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Why the body reacts to form cancer Part 2.

The Basics. Understand this and you can conquer cancer. I will discuss this section twice, once with the one example and then with the other because it is extremely important to understand it well if you want to be able … Continue reading

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Why does the cancer form? Part1

In this post I will elaborate more on the ideas that are used, which are the very heart of a nocebo or what I am calling padeas (pathological ideas). (Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s … Continue reading

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Hate Video and the images of Hate

      The Images of Hate and how they are used in cancer creation. Just making someone angry, even against the back drop of fear will not give them cancer. It is not enough to ignite the cell-mediated immune … Continue reading

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Strokes or cerebral vascular accidents are no accidents.

How can a person be tricked as to reacting in such ways as to have a stroke? (Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.) First … Continue reading

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How lay people can do the experiments needed for discovery.

Finding evidence is important not only to prove the matter but to realize the way that one can overcome the problem. At present ESP is basically boo hooed so the evidence the person has can be trashed. Doctors have monetary … Continue reading

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Heart Disease: The games get more serious AND deadly.

This blog is about how and why toxic people play foul games with the lives of other people with whom they are somehow related, mostly for power and influence over them and the consequences are damage, disease and death. I … Continue reading

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The Toxic People and their networks.. Who are they? PART1.

To overcome the problem of toxicity we need to be able to understand the people who do the damage and why they do what they do. There is a very common question that is asked when confronted by harm done … Continue reading

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