Why the body reacts to form cancer Part 2.

The Basics. Understand this and you can conquer cancer.

I will discuss this section twice, once with the one example and then with the other because it is extremely important to understand it well if you want to be able to treat yourself. I have always treated myself and have done so without the use of any medical intervention whatsoever.  I have always been able to effect full remission of cancer. It is easy once you understand what is involved.

In foul play the culprits look to create conditions/ issues/ perceptions in order to affect the person targeted. The issues / perceptions etc are created, made ongoing and used concurrently. Their aim is to lead the targeted person astray, which in the case of most disease conditions means to lead them to reasonably believe that since these conditions/ issues/ perceptions are concurrent then they must be associated. This is the single most important insight you can make because it will help you unscramble what appears to be intimately connected.

In the case of esophageal cancer the concurrent issues created are:

    1. pose danger                 –>  fear
    2. superficial violation        –>  anger
    3. hidden, serious violation        –>  intensify anger
    4. a hidden and serious violation also creates à perplexity because the person only sees the superficial violation and can’t understand why he/she is so angry –> worry which affects the upper digestive system, especially the esophagus

     and at least one concurrent perception indicating a particular part of the body:.

    1. A presented vile ideas –>  relating to an attack on the esophagus

How do all these concurrent issues and ideas move a person to react as to form a cell mass?

As you will have seen in other areas, ideas, thoughts, i.e., our perceptions, can mobilize the body, i.e., make significant changes in body function. They don’t act on the body directly. Ideas act as directives through reason. The most obvious example is the perception of danger, which readies the body for sudden, rapid action if it is needed at some future time, and that “future time” of course is normally short. This is fear and it is called the “fight or flight response” by doctors but it is the same thing. Fear constitutes major changes in whole body function!

Fear is basic to all cancer creation so I will go over briefly what I said at the beginning of my blog. In fear the body is mobilized immediately and lightning fast. This is then followed by a time of heightened and intense perception to gather information so that the person can decide what to do next.


If however relationship and ESP are used to convey the perception of a danger issue AND no accompanying idea about that danger is offered, then the targeted person will feel the excitation of the body, i.e., feeling hot, but will not be conscious of the fact that this is a danger issue; however that does not change anything. The body will still react whether they are fully aware (conscious) or fleetingly aware (subconscious) or even very diminutively aware (unconscious)

Now consider.. An idea is presented. It can be a general suggestion being used such as the ones in the illustrations.

In creating a general statement an action is required or the mention of something seen or heard etc. However it has to be accompanied by a presentation that depicts the action or thing in some general way. This is important because we do not normally make a running commentary in our minds of what we see or hear i.e., what is around us. In the normal state there is just seeing, just hearing, just smelling etc. We don’t normally tell ourselves what we hear, see, smell something. If it is some unusual smell say for instance, we may additionally think “what’s that?.. ah it’s the smell of …. whatever”. If you find that you have accompanying thoughts about what you sense in your environment then you can bet for certain that it is an idea being presented to you and it has to be someone related to you in some way. This is evidence of someone trying to deceive and manipulate you.

An unsuspecting person does not appreciate this, so if they see a digger cutting across the front of the yard and there is an associated idea of “cutting across the front of it”, they will believe it is their own perception of the action outside. Indeed it is a perception but not of the action, it is a perception of an idea depicting the action outside. And it is important to note here that the medical opinions, which are truly baseless as there is no evidence to support it, say all ideas are created in our brains. This opinion works to further deceive the person thus targeted. Whether expressly intended or not, this medical opinion undermines the victim and gives cover to the offenders.

Some time later on, the targeted person may again notice this idea in mind. They may consider it memory but actually it is just another perception of the same idea presented to them. In the earlier time, if they have met the people involved they will perceive presented ideas, but at a later time they will only perceive ideas when they are presented by someone very closely related to them. If the person is firstly made fearful by posing some danger to them, before the idea is presented again, then such an idea will, by that time not only be semi-conscious or even subconscious, but will occur when their discriminative faculty declined.

If the trespassing is not obvious or only a trivial amount the person may see the action, but not realize their property is being trespassed upon. Thus they may or may not be aware of the idea sufficiently even to notice it. But if they are aware of it they may ignore it because they don’t see its significance and that is the fear that they feel. However they will treat the idea as being true and therein lays the danger. This is just a general suggestion. Yes it was true of the action in the front yard but that was an application to something specific. As a general idea presented in mind it is meaningless! If it is treated as true it can be used to “open doors” for the offenders.

Why does the person’s body react?

At the same time another but very nasty idea is presented. This idea may depict some edited scene of a hate crime with the current target person’s image replacing the murdered victim, or it may be an edited image of a surgical procedure, again with the current targeted person’s image. In either case the image will be shunned at the instant that it is perceived. For the vast majority of people, the 99.9999999% this takes place before the idea is sufficiently conscious! But even for the handful of people that have very highly developed awareness, there is still some processing time for the brain which will still stand as some degree of barrier. The key here is not a matter of how long before a person becomes conscious of it but whether they allow a distressing idea to become conscious at all. Most people will invoke a comfort zone, i.e., mental fuzz almost instantly as the idea broaches consciousness, so it remains subconscious or even unconscious. However that does not discharge it from mind but only removes it from consciousness. It will remain in mind and if it is accompanied by a general suggestion that is taken as true then it will become a directive to the body.

Certainly there will be action of mirror neurons and that can be persuasively strong, even when we know about it. However in knowing what is going on one finds that the body will feel the simulation but will not be moved to action. However there is also another action, a perceived activity in the area indicated by other means. Thus there are two sources through which a targeted area of the body will be moved to activity. In esophageal cancer this other source is with the use of the emotion of worry. For this reason the person is presented with suggestion that causes them to become intrigued, perplexed and thus worried. Remember that she had been presented with another idea to begin with. That idea involved the little cheat. Asking for a millimeter of water to chip a ton of trees is ridiculous but they have appealed to as her new neighbors, and most probably also mentally presented ideas such as “why start off on a bad note over a little bit of water?” Thus they appeal to her good nature and decency to draw her in and betray her.  

They will use this little cheat to anger her but it is only the anchor. Note they can anger her by talking behind her back and using someone with a very strong relationship, such as a sibling or “best friend” who is toxic to make such presentations perceivable. The bigger cheat though, which is the trespassing onto her property and damaging plants etc., is not only the more serious cheat but also the one that is used to empower the hateful image that is presented, say in this case the surgical procedure, and that cheat is hidden or at least not obvious enough for her to realize. This can best be done if she has not seen the entry and use of her property. And the idea presented to her by someone in close relationship but as a general idea.

The aim is to make the little cheat, which seems trivial, appear to be the sole cause of her anger. She will become extremely perplexed as to why she is so angry. It seems unreasonable to her that this little cheat could make her so angry so she will try to think through to find some reason or some solution so that she can let it go and overcome the anger. This means she becomes worried in trying to understand her emotion. And her emotion being persistent and strong will be bothersome so she will be moved urgently to find some resolution and relief.

Note too that the idea of “a little bit of water for the chipper” can also be slang (maybe only Australian slang, I don’t know). The stomach which turns the food into smaller components in digestion is sometimes referred to as a chipper. So the idea has the end game in mind, which is that there is only enough room in the esophagus to get only a little bit of water down to the stomach. This can only happen if there is a large cell mass in the esophagus.. is esophageal cancer. So this seemingly trivial cheat is later presented to her with a very nasty association. And she has allowed them to take a little bit of water, so the idea is associated also with an affirmative. So the little cheat is what we might call “an outcome nocebo” because by affirming that “they could have a little bit of water” she is unwittingly agreeing to grow a cell mass in the esophagus big enough to obstruct everything going down except for a little bit of water.

Note here this is not a foregone conclusion, nor is she bound to this eternally. At any time when she realizes the cheat she can effect changes by discharging the idea and replacing it with a positive one of healing and good health. This is true of all ideas that have been accepted because at the very least they have not been accepted freely by only by way of deception. However even if we accept an idea freely, we can still change our minds and take back our choice and replace it with another…anytime that we like. Some toxic people try to convince the victim that “oh well now you have agreed to this you can’t change it” etc., this is untrue. It is said only to help them get their hateful desires realized.

So we have ideas and emotions coinciding. There is the underlying fear, which makes three things possible.

  1. Belief there is danger and this is reasonable because fear arises due to danger.
  2. The targeted person is now more highly perceptive.
  3. The targeted person is now not discriminative because of normal brain rationing of its fuel resources during the initial phase of fear, to give perception the highest priority. If that phase can be extended by not allowing the person to gain insight as to the nature of the danger and thus information that they can then use to decide what to do next, then this phase is extended indefinitely. And of course it is highly detrimental because the person makes decisions without thinking. Knowing this though, and being mindful of your thoughts, you can overcome this problem and restore your discriminative faculty. It takes practice though.

Next the offenders anger the victim sufficiently, over the seemingly trivial matter, as to make them begin to worry about why and how to overcome it. Worry then produces high parasympathetic nervous system tone in order to bring the body close to rest to facilitate serious thinking. As I mentioned in the section on emotions the body does not allow a situation in which the brain is competing with the musculature for fuel materials if there is a serious problem to be solved. And remember too, the person is quite angry because there is also a serious violation done because apart from the cheats this is serious maltreatment of another person, so there is an additive effect to the fear. This keeps the metabolism fired up. Depending on the degree to which the person becomes worried, there will be a problem for the heart as the heart will be getting signals to go fast and slow at the same time. However generally speaking it is not severe and akin to mild to moderate anxiety. If there is a strong LMCM as well, then there may be more conflict in the heart.

The purpose for the worry is primarily to get a stimulus in the esophagus. The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is also responsible for facilitating digestion so the digestive system will become a little active. But there will be conflict here too because while the PNS stimulates digestion, fear declines it. This can cause a variety of symptoms depending on the person and how much they get worried, how much they cope with the anger and so on. Symptoms can include nausea, even vomiting if the fear is sufficiently intense. However the common symptom is a stimulation of the muscles in the esophagus, off and on. The movement in the esophagus is called peristalsis. Peristalsis is a repetitive contraction and relaxation of the muscles that cause a wave-like movement that moves the small rounded mass or bolus of food down from the back of the mouth to the stomach. This movement is subtle but the person might find themselves swallowing a lot, even when they are not eating. It is this activity that is of great significance here. Even though it might be very subtle and not appreciated by the person, it is still recognized by the body.

So the ideas of “cutting across the front of it” or “cutting across halfway down to the belly of it”, which point to the esophagus, are accompanied, it seems, by unusual activity in the esophagus. Hence there is an subconscious assessment made that there is a problem. This assessment of course is not made with the benefit of discrimination. The body-mind perceives ideas of harm accompanied by fear and an unusual activity in the esophagus. This unusual activity, which is not associated with normal swallowing, is mistaken for evidence of some attack at some point indicated by the ideas and the imagery that has been made subconscious or even unconscious. I would like to say here that this is a clear example that the comfort zone, far from being of comfort, is the worst enemy you can create for yourself. It leaves you blind and puts your body-mind into automatic mode to act outside of your discriminative ability. You are at the mercy of the ideas that seem real because of accompanying emotions and their somatic effects.

The body will move to look for the alien attacking force. Remember immunity is only declined if the danger is deemed to be external. If the danger is deemed to be internal then the immune system is moved into high gear. Indeed all autoimmune diseases are created in this sort of fashion. The first action of the immune system is to seek out and destroy the alien entity but in looking finds none. Failing that it mobilizes its second and final line of defense and that is to protect, shield the related area from the problem or isolate and quarantine the problem hence protecting the body. No alien entity has been found so the body moves to shield the area and it does this by creating a barrier or shield. The only way the body can make a shield is with cells. Hence a cell mass is created with cells that have modified function tailored for the task.

And realize here too that the person is not only angered, they are kept angry and even made angrier. This action is not done continuously but sporadically over time. They may hassle the person once or twice a week, or more. This makes the person have a bad experience on these days so they are seen as bad days. However if a very aggressive form of cancer is desired then the person may be hassled every day and for long stretches both day and night. It is all done through relationship to utilize ESP. The net effect is that the person is made to feel that there is an ongoing and sometimes very vicious attacking entity somewhere in their body, which is engaging them or they feel completed to fight. Such an entity however if experienced is experienced as being ill-defined and unclear. The more they fight the more barrier or shield cells they create and the greater the mass will become.

In the next post I am going to use the other example to repeat this section as it is of great importance. There may be things I have missed saying here and that is an added reason to redo this part with the woman in the office example. It is a better example to illustrate the struggle that the person experiences. The best thing a person can do to begin with is to work on and resolve the anger because that is the most critical aspect of amassing cells in an area. And I am not talking about anger management. That only makes the problem unconscious. The anger needs to be traced back to its originating issues and those issues dropped if possible or resolved. Sometimes it is possible to confront the offenders and find a solution, other times it is not but I will give some methods of warding off the offenders in the next example too and the basic method of mental prescriptions.

When you fully appreciate this process that leads to cancer formation, you have the basics. The different areas and the different types of attacks give rise to different forms of barriers or shields but the process is basically the same. Only the ideas and the emotional combinations vary.

Kyrani Eade.

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I am a human rights activist and I live each day with the warrior spirit. I enjoy painting and writing and exercising together with my two wonderful dogs. I am a theist but of no particular religion.You are welcomed to my blog at https://kyrani99.wordpress.com/
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