What’s health really all about!

This and some of my other blogs are all about EXPOSING FRAUD. There are many on the net and in the world today screaming about medical fraud. All that is said is not even the tip of the iceberg. There is MEGA FRAUD because the whole of disease is being misrepresented. The truth? Humane people can make themselves well, by themselves and stay well even in the worse stress when that person understands the foul games that are being played by toxic people with whom they are related. A threat was made to me very recently by means of a word “telescope”. This is hash. Hash is taking a word or words and re-cooking it or hashing it to convey a different meaning. The hash is “tell less cope”. They have embarked on a campaign of brutally stressing me. And I strongly believe that “they” includes toxic and greedy doctors involved in trying to take my life to stop me from exposing the truth about disease. My response is I will tell ALL and I will tell all and I my two dogs survive all UNSCATHED and we conquer. We defeat all evil. It is total victory for the humane. I will soon have knowledge about all of the foul play of the evil subculture that is etiological in disease. It is unsuspecting, misinformed people who get caught and get sick. Turn on the lights and the devil is dead. I am victorious! It is a game of GO and I will soon have all of the territory.

Some years ago I heard an American commentator on television say

We are bringing down the crime rate, now all we have to worry about is disease”.

He as everyone that is non-toxic saw disease as the result of natural causes. It is after all what we are told by the medicos! What I have found since then is that DISEASE IS THE DAMAGE TAKEN as a result of crimes of terror! However the crimes are not obvious. The picture is ugly but despite that I bring you very good news! YOU have it in your power to overcome disease, without drugs and medical procedures, without special diets and weird alternative methods either. First you need to understand the reality and accept honesty, reject artifice and promises. You need to be in the driver’s seat where your body and your health is concerned and not someone else. I share with you my findings, but information is not enough. You need to investigate what I am putting forth in order to realize the truth. Only then will you become empowered and not only to overcome disease, but to realize far broader horizons, to experience to a new, higher level of living. You will also realize that ethics is the foundation stone of health.

To Best Understand Diseases it is very important to understand the Underlying Conditions of Disease. I realized that this was a shortcoming of my work so I have started a series of videos to help explain these underlying conditions.

The video series Introduction is here on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nxUl19yZU0 and in it I share with you a personal experience that made me rethink my basic university education regarding the body as a machine and disease as a malfunction in the machine. The next video will be on how beliefs can be manufactured and I expect the series will be seven videos in all. I am hoping to keep them as concise as possible. This first video is 23 minutes and the next one probably also around 20 mins.

I have started a new blog here https://kyrani99videos.wordpress.com/

where I will post all of my videos. I have realized that there are important aspects about toxic people’s foul play that is very important in understanding to fully appreciate my blogs so I am making videos to explain these.


1. This post is both an introduction and a contents page so that it is easier to navigate around my blog. You can use your back arrow to return back from each area.

2. I have begun to write this in a simpler form on another blog at  http://kyrani99book1.wordpress.com/ Here I explain the basic cheat and how it is used. It’s aim is mainly to manipulate and control another person or to punish them or to extract revenge but there are a multitude of uses. Some result in damage, disease and death while others do not create health issues but may disadvantage a person in other ways..

I have now started the second book, which I have called “Is there disease?” at

http://kyrani99book2.wordpress.com/    In this book I set out what I have discovered and by which not only can I use to stay healthy but serious question whether the major diseases at least are legitimate medical conditions at all. )

There have been two main classes of disease. Firstly there is the communicable diseases that have been conquered largely by the discovery of antibiotics and the use of vaccines. However as a country industrializes a new form of disease has appeared, the non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Certainly there has been the mass migration of people from the country side and a rural lifestyle to the cities and an urban lifestyle, which may be far less active. However this is not enough to explain the trends we see. We could further say that where people lived in small communities they now live very close to one another in large complexes. And we could surmise that maybe people politics has something to do with the matter. However I doubt that even this is enough because the average person will not resort to underhanded violence of the sort that causes an unsuspecting person to react as to generate somatic malfunction for any reason whatever. It takes a particular type of person to act maliciously and most particularly in an ongoing manner. What the evidence shows, when you see what underlies non-communicable diseases, is that there is a rise of evil people in society, since the 1960’s and in the last twenty or thirty years in particular. I would estimate that it may be as many as 15% of the population.

Since the early sixties, the medical industry as an industry has grown and expanded as to control not only the manufacture and sale of drugs and medical products but a lot more. It control the education of doctors and nurses, the research facilities, the medical journals,  It’s influence what papers get publish and what don’t. It influences the medical associations and through them has given doctors the power to exclude all those that are not practicing strictly and only allopathic medicine. In the US they made it a felony for a doctor to treat a patient with any other methods. Doctors have ended up to jail and died in jail for treating and curing patients by other methods. Big Pharma influences and even controls in many cases a country’s drug watch dog, which ought to be an independent body. In the US it has a great influence over the decisions of the FDA and it is Big Pharma that tests all drugs for toxicity. They control research into diseases and drugs and the journals in which the results are published. Big Pharma also holds substantial influence in the decisions of governments, where their interests are concerned. They need many diseased people in society to make money. Profits are the life blood of any and all companies and the medical companies are no exception. They need people on drugs for an extended period of time and in many cases for a lifetime. It is in the interests of Big Pharma and the doctors of allopathic medicine to see disease flourish and that is exactly what has happened.

We are bombarded with statistics about mortality rate, which look good at a glance BUT they give a false impression. Most people who get diseases such as cancer and heart disease don’t live longer than 5 to 7 years after treatment. So while the figures indicate that more people survive these terrible diseases, they don’t show that survival in most cases is only for another few years. The person will still die prematurely.

Take cardiovascular disease (CVD)..

If we only look at one or two year charts there seems to be a downward trend but if we look at the big picture one is alarmed. The figures for women are difficult to obtain. There is a lot of secrecy about the data. But data even for both sexes it is difficult to find if we are looking for data on incidence or prevalence. However even from the death rates from cardiovascular disease (CVD) we can see the trend:

And I think it is useless to believe that heart disease is due to all the risk factors we are told about because even fit women have heart problems. So the message is whether you look after your health or not you are still a candidate for heart disease! This fact in itself smells of rats.. the two legged variety with horns on their heads, the manipulative, controlling types!

Diabetes has also likewise escalated. There are around 300 million with the disease worldwide.

Mental disorders have gone from around 1-2% in the early 20th century to 20% or more in the early 21st century.

What’s going on?

Look at these interesting correlations:

It appears with women’s liberation there is an escalation in disease. What has happened is with the adverse influences on women for the sake of power and influence, means that their children are also affected, the next generation is affected. If we had figures about the rise of toxicity in society, then we would see it that coincides with the escalation of disease. The psychiatric profession talks about psychopaths as being 2 or 3 in every hundred (2-3%) but the reality is far worse. They are only quoting figures on those that do obvious crimes, those that end up in the criminal justice system.

Psychiatric classifications of “behavioral disorders” are really a general group, that of people who are toxic and harmful towards others. They look normal but they are surely not normal. These people are seriously criminal. They exploit and abuse others through toxic relationships. And while they don’t actually cause the diseases, their actions are designed to cause an unsuspecting person to react in such a way as to bring about malfunction in their bodies. And blaming the victim isn’t of value because every victim has also the burden of the medical misinformation to blind sight them and makes them more vulnerable. All of the major diseases and premature deaths are manufactured for the sake of power and influence and for the sake of money. Hitler killed 5 or 6 million, even the second world war in total killed 25 million.. small chips when you see the bigger picture, that of crime created. Worldwide there are 300 million with diabetes, 600 million with heart disease, 450 million with cancer and a huge death rate in the tens of millions every year. The Second World War and Hitler pale into insignificance by comparison.


The evidence.. where’s the evidence” is the immediate catch cry of all toxic people. And they are aggressive.. sounding confident. Of course, of course because they know full well that you won’t find any in any medical texts. Why? Because the research that is done only reinforces the medical narrative about risk factors, eating fat and sitting around all day watching the footy is bad for you stuff. They know this is not true but that is where the money is. Certainly a balanced diet and some exercise every day is good for your health but diet and lack of exercise won’t make you sick. On investigating these matters, you will find the evidence for yourself. There is no mental disorder and physical diseases. The only reality is that idea that are upheld as true act as directives on the body, so body function is altered  in some way either causing organs conflict or overexertion. Thus there is bodily malfunction.

A big problem for society as a whole is that the foul play of toxic people can only be done with the involvement of like-minded others. They never act alone. As a result they necessarily all need to network. The evidence is seen when we see how diseases are brought about and how many people it takes to play the foul games that cause an unsuspecting person to react adversely. Then you will realize that there is no “paranoid conspiracy theories” that anyone can put forth as the culprits are quick to suggest, but a real conspiracy going on. I would estimate based on the figures for diseases and the number of people it takes to pathologically stress a person, that the number of toxic people is possibly as much as 15% of every nation’s population, possibly more. The situation worldwide has reached a critical level.

Toxic people are the darlings of the medical industry since they help generate diseases and medical conditions from which profit are made. Little wonder that the true causes behind disease are obscured by medical misinformation. A toxic subculture proliferates, while Big Pharma makes humungous profits every year. But where does that leave the vast majority of the population who are humane? Where are we headed? This problem is the real big problem. Only by addressing the problem of toxicity, we don’t have a chance to address and fix the other problems because it is the primary cause, if not sole cause of all the other problems.

The medicos do not give evidence of disease. Of course not, the evidence is their Achilles ’ heel. That is why they only talk about risk factors such as lifestyle choices, diets, a sedentary lifestyle, age, gender, genes and toxins in the environment. And these days they are even trying to attribute some cancers to viruses when there are no real pointers. The number of women with cervical cancer and papilloma virus is a tiny percentage of those with the cancer. And yet they are inciting the public to launch into an immunization program of young girls that could cause harm in some cases and when the truth is known, is of no benefit. This is just another example of how all the research is geared around risk factors. Disease is not being properly investigated but rather with profits in mind. And sometimes they make it up as they go along. I saw one place on the net (pointed out to me by a toxic person on a forum) that claimed the lymph glands drained out cancer cells and kill them. Garbage, firstly the immune system does not kill cancer cells, outside of apoptosis which is cell death that every cell undergoes when it is aged or damaged. That is well known but little spoken about with the public. Secondly the lymph nodes are accumulations lymphoid tissues organized as definite lymph organs and are sometimes called lymph glands. These contain lymphocytes and are part of the defense mechanism of the body. Cancer cells are immunological products and thus find their way to these organs. What’s more is that if they were killed in the lymph glands why then do they get to travel to other parts of the body? Their statement is not the result of observation but conjecture because they are committed to the rogue cells story. That’s where the money’s at..

In countries like the USA the medical/pharmaceutical industry constitutes 1/6 of the country’s economy and it is headed for greater heights. How happy are you to have to suffer serious diseases such as cancer and have your life cut short, for others to have a job and more to the point for a tiny percentage of people to become rich and live a life of luxury?

The reality is that the average person can make themselves well, without drugs and medical procedures. Lay people can put forth the evidence needed to prove that disease is about crime. They can do this with neither medical degrees nor multi-million dollar research budgets. High school biology and some crude equipment that can be bought from pharmacies and fitness stores are enough. You only need to understand why your body is reacting.. nothing more! This is easily seen when experiments are done by lay, humane people that mimic the foul game play. When a person sees and understands this they become empowered and are able to stop reacting. The body will do the clean-up job, even without any further ado, but you can hurry up the processes that restore normal function of the body using mental prescriptions.. ideas formulated in a particular way. I have also found that the so-called healing that some people are supposed to do from afar, claiming to affect tissues and organs directly with thoughts is also a load of garbage. The only way that the body is restored to health is when the person stops reacting adversely. This is my testimony and it can work for you too but you need to first understand what it is all about first.

HERE IS THE EVIDENCE, when you understand all the parts of this formula, not of risk factors but cause factors.

The causes formula for pathological stress and disease.

The three keys of medical misinformation are those of the human condition. With these misrepresented the real causes stay hidden. So let’s tackle these first.

KEY #1 The EMOTIONS. what are they really? Are they psychological? Or are they PHYSIOLOGICAL!

If they are physiological then the whole medical picture changes because our emotions are part and parcel of pathological stress and not the ordinary everyday life stress that we experience and which doctors insist is the problem together with bad lifestyle choices.

I have found that..:

emotions are the rational changes to whole body function because some job needs to be done in or by the body!

This means that emotions are the bodily reactivity that arises owing to ideas we deem real or relevant that point to some action that needs to be done. So ideas of danger lead to fear, ideas of injustice and violations lead to anger, ideas of loss lead to sadness, ideas of gain and pleasure lead to happiness and perplexing ideas lead us to search for solutions and when we don’t have enough information circular thinking or worry develops.

The changes in all instances are changes to organ function. Most particularly affected are the heart, the lungs and organs of the digestive system. To effect these changes there are changes in body chemistry and hormonal levels in the blood stream etc. Some of these are the supposed “chemical and hormonal imbalances”. When pathological stress reaches a certain stage disease develops.

Medical science classifies the emotions as inner feelings or mental states, which arise in some area of the brain and are experience in the brain. And they thus call psychological so it is little wonder then that “emotion” is a word rarely found in textbooks of physicians. The view that there are such things as emotions residing or activated by certain areas of the brain means that the body and the reactions in the body can be seen as “accompanying events”. This view, as you will see, in part hides the true causes of disease. They have created the illusion of there being mental and physical diseases, when in reality disease is all physical dysfunction and nothing else. This division of disease is the highway for drugging people as the sole solution to their problems and drugging them for what are really normal body functions to boot!

You can read more about emotions in this post https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/the-emotions-what-are-they-exactly/

KEY #2  ESP.. what????

ESP or what is known in science as psi, is NOT BEING INVESTIGATED HONESTLY. All experiments are double and triple blinded. ESP is never investigated within relationship. If we add conditions of danger then ESP is even greater. With fear there are higher levels of mental perception which are NEVER investigated. The claim made to me is that such experiments would be unethical. These experiments would inform people not harm them. Danger is not harm, but the possibility of harm. DANGER is used in foul games TO DO HARM. Keeping people ignorant allows the crimes that are going on! That is unethical!

The ESP that is admitted is so small you need a magnifying glass to see it on the graph. The ESP that is not being investigated under claims of not being scientific and not ethical is nearly as great as sensory perception. Why not do this research? It would point to the true causes of disease! They know that the 80% of people know to one extent or another that they do possess extra sensory perception, the ability to perceive mentally. Thus they cannot deny ESP. (And I might add that the vast majoritiy of those that deny ESP would be toxic people, those that have vested interests in denying it.)

ESP experiments are done in such a way as ti belie the truth owing to the scientific communities insistence that all the experiments have to be double and triple blinded. And there is an endless army of so-called skeptics that sound their loud horns.. pooh, poohing ESP based on nothing but unfounded opinion, the “it just can’t be real” opinion. The vast majority of scientists claim reality is only physical and ESP goes against their paradigm! And then there are people like Randi out there who claim that if something can be done as a trick then why wouldn’t it be done as a trick? What garbage! And every psychic that he tests of course is double blinded, so the means by which the psychic knows, ie ESP, are taken out of the experiment. Of course with blinds ESP is seriously diminished as to be just a bleep on the graph.

You can see for yourself, how experiments are done and how they need to be done and the implications of those experiments best here  http://stressanddisease.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/esp-scientific-posted-on-december-29.html

https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/esp-the-scientific-evidence/  )

and here https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/esp-the-scientific-evidence-2/

I have also given here a couple of example of the uses of ESP in foul game play here https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/two-simple-uses-of-fear-and-esp-in-foul-game-play/

One example is “how a person can be made to fall in love at first sight” and the other is “the basic way an allergy is created”.


Heck this has got to be psychological.. aye?? Isn’t it?? NO! The comfort zone is a zone of mental fuzz.. yes.. BUT it is brought about by manipulating the breath.. and that means body function is affected.. Heart function and the metabolic rate is affected AND with dire consequences for a person’s health where there are fear conditions as well. I have found nothing in the medical literature admitting the physical aspects. You won’t find it mentioned in a physician’s handbook, while psychiatrists pass over a comfort zone as hardly relevant to anything. And why not, when you see the damage it can do, you’ll realize that it’s a drug pusher’s paradise; profit taking guaranteed. I explain the comfort zone and the two basic coping habits that bring it into being here  https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/comfort-zones-coping-habits/


Once you understand these three keys (in other words you overcome the medical misinformation) you get a hint about pathological stress. All the changes in the body, in cardiovascular activity, in liver function and so on to changes in brain activity are all due to emotion and when emotions are brought on, and particularly when they are prolonged due to toxic relationship and accompanied by a comfort zone. We begin to see that the pathological stress that leads to disease is none other than the bodily malfunction. Then the lights can come on. There is nothing psychological about stress. It is NOT in your head but in your body. Intense and/or episodic, either short or long-term stress, leads to organ and tissue damage so the symptoms that doctors call “clinical symptoms” come into being. When clinical symptoms appear the pathological stress has become the disease.. 

Our emotional responses are part and parcel of how we relate and respond to any given situation and none of us are blocks of wood. You can be sure that those that look like cool cucumbers on the outside no matter what, are really boiling infernos on the inside. The only thing that makes them “keep their cool” is the knowledge that they can do deadly harm in the shape of revenge through their toxic network.. BUT not anymore – the truth is out and they haven’t been able to “make the messenger go away permanently” to use their jargon.

I am sharing this information for your benefit. These are my scientific findings, since I have approached these matters as a scientist. The evidence you find for yourselves when you understand the foul game play.. when you see what happens in the body. Thus I have set the work out with experiments, which mimic the foul play. These can be done and need to be done by lay, humane people. This work needs to be “peer reviewed”. The peers here are the humane people needed to repeat the experiments. I doubt the medical researchers will ever do this research because disease is big business. Out of possibly two thousand doctors I have reached only one spoke positively to say “you are doing good work”. The rest were mainly offensive.

The main reason for you to do the research is for your own benefit and not just to prove these matters academically. To become empowered one certainly needs information but that information is of little use when it remains simply intellectual. To become empowered you need to reach a stage of realization. You need to undergo the early stages of pathological stress and disease to realize what they are and how they feel in the body. You will realize that you have total command over your body-mind. You need to understand and realize how you can overcome any and all adverse influences. You can restore your health. You can overcome all of the major diseases and medical conditions that plague the human kind. You can even protect your children and pets as well. YOU have it in your power to overcome disease WITHOUT the assistance of doctors. You need no medicines, no surgery, “no cook, fry and marinate procedures” to get well and stay healthy. Peer-review of my work is for the benefit of the humane and not for my work’s sake alone. This work is not for me but for humanity.

Here I share with you the true reasons for what are written off as panic and anxiety attacks as so-called mental disorders. These are physical and the heart is primarily affected. Through an understanding of the basic foul game play and the biological consequences in the body, you will see how pathological stress is the somatic dysfunction and nothing else. The medico’s claim that it is the “fight and flight response going haywire” is just garbage. The unsuspecting person suffers somatic dysfunction owing to maltreatment by a toxic mob. To call panic and anxiety  “mental disorders” is criminal in itself, for it not only discredits the victims, it also allows for the problem to perpetuate and become a serious cardiovascular problem over time. You need only high school biology to understand it.

Danger and ESP are key ingredients in the foul play to cause the other person to react with fear and a coping habit. Fear, as you will have seen earlier creates a blind spot because the person becomes highly perceptive and less discriminative. Perception is favored until the person has the information that they need to decide what to do next. This blind spot is exploited by toxic people to cause the person to react and in the process suffer somatic malfunction.

So here is the NEXT PARAMETER in the formula, the ‘how’ of the foul game play, ie how do toxic people operate?

I have described it in the following posts:

Our first Hints of Foul Game Play.


The Basic Elements of Foul Game Play 1.


Element 2 Creating issues: The purpose of Relational Entanglements.


Elements 3 and 4 Issues of danger and presented ideas.


The victim’s “bad experience” and the Medical Evidence that shows up foul game play.



Mental Attacks and the very stuff of physical disease.


DISEASES are SERIOUS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.. CRIMES OF THE WORST KIND.. MURDER 1 when a person dies of them. They are crimes of terror, the real terror. The incidents we see, such as 9/11, are just the tip of the iceberg. These crimes are done in all areas of life DAILY.. from the home front –(being the personal politics of toxic spouses and toxic siblings), to the workplace, to social situations of all kinds right up to politics. These crimes are done in every area of life because at the heart of these matters is the gaining of power and influence, to manipulation and control others within relationship. If we act now we can fight and won this war IN THE MIND! Remarkable but true!

The worst of the news about these crimes is that maltreatment is most commonly meted out by someone that the victim knows and trusts, namely spouses, siblings, even parents, “best friends”, confidantes, trusted workmates etc., etc. They do not look and act like criminals. On the contrary most appear attractive, even seductive, friendly and comforting. In some cases they are those we trust the most.

Yes indeed it is very hard to appreciate that others, with whom you are related, in some cases those that you consider your nearest and dearest, that those you trust would betray you and violate you in this hideous manner. I understand that because I have been there myself. Indeed it was a desperate move of my husband’s to reveal his foul actions and associates that turned the lights on. If you are interested you can read the account here http://stressanddisease.blogspot.com.au/

I call these people “toxic”, they call themselves evil and the medical industry through psychiatry and psychology have created categories and call them by a variety of names including narcissistic, antisocial, psychopaths, sexual deviants etc. These people are NEVER “stand-alone items”, they never act individually, but ALWAYS act as a group. They cannot play these devious games to gain power and influence over another person, while appearing uninvolved and innocent of wrongdoing themselves, without like-minded others involved, “their toxic friends”. There are mobs /networks, and networks of networks them, but there are no formal organizations with signed up members. It is all word of mouth and people networking with likeminded others for mutual benefit. But they do have deadly codes like all other mobs.

To understand these people a little more and to appreciate how they are recruited and made go to the following two posts.

The Toxic People and their networks.. Who are they? PART1.


Toxic people, their networks and 21st century organized crime. PART 2



In misrepresenting emotions and comfort zones and denying ESP sure a lot of money can be made because the true causes of disease remain hidden and DISEASE IS BIG BUSINESS! But in doing so they hide the culprits.. the worst criminal elements in society. They ensure that toxic people can play foul games with impunity. They ensure that toxicity can proliferate in society. So they put the average person’s health and wellbeing and even life at stake and for money. Little wonder that community is fragmented and falling apart, people are isolated, life is for many nothing but drudgery and disease flourishes.


This is where we discover the LAST PARAMETER in the equation above. The unsuspecting person’s bodily reactions can be seen in their many facets, from all angles.

In what areas can a person be attacked?

Number 1. The heart.

If the victim is “prepped” first, then the standard panic/anxiety attack will procure a serious heart problem.

Have a look here in these posts.

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Enduring anger is used creatively in a lot of heart attack prepping. Anger can also be used episodically. Then a different sort of problem arises for the victim. As you can see in these posts here (these are still pending).

Diabetes Type 2. Part 1


Diabetes type 2 Part 2



Number 2. The brain.

The brain can be attacked either directly or indirectly. And some of the methods used can be used more subtly so that no damage is done but the person can be seriously mentally disabled for a short while, especially in causing temporary confusion and memory losses. This gives the offenders the opportunity to take a live, unharmed adult out of a busy shopping center for instance.. abduction for a very dark purpose.. a hate crime.

Strokes or cerebral vascular accidents are no accidents.


How can strokes be silent?



Number 3. Any organ or tissue in the body..

hence Cancer.  

I have started a blog to make my criticisms of Richard Dawkin’s book “The God Delusion” and in it I am using cancer as an example for various criticisms. In order to use this example I have written a “brief” account of cancer but while it is brief relative to the amount of material I will eventually post here, it is still several posts long. If you go to the blogs contents page (see link below) you can find the posts.


I am also in the process of making some videos to help people understand how they can effect spontaneous remission from any cancer deliberately. The cancer will not dissolve overnight. The immune system may take several weeks to dissolve it away completely.

Cancer is a paper tiger!


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Some background issues to help understand why a person is affected by the foul play in relation to cancer.


Re-examining fear using the second example of esophageal cancer to give more light on the issue.


A post about awareness that will help understand more about fear and it’s implications but also later with respect to mental prescriptions.


I am still posting here at this point.


                   But reality is bare rocks and demons!


AND they have an Achilles’ Heel!

  • The real medical evidence that lay, humane people can research and verify..
  • The reality that you need no medicines and no doctors will free you, ensure your health!

Knowledge is POWER.

To understand what sort of dirty games are play and how the body reacts.

Knowledge is FREEDOM.

To understand how a person can be manipulated and controlled and in that understanding being able to overcome the evil and walk away free.


This knowledge opens up a new landscape in ways that were unimaginable before. We have the opportunity to gain enormous mental /spiritual strength when we become true warriors for truth and justice and understand our true innate abilities.

A worldwide movement of humane people is needed, people who are empowered and realize their full spiritual potential. TOGETHER humane people can take a very powerful stance, to stand against the evil and destroy it.

WE CAN WIN. And not only regain our health and wellbeing but we fight corruption as well and restore community in its deepest most satisfying sense.  

I am under heavy fire, a most vicious, dirty war is waged against me, with toxic people including police and those in “high places” involved, and it has gone on for more than 10 years now. My personal life has been reduced to rubble and I have lost three cats in the process, but I am alive and healthy and so are my two dogs. And I use nothing more than mental prescriptions. If I can stand under such punishing conditions, every other person out there who is humane can also survive and regain their health.

If you are a theist you will particularly benefit from the use of mental prescriptions. Certainly they can be useful to agnostics and atheists as well but for them they have more limited use. Theists gain the greatest benefit because God is where the power is. And for this reason evil people, who are haters of God, have no benefit whatsoever.

The mental prescriptions I use are really no different to specific forms of prayer. It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, a belief in God is enough for you to be able to pray. And when you can ask for specific things from God, then you benefit far more than you can from vague prayers. All that you ask for, for yourself and those under your care, such as children, pets and anyone else for whom you are a care-giver, will be given to you.

If you are a young person who finds life has become weird, who is losing or lost friends and who may be experiencing disease, whether called mental or physical then you will benefit. I strongly believe that the older generations have a duty to enlighten the youth as to the sorts of evil that are to be found and to assist them in every way to overcome that evil and destroy it. Young people have a right to live in a good world and not one that is a living hell. And the world can become a very good place if we all work together to expose the evil everywhere and restore community, health and wellbeing to all humane people everywhere.

æ.æ. æ. æ. æ. æ.æ. æ. æ. æ. æ.æ. æ. æ. æ. æ.æ. æ. æ. æ. æ.æ. æ. æ. æ.

NOTE: All this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate for your own benefit, not only to arrive at your own informed opinion, but to empower yourself to beat disease and stay well. I found that asking other was not good enough, not even asking “the experts” because other people may have their own agendas and interests to serve. Only when you investigate by doing experiments together with others, to experience first-hand the stress and early disease conditions can the knowledge you gain move from being simply intellectual to a full realization of the truth!

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The information is vast and I have only summarized it here. I hope to be able to provide bulk of what I have in an e-book so that people can take advantage of all that I have learnt, both in how the major diseases come about and to overcome them completely, without or with minimal medical help and to go on from there to not get sick again!

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And while I discuss type 2 diabetes through my own experience, I do give some insights into type 1 diabetes and how it might be cured using mental prescriptions (I’ll be posting soon) through my insights from cancer and how the immune system may be affected to attack tissues and cells.

I have started a new blog here https://kyrani99videos.wordpress.com/

where I will post all my videos.

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Cancer story part 2 Metastasis.

I will continue the discussion on the cancer story given to the public.

THE STORY ABOUT CANCER video 2 metastasis WP

And again I will use the scientific research findings to show you…

in the med research

the story about metastasis

Story sold to PUBLIC IS

is bogus.

in the med research bogus1

The public is told that cancer cells break off

break free1 -crackand break free

break free2

and then punch holes through the basement membrane

cancer cell become mobile

cancer stem cell punch hole thru

and pass through to invade local tissues.

cancer stem cell punch hole pass thru

Or they squeeze through the blood or lymphatic vessel walls

squeeze through

squeeze through3

travel through the circulation

and travel,

WORK cancer cell enters bloodstreamfgggdg

travel throughout the body.


travel throughout the body

but most don’t survive.

travel throughout the body but most dont survive - 1

The few that do survive get jammed in some tissue

few survive jammed in tissue

Most don’t survive because they are attacked by the immune system cells.

attack by immune system2



attack and kill kill

attack by immune system3

Let’s not forget that by this stage the immune system cells, it has been claimed, have been immuno-edited.

immune cell by this stage1

immune cell1 immuno edited1

and immune system cells cannot see cancer cells

Now suddenly recognize them as abnormal and attack them and kill them where ever they see them.

So it is claimed that  million leave the primary site but only a few survive and get jammed in some tissue.

millions break off

The few that do survive get jammed in some tissue in some distant place in the body.

in some distant part

Or they break apart the basement membrane and enter into the tissues beyond.

OR break apart basement membrane

OR break apart the basement membrane - 1

OR break apart basement membrane into tissues beyond

and begin to grwo


In the MEDICAL RESEARCH LITERATURE though, we find that there are very complex metastatic cascades.

in the med research complex mcas

It is not a simple matter of breaking off.

millions break off for Quora answer

In fact a very complex, mult-step biological program is undertaken by the cancer cells.

EMT needed1undergo12

EMT needed1undergo123

For the fixed cells to become mobile.

EMT fixed to mobile1

EMT cells of linings

These are the most common cancers.


me yeah epigenetic changes1a

me yeah epigenetic changes2a

me yeah epigenetic changes3a

me yeah epigenetic changes4a

me yeah epigenetic changes5a

me yeah epigenetic changes6a

EMT needs signals from CAFs

ligands docking

EMTstromal and immune system cells

And this program is not unique to cancer.

And not unique to cancer

In sarcomas we even see macrophages become involved as metastatic cancer cells


We see macrophages transform into cancer metastatic cells.

macrophages transform 1234

and be almost indistinguishable from the real cancer metastatic cells.

almost indistinguishable

OR the macrophages fuse with the cancer cells.

fuse with macrophages1

fused cells macro and cancer

these transformed cells

cells move apart

can travel through mems1

can travel throughvessel walls into tissue


gripping handshakebnyt

gripping handshake

gripping handshake1

can travel throughvessel walls into tissue simplicity

And far from traveling at their own peril. Cancer cells are being assisted by the immune system cells.

cancer cells assisted by ISCells

protected in the bloodstream2

platelets cover them for their prottection

and there is more.

cancer stem cell pass exosomesdfds

cancer cells give exosomes to IS cellsghf

So the immune system cells go an prepare the new site.

after prepare new site with

they return to the primary site,

return to the primary site where

can travel throughvessel walls into tissues beyond11

The cancer and stromal cells that leave then follow the immune system cells by a process called chemo-taxis.

what is chemotaxis1

Let me explain by way of a common example.

smoker who exhales alone

smoker who exhales more concentrated

smoker who exhales

smoker who exhales alone`123

smoker chemo repellant chemotaxis1

immjune cells give off chemical arrow green

immjune cells guide the cancer cells3 detect

cancer and stromal cells stuck AT RIGHT LOCATION3

immune cells help

cancer and stromal cells stuck AT RIGHT LOCATION0

cancer and stromal cells stuck AT RIGHT LOCATION02

chemotaxis also used if

at the new site settle in



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Cancer story and scientific evidence

The public story about cancer and the scientific evidence from my video series on Youtube.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsBiTwhvbqM&list=PL0vGp6lNGae2oBWLbogsuZi4PlN4Ek3SP

In this post I will show you, using the scientific evidence,

that the story given to the public is bogus, inconsistent with the medical research findings.


It is important to understand the science to effect spontaneous remission of cancer deliberately. 

Note: I am not a doctor and do not give any medical advice.

The advice that I am giving is self help advice to help effect spontaneous remission of cancer. It does not interfere with medical treatments that you may want to have.


The scientific research findings contradict the public story


Seeing all those mutations they conjecture

that the cells with the errors or damage must accumulate more and more mutations and that from..

because as you will see in a later post there are changes that cannot come about from random errors and damage to the genome.

Then there is more conjecture that..


this story of abnormal cells dividing out of control in order to be willing to have the treatments that they have on offer  to regain their health, to survive.


A cancer tumor or cancer organ has stem cells, which in this case are cancer stem cells.

44 A cancer tumour has a basal mem stem cells2add

And the cancer stem cells give rise to all the other cancer cells

A cancer tumour has other cancer cells2add

And maybe even all; the other cells in total.

A cancer tumour has other cancer cells2a andgjdd

Normal cells, mainly connective tissue cells, may constitute from around 20% to as much as 80% or more of the total number of cells/ the cell content, in a cancer organ or tumor.

20 percent14a

And the novel cancer organ develops a blood supply, a lymphatic supply and in most solid tumors even a nerve supply.

And all of the cells communicate with each other and communicate meaningfully.

all cells communicate with each other meaningfully

all cells communicate with each other meaningfully eith immune system cells3jkn,m

all cells communicate with each other meaningfully eith immune system cellsgfdghbcv

A cancer tumour also has immune system cells enter

A cancer tumour also has immune system cells enter leave

biomedical scientists have observed..


that cancer displays order and organization and is in every sense new, novel oprgan.


But rather than asking how and why can this happen, all of the characteristics are being explained away.

cancer an organ explained away1

In the most ridiculous fashion


ridiculous from a biological point of view.

For instance they claim that cancer cells are rogue cells which recruit other normal cells

rogue cells2

This is not possible even in the entire life span of say 80 years because a lot of new proteins and new communications have to be forged between the cancer cells and the immune system cells. These cannot form in a long human life time, much less and infant’s lifetime. They are trying to explain why there are normal cells in the cancer organ.

and that this explains11sd

They also say that the cancer cells or cancer stem cells have hi-jacked the immune system cells.

hijack immune cells

And force them to do their bidding.

hijack immune cellsanf force them

This is outrageous and they go on to say more outrageous things such as the cancer cells trick the blood vessels to grow towards them

trick blood vessesls

to provide them with a blood supply,

grow towards them

and therefore nutrients and fuel materials.

Another explanation that is given is that the cancer stem cells have somehow turned on the embryonic stem cell capability.

cancer stem cell turned embryonic capability


cancer stem tuned on not explain

story given unrealistic biol12dfv

public need to see evidence


Next Post is on METASTASIS.

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Judging others based on half the population’s statistics

Someone found it hard to believe that I had 8 episodes of cancer, when “many people live a lifetime without cancer”.

It is trying to judge how many times a person has suffered by, at present figure, the 50% of the population who haven’t had cancer.

The reality is that the majority of people, who have had cancer, have died within 5-10 years. Survival that doctors talk about is 5-10 years. If they didn’t die, if they were treated, they would have suffered repeated attacks, i.e., more and more cancers. I was able to beat the odds, to survive and without medical help because I would not have survived if I had sought treatment from doctors. There were toxic doctors saying that they would butcher me if they had the chance to “treat me”.

I had the right credentials, of:

1. having studied enough in human biology as part of my science degree, to give me the knowledge I needed to understand what I was observing and studying in my body,

2. having successfully mastered insight meditation as to have a means of investigation.

3. having had a toxic husband, who was desperate enough to “dob on the evil mob” to which he belonged, in order to stop me from leaving him,

4. having the guts to open my mouth and talk, to inform those less fortunate than myself, to work as an activist,

5 to be able to endure against a bitter enemy that is threaded seamlessly throughout society and who have the solid support of the medical industry, owing to the buying power of the pharmaceutical companies.

There are many corrupt doctors, whose greed is such that they gladly accept the pay checks of millions of dollars to betray those who are suffering AND the general population, because they influence public opinion. The set forth a story about cancer that has NO scientific basis. They betray the public and no doubt in my mind that they help destroy any doctor who tries to help people, genuinely tries to help. You will find many cases of such doctors that end up with cancer, that is recurrent and finally kills them.

Furthermore I am an activist and standing against a hugely corrupt industry, the corrupt politicians, whose pockets they line and the corrupt police those politicians employ to do their dirty work AND the multitude of toxic people.

So my suggestion was “you want to have a look at the list of activist who have worked to make a difference to the humane people of the world and see their suffering.”

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Roles played by emotions and mirror neuron activity in the brain.

I found that emotions play a number of very different roles in cancer and they are almost always used in combination with general suggestions and subliminal mental images.

Emotions play key roles in cancer and to my knowledge there are three key areas.

1. Fear used in manufacture belief.

2. Anger is used to cause a person to fight more aggressively but unfortunately as they perceive a theatre of war in the body, rather than in the interpersonal –mental environment, their fight only leads to more aggressive cancers.

3. To facilitate activity is some part of the body in order to trick the body into believing there is a problem of some sort, which of course is only a part of the deception.

The hateful images used are not easily discernible. They are subconsciously perceived. When we perceive some image or event that relates to the body, be it our own or someone else’s it will trigger mirror neuron activity.

What I saw happen was that mental images cause reactivity in some part of the body that is depicted by the mental image. However the body is smart. It says “yeah there is activity but it is due to this image”. That is because there are sensory neurons that take information up to the brain.

So if you see someone having their shoulder stroked you will have mirror neuron activity and some sense of the action on your own shoulder but you won’t consciously feel any sensation in your shoulder because of the sensory neuron information. If however your shoulder was numb then your body would be fooled and you would feel the sensation of having your shoulder stroked when you see it in the other person.

You can see this explained here simply here: https://www.ted.com/talks/vs_ramacha…on?language=en

About mirror neurons, short and sweet, just 8 mins, by a famous neuroscientist, who works at the University of California. This is a ted talk. And in it he talks about how one can feel another experience if the body is numbed and thus confused. He talks simply and easy to understand even if you never studied science.

In cancer the situation is similar but not due to numbing. What happens is that some issue is created so that there is some particular type of emotional reactivity in the body. Then when the image is presented and subconsciously perceived and the mirror neurons are activated, the body says.. mirror neuron so.. ah, but there is activity in that part of the body so it is real! The body is confused because it is getting the sensations that it would get if there really was the activity happening as in the hateful image.

emotion used cunningly
So I found that esophageal cancer was associated with worry. When we worry, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. The reason is because to do serious thinking the brain does not want to be competing with the musculature for fuel. However the parasympathetic nervous system also stimulates digestion, so the mouth, oesophagus and down to the stomach are all activated. Not as much as when you eat something but enough to fool the body into believing the hateful mental images and thus react when there is no need to react.

emotion used cunningly in grief
In bowel cancer grief is the associated emotion and in lung cancer sadness. In this case it has to do with metabolic housekeeping. In both of these situation water metabolism is involved Both the lungs and the bowel are involved in the preservation of water so that no unnecessary excess water is lost. The kidney is also an excretory organ but it is more affected by fear.

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Cancer may be domestic or workplace or social violence

It seems that where there is physical violence involving one family member against another family member, no one bats an eyelid, It is acceptable.

Everyone appreciates that:
There are men who have raped their 2 year old daughters, that doesn’t make all men child rapists.
There are men who have beaten their wives to death, that doesn’t make all men wife haters /murderers.

There are women who have abused their children, even killed their children, that doesn’t make all women child killers.

There are women that have killed/poisoned their husbands, that doesn’t make all women husband killers.

I studied law for a few years and I was shocked to see that in criminal law some of the worst murders happened within the family, one family member against another.

No one gets offended about any of these, but when it comes to underhanded emotional/mental abuse/murder as to manifest as disease and disease related death, it seems to be different. So why is that the case?

I have seen cases where definitely one spouse is hateful against another, but there are plenty of cases where the abusers are outside the family. They may be work associates, neighbors, even seeming “good friends” and you will find in all cases they have won the other person’s trust in order to be close enough to hurt them. I have seen cases where some outside the family has been jealous of a married couple who are happy together and sought to harm one or both of them.

Maybe it is case of what people find comfortable or uncomfortable to talk about.

I remember back in the 1960’s if I spoke about having been abused by my parents I was equally shunned and attacked. “I’ve had people say things like “how can you possibly say this or that about your parents?”

The reality that I faced was a nothing to them. They wanted to go with a “mother wouldn’t do this and a father wouldn’t do that”, living in some candy world, senseless to the suffering of others around them. However there are also those who use these attitudes to hide behind. They know full well that there is violence but they are keen to show an apathetic face, some even glee at the other person’s suffering.. i.e., they are toxic people looking for narcissistic supply, to get pleasure from seeing another person suffering.

Toxic people also move to discredit the victim in the eyes of those who would give them moral support, often by quoting psychiatric opinion, which is baseless. Unless a person is related to another, there is no way to judge their interpersonal environment. A late-stage cancer patient, who begins to perceive that there are people among those that surround them, who are harmful, are deemed delusional and drugged. Psychiatrists have no yardstick to make the judgements they make. It is all profit driven.

However simply knowing the foul play a humane person can, without support of other nor medical help, whereas the toxic person is doomed, even with the  support of others AND the best medical help.

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The mental working of a person’s thinking does NOT cure them.

In the discussion that will follow I am going to explain the nature of the experience needed to move a person’s body to spontaneous cancer remission… IF they are HUMANE because as I mentioned earlier it requires autonomy and the ability to make one’s own choices. Toxic people all belong to small networks of other toxic people and they are subject to mob-rule. I saw how dramatically a toxic person can be affected at around the time my husband died. I had been called on to help someone and did not appreciate in the beginning who they were.

I was aware of ideas and ill will that was very strong but I was able to act as a shield. I sensed his fear but I also sensed that he was safe. So my efforts staved off the offenders and he was able to survive. This went on for several weeks of struggle. However I realized it was my husband and he was up against those he had called “his own people, i.e., toxic people. These people were wanting revenge because he had “talked to the enemy”, i.e., me. He had told me how toxic people act to try and adversely affect other people, to affect their health in order to get power and influence over them. I realized that he was not help-able. It would have been an endless fight. I decided to stop fighting and left him to his own devices. He was in dire trouble already within the hour. The reason, I realized, was that he could not stand against other toxic people because he was part and parcel with them, i.e., of the one mindset.

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Brief personal history with cancer: 8 episodes 8 spontaneous remissions

In the first instance(1992-4) I had a bad feeling about some people around me and when I left the area to go to Sydney for a second gut feeling was rightopinion.

I acted on an intuition to cut my ties with everyone, mainly because there were good people too who would have been hassled to get information out of them and I didn’t want them hassled.


And here I was lucky that the doctors threw their hands in the air and said “nothing we can do” because this allowed my body to retain its strength and not suffer the assault of surgery or surgeries. Their main problem was that the cancer was in both lungs so they saw me as a lost case.


But they also diagnosed type 2 diabetes, which in my case was as a result of the stress associated with the cancer.

a little bit of waterIn the second instance some 10 years later (April 2004), some people asked some strange requests and then went on to harass me. I did not appreciate anything. I thought I just had the misfortune of getting sick again). Then when I got out of bed to make myself some coffee I looked out of my window and saw one of them violating my property and trampling on a tree seedling. I put on a jacket, because I had been sweating and feeling very sick, and went out side and confronted him.


confronted the evil people and wonHe tried to fob me off but I got a good resolution to the issue (after all it was my property and he had no legal rights). I was very surprised that by the end of the argument I realized I didn’t feel so bad and by the time I walked back inside my house from the street (a distance of about 50 meters) I was feeling completely well.
angry and flu to calm and well in 15 mins WOWThis experience made me realize that I didn’t have the flu as well as cancer in the oesophagus but that it was all the same problem. They were flu-like symptoms and part of the cancer. I knew then that the lump would disappear and over then next 2-3 weeks or so it did disappear and I had again been able to swallow all my food without problem.


Later that year in November I was again hassled over different issues and again developed cancer, ovarian as in the first cancer. This time however I knew the issues involved and I also had a lot of information that I was now able to apply. This is information my husband had given me about how toxic people operate, about their foul games. So I was able to do a scientific study.


used insight for my investigationI used insight meditation to investigate what was happening in my body and I used a diary to record the events and the thoughts. I watched the cancer metastasize to the bowel and grow to the size of a golf ball.

I began to see a bigger picture. This helped me to deliberately effect spontaneous remission in mid February, 2005 and the cancer was gone in about 1 week.


And it also game me the means by which I could overcome subsequent attacks (bowel, ovarian, oesophageal, bone, pancreatic of the beta cells, skin, lung cancers).

And there were more attacks after this with attempts at brain and spectacularly heart cancer, which is rare and which I know some corrupt /toxic doctors were again involved as in some of the previous occasions.

They failed because once a person understands the means they don’t get caught up in the deception anymore. The body won’t react as to try and defend itself when the person knows it just a cheat.

And I might say that I have spoken to some oncologists about this and none can give me any answer, let alone a satisfactory answer about many of the key issues in cancer, eg that the immune system is needed for metastasis to take place. Most of my discussion have been with doctors on sites where you pay some money and ask various doctors/ specialists questions. They won’t publish my question & answer sessions so I can’t give you any link to them.

However here is one blog of two cancer doctor/scientists, who both treat patients and who are involved in cancer research. Here is the link: https://biologicallyactive.wordpress…-fight-cancer/
and you will see that their reply was feeble and when I pressed them further they have not at least as yet replied. My last response to them was back in late November 2015. But in fairness to them, they are bound by the medical guidelines, which they must follow.

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Cancer is the same deal but different perception.

In summary cancer is along the same lines, but in this case it is not damage that is perceived but the possibility that an area might get damaged or in some way harmed.
This also happened to me and I had a spontaneous remission after resolving an issue.

cancer -perceptions and reactions for DD1




I’ll post about it soon when I post about how emotions are used and you will better understand what I mean.
But here again I saw it was a cheat so I was able to reject the ideas seeing they were only hateful suggestions.

cancer -paga n reactions for DD




Not “thinking yourself well”, just an aha experience, realizing the perceptions/ reactivity is only suggestion. Just like realizing the snake was only a hose. Then your body will do the job, and better than the best doctors money can buy!


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I found -perception and rejection of idea to retain health

I had the advantage of having been told by my late, toxic husband about the cheat. It was an aha experience.
So I was then able to simply dismiss the suggestion, where previously I had treated the idea seriously.

toxic idea only a suggestion DD1



The allergy I had suddenly developed to grasses I had handled for years, vanished. And each time I am careful to note any ideas and/or tingling on my skin and reject the idea immediately so no inflammation develops. The initial tingling is only mirror neuron response to hateful mental images being presented by someone in relationship. It is a good indicator when the ideas are too fleeting or subliminal.


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Inflammation is also a reaction.

First what I found about inflammation.
This happened to me!

appraises causes inflammationc DD






And there is solid scientific evidence.
There is ample evidence for this seen in the control arms of drug trials.

Those getting the dummy drug will get the same side effects as those in the intervention arm getting a chemotherapy drug, i.e., their hair falls out but for different reasons.

Those getting the toxic drug get the rapidly dividing cells at the roots of their hair damaged so their hair falls out.

Of those getting the dummy drugs, who hold a belief that they are getting the real drug (typically between 20-80%) will also believe that they will suffer damage to the roots of their hair. So their body sets forth an inflammatory response to clear the damage. But of course their cells are healthy and get damaged by the inflammatory response, so their hair falls out.

a belief causing inflammation DD


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