The Role of Fear in Cancer Creation

FEAR in cancer creation.

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)

You will have by now seen (through the exercises in panic, heart attack etc.,) that there needs to exist an open avenue through a bond with a close and trusted friend or relative to harm another person by use of ideas, i.e., via a mental attack. And there have to be real conditions standing to cause another person to react adversely. A person will not react to fantasy. There are many people “in the market place” insisting on the one hand that our thoughts and ideas influence our world and how we experience it, and on the other hand that ideas /thoughts are just meaningless, repetitive garbage that “just occur to us” or “just appear in our heads” and that we react to them or believe in them stupidly, foolishly. One man considered a modern day “luminary” said that we believe our thoughts and there by torture ourselves when such thoughts are negative. Neither of these two views are true. Certainly thoughts and ideas can influence us and thus our experience but it is not thoughts alone. There needs to be belief or confidence in those thoughts. One the other hand thoughts do not “just occur to us”. We don’t just run repetitive garbage out of mere habit. Nor do we believe ideas arbitrarily and torture ourselves when they are negative. Ideas and thoughts may be what we use in thinking, or simply perceiving but they may also be ideas presented by other people.

No idea simply presented can do anything. The idea needs to be believed to be powerful and the person’s belief does not arise unless the idea is based on a real premise. Any idea of danger presented is not something another person will simply react to just because it came to mind. Only if that ideas is underpinned by real danger does the person perceiving it experience fear; And the more danger that is used to empower the idea, the believable is the idea and the more intense the fear. We might be confused why we react to the danger when we can’t see it as if it is only in our imagination, is that the danger is not apparent, ie not observable through our sense. However it still needs to be real danger. Danger that is not apparent to the senses can and is insightfully perceived through close relationship, someone the person knows well and possibly even trusts must be involved. That is the danger is apparent within the interpersonal environment, which is not open and visible to all and sundries. Under such conditions as I discussed in earlier posts, danger can be posed as to be applicable and observable by one person and one person only because the danger posed is specific to that one person only. Thus the ideas and thoughts that the targeted person perceives are not random, repetitive garbage and they do not “just believe them out of foolishness”, nor do they stupidly just torture themselves. They sense a real danger because there is real danger. They can overcome this problem but not without knowledge of the foul play. They are not stupid because they are ignorant of the foul games and medically misinformed as well.

To create enough danger to literally hold the victim in fear, both physical and relational means are needed; And the danger or potential harm must be ongoing in order to hold a victim in fear over a long period of time.

In most cases the person will not only be fearful but worry as well. As danger is a serious issue of security they will try to resolve it and as they don’t have enough information. Thus they become caught in repetitive thinking or worry so anxiety develops and adds to the fear. Ongoing danger is gained by giving the criminals open access to the victim. The physical means used is commonly a copy of the front or back door key to the victim’s home or work place, which is given to the criminals to hold in their possession. They never need to use that key because it is the potential that is important.  Alternatively a key may be left outside the home and the criminals informed as to where it can be found, The criminals need never enter the home, although in some cases they may be brought in as friends of friends or workmates of a spouse etc. In the workplace they may be brought in as clients or maintenance workers etc. Toxic people in any area of life can be easily found partly because toxic people can be found in all levels of society. Partly and possibly more importantly toxic people are networked, so they know people who know others who know the people etc. Thus it is an easy job to find the right people to bring into the workplace to trouble another employee. Yes these people will do the dirty work for a small fee but one needs to appreciate that as all of them are power addicts “doing a job” is a pleasure, it gets them their fix for the day. The money that they may get is just icing on the cake.

The fact that criminals can be given access to the victim’s person means that the victim is potentially not safe inside their home or in their work environment. And as long as the criminals are in the vicinity with a key or some other form of access, the victim will feel danger and the corresponding emotions of fear or anxiety will arise and exist in the body, -their emotions are the rational and significant changes to body function. A toxic spouse or family member has the highest advantage as they are living inside the home, which the victim sees as their partner, on their side and living together in their secure space. And it doesn’t matter how many times you may replace the key with a new set, the spouse is always going to get a copy of the new keys. Thus the problem is never resolved. Unfortunately for the vast majority of people, who habitually resort to coping habits and desire comfort zones, the knowledge that would enlighten them and lead them to resolving their problem, and which they already have through their insightfulness, becomes and remains unconscious.

Fear and the basic belief.

It must be said here as well that fear is used for the reason of making the targeted person more insightful and less discriminative. And this is true of all areas of foul play. Further to that in cancer the danger posed is not used to make a suggestion as it is in a panic or anxiety attack or more potently in a heart attack, but to create a basic “background” belief. So the belief in danger becomes a part of their mental landscape before the first cancer cells comes into being and continues until death.

For the harmful effects or nocebo that is administered to have potency there needs to be a basic belief established and maintained in the victim of there being ongoing danger. It is this fear that causes the subsequent ideas of harm to be not only empowered but also enlivened in the mind of the victim. The experience of ongoing danger and hence ongoing fear in the victim make the ideas of harm that are subsequently presented seem to be an actually happening. In this manner it is akin to the creation of allergies and other supposed “overreactions of the immune system” as we find in autoimmune disease. Thus the victim’s experience, which begins with “I can be harmed” due to potential danger becomes “I am being harmed” when the hate video is used to present powerful and ongoing images of harm being done. And owing to the cunning means employed, the victim is made to believe that they have arrived at such a belief by themselves when indeed it is all about their insightfulness and the presentation of ideas, mostly in the form of images in mind. So when the nocebo is delivered the victim reacts strongly.

Fear also influences the events that take place in the body because a part of fear is the decline of the immune system. Sometimes very notably, for the victim become prone to infections and chills as I discussed earlier. The immune system is not too weak as is supposed but declined purposefully owing to fear and fear that appears to be external in the first instance and continues to be felt as such because this is real!


We also have immunity that is concerned with recognizing and containing substances seen as foreign and harmful to the body but which cannot be killed or eliminated. It remains active and is the very builder of barrier or cancer cells.


Even up and running at full strength the immune system does not normally kills cancer cells, indeed it protects them and little wonder as they are part and parcel of immunity under special conditions.

There is nothing out of control. The body’s action is deliberate and purposeful and the harder the person fights the greater the barrier of cells that they built, thus the formation of cell or cancer masses. And to help stem cells to undergo the necessary changes there are changes in genetic expression. The transmutation is deliberate. This is extremely important to realize because as there is nothing out of control and as the body is building the masses purposefully, so too the body can be coaxed to stop this action and return all those cells to normality and indeed even to dissolve the masses that have been built. This coaxing is spontaneous remission and just as the body’s prompting to build the masses is done through ideas, so to the dismantling can be and indeed must be done by ideas alone –mental prescriptions that lead back to health and well-being! The person who perceives the potential danger and who holds an idea of “I am being harmed” perceives an alien attacking force in some part of their body and struggles against it. Such a struggle can only come about when a person can be made antagonistic and enough to prompt cells to act defensively, to build barriers or what we call cancer tumors.

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