Hate Video and the images of Hate




The Images of Hate and how they are used in cancer creation.

Just making someone angry, even against the back drop of fear will not give them cancer. It is not enough to ignite the cell-mediated immune response into building barrier and resistance cells. To generate barrier and resistance cells in the body there needs to be a perception (insightful) of a site-specific attack in the person’s body. Only then can anger become the means because that person begin to struggle against some unseen seeming force that is attacking their body in some area.

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)

To get to that level in the game play three things are needed.

  1. a very disturbing image of the victim being attacked,
  2. seeming reactivity in that part of the body, which is really emotional reactivity and
  3. general suggestions that in a sense “open the road” for an attack to take place,          because the victim sees those suggestions as being true and applicable.

Disturbing images can be seen in single photos but when action is added the imagery is much more vivid and terrifying. For this purpose a hate video is used. I was told hate videos are of two basic types, coming from two different sources. One is obtained illegally, while the other is obtained legally. The illegal one is originally made during a hate crime.

It depicts the brutally killing of a person obtained live by the sort of abduction I described in the posts on strokes. The victim is killed while inflicting the maximum amount of pain and suffering, all of which is videotaped, photographed and/ or filmed. The killing is done to a formula. It is subsequently edited any number of times to show images of a current victim, that is one that is going to be killed by inducing to grow cell masses or cancer in their body.

The other type of video that is obtained legally is video of surgery, a medical procedure. This can be easily obtained, even from television documentaries depicting surgical procedures. However to get a video of detailed surgical footage a toxic doctor is involved and I have been told by a number of different sources that this is the case. Again the video is edited so that the doctor who was talking to the patient now appears to be talking to the person targeted for this sort of maltreatment. The video shows images of a current victim as the patient in various way, some distressed, some angry, maybe some crying and so on. The aim in some cases is that the doctor and nursing staff that would be the same as the ones most likely to operate on the person is depicted in the video. So the medical video is used in conjunction with a toxic doctor that would be likely involved.

In both cases these videos are edited so that a person currently targeted/ victimized is depicted. Care is taken to show the face of the current person distressed, angry and crying etc., which are images taken in the present of the present target. The images of the brutal killing and those of the current targeted person being angry, crying etc., are sequentially edited in so that a viewer would see a person still alive and unharmed being brutally killed. To get the effect of vivid action of harm being done, the right shots need to be taken during the hate crime so editing is simple & easy. That is why the killing is done to a formula.

There are plenty of evil people that consider that they cause the person to get cancer. This is not true. They may do all manner of things that cause an unsuspecting person distress and serious distress and as a result to react by growing a cancer but this does not amount to “they can cause cancer”, they can’t. It is the victim’s reactivity and only the victim’s reactivity that brings the cancer into being. This is a very important point because when we realize this we also realize that it is in our power to dissolve the mass once again by taking the body down a different road.

HATE VIDEO, as dreadful as it is cannot be used arbitrarily. Once again the imagery needs to be lent reality in order for the victim to react to the insightful images. No idea in mind is going to have any potent effects without associated ideas and suggestions that appear as true statements or that they believe are true. It is these added suggestions that empower the images and to some extent make them seem real. However there still needs to be reactivity in the body, in the particular organ or tissues in order to gain an effect. The person needs to be tricked, betrayed by the combination effect of anger, fear, imagery that is revolting, suggestions that are seen as /taken as true statements and emotional reactivity involving some part/ organ /tissue in the body. Only then will the person be moved, will react. So the game needs the right “emotional climate”. Generating fear is usually easy by giving a copy of the house key to the criminals. Anger however requires a little more work. Violations or potential issues of injustice need to be created and owing to ill intent “held over the victim’s head”. And as in heart disease, large violations are often hidden under small trivial ones that anchor the larger one and at the same time keep them submerged so the victim is unable to address them properly. In order to bring all these to light I will continue the discussion with examples.

For our first example let’s say that a new neighbour moves in next door to a lady, whom we may call Elle and her husband Joe. Joe in this example is the chief offender. His wife has a new job and is very successful and he doesn’t want her working. He wants her at home, dependent and subservient. To make her dependent and subservient he needs to administer “a little treatment”.. cancer! If she gets a bad enough scare for six months or so and she has the constant threat of “it can come back”, then she is likely to be “persuaded” to see things his way. This is the life changing decisions people make, only they don’t realize why and how they made them.

The new neighbours are not just ordinary people, who just happened to move in next door. These people are often called “undertakers”, by the toxic under-world culture. The term I was told means “they have undertaken to conduct and generally oversee the foul game play”. If we were able to see the movements of people in high density areas where there is also a high incidence of cancer, typically residential blocks that contain apartment building and flats more particularly but also houses, even small farming communities etc., we would find an association with incidents of cancer. If the person is to be “terminated” then these people stay around the neighbourhood, often in adjoining apartments for the entire duration of the person’s illness up to their death. If they are there to “just give them a bad time for a while” then they may be there a few months to a year or two. It all depends on what the chief offender has in mind.

You may well say that a house or apartment needs to come up for sale or rent nearby, and an appropriate one as well. These sorts of things are “arranged” by the usual methods of course. There are many ways to influence the right people to move, anything from getting too stressed in the old environment to finding the house of their dreams and the money to buy it!

Now let’s say these new toxic neighbours decided to make some extensions to their new house before they move in and of course here again it is just another part of the game. They have no real interest in the house other than to live there for a year or two “to do a job” and move on to the next “job”. Indeed I have found that there are what we might call specialists, specializing in different types of cancer and other diseases. It is not that the same people will do all types of maltreatment. They have their own styles and methods.

Now in preparation for those extension to the new house, “the undertakers” cut down some trees. The trees are dragged on to the footpath where they lie ready to be chipped. On the day before the trees are chipped the new neighbours, together with their contractor, call on the woman who is targeted, Elle. Her husband has made sure he is out, with his mates playing golf or whatever. The new neighbours call Elle out into the street and firstly introduce her to their contractor, as a matter of courtesy they claim. They chat to her for just a minute or two and then they make a strange request. They ask her if they could “please use some water from the tap at the front of her property. They say they need some water for the chipper”. Elle does not understand why they wanted water to chip trees but the new neighbour pleaded repeating that they wanted “just a little bit of water for the chipper”.

The woman indicated, using her index finger and thumb, a space of about half a centimetre. Elle is baffled by the woman’s request and even more perplexed by the woman’s husband in the background, laughing. However they are new neighbours and she doesn’t want to seem unfriendly so she agrees. The next morning bright and early they began work. Strangely enough, within a few minutes of the workmen’s arrival Elle began to experience profuse sweating, headache, vomiting and an intensely soreness in her throat as if she had sudden got a very heavy dose of the flu. All her symptoms arose so suddenly, she had never experienced anything like it before. Her husband seemingly concerned advised her to take the day off, stay in bed and he promised he’d be home early. He would even pick up some cough mixture at the local pharmacy on his way home.

She struggles with what appears to be the flu.. for several days.. several weeks.. a month goes by and is still sick. She is preoccupied with her health so doesn’t notice what is going on next door. Besides she doesn’t think it bears any significance. What does bother her however is that she experienced strange emotional reactivity, more especially anger. She felt inexplicably angry with the incident of the “little bit of water” and the man’s laughter but she was at a loss as to why this would cause her so much anger. Her husband told her that she just ought to forgive them and forget the matter but she was unable to do that. This matter kept coming to mind as if by force and she felt cheated and fooled. It made her angry with herself for being told that they wanted a little bit of water as indicated by a small distance between the woman’s finger and thumb. She could not understand how something so insignificant could continually occupy her thoughts and make her so angry. She was angry a great deal of the time.

One day she happened to look out an upstairs window of her house and saw that her neighbours had a bulldozer working, moving in and out of their property. They had destroyed a young tree, some shrubs and many other smaller plants. They were using her yard to gain an access to their back yard. And they certainly had not asked her for permission to use her yard as an access to theirs. Elle’s yard was being violated. She realized then this was the real reason for so much of her anger.

She rang her husband but he was at a conference and couldn’t be disturbed. So she decided to do something about it herself.  She was feeling a bit better but no matter how sick she felt she decided to go out and confront them about it, which she did. By confronting them and finding a satisfactory solution to the problem, her anger dissipated and with it the worry that she had felt about not being able to get over a simple flu. The “flu-like” symptoms had significantly abated and almost completely vanished within the hour. Feeling better she started eating properly again and it was then that she noticed she had some difficulty swallowing certain food, such as dry bread. She could feel a lump in the food pipe joining the mouth to the stomach (her oesophagus).

The medical diagnosis was oesophageal cancer but she did not want allopathic treatment. She worked on her diet and an extensive exercise plan and all sorts of other detoxing regimes. Since she was prepared to make lifestyle changes in her life her husband had supported her. Over the next three month period she had one of those mysterious spontaneous remissions.. the lump was gone. She could swallow perfectly well again. And further tests showed the cancer was gone!

How did a lump form in her throat and what had the incident to do with the next door toxic neighbours? Before I answer that question let me give you another example. In this case the woman died of cancer, which had, in the language of doctors, “metastasised” into the bowel, the lungs and the brain.

Let us call our second subject Kylie. She works in an office as a secretary for a businessman. She was his secretary but also a lover. One day they have a serious falling out and she is very angry with him. And being his “right hand man” for a long time she knows a great deal about his business and business practices, how he was cheating on his taxes etc. This sort of information would be damaging to him if it were to become known to the “wrong people” and she was blabbing. He decided it is not good enough for him to simply fire. Being toxic and thus a part of a toxic mob, just as the husband in the above example, he decides to “get rid of her” or in the language of  toxic people “to make the problem go away permanently” or “to shut her up permanently”. Shooting her would get him into trouble with the law but a “natural killer” would fit the bill nicely. Cancer is seen as a good means of extermination since it is treated as a disease. So what is played out?

To achieve his ends and remain unseen as the chief offender the businessman will not act out. He remains “reasonable” and even tries to make amends to the relationship. And after a short time has passed (in toxic language he has “taken some distance” from the disagreement) he announces to his secretary that he needs to go on a business trip and he would be away for nearly a month. In that time he asks her to look after his business. As she had done this on other occasions in the years that she has worked for the man, she agrees. No sooner is he gone when she is confronted by a number of his clients who ask for work done with ridiculous expectations and demands. She feels extremely pressured and even intimidated but she tries to carry on and work as best she can under such pressure. Soon she is maximally stressed and very angry with all the unreasonable demands made on her.  

She tries to contact her boss but of course finds he is not contactable. Of course not, he wants her stressed. By the time he does come back the secretary is very angry and worried over the many issues at work that she is unable to handle. Her boss says he is not interested in “her excuses” for the problems that have arisen while he was away so at work things remain hectic. What she also finds is that a lump has developed in her oesophagus and she cannot eat. She starts losing weight and when she finally goes to see a doctor she is told that she has oesophageal cancer. The doctor advises her that she needs to go into hospital immediately and undergo a medical procedure to put a stent in her oesophagus to open it up so she can eat. She is recommended for radiation therapy but no opening is found for her for two months. In the mean time she lives under enormous stress, both at work and at home. Some members of her family are helpful while others are no help at all and one is even argumentative and hostile. She begins to feel her situation is hopeless. When she does get the radiation therapy the oesophageal cancer is successfully treated but by that time it had already metastasized, meaning “spread” to the bowel. Owing to the two month wait, she can be sold ideas of hopelessness and this is the very emotional state that is used in the creation of bowel cancer. Her bowel cancer is considered untreatable as it had spread to the lungs (utilizes the emotion of sadness) and then even more rapidly to the brain (“what was she thinking!”).

She is hospitalized in a hospice facility for the dying and within a few weeks or so she is dead. The woman dies eight months after the original diagnosis of oesophageal cancer. Mission accomplished and no questions are asked and no suspicious aroused! He even gets to go to her funeral and eulogizes her.. what is he going to do without her.. “she was the best secretary out”. Of course he gets everybody’s sympathies. As to the cause of death? Why her death certificate is simply stamped “natural causes”, of course, of course.

What are we to say? “Forgive them lord for they know not what they do?” In the next post I will discuss these two examples and explain how from the obvious scenes that I described in the two examples, together with the hate that is vented ‘behind the scenes’, how and why the victim reacts as to end up with oesophageal cancer. You will see that very far from “they know not what they are doing” they know full well. The violence is of the worst kind and it is relished!

I will also discuss the emotion of revulsion, which is the direct result of being insightful of the hateful, vile images. It causes nausea and/or vomiting.


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