they need to decide what to do next. This blind spot is exploited by toxic people to cause the person to react and in the process suffer somatic malfunction.

So here is the NEXT PARAMETER in the formula, the ‘how’ of the foul game play, ie how do toxic people operate?

I have described it in the following posts:

Our first Hints of Foul Game Play.


The Basic Elements of Foul Game Play 1.


Element 2 Creating issues: The purpose of Relational Entanglements.


Elements 3 and 4 Issues of danger and presented ideas.


The victim’s “bad experience” and the Medical Evidence that shows up foul game play.



Mental Attacks and the very stuff of physical disease.


DISEASES are SERIOUS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.. CRIMES OF THE WORST KIND.. MURDER 1 when a person dies of them. They are crimes of terror, the real terror. The incidents we see, such as 9/11, are just the tip of the iceberg. These crimes are done in all areas of life DAILY.. from the home front –(being the personal politics of toxic spouses and toxic siblings), to the workplace, to social situations of all kinds right up to politics. These crimes are done in every area of life because at the heart of these matters is the gaining of power and influence, to manipulation and control others within relationship. If we act now we can fight and won this war IN THE MIND! Remarkable but true!

The worst of the news about these crimes is that maltreatment is most commonly meted out by someone that the victim knows and trusts, namely spouses, siblings, even parents, “best friends”, confidantes, trusted workmates etc., etc. They do not look and act like criminals. On the contrary most appear attractive, even seductive, friendly and comforting. In some cases they are those we trust the most.

Yes indeed it is very hard to appreciate that others, with whom you are related, in some cases those that you consider your nearest and dearest, that those you trust would betray you and violate you in this hideous manner. I understand that because I have been there myself. Indeed it was a desperate move of my husband’s to reveal his foul actions and associates that turned the lights on. If you are interested you can read the account here http://stressanddisease.blogspot.com.au/

I call these people “toxic”, they call themselves evil and the medical industry through psychiatry and psychology have created categories and call them by a variety of names including narcissistic, antisocial, psychopaths, sexual deviants etc. These people are NEVER “stand-alone items”, they never act individually, but ALWAYS act as a group. They cannot play these devious games to gain power and influence over another person, while appearing uninvolved and innocent of wrongdoing themselves, without like-minded others involved, “their toxic friends”. There are mobs /networks, and networks of networks them, but there are no formal organizations with signed up members. It is all word of mouth and people networking with likeminded others for mutual benefit. But they do have deadly codes like all other mobs.

To understand these people a little more and to appreciate how they are recruited and made go to the following two posts.

The Toxic People and their networks.. Who are they? PART1.


Toxic people, their networks and 21st century organized crime. PART 2



In misrepresenting emotions and comfort zones and denying ESP sure a lot of money can be made because the true causes of disease remain hidden and DISEASE IS BIG BUSINESS! But in doing so they hide the culprits.. the worst criminal elements in society. They ensure that toxic people can play foul games with impunity. They ensure that toxicity can proliferate in society. So they put the average person’s health and wellbeing and even life at stake and for money. Little wonder that community is fragmented and falling apart, people are isolated, life is for many nothing but drudgery and disease flourishes.


This is where we discover the LAST PARAMETER in the equation above. The unsuspecting person’s bodily reactions can be seen in their many facets, from all angles.

In what areas can a person be attacked?

Number 1. The heart.

If the victim is “prepped” first, then the standard panic/anxiety attack will procure a serious heart problem.

Have a look here in these posts.

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Enduring anger is used creatively in a lot of heart attack prepping. Anger can also be used episodically. Then a different sort of problem arises for the victim. As you can see in these posts here (these are still pending).

Diabetes Type 2. Part 1


Diabetes type 2 Part 2



Number 2. The brain.

The brain can be attacked either directly or indirectly. And some of the methods used can be used more subtly so that no damage is done but the person can be seriously mentally disabled for a short while, especially in causing temporary confusion and memory losses. This gives the offenders the opportunity to take a live, unharmed adult out of a busy shopping center for instance.. abduction for a very dark purpose.. a hate crime.

Strokes or cerebral vascular accidents are no accidents.


How can strokes be silent?



Number 3. Any organ or tissue in the body..

hence Cancer.  

I have started a blog to make my criticisms of Richard Dawkin’s book “The God Delusion” and in it I am using cancer as an example for various criticisms. In order to use this example I have written a “brief” account of cancer but while it is brief relative to the amount of material I will eventually post here, it is still several posts long. If you go to the blogs contents page (see link below) you can find the posts.


I am also in the process of making some videos to help people understand how they can effect spontaneous remission from any cancer deliberately. The cancer will not dissolve overnight. The immune system may take several weeks to dissolve it away completely.

Cancer is a paper tiger!


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Some background issues to help understand why a person is affected by the foul play in relation to cancer.


Re-examining fear using the second example of esophageal cancer to give more light on the issue.


A post about awareness that will help understand more about fear and it’s implications but also later with respect to mental prescriptions.


I am still posting here at this point.


                   But reality is bare rocks and demons!


AND they have an Achilles’ Heel!

  • The real medical evidence that lay, humane people can research and verify..
  • The reality that you need no medicines and no doctors will free you, ensure your health!

Knowledge is POWER.

To understand what sort of dirty games are play and how the body reacts.

Knowledge is FREEDOM.

To understand how a person can be manipulated and controlled and in that understanding being able to overcome the evil and walk away free.


This knowledge opens up a new landscape in ways that were unimaginable before. We have the opportunity to gain enormous mental /spiritual strength when we become true warriors for truth and justice and understand our true innate abilities.

A worldwide movement of humane people is needed, people who are empowered and realize their full spiritual potential. TOGETHER humane people can take a very powerful stance, to stand against the evil and destroy it.

WE CAN WIN. And not only regain our health and wellbeing but we fight corruption as well and restore community in its deepest most satisfying sense.  

I am under heavy fire, a most vicious, dirty war is waged against me, with toxic people including police and those in “high places” involved, and it has gone on for more than 10 years now. My personal life has been reduced to rubble and I have lost three cats in the process, but I am alive and healthy and so are my two dogs. And I use nothing more than mental prescriptions. If I can stand under such punishing conditions, every other person out there who is humane can also survive and regain their health.

If you are a theist you will particularly benefit from the use of mental prescriptions. Certainly they can be useful to agnostics and atheists as well but for them they have more limited use. Theists gain the greatest benefit because God is where the power is. And for this reason evil people, who are haters of God, have no benefit whatsoever.

The mental prescriptions I use are really no different to specific forms of prayer. It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, a belief in God is enough for you to be able to pray. And when you can ask for specific things from God, then you benefit far more than you can from vague prayers. All that you ask for, for yourself and those under your care, such as children, pets and anyone else for whom you are a care-giver, will be given to you.

If you are a young person who finds life has become weird, who is losing or lost friends and who may be experiencing disease, whether called mental or physical then you will benefit. I strongly believe that the older generations have a duty to enlighten the youth as to the sorts of evil that are to be found and to assist them in every way to overcome that evil and destroy it. Young people have a right to live in a good world and not one that is a living hell. And the world can become a very good place if we all work together to expose the evil everywhere and restore community, health and wellbeing to all humane people everywhere.

æ.æ. æ. æ. æ. æ.æ. æ. æ. æ. æ.æ. æ. æ. æ. æ.æ. æ. æ. æ. æ.æ. æ. æ. æ.

NOTE: All this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate for your own benefit, not only to arrive at your own informed opinion, but to empower yourself to beat disease and stay well. I found that asking other was not good enough, not even asking “the experts” because other people may have their own agendas and interests to serve. Only when you investigate by doing experiments together with others, to experience first-hand the stress and early disease conditions can the knowledge you gain move from being simply intellectual to a full realization of the truth!

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The information is vast and I have only summarized it here. I hope to be able to provide bulk of what I have in an e-book so that people can take advantage of all that I have learnt, both in how the major diseases come about and to overcome them completely, without or with minimal medical help and to go on from there to not get sick again!

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And while I discuss type 2 diabetes through my own experience, I do give some insights into type 1 diabetes and how it might be cured using mental prescriptions (I’ll be posting soon) through my insights from cancer and how the immune system may be affected to attack tissues and cells.

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Note: I don’t know how this post got posted here -it should be the introduction to the God Delusion criticism blog which is here: http://kyrani99godnscience.wordpress.com/

I found the Dawkins book of The God Delusion seriously flawed with respect to God but also misguiding in some areas with respect to science. For these reasons I decided to critically discuss it on this blog.

To begin with I want to address two terms that Dawkins uses, which go to the heart of the matter and that is not God per se. One term is in the title of his book and the other is found in chapter one “The God Hypothesis”. In the title he uses the word “delusion”. He admits that psychiatrists want to claim the word for themselves because they use it as a medical term. The psychiatric profession consider people who are delusional are mentally ill but so do lay people. However where psychiatry is concerned there is a long history. People have been and are being considered as mentally ill on religious grounds. The persecution of witches may have started with the Catholic Church but it was soon followed by the medical profession. And the treatment of followers of the Wicca and other Pagan faiths were treated horribly, even criminally by the psychiatrists. And then there is the “it depends on cultural considerations if you believe something to be considered sane or not” argument. So if you believe in Voodoo for instance and you’re African, then you’re sane but if you believe in Voodoo and you’re an American of Anglo-Saxon extraction on the other hand then you’re insane. This is a highly prejudiced diagnosis. Furthermore some psychiatrists have even claimed that prophets or avatars of God such as Jesus Christ are mentally ill. So using the word delusional in the title next to God raises all of these matters, whether intentionally or not.

Dawkins points out that the dictionary definition of delusional is a false belief or impression. So what is being said is that a belief in God is a false belief. False on whose count, on atheist scientists? The defence that Dawkins attempts in using the Microsoft Word definition that delusion is “a false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence” is qualified by the second part of Microsoft’s definition and that is “especially as a symptom of psychiatric disorder”. He wants to use the first part of the definition to apply to religion. Atheists don’t have the knowledge or the authority to make such a claim. But for all that God and religion is really the excuse. The core problem has to do with science and for a variety of reasons. This is revealed in the use of the second term in the first chapter.

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Urgent Medical Matters1 The basics

This is its Preface of a book I have begun to write to present the material in a simpler form so that people who are not scientifically trained can easily understand it.

You can read the book at http://kyrani99book1.wordpress.com/


People the world over are beginning to suspect that the risk factors are bogus and that the causes of disease are known. They are screaming about the medical industry’s focus on profits instead of people’s health. What I discovered is the causes and knowing them I can make myself well and pretty easily at that. To discover these causes for yourself, you necessarily need to take in the bigger picture. The reality is that disease is fundamentally about how an unsuspecting person can be made to react by underhanded foul games played out within a toxic relationship. And it has absolutely nothing to do with psychology! Toxic relationships are about terror tactics. A person holding a gun to your head is not about psychology but terror; If that gun is not obvious it still about terror. Certainly ideas are involved but ideas are simply packets of information. Thoughts are our awareness. None of this can be legitimately claimed by psychology. The way a person reacts is not in the brain or in the mind but in the body. Basic biology is at issue. Understand that and you are in the driver’s seat again.

Toxic people see relationship as a battle field and the other person as “the enemy”. They appear friendly and even loving, but it is only appearances. Again not psychology but treachery! Many toxic people engage in a long term relationship to gain “a victim on tap”. All toxic people require what they call “narcissistic supply”. It’s a fancy way of saying toxic people require to hurt others around them to get their pleasure / power kick. They get a high from the pain and suffering of another person. Having an unsuspecting someone in their lives that they can continually hurt is their drug of choice. Again not psychology even though it is so claimed. This is the serious maltreatment of another human being and the damage is physical.. disease! To hurt others on a long term basis certainly toxic people need to be two-faced, treacherous, hateful and cruel but that is not enough. They can only look uninvolved because like-minded others do their dirty work. Thus they also need to be networked. Hence we have group politics, that of the inhumane against the humane. We are at war and don’t realize it because the damage is named disease and traded for profit.

The greater number of toxic relationships are so well “formulated” they seem and feel like the real thing, except.. well except for the medical conditions of course, which just seem to be coincidental. “And thank God this kindly person was there to help me” most say. How many men and women have married that other who “stood by them in their time of need”, of whom they say “did not even care how badly I looked”? How many unfortunately have seen that two-faced toxic piece of human garbage as their savior? You may think that calling them ‘human garbage’ is harsh but when you realize how willfully harmful they are, you will think otherwise (if you are humane). These people have no trouble maliciously and massively harming even an innocent newborn, let alone someone that is aged and with one foot in the grave! Indeed many innocent people unwittingly marry their enemy and not known it. How many youngish women have died of heart disease and cancers, high among them breast cancer and had to leave very young children behind, some even babies? When you know what is being played out, it is enough to make you want to vomit. And yet a huge industry has been avariciously built taking advantage of the dirty politics and not only. These are not simply the vultures hanging around waiting to feed on the ready-made victims of personal terrorism. Indeed these are some of the very wolves themselves. The medical industry actively protects the toxic offenders. They hammer the public with medical misinformation to justify the picture they paint of disease. What they actually do is cover the dirty work and the toxic offenders. And they do all this by the misuse science. Depending on how you conduct experiments and the criteria for selection of subjects you can draw whatever rabbit you like out of an empty scientific hat.

The medical misinformation is not perpetrated by “the doctors”, although not dismissing that there are doctors that are prepared to act in grossly immoral fashion for money, making millions without a shred of conscience! “The the medical profession is not in control of the practice of medicine. It is the big pharmaceutical companies, the “big labs” that are in control and their interests are money first, second and last! They have by-passed the doctors and affect the public directly, through the media. So great is their influence that many people go to their doctor demanding the medicines that they saw on television or in their favorite magazine or on some medical internet site. They see ads with actors that appear to be personal success stories. They see the people looking radiant for supposedly having taken some “medication” when it is all just a story. Doctors are fast becoming the vending machines of big pharma. Yes indeed this is the “information age” but what information is that?

The medical industry claims report after report that it is lifestyle choices, what we eat, drink and smoke, how active or inactive we may be and how we “handle stress”. And of course the only stress that they are prepared to acknowledge is the stress of everyday living and not pathological stress that arises out of toxic relationships. Then there are the bad luck cards that are dealt out, like your genes that you’re stuck with or the virus that you caught. And the toxins in your environment -even in the food that you eat! Our food, it is claimed, has “toxins that can give you cancer”. Much hoo-ha is made of toxins in the media and by the ‘watch dogs’ of the medical industry. Is it for real? I have found that while you criticize big pharma you’re okay because no amount of criticism can hurt them. Indeed frightening the public about toxins they must surely see as “a blessing”. Informing the public about how the drug cures can kill them don’t even hurt big pharma. For when the public see no other course of action then even the poison is reasonably considered rather than faced with the possible death sentence of a disease. But, if you offer an alternative that shuts down their business then even the watch dogs don’t like you. Are they not all on the same side?

As bad as that is, there’s worse! There is the medical misinformation about our very nature as human beings. For example what are the emotions? Are they really some recordings in your brain? Is it true that some people can find the off switch or that the off switch may be even broken? Then there is the comfort zones, surely that’s in your brain and psychological.. isn’t it? And lastly there is that unspeakable subject of ESP. ESP is the ability that we have of direct mental perception.. that doesn’t require sensory information. This is a subject that is quite literally shat on by the scientific establishment. The research is deliberately skewed. All research into ESP is double blinded so as to remove relationship from the equation. ESP is a subject considered vile beyond all other subjects. Many scientists transform into fierce, fire-breathing dragons at the very sound of it. Why? Why are there endless armies of skeptics the world over ready to pounce on anyone who dares mention these three letters together in one breath? Indeed ESP is seen more of a threat then the reality that emotions AND the coping habits are physical. Yes physical! They involve changes in the body. Those fanciful “chemical and hormonal imbalances” that are cited ad nauseam are suddenly accounted for. However this still leaves some blanks as it doesn’t account for how those emotions arose in the first place, nor does it explain a person’s need of a comfort zone.

Indeed the blanks can only be filled by ESP and its origin.. relationship!. ESP does two horrid things, as far as the medical industry is concerned. One is it lets the cat out of the bag so to speak. The very basic foul game play requires relationship and out of that entanglement comes the ability to be mentally perceptive, to have ESP capability that is strong and at times almost on par with sensory perception. Then the lights come on. Yeah the emotions are not arbitrary after all, nor is the need of a comfort zone just being weak! However there is more. ESP also shatters, at least in part, the very foundations of modern biology and that means the whole of the cancer industry. This industry has been built around that wonderful idea of “oops.. a mutation” and the rogue cell is born! This is the rogue that is heralded by big pharma as “the wreaker of havoc in the body”. This is the cell that must be stopped at all cost! For if the rogue cell gets it’s own way.. oh my God you’re doomed. The idea of a rogue cell in the body is nothing but the exploitation of people’s fear of death. It is a life and death issue created out of thin air. Could it be that the mutation is deliberate? Could it be that a perception leads to such deliberate action in the body? ESP is the little zephyr, who’s ever so gentle caress collapses this house of cards and the whole of the medical industry.. cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, mental disorders and much, much more besides C.O.L.L.A.P.S.E.S. Yeah ESP!

The truth? There are NO mental disorders. The whole of psychiatry is a fraud! The DSM is just a drug pusher’s schedule of merchandise cleverly concealed. It is pseudo-science.. quackery. However the treachery runs deeper. The true purpose of modern day psychiatry is to make a division between the mental world (thought) and physical reactivity in the body. It provides a license to treat the physical symptoms as a physical disease. Note well here. It is symptoms that are cited, symptoms that are treated not the underlying cause. The money is in treating symptoms. It is a perpetual river of cash. The reality? There are NO physical diseases either! Cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes etc., are merely bodily reactivity and not diseases in the sense that is portrayed by the medical industry. All of them are the bodily reactivity to ideas that are believed point to some reality. Again I stress this is not about psychology. Ideas are information. Bodily reactivity is the action our bodies take to do some job, either in or by the body, when it is deemed there is some reason to do so.. nothing more, nothing less. So what is health and what is disease? These are not subjects tackled by the medical industry because using the paradigm of the humankind is a machine, health and disease cannot be explained. Machines either work or malfunction. Yet we find the very same conditions in people that are well as in those with disease. The only difference is that in well people such conditions are transient whereas a sick person’s conditions endure over time. The latter the doctors claim have become ‘clinical symptoms’ and the person’s condition, a disease. The grey area is left grey so when the symptoms become clinical they hit the jackpot. There’s work to be done and drugs to be sold!

Though the big picture looks grim nonetheless the news is very good. The very fact that it is our reactions that cause us to become pathologically stressed and diseased also means that it is in our power to overcome the stress and make ourselves well again. And that means without drugs and medical procedures in the vast number of cases. You can make yourself well and stay well despite all of the treachery of toxic people and all of the medical myths. This is not about “accepting blame”, and the cries of “it’s your fault”. NO! This is not about “dummy, too stupid to see it coming” and “just not street-wise” either. For not only is the foul play extremely underhanded, a person is in addition blind sighted by the medical misinformation that serves the offenders and helps them “do their thing”! And it is also not about “accepting what’s happening, what is” for that too only serves the offenders. Maltreatment is not the victim’s fault. There is however a hard transition to make. That transition is to get past the fact that you have been cheated and not by anyone but by someone you have trusted.. someone close to you, someone unworthy of your trust. Deceit, cheating and betrayal can hurt more than the physical pain and suffering BUT once you get past this, the level of control you gain over your life is phenomenal. And that realization is found when you appreciate that they didn’t make you sick after all. All that they did and indeed all that they can every do is try to cheat you. How you reacted while in the dark is what made you sick. Once the lights come on it is a whole different ball game. You can laugh in the face of “possible, terrible disease”, eat what you like and do as you please. You can win against them all! It is in your power to gain complete control over your health and wellbeing and not only.

You can in very real terms “level up”. We do not use the mind anywhere near to capacity. We have powers that are near unimaginable while ever we live within the limited beliefs we are spoon fed through the media. We have been kept little by misinformation and underhanded foul games. A great awakening awaits you. A great enlightenment is there for you, not only about disease but of living life more fully, more abundantly. Together we can recover true community, while at the same time bringing down all that is evil and oppressive and without having to resort to any physical force. When you discover the truth you can break free of all that is at present oppressive and controlling. We can all prosper and in a world that is full of joy and good will. It may sound incredible but it’s true and it is all up to us, the humane people of this world!

Kyrani Eade.

  July, 2012

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A post about awareness.

Before I discuss how the fear is used to empower hateful ideas, I want to address some issues that are closely related and which will help you understand the next post better. I will discuss meditation a little and then some personal experiences that have led me to a greater understanding about awareness and what is conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts.

Awareness is our underlying condition; it is the makeup of our being and I would go further than that to say awareness is the fundamental property of the universe, it is what matter is made of. Thoughts are nothing other than awareness and this is seen in meditation. In meditation we don’t control the level of awareness. The thing we control is our level of attention. And we see this in a number of ways. Firstly “we” don’t actually learn to meditate. A meditative state occurs spontaneously if we remain attentive, most commonly by holding fixed focus or concentrating on some anchor. The anchor could be a mantra or an object such as the breath, a flame or the image of a beloved form.  In some sense it is an attempt at “not doing” because in being attentive continuously we are trying to not engage with thoughts, not to get hooked by them anymore. With unbroken attention the thoughts do not go away but we don’t “pay them any attention” so they don’t play any part.

Strictly speaking the “I” goes away. I or ego-self arises anew with each thought that attracts and arrests attention to become a train of thoughts. It is none other than identifying with the activity of mind. You can think of it this way. The total field of reality is like a huge matrix of probabilities. Engaging with some particular thought that then goes on to become a train of thoughts happens because of an identification that has to do with the “I”.  It is choosing some probable aspect and making it real so that all else seems to disappear. The rest of the probable states though don’t go out of existence they are no longer at the focus. When there is no loss of attention, no selecting, then all the possibilities remain in an undetermined state. So thoughts are nothing but awareness of something, of some selection and if that selection seems like a pressing issue or repulsive or attractive then these selections or thought become a train of thought after thought and in a sense “spin the story of our being” at each particular moment in time. It’s fiction. In meditation this no longer happens because the selections are sacrificed in order to remain attentive.

Using a constant anchor is not an easy method. It requires sacrifice, to continually ‘not do’ or sacrifice the involvement with thoughts in the mind, and to do that by doing something, ie concentrating on the anchor. A much superior method of meditational practice, especially for the beginner is transcendental meditation. Here the anchor is a sound put forth in the mind. And it is a sound that has some ring to it so that it is not a constant but has a diminishing and hence a settling effect. Certainly as ego-self we still put forth or seed the sound but It is rather like dropping a stone in the waters of the mind. Once the stone is dropped and touches the waters of the mind it leaves a rippling, ever widening wave that is pleasurable. It is not that thoughts vanish, they don’t. It is because the sound engages us in awareness and not as a doer. Furthermore the sound dissipates, and as it does that diminishing becomes our experience and because it is pleasurable we can easily surrender to it.. The experiencer and the object of experience vanish and only the experiencing remains. Thus meditation happens.

With meditation you realize that it is not awareness that changes but selectiveness. Either there is awareness or attention centers on some activity with thoughts, whether attractive or unattractive and a struggle. When thoughts dominate, full awareness appears to be lost because the window has narrowed, from infinite to finite and narrow. To try and give some analogy here, suppose that you pick up an object in your hand. You can look at all of it at once or you can focus on some small detail. When you focus on the detail the rest is not so apparent. It is in your field of vision although somewhat blurred but it hasn’t gone away. It is only your attentiveness that has changed. Try another example. If you stood on the edge of a precipice you can view the great expansive valley below or you can focus on some detail, a horse galloping along might attract your attention or some car travelling along a strip of road etc. Awareness of the great expanse is still there but it is not apparent because the detail has captured your attention. Essentially awareness doesn’t change. What changes is our attention. Either there is full awareness or there is engagement with some detail, some thoughts.

We do not only actively select what will be conscious, we can also deselect. We gain information through our senses about our physical environment. We also gain information directly in the mind through our entanglements with others or relationships. This is our interpersonal environment. And here we might be faced with thoughts that are unpleasant. If they point to real issues and real conditions then we can’t just make them go away any more than we can make go away perceptions of our physical environment. They persist. Their strength however is a function of the degree of our relational entanglements and whether we are directly addressed in the mind or whether ideas relating to us are uphold by others more passively in mind and not directly presented to us.

So if a danger issue is created by other people, they may choose to uphold ideas of the danger they pose but not mentally communicate them. In this case we may be aware of the danger but we can’t easily work out what the issues are. The conscious thoughts become unpleasant and the underlying issues remain unresolvable. What we do in this case is a cheat in an effort to deselect them. We use a coping habit by manipulating the breath or the degree of activity in which we engage. By manipulating the breathing or activity, either making the breathing deeper or shallower, we change brain function. (If you want to revise or review the comfort zone and coping habits you can use this link and return with your back key on your browser      https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/comfort-zones-coping-habits/ )

Awareness is a constant. We can’t change it. The comfort zone is rather like putting on heavily tinted glasses. You can still see through them but you lose some of the detail, color for instance. If you change them for a pair that is more lightly tinted then you will see more detail in what you see. In all of this however your eyes haven’t changed; it is the glasses that have changed. If you take the glasses off altogether you will see every detail clearly (given that your vision is good). In the same way we wear tinted glasses in a sense by creating mental fuzz when we use coping habits to live in a comfort zone. It means we don’t change awareness, we only affect our ability to be attentive.

So information can be conscious, subconscious or unconscious depending on firstly the actions of others with whom we are entangled/ related take and secondly the selection /de-selection processes which we engage. And the thoughts may not only act as a hook but they may also acts as a filter. Thus we have created the illusion of there being a conscious, a subconscious and an unconscious.

Most scientists adhere to a “materialism is all that there is” and of course ESP is discredited (by the way experiments can be done or not done), so that they consider that consciousness is generated in the brain or by the brain’s activity. This leads psychiatrists, some neuroscientists and others to look for the conscious, subconscious and unconscious somewhere in the brain. It is a ridiculous idea in my opinion. Conscious, subconscious and unconscious are only seeming realities . They occur only because of the level of attention. What difference is there between awareness and consciousness? I think there is a big difference even though I am also guilty of using them interchangeably sometimes. From my experiences where there is identification with the activities of mind “the person” is created and that is associated with limited awareness and the creation of consciousness, sub-consciousness and unconsciousness. In mystical experience or even in the far lesser case of the no-self experience, the personal self disappears and there is full awareness. Everything is made of energy and energy is an oscillation between being and non-being, between selection and the whole array of possibilities, between knowing and not-knowing, so really energy is a function of awareness.

We are not attentive of the myriad processes in the body that are part of the body’s basic functioning and at the most fundamental level of the atoms and molecules in our body. But with a lot of very hard work and the use of insight meditation, we can focus our attention on them, make them the subject of concentration and thus bring into consciousness everything from the structures of our internal organs, tissue and cells to the various ways they function to the atomic structures involved. I have reached a cellular and on occasion a sub-cellular level of awareness these and I believe it is possible to go beyond these to the atomic/ subatomic level. And I say “I” because language forces this but in fact it is in a state of primal being. This original aspect of who we are is always aware, always awake. We are spiritual beings experiencing physical existences. The personal self is simulation only, an ephemeral being that arises anew with various thoughts. In the creation of disease it is this personal self that is ‘attacked’ in some sense owing to the ideas that can be presented and which become hooks and lead to subsequent suffering. In the process the personal self is re-created with newer attributes. So for instance when a person struggles against a presented idea that is pure hate, which they erroneously believe depicts some reality, they acquire new attributes and hence a newer persona. This is not “just something in the mind” but has serious implications in the body. A mental attack uses thoughts as weapons but the damage happens in the body and owing to the way a person reacts and not by any magical ability of thoughts. Thoughts are not in business for themselves.. not ever. When you realize this you can laugh out loud in the face of your “would-be if they could-be oppressors”.

Suffering goes away, BUT not because you “accept it without a struggle” or that it is “something just there” as many New Agers and indeed most Western Buddhists and others are saying. The truth is elsewhere. When there is NO struggle with the hateful thoughts in the mind there is no translation of this struggle in the body, there is no reaction in the body, so in the body-mind there is NO suffering. That can only come about when the thoughts are seen for what they are.. essentially invalid and thus can be discharged from mind. So no suffering is not about “living with cancer” and “rising above it” through positive thinking or some form of meditation, but that the body remains intact and healthy because you realize the whole thing is but a smoke screen and a shadow show. There are many highly developed Buddhists, that can remain with the thoughts without reacting to them significantly but they still die of the disease, be it cancer or heart disease etc. So they have not really dealt with the matter at all they have side stepped it somewhat. I’ve heard attitudes from very highly evolved Western meditators saying things like “how can I avail myself with these unpleasant thoughts”. This is wrong. This is not what it’s about.

Fear does heighten perception, including insightful perceptions but it is highly selective and not discriminative. To illustrate this I will tell you about an experience I had in Sydney. One of my sisters and her daughter, my niece and I were walking around the inner city of Sydney one day. We were on a street that is reasonably busy and with a lot of trucks and polluted air. I had suddenly become aware of some danger but looking around I could not see anything and seeing I was in a area that was very familiar to me I told myself whatever it is “it is not a real problem”. Fear may or may not have dissipated, but even if it did, it takes a few minutes for the body to return to rest. Within a minute following my decision I began to smell the vague but quite distinct smell of freshly roasted coffee. I said to my sister “that coffee smells good maybe we could stop and have some”. She looked at me vaguely, as did my niece who was around 11 or 12 years old at the time. What are you talking about? They asked. I told them I could smell coffee. They shrugged their shoulders and we crossed the road, rather diagonally.

On the other side the smell of coffee was more obvious but still my sister and niece couldn’t smell it. However a shop further down they began to smell it too and sure enough the next shop following that one there was a coffee shop and they were in the process of roasting coffee. My sister and niece were amazed at my ability and frankly so was I because I did not connect the fear and the heightened perception with the smell of coffee. In looking back, I realize I was able to detect possibly just a few parts per billion in the air, a tiny amount and up against the smelly exhausts of trucks. It was an impressive experience.

From the time I first felt the fear and the time that I sensed the coffee were very close, really only a couple of steps. When I felt the fear I must have been still able to smell the coffee but I didn’t know it, because fear made me selective. Only when I dismissed the danger or downgraded it in my mind did I smell the coffee. This showed me that we are capable of acute awareness when we go into a state of full alertness but we filter out things that are not considered a part of danger. In fear concentration is increased and effortlessly but it seems like it is awareness that is increased. In actual fact we only make better use of awareness in states of fear since to some extent the persona becomes vague if not non-existent. And an elected change in priorities (which the circumstances allowed me) my persona returned, i.e., the selection of ideas/ thoughts –“packets of awareness” that make up my ego-self became prominent again. A part of this “package” is coffee, a preference, it is part of me, so “I” detected the smell of coffee in the air.

Focusing attention to make more use of more awareness.

We can also focus attention to gain information about distant objects and that too needs to be said because here too you can benefit. In my freshman year at university I had been to a number of parties both at the university and privately held that were organized by people who were “the counter culture” and smoking marijuana was highly encouraged and indeed “the done thing to do”. So like many others I too had smoked some dope. I recall one evening at a university dance listening to the band. I was fascinated that I could pay attention to just one instrument and then go on to distinguish the notes made by that instrument individually. I could pick them out of music like you could pick up an individual plate or a glass from the array on the table set out. I could hear those notes one by one specifically and perceive them from the moment a sound arouse to the moment it dissipated completely. I was selecting one sound out of the blaring cacophony of all sorts of sounds from music to talking and dancing to people moving around the hall etc. I fascinated by this game and decided to develop it a little more. I decided to focus on two instruments in particular the lead electric guitar and then the drums. I began with the notes, isolated them and heard them uniquely and then moved my attention to the instruments themselves the strings and the fingers that pluck them and finally the players. I did this also with the drummer. I really thought this was just my imagination because I was at the back of the hall with a lot of people between me and the band. And I had arrived late so I had not seen any of the instruments and the players. I put my “wild imagination” down to the dope I’d smoked. A short time later a class-mate came wandering past and saw me. He stopped and we chatted for a while and then he invited me to join him and his group on the other side of the hall. I agreed and as we cross the dance floor I caught sight of the band players and to my utter amazement I recognized the lead guitar player and the drummer as if I had known them. I had thought my perceptions of them earlier were just imagination but they were very accurate!  How was this possible? This was remote viewing! I have since used this ability without any dope but certainly after some practice. It has worked best when I have had a pressing need to know something. The need to know possibly provides more motivation to focus my attention more acutely. I will try to explain it as best I can in a future post because it has help me to remote view on occasions where gaining important information was vital. It shows yet again that awareness is something more than our brain and /or our brain’s activity and a quality of everything in creation.

Kyrani Eade

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Re-examine issue of fear using second example of esophageal cancer.

The issue of danger to create fear -the underlying condition.

First I will say this. In getting rid of cancer, it is not necessary to get rid of the fear. Fear is a hard one to master because it is the normal response of the body when danger is perceived, whether directly or insightfully or believed to be present. However it is not necessary to get rid of it, even when fear is also used as the reactive condition; In other words when it is used to cause the person to perceive reactivity in some part of the body and not simply as an underlying condition, as for instance in the creation of bone cancer. I mention it though because it can be mastered and why not if it is possible. The key is that despite attempted exposure of the victim by the offenders to danger, the victim can take measures, in the mind, to minimize and even eliminate the danger. How?

 [Note: In trying to cover this subject sufficiently I am again going to also discuss related issues that are important in gaining a better understanding of the big picture. And I am also going to make this more than one post because there is too much to put into one post.]

The first thing to recognize is that you can still be exposed even though you have your doors and windows locked and barred. If you have someone living with you in your house, eg a spouse, who is toxic, then you have an enemy right inside your stronghold. And appearances will in most cases belie the truth. Some may be hostile or indifferent but in most cases they will appear to be supportive and friendly. These people have a key to the house, which they can copy and give to a criminal whom they employ, or they can give information about a key left outside the house, or they can unbolt a door or window etc. And of course all of that is done without your knowledge. Furthermore it is useless to change the locks because they are entitled to a new key. Under such circumstances you might as well have your doors wide open for all the difference it will make. What can you do?

Remember danger is the possibility of harm. It is not harm in itself. And it is this possibility that the offenders are looking to create because they want to do harm indirectly, that is by way of your reaction and not directly, i.e., not to use the key to open your door and come inside your house. The offenders are looking to create fear and nothing more. However regardless of their intentions you can still protect yourself because ultimately the highest level of protection is brought about in the mind, the common platform and understanding the nature of reality at this level, even a little bit.

Fear arises out of an issue of danger that is why they use real criminals and yes they are armed. Yes they are in possession of a copy of the key to the victim’s house, or information about where outside of the house a spare key might be located etc. And yes they do hold criminal intent and would move if they were asked to do harm BUT only if they could. The irony is this, all of what is put into place does not constitute real danger. They need for the person targeted to gives them permission in order for there to be a valid danger issue. The chief perpetrator cannot give that potential go-ahead to the criminals if the conditions in mind block the road, ie there is no permission. And incredibly only the targeted person/victim holds the real key to the situation! No one is going to give an allowance to a criminal to do them harm. So how do they get permission out of the targeted person/ victim? It is done using the person’s ignorance.. not of the presence of the criminal because even though it is unconscious or subconscious, the person thus targeted knows of the presence of the criminals. Remember these people are relationally entangled with the targeted person/ victim. It is their ignorance of the laws of the universe that is employed.

This is a hard threshold to cross because we are taught and indeed heavily conditioned to believe in materialism only but it is not the truth. And most people intuitively understand that. You have only to see how much people believe in what is known as positive thinking. There are two basic reasons why it fails for some people sometimes and they are because firstly they don’t apply themselves correctly and specifically enough and secondly because there are toxic others in their lives who move to negate what the positive thoughts. Indeed anyone else, including other people in scientific experiments can act to negate the positive ideas and even make them detrimental and they cannot be detected because the whole of the foul play is in the mind. These people can be stopped. I will discuss this later but suffice to say here mental prescriptions should be strictly confidential to yourself alone and no one else no matter how close and trustworthy you believe the relationship might be and indeed might be. In the sort of world we live in at present you should always maintain some mental space, some measure of privacy that is your very own, that you never share with others. Apart from anything else there are security reasons to do so.

Information (in the form of Ideas set forth) governs everything. We can think of the universe as a giant matrix of possibilities in its non-physical aspect and forms in its physical aspect. Scientists want to accept only the physical aspects but they can’t altogether deny the non-physical aspect. That is why they skirt around the subject. They talk about theoretical, probability functions, “what happens backstage” and “nothingness” etc. They don’t want to call a spade, a spade. But like Shakespeare said “a rose by any other name is still a rose”. Out of the “soup of probabilities or possibilities” items of information/ ideas can be selected or de-selected at any time, subject to certain conditions and the rule sets. These we call for instance the laws of physics in its physical aspect. There are likewise conditions and a rule set in the non-physical or mental aspect of reality. Your body and the conditions of your life at any given time are a part of the universal system. The information selected gives the appearance of a physical form and physical conditions. There are two ways that your body can become affected. One is that you (and you alone) can make a selection or a de-selection. This is the very basic level. This is like the very nature of the pond of water. The other way your body can be affected is through reactivity. You can think of this level and reactivity at this level rather like the pond with a stone falling into it. The stone will make ripples in the water. This is not about the very nature of the water but the way the water reacts to any disturbances. The stone of course is an analogy to an idea and the reactivity is the emotional or other response. So here we can see that the idea of danger gives rise to the ripples in the pond that is, the reactivity in the body of fear.

As I mentioned earlier the person that is being made afraid cannot simply be made afraid by the presence of strangers. There is a tiny percentage of people who have enough awareness to get the most trivial glimpse but the most they are likely to feel is a little apprehension, if that and nothing more. They certainly would not feel hot if the danger issue giving rise to fear was deeply unconscious. To get the effect the person has to be strongly relationally entangled with the criminals as we saw earlier in the creation of panic attack. If you want to revisit this as a quick summary you will find it in the middle section of this post  https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2012/01/17/the-tail-end-is-in-sight/ where I go through an example pictorially (the man and his mother-in-law). You can use the back key on your browser to return. In both cases there is relational entanglement because even without prior entanglement, the moment you bring criminals into the vicinity of another person (ie with keys to get in etc) then a relational entanglement is formed, however it is too weak for the person to react with sufficient fear as to make it a viable nocebo card in this foul game. Relational entanglement has two very big implications. One is that the targeted person/ victim will become aware of the presence of the criminals subconsciously if it is strong entanglement or unconsciously if it is trivial entanglement. The other is that the targeted person/ victim gains a defense position against the offenders in the mind. And note that is all of the offenders and not just the so-called gun-carrying individuals or CGIs. Knowing all this then I will now discuss the pitfall to avoid and how to avoid it.

The Pitfall.

When a person by way of reasoning.. using logic says to themselves, “if they are a criminal and if they have a loaded gun and a key to my house or vested with powers to enter my house without my consent (eg federal police) and criminal intent then they can kill me or do me harm”. Right there is consent! “Oh no” you say “I am just reasoning!” Unfortunately the universe does not understanding it as reasoning. When you make that assertion you are selecting information. The reality is that where our body, property and those in our care are concerned we have absolute control but most people don’t realize it due to conditioning and public opinion. The beliefs we uphold individually and/or collectively by the community at large and which we accept affect us profoundly. Thus an individual can be influenced by the opinions of a minority group that have acquired some sort of power. Never make the above assertion/ statement no matter what!

What you can you do instead? Three things.

  1. Reject the evil suggestions of danger, ie possibility of harm. The whole set up, the criminals with their guns and their copy of your house key and their criminal intent.. all of it only really amounts to a suggestion and a suggestion does not instigate nor uphold any reality whatsoever. Suggestions are not selected information but information put forth for selection. You have to accept the suggestion for it to become an affirmative. You can simply say “I reject the evil suggestion (whatever it is)” and maybe add “all evil suggestions are null and void”, which is true after all. And I’ll add this too. Never agree that you reject something or affirm that it is null and void anyway because “anyway” can be used to mean “any possible way”, and they are looking to find a loop hole. Simply “the evil suggestions are null and void AND I reject them as well”. There is no need to say “anyway”. So a distortion of meaning cannot be made.
  2. Affirm, which means putting forth a directive to the universe (making a selection) as follows. I affirm that I and those in my care etc., always remain alive and healthy and all of my property remains untouched”. So even if they are a criminal with a loaded gun and have the means to enter my house and even if they hold all the criminal intent in the world, I refuse them access to me and reject all proposed and/or intended harm to me etc. They always remain powerless to do me harm of whichever sort. Note here that a corrupt government agent /employee may try to use the powers vested in them by the state to do harm but they are aiming to act in a criminal fashion, which is not included in the law. BUT even a law that is unethical is not supported by the universe. So the opening is really not there. They can only do harm through deceit or intimidation, if they can trip up the targeted person and have them believe that they can do whatever they want because they have ‘such and such powers’. A person who is awake to the reality cannot be harmed by them, and they can be the prime minister himself/herself or the king or queen even!
  3. You can go one step further and put forth a counter-padea. This avenue is open to you because of two conditions. One is that owing to the fact that the system (ie you and the criminals) are entangled, whether trivially or strongly doesn’t make any difference. An I mentioned an entanglement takes place even in the moment that criminals have agreed ‘to do the job’ and more specifically if and when they arrive on the scene to make you feel afraid. That is a crime, which leads us to the second reason. In agreeing to do a crime, in holding ill-intent and then in moving to arrive at the scene, what happens is that a condition is set in the mind (the non-physical aspect of reality) that is irreversible and you can use this to hit back at the offenders, in the mental realm. This is analogous to what we call decoherence in physics. I strongly recommend making use of this to create and use a counter-padea. It is the best deterrent that you have at your disposal and it’s free. I will discuss it shortly.

People tend to disbelieve that these things are possible and cite some about commonsense this and that and whatever else. But this commonsense stuff in this particular situation is only based on public opinion, which is molded by those who want power over you, which includes various minority groups, such as the toxic under-culture but also the medical industry. This is not “a conspiracy theory” as some people claim in order to trivialize the matter, but simple economics. On the one hand the toxic under-culture is all about manipulating and controlling others around them. So the opinions that they are likely to uphold and promote are those that help them gain the power and influence that they need to manipulate and control others. For instance there is so-called random violence. And the arguments go that in a public place this can happen and does happen, so it is commonsense that it can happen to you too. The problem here is that the so-called random events are not random. The whole thing is set up. However the perpetrators of such violence, even if they get caught cannot be tied to the victim by any means because of the way the toxic mob operate (ie they use go-betweens), so the event appears random. This sort of violence is then said “can happen in the market place” so it can be used to underpin panic and anxiety attack and a lot more. But if we do the experiments we can see how it all comes about, i.e., the medical conditions can be generated and experienced. So we can then appreciate how it can be used as a means of creating “underlying beliefs” to condition people. Furthermore if you have studied this blog and seen the sorts of foul games that are played you can see that they cannot be done by one or two people. You can appreciate that toxic people are motivated to form networks. Yet they vehemently deny the existence of any such networks and scream conspiracy theories instead.

The medical industry on the other hand, which of course includes doctors, needs people to be sick and sick in very large numbers (double digit percentages of a nation’s population). They need people to be sick over a considerable amount of time, if not all of their life so that they can sell their schedule of drugs etc. These people collectively have grown the largest industry in the world in the last fifty or sixty years. It is worth trillions of dollars. They cannot sustain that businesses, let alone flourish, without people being sick in large numbers and requiring a lot of “medical help”. AND in reality, when the truth is know the “sick people” don’t really need them, they can get well by themselves because it is only their own reactions that is causing the pathological stress and disease and their reactions they can change anytime, save they know how.

And I will go further with this here too. Any scientific experiments as can be conducted will be skewed, whether intentionally or not. The first reason is that if such danger is posed, it assumes that harm can be done because the scientific paradigm only accepts the physical and the “man is a machine on automatic” model. All of these are directives to the universe/ creation so that you are off with the wrong start to begin with. The other problem is that intent and conscious choice both count. You can see an example of this in the way evil people attempt to gain the upper hand. They look to throw the matter into the arena of “all probabilities are included”, so they make what appears as a statement of “try it and let’s see” or “we’ll see”. It is commonly presented, sometimes verbally, sometimes mentally by evil people. Beware of this, this is not a statement but just another suggestion. They want you to set the conditions to “all possible outcomes/ options/ selections can applyAND give them the option of choice because “try it” is firstly all about chance, so it asks you to accept any one of the whole range of possibilities as possible. And while they want you to say make it chance, they know full well that directives can be given to the universe for desired outcomes!. So what they are really saying is “make it all possible options are on the table” AND then added to this we want the “let US see” and “WE will see” ability. This is all about the evil people (or the other person and not you) having an input and really not just an input but the input. Even the “you’ll see” can be used by a choice of attributed meaning and that means they are looking to betray you to agree that it too can allow choice by others.

I will continue here to make this point clearer. Meaning is not inherent in words. We tend to think in this way and have dictionaries to look up “words and their meanings” but it is putting the cart before the horse. We uphold meaning in mind, meaning is primary and we make up (create languages), choose and use words to convey that meaning. So the “you will see” can be used by evil people to give themselves a choice by a selection of whatever meaning they want. Thus you are given the possibility of seeing the outcome they have chosen can be the meaning of the words “you’ll see”. All of this is not what you want. You can see now that the science is skewed when we start with a hypothesis that says “let’s try it and see”, even under the best intentions! The universe doesn’t work like that. At best you will get all of the possibilities, which means on any given occasion or trial you will get something different.

YOU must put forth the conditions that you want ALWAYS. If they say “we’ll see” just reply with “the “we’ll see” is just a suggestion.. thus it is null and void.. AND I reject it as well”! If they insist you can then go to “I reject your suggestion, get lost!” or whatever. They cannot use it if they cannot get you to accept it. And I might also say do not use a negative because that means you will also use the positive word. For example “I don’t accept it” can and is often used against the person targeted. What they do in this case is use those very words but with a small pause as in “I don’t… (pause).. accept it”. A pause can indicate a hesitation, which then makes the second phrase stand on its own. And if the second part is said more emphatically then it can make that part even more like an acceptance, which again is not what you meant. This is just another “playing with meaning” trick but why not state the matter without the negative/positive pair. Simply saying “I reject it” is the best.

In the next post I discuss how the fear is used to empower a hateful idea, again with the second example of esophageal cancer.

Kyrani Eade

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Necessary background issues for a deeper understanding why cancer forms Part 3

 Background issues.

Before we consider the other example, of the woman in the office and the boss’s mates troubling her, I am going to explain some background information because it is “the person” that is affected and reacts by the cunning use of artificially “empowered” ideas, and I need to explain exactly what that means. So I will cover related/background issues that are needed for me to give you my understanding and not simply my understanding but an understanding that has enabled me to use mental prescriptions potently. Indeed this has something to do with what a lot of people commonly name “positive thinking”. I disagree that just thinking in positive terms will help in all cases. It may in some. To make the best use of positive ideas and to attain spectacular results one needs to understand certain things about the nature of reality and it is this understanding that I need to convey to you. You may have a different take on all of this and if you do I can’t say here positively that you will benefit. I am publishing my work here and it still needs to be verified by others.. humane others and those without a conflict of interests! However I can only say that I have shared my findings with some other people to help them resolve their health issues and they have reported back to me that they have also benefited. As well as an understanding of reality, one also needs to be aware of pitfalls, so I will explain what is relevant in that area here too. The understanding that I put forth to you is borne out of my overall experiences, i.e., mystical experience, understanding of disease, how to formulate and use mental prescriptions (over many lifetimes as I have memories of ) and how to successfully combat evil.

Cancer is basically about using a person’s moves to protect some part of their body, against them. To fully appreciate what is happening here and what you can do about it, you need to see the big picture. There are three ways that a person can be affected, whether adversely or beneficially (which I will discuss further down). And please note that I am saying “a person”, not the body. The body and mind are really two aspects of the one and the same thing. For that reason I often call it the body-mind. We see body and mind as two separate things for two reasons.

  1. The medical establishment and the biological sciences in general insist that the mind is a function of the brain, generated by the brain or created out of the brain’s activities and that all thoughts are generated in the brain. All of that is conjecture and nothing else. It is not evidence-based. All we can say is that when a person is thinking, perceiving, reasoning we do see activity in certain parts of the brain but we cannot say anything more about it. We cannot even say that those parts of the brain create thoughts or perceptions etc. We cannot say that this activity constitutes a mind either. All that we have is associated activity.. full stop!
  2. The other reason is that inner and outer is only a matter of perception. There is no separate “me in here” and “you and the rest of the world out there”. Even without the realization of a non- physical aspect of reality, we find that the findings of modern physics point to reality as an unbroken and indeed unbreakable wholeness. They see sub-atomic particles popping in and out of existence, which they are saying are popping in and out of nothingness. And they are saying that things become something rather than nothing because nothingness is unstable. But that argument does not hold because an electron for instance does not pop into being and stay there. It oscillates between the two states, being and non-being. That nothingness is really “no thingness” because the mental aspect of ideas is not about things. Ideas or information is chosen and become manifest and the process repeats itself endlessly. Ideas are manifest to become “things” and then return again into the set of all ideas –the un-manifest and again become manifest and so on. Thus material existence is the manifestation of ideas or information, it is insubstantial though appearing to be substantial, and it is mutable. This means we can make choices to allow for change. It is these very choices that bring cancer into being and again by choice we can return the cells back to full functionality.

Thus we have a universal platform that supports all life and everything in the universe. It is the substratum of the universe (and all universes), of all things physical that we see around us and of which our bodies are made.

It can be called The Mind (if you are an atheist, agnostic or ignostic) or The Mind of God (if you are a theist). In our effort to understand it we can conceptualize it as an infinite mental/ non-physical matrix of ideas, which are really just information. In another way we can call The Mind as being void (darkness) and clarity (light) together. The personal mind is a subset of ideas.

First I will say that the body is basically specific selections within the non-physical matrix (of void and clarity) and those selections can be altered but only under specific conditions. The personal mind is also a selection of ideas but it is just an aggregate of ideas that give rise to physiological responses, the major ones being emotional responses. The personal mind is not a set of selections of the matrix that give rise to something substantial. These ideas are a part of what makes up the person or ego-self, which is just a bias. Ego-self is ephemeral and only arising out of a mistaken identification with the mind’s activity. It is important here to note that we are indeed spiritual beings having physical experiences. As spiritual beings we have awareness and we have intent. There are many people, including some neuroscientists, Western Buddhists and New Age people among them, who have either had a “no-self” experience or have intellectually understood that there is no ego-self to be found but they have gone no further or they believe in materialism only. They conclude that we are all one and some even say we are all The One. This is not so. Finding the no-self experience is only finding the path. There is a long way further to go.

Understanding, even in elementary terms what “the person” is all about is of extreme importance because it helps us understand the very nature of mental attacks and it helps us understand how to form mental prescriptions, which are essentially prayer in a specific form targeting something very precisely. I don’t want to go into my theory of personality here because it is too involved; however I will mention that the ego-self essentially arises out of two different conditions. One is the fascination with the world and what we see as our relationship to it through the senses. The other, and which is very important here, is inequality in relationship. This is a pitfall and the greater number of humanity has fallen into it, the 99.9999%. It can arise right from infancy and placing no blame on all parents. Certainly there are abusive parents and they create issues for their child of course. However even making the best possible efforts to be a good parent we can still create a bias. A parent who sees themselves superior or needs to be dominant over a child will create issues. A parent who is stressed and/or diseased will unwittingly create issues because the bond is affected (weakened or lost). But even a parent who holds the child in equal esteem may, in their best efforts to take care of their child, to foresee possible danger etc., unknowingly and unwittingly distort the relationship. It is a very, very delicate balance. No one or two instances will make a difference but certainly over time, with repeated similar instances, issues are created from the point of view of the child.

When issues are created they constitute ideas in mind that point to some action needing to be undertaken in the body. That action in the body is almost always some emotional response. So over time and with various issues , a pattern is developed and an identification with that pattern is established. You can think of it as a script and movie that are really one because the actor acts according to the script in making the movie.

Hence is born the personal or ego self. It becomes like a Gordian knot. But like Alexander the Great we can cut through this knot with our sword of discrimination. In a disease state, especially one like cancer, we gain an opportunity to do some of that cutting through that very difficult problem.  What I discovered is that the aim of foul play is to attack the person and that is done by creating issues or using existing issues. They cannot affect the body directly. One sees this clearly from the position of no-self and from that station a different strategy can be employed but that is not most people’s position. Most people have an ego-self so the strategy here is to use that position and at the same time use the opportunity to move up a level to the no-self position if possible. Firstly by careful observation of the mind we can recognize that the effects on the body only come about because of the reactivity of “the person”, which is really our ego self. If you address the issue through correct discrimination you can avoid unnecessary bodily reactivity and/or halt the bodily reactivity, ie you do not develop cancer cells. If there is already reactivity in the body then again using discrimination you can restore proper function and rest in the body. Sometimes it might be difficult to prevent any reaction at all but the reaction that is most difficult to avoid is only as a result of the action of mirror neurons in the brain. You may react to ideas and feel sensations in the body but that alone does not develop a cell barrier or cancer. It only means that you feel sensations in the body. Sometimes ideas are presented under fierce danger issues as to appear to be “strong ideas” but these are not enough for the development by the body of cancer

So while ideas can be presented the toxic people cannot affect the body of another person without “moving” the person, ie moving them to action. The person is moved through concern and mistaken associations to initiate a defense strategy in the body. No ideas as evil people can present work directly on the body. Ideas presented by evil people can only affect the body by moving the person to action. A humane (non-toxic) person however, who owing to the application of a directive to the universe, can directly affect the body of a txic person(s) owing to an application of universal law. This is the case of the counter-padea (a counter pathological idea).

So the big picture.. the three ways that a person can be affected by others.

These are:

  1. Doing harm by the use of created issues to artificially empower presented ideas –what evil people do.
  2. Using counter-padeas, which is what a humane person can do to protect themselves and their loved ones, those in their care and anyone else that asks for protection and who is humane AND their property. These require no created issues or anyone else.
  3. The healing effect of a healer, as for example a prayer giver or a shaman in tribal cultures or a group of meditators.

 The first case is artificial and lame when the truth be known. It only affects the person who is unsuspecting of the foul play and who is deceive and/or intimidated by the issues created and their seeming association with the ideas presented. Foul play employs ideas that are based on totally unrelated co-existing conditions. The game is all about deception. The nocebo cards that are dealt out..


are based on lies.

The second one, the counter-padea I will explain later but basically there is debt created by the offenders, which enables the targeted person/ victim to have a direct effect on them.

And the third situation I will also explain later. But I will say here that it can only come about with the permission of the patient/ person affected. You cannot over-ride another person’s will under normal circumstances, i.e., if there is no debt owing.You cannot heal someone who is either ignorant of the healing or doesn’t give permission, except under extraordinary circumstances.

On the next post I will address the issues more closely and look at how we can use counter-padeas and mental prescriptions.

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Why the body reacts to form cancer Part 2.

The Basics. Understand this and you can conquer cancer.

I will discuss this section twice, once with the one example and then with the other because it is extremely important to understand it well if you want to be able to treat yourself. I have always treated myself and have done so without the use of any medical intervention whatsoever.  I have always been able to effect full remission of cancer. It is easy once you understand what is involved.

In foul play the culprits look to create conditions/ issues/ perceptions in order to affect the person targeted. The issues / perceptions etc are created, made ongoing and used concurrently. Their aim is to lead the targeted person astray, which in the case of most disease conditions means to lead them to reasonably believe that since these conditions/ issues/ perceptions are concurrent then they must be associated. This is the single most important insight you can make because it will help you unscramble what appears to be intimately connected.

In the case of esophageal cancer the concurrent issues created are:

    1. pose danger                 –>  fear
    2. superficial violation        –>  anger
    3. hidden, serious violation        –>  intensify anger
    4. a hidden and serious violation also creates à perplexity because the person only sees the superficial violation and can’t understand why he/she is so angry –> worry which affects the upper digestive system, especially the esophagus

     and at least one concurrent perception indicating a particular part of the body:.

    1. A presented vile ideas –>  relating to an attack on the esophagus

How do all these concurrent issues and ideas move a person to react as to form a cell mass?

As you will have seen in other areas, ideas, thoughts, i.e., our perceptions, can mobilize the body, i.e., make significant changes in body function. They don’t act on the body directly. Ideas act as directives through reason. The most obvious example is the perception of danger, which readies the body for sudden, rapid action if it is needed at some future time, and that “future time” of course is normally short. This is fear and it is called the “fight or flight response” by doctors but it is the same thing. Fear constitutes major changes in whole body function!

Fear is basic to all cancer creation so I will go over briefly what I said at the beginning of my blog. In fear the body is mobilized immediately and lightning fast. This is then followed by a time of heightened and intense perception to gather information so that the person can decide what to do next.


If however relationship and ESP are used to convey the perception of a danger issue AND no accompanying idea about that danger is offered, then the targeted person will feel the excitation of the body, i.e., feeling hot, but will not be conscious of the fact that this is a danger issue; however that does not change anything. The body will still react whether they are fully aware (conscious) or fleetingly aware (subconscious) or even very diminutively aware (unconscious)

Now consider.. An idea is presented. It can be a general suggestion being used such as the ones in the illustrations.

In creating a general statement an action is required or the mention of something seen or heard etc. However it has to be accompanied by a presentation that depicts the action or thing in some general way. This is important because we do not normally make a running commentary in our minds of what we see or hear i.e., what is around us. In the normal state there is just seeing, just hearing, just smelling etc. We don’t normally tell ourselves what we hear, see, smell something. If it is some unusual smell say for instance, we may additionally think “what’s that?.. ah it’s the smell of …. whatever”. If you find that you have accompanying thoughts about what you sense in your environment then you can bet for certain that it is an idea being presented to you and it has to be someone related to you in some way. This is evidence of someone trying to deceive and manipulate you.

An unsuspecting person does not appreciate this, so if they see a digger cutting across the front of the yard and there is an associated idea of “cutting across the front of it”, they will believe it is their own perception of the action outside. Indeed it is a perception but not of the action, it is a perception of an idea depicting the action outside. And it is important to note here that the medical opinions, which are truly baseless as there is no evidence to support it, say all ideas are created in our brains. This opinion works to further deceive the person thus targeted. Whether expressly intended or not, this medical opinion undermines the victim and gives cover to the offenders.

Some time later on, the targeted person may again notice this idea in mind. They may consider it memory but actually it is just another perception of the same idea presented to them. In the earlier time, if they have met the people involved they will perceive presented ideas, but at a later time they will only perceive ideas when they are presented by someone very closely related to them. If the person is firstly made fearful by posing some danger to them, before the idea is presented again, then such an idea will, by that time not only be semi-conscious or even subconscious, but will occur when their discriminative faculty declined.

If the trespassing is not obvious or only a trivial amount the person may see the action, but not realize their property is being trespassed upon. Thus they may or may not be aware of the idea sufficiently even to notice it. But if they are aware of it they may ignore it because they don’t see its significance and that is the fear that they feel. However they will treat the idea as being true and therein lays the danger. This is just a general suggestion. Yes it was true of the action in the front yard but that was an application to something specific. As a general idea presented in mind it is meaningless! If it is treated as true it can be used to “open doors” for the offenders.

Why does the person’s body react?

At the same time another but very nasty idea is presented. This idea may depict some edited scene of a hate crime with the current target person’s image replacing the murdered victim, or it may be an edited image of a surgical procedure, again with the current targeted person’s image. In either case the image will be shunned at the instant that it is perceived. For the vast majority of people, the 99.9999999% this takes place before the idea is sufficiently conscious! But even for the handful of people that have very highly developed awareness, there is still some processing time for the brain which will still stand as some degree of barrier. The key here is not a matter of how long before a person becomes conscious of it but whether they allow a distressing idea to become conscious at all. Most people will invoke a comfort zone, i.e., mental fuzz almost instantly as the idea broaches consciousness, so it remains subconscious or even unconscious. However that does not discharge it from mind but only removes it from consciousness. It will remain in mind and if it is accompanied by a general suggestion that is taken as true then it will become a directive to the body.

Certainly there will be action of mirror neurons and that can be persuasively strong, even when we know about it. However in knowing what is going on one finds that the body will feel the simulation but will not be moved to action. However there is also another action, a perceived activity in the area indicated by other means. Thus there are two sources through which a targeted area of the body will be moved to activity. In esophageal cancer this other source is with the use of the emotion of worry. For this reason the person is presented with suggestion that causes them to become intrigued, perplexed and thus worried. Remember that she had been presented with another idea to begin with. That idea involved the little cheat. Asking for a millimeter of water to chip a ton of trees is ridiculous but they have appealed to as her new neighbors, and most probably also mentally presented ideas such as “why start off on a bad note over a little bit of water?” Thus they appeal to her good nature and decency to draw her in and betray her.  

They will use this little cheat to anger her but it is only the anchor. Note they can anger her by talking behind her back and using someone with a very strong relationship, such as a sibling or “best friend” who is toxic to make such presentations perceivable. The bigger cheat though, which is the trespassing onto her property and damaging plants etc., is not only the more serious cheat but also the one that is used to empower the hateful image that is presented, say in this case the surgical procedure, and that cheat is hidden or at least not obvious enough for her to realize. This can best be done if she has not seen the entry and use of her property. And the idea presented to her by someone in close relationship but as a general idea.

The aim is to make the little cheat, which seems trivial, appear to be the sole cause of her anger. She will become extremely perplexed as to why she is so angry. It seems unreasonable to her that this little cheat could make her so angry so she will try to think through to find some reason or some solution so that she can let it go and overcome the anger. This means she becomes worried in trying to understand her emotion. And her emotion being persistent and strong will be bothersome so she will be moved urgently to find some resolution and relief.

Note too that the idea of “a little bit of water for the chipper” can also be slang (maybe only Australian slang, I don’t know). The stomach which turns the food into smaller components in digestion is sometimes referred to as a chipper. So the idea has the end game in mind, which is that there is only enough room in the esophagus to get only a little bit of water down to the stomach. This can only happen if there is a large cell mass in the esophagus.. is esophageal cancer. So this seemingly trivial cheat is later presented to her with a very nasty association. And she has allowed them to take a little bit of water, so the idea is associated also with an affirmative. So the little cheat is what we might call “an outcome nocebo” because by affirming that “they could have a little bit of water” she is unwittingly agreeing to grow a cell mass in the esophagus big enough to obstruct everything going down except for a little bit of water.

Note here this is not a foregone conclusion, nor is she bound to this eternally. At any time when she realizes the cheat she can effect changes by discharging the idea and replacing it with a positive one of healing and good health. This is true of all ideas that have been accepted because at the very least they have not been accepted freely by only by way of deception. However even if we accept an idea freely, we can still change our minds and take back our choice and replace it with another…anytime that we like. Some toxic people try to convince the victim that “oh well now you have agreed to this you can’t change it” etc., this is untrue. It is said only to help them get their hateful desires realized.

So we have ideas and emotions coinciding. There is the underlying fear, which makes three things possible.

  1. Belief there is danger and this is reasonable because fear arises due to danger.
  2. The targeted person is now more highly perceptive.
  3. The targeted person is now not discriminative because of normal brain rationing of its fuel resources during the initial phase of fear, to give perception the highest priority. If that phase can be extended by not allowing the person to gain insight as to the nature of the danger and thus information that they can then use to decide what to do next, then this phase is extended indefinitely. And of course it is highly detrimental because the person makes decisions without thinking. Knowing this though, and being mindful of your thoughts, you can overcome this problem and restore your discriminative faculty. It takes practice though.

Next the offenders anger the victim sufficiently, over the seemingly trivial matter, as to make them begin to worry about why and how to overcome it. Worry then produces high parasympathetic nervous system tone in order to bring the body close to rest to facilitate serious thinking. As I mentioned in the section on emotions the body does not allow a situation in which the brain is competing with the musculature for fuel materials if there is a serious problem to be solved. And remember too, the person is quite angry because there is also a serious violation done because apart from the cheats this is serious maltreatment of another person, so there is an additive effect to the fear. This keeps the metabolism fired up. Depending on the degree to which the person becomes worried, there will be a problem for the heart as the heart will be getting signals to go fast and slow at the same time. However generally speaking it is not severe and akin to mild to moderate anxiety. If there is a strong LMCM as well, then there may be more conflict in the heart.

The purpose for the worry is primarily to get a stimulus in the esophagus. The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is also responsible for facilitating digestion so the digestive system will become a little active. But there will be conflict here too because while the PNS stimulates digestion, fear declines it. This can cause a variety of symptoms depending on the person and how much they get worried, how much they cope with the anger and so on. Symptoms can include nausea, even vomiting if the fear is sufficiently intense. However the common symptom is a stimulation of the muscles in the esophagus, off and on. The movement in the esophagus is called peristalsis. Peristalsis is a repetitive contraction and relaxation of the muscles that cause a wave-like movement that moves the small rounded mass or bolus of food down from the back of the mouth to the stomach. This movement is subtle but the person might find themselves swallowing a lot, even when they are not eating. It is this activity that is of great significance here. Even though it might be very subtle and not appreciated by the person, it is still recognized by the body.

So the ideas of “cutting across the front of it” or “cutting across halfway down to the belly of it”, which point to the esophagus, are accompanied, it seems, by unusual activity in the esophagus. Hence there is an subconscious assessment made that there is a problem. This assessment of course is not made with the benefit of discrimination. The body-mind perceives ideas of harm accompanied by fear and an unusual activity in the esophagus. This unusual activity, which is not associated with normal swallowing, is mistaken for evidence of some attack at some point indicated by the ideas and the imagery that has been made subconscious or even unconscious. I would like to say here that this is a clear example that the comfort zone, far from being of comfort, is the worst enemy you can create for yourself. It leaves you blind and puts your body-mind into automatic mode to act outside of your discriminative ability. You are at the mercy of the ideas that seem real because of accompanying emotions and their somatic effects.

The body will move to look for the alien attacking force. Remember immunity is only declined if the danger is deemed to be external. If the danger is deemed to be internal then the immune system is moved into high gear. Indeed all autoimmune diseases are created in this sort of fashion. The first action of the immune system is to seek out and destroy the alien entity but in looking finds none. Failing that it mobilizes its second and final line of defense and that is to protect, shield the related area from the problem or isolate and quarantine the problem hence protecting the body. No alien entity has been found so the body moves to shield the area and it does this by creating a barrier or shield. The only way the body can make a shield is with cells. Hence a cell mass is created with cells that have modified function tailored for the task.

And realize here too that the person is not only angered, they are kept angry and even made angrier. This action is not done continuously but sporadically over time. They may hassle the person once or twice a week, or more. This makes the person have a bad experience on these days so they are seen as bad days. However if a very aggressive form of cancer is desired then the person may be hassled every day and for long stretches both day and night. It is all done through relationship to utilize ESP. The net effect is that the person is made to feel that there is an ongoing and sometimes very vicious attacking entity somewhere in their body, which is engaging them or they feel completed to fight. Such an entity however if experienced is experienced as being ill-defined and unclear. The more they fight the more barrier or shield cells they create and the greater the mass will become.

In the next post I am going to use the other example to repeat this section as it is of great importance. There may be things I have missed saying here and that is an added reason to redo this part with the woman in the office example. It is a better example to illustrate the struggle that the person experiences. The best thing a person can do to begin with is to work on and resolve the anger because that is the most critical aspect of amassing cells in an area. And I am not talking about anger management. That only makes the problem unconscious. The anger needs to be traced back to its originating issues and those issues dropped if possible or resolved. Sometimes it is possible to confront the offenders and find a solution, other times it is not but I will give some methods of warding off the offenders in the next example too and the basic method of mental prescriptions.

When you fully appreciate this process that leads to cancer formation, you have the basics. The different areas and the different types of attacks give rise to different forms of barriers or shields but the process is basically the same. Only the ideas and the emotional combinations vary.

Kyrani Eade.

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