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I found -perception and rejection of idea to retain health

I had the advantage of having been told by my late, toxic husband about the cheat. It was an aha experience. So I was then able to simply dismiss the suggestion, where previously I had treated the idea seriously.   … Continue reading

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A post about awareness.

Before I discuss how the fear is used to empower hateful ideas, I want to address some issues that are closely related and which will help you understand the next post better. I will discuss meditation a little and then … Continue reading

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Necessary background issues for a deeper understanding why cancer forms Part 3

 Background issues. Before we consider the other example, of the woman in the office and the boss’s mates troubling her, I am going to explain some background information because it is “the person” that is affected and reacts by the cunning use of artificially … Continue reading

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SOLUTIONS. What you can do to prevent heart problems!

What you can do to 1. prevent a heart problem from developing AND 2. reduce your risk of suffering from heart attack and/or heart failure to ZERO. (Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need … Continue reading

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Our first Hints of Foul Game Play.

The experiments of the previous chapter hint at the foul game play of toxic people as also of the medical misinformation. Foul game play is nothing other than a nocebo or the nocebo effect, which is the exact opposite to … Continue reading

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