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Immune system cells help cancer cells in and out of the bloodstream

Post title at In the blood stream immune system cells help travel, “stop” at the right location and exit. In the bloodstream immune system cells help the cancer cells survive and accompany the cancer cells a “run and chase … Continue reading

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Metastasis.. cancer cells and immune system cells working together

For a cell to move out of a tissue and enter the blood stream, in the very least case, tissue permeability is a necessary condition. That means the surround cells “drop hands” in a sense (breach of cell-cell interactions) and … Continue reading

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Deliberate spontaneous remission of cancer is not about thinking yourself well

I had started this discussion here: owing to discussion on another thread but it was considered to not be relevant to the forum and the thread was closed. I respect their decision but there appears to be a lot of … Continue reading

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Cancer is a paper tiger!

The myth of the cancer masses as unnatural, rogue cells growing out of control.. i.e., the medico’s myths debunked!  This myth is just the medical industry’s propaganda. I state these are my opinions only . You need to form your … Continue reading

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