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Toxic people, their networks and 21st century organized crime. PART 2

How a child may try to resolve their physiological problems. EDIT: I now believe that children who go down this path have been born with a temperament that will cause them to go down this path. So stressing a parent … Continue reading

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The Toxic People and their networks.. Who are they? PART1.

To overcome the problem of toxicity we need to be able to understand the people who do the damage and why they do what they do. There is a very common question that is asked when confronted by harm done … Continue reading

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Mental Attacks and the very stuff of physical disease.

Mental attacks. All foul game play can be described as mental attacks but they are not attacks on the mind as many people are lead to believe. (Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need … Continue reading

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The victim’s “bad experience” and the Medical Evidence that shows up foul game play.

    Explaining the symptoms of Panic Attacks If we consider only the fear or what the medicos sometimes call the “fight or flight response”, then we cannot explain the symptoms. Furthermore in most cases anxiety does not normally occur … Continue reading

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Elements 3 and 4 Issues of danger and presented ideas.

Ideas can be potent weapons under the right conditions. The simplest and yet most dramatic example of foul game play is seen in the creation of what the medicos call “a panic attack”. A panic attack is really “a heart … Continue reading

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2 Creating issues: The purpose of Relational Entanglements.

Element 2: Issues.   The initial issue that is created is vague danger, whose purpose is to stimulate fear but such fear is not even recognized by the “target”, ie the potential victim because the relationship with the criminals is weak. It is too … Continue reading

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The Basic Elements of Foul Game Play 1.

The Basic Elements of Foul Game Play. These are: A relational entanglements is put into place between the unsuspecting victim and the criminals used, An issue of danger is created. This issue has a variety of uses, but primary it … Continue reading

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