Anger and the flu-like symptoms in cancer!

The role of emotional reactivity in the creation of cancer.

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)


Two emotions are basic to the generation of cancer. The one is fear (or fear and worry, which as I have discussed in chapter one is anxiety), and the other is anger. These are always present, but may not always be conscious. Remarkable as it may sound these emotions may be subliminal in some cases. Certainly there are other emotions involved too and it is these other emotions that characteristically help target specific organs and tissues and hence help cause the different types of cancer.

Fear is created from real danger , but danger is always a potential harm and not an actual. It is used to make the victim believe that they are being attacked. Anger is created from real violations and is used to make the victim antagonistic. This causes them to struggle and fight against an enemy that is on an unconscious level perceived to be within their body. Anger creates “the little fighter”. Indeed if one is to consider which emotion is the most critical, that emotion is anger, for without the struggle against the enemy no barrier is built by the body! No amount of fear is going to have any effect if there is no anger. A full understanding of how and why these emotions are brought about and used in the creation of cancer is critically important. It is of no use to try and control them and keep them under wraps. Calling a stop to the hostilities is the essential first step in effecting a spontaneous remission. This is done in a two pronged counter. Firstly we need to recognize that the hostility of the enemy cannot be addressed by the victim. The victim can take measures to counter the enemy but they need to understand how to fight in the mental realm and I discuss that in another book. Only their own hostility can be dealt with by a victim. A non-toxic person can take the stance that they are a warrior on the battlefield in the war between good and evil. A warrior at war cannot point to the enemy and complain about the enemy fire as being unfair. It is in the nature of war. To act in such a fashion is laughable. If they can take this stance then they can completely let go of the anger. It is a way of throwing away the racket. There is no tennis game if one party throws away the racket.

I will discuss fear in the next post. Here I want to discuss anger and most specifically the flu-like symptoms. Anger is the key emotion. The victim is stressed over an issue that in most cases cannot be easily demonstrated or even demonstrated at all. In reality though, anger and the person’s emotional reactivity, especially where flu-like symptoms develop or what they call bad day, is the very evidence of foul play and the emotions that will lead you to understand the issues that stand behind these emotions. At present that evidence is being quashed. “Anxiety without apparent cause” is treated as an illness by the medical profession rather than evidence of some hidden and serious problem. This is why it is imperative for this matter to be proved, through exercises that can be done by lay non-toxic people –humane people. And it can be done scientifically by utilizing science. A scientific experiment is always accompanied by a control exercise, where the test conditions are absent. “Anxiety without apparent cause”  is highly characteristic not only of general stress but the stress that is associated with many diseases that at the present are deadly, cancer of course being one of them. In cancer stress is a significant part of the disease –not “because of the disease” as doctors claim, but the disease itself. It is important then to understand the emotional reactivity that gives rise to flu-like symptoms, which are the most common symptoms when a cancer patient is “having a bad day”.

In examining the inexplicable flu-like symptoms,  I first discovered the key issues that are used right at the early stages of some cancers and later in most cancers but not all. The flu-like symptoms are none other than a combination of emotional reactivity.

There was one occasion where I suddenly realized what the anger was really about. I confronted the people involved and found a satisfactory resolution to the matter and within the space of time of about 10-15mins the symptoms were 85% resolved! Wow! I couldn’t believe it. This lead me to a thorough investigation of the matter.

Stress, and I am talking about serious pathological stress that a person is forced to endure is manufactured, just like almost anything else can be generated, but only while the victim is ignorant of the truth. Doctors do not pay heed to any of these symptoms but attribute them as “the stress of diagnosis” or “the stress of knowing you have cancer”. They do not consider the emotions as etiological in any way whatsoever. And of course why would they, after all the explanation of the flu-like symptoms point to foul play and that would be seriously bad for profits. The strategy of doctors is to treat emotional reactivity, especially anxiety, irritability or mood swings and anger that are of no apparent cause as “irrational” and a separate issue –a mental disorder. Patients that complain about anxiety or others wanting to harm them are referred to a psychiatrist for more drugs. They are told that they are “reading too much into it”. Beware of this suggestion.

This means the problem “yields results” so that their work is guaranteed. Thus the cancer mass is just a physical disease. So it is true “ignorance is bliss”, but not for the patient of course!


These symptoms begin under “pre-cancerous” conditions, right at the onset but they are not always apparent or maybe dismissed as the flu or just stress. The main emotional combination is one of fear, anger and worry, coupled with revulsion create conflicting changes in the body and in particular in the way vital organs function. Indeed the body is set into serious disarray owing to ongoing emotional reactivity (emotional bleeding). Such disarray manifests as flu-like symptoms. The commonest symptoms are as follows.

  • Spontaneous sweating,
  • Low grade fever,
  • Nausea and sometimes vomiting,
  • Headache,
  • Dizziness,
  • cold feelings particularly of the limbs or feeling hot all over.     
  •        Sometimes the hot and cold interchange.
  • a general feeling of being unwell, and
  • a strange sensation at the back of the head.


Firstly both fear and anger raise the metabolism as they are both changes that facilitate higher energy production and if they extend over time then that energy production becomes excess heat which is experienced as a low grade fever or simply feeling hot. Both fear and anger can be /and usually are part of anxiety.

Secondly there are three types of anxiety and their intensity depends on the intensity of the relevant emotions involved. The most common form of anxiety is fear and worry. This is caused by simultaneous high tones from both the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The SNS pushes the body to a high energy production while the PNS pushes the body to rest, which means lower energy production. Holding both these emotions strongly over time means the heart becomes conflicted because the heart is getting signals to go fast and slow at the same time. This causes the muscles in the heart to become fatigued, which makes the heart less and less efficient as a pump. Added to this problem there is of course the added problem that all muscles in the body (as all cells) do not receive sufficient fuel materials to make energy. A low blood flow means insufficient fuel material get carried to cells to generate energy. We can see this in two ways. Firstly if we take the person’s blood pressure and heart beat we find that the blood pressure is too low for the heart rate that we see. So for instance 106 over 60 might sound like a good low blood pressure but if the heart beat is around 90 to 100 then it indicates danger because at a heart rate of 90 to 100 the blood pressure should be around 135 over 90 or more. If the heart rate is high and the blood pressure low it means the heart is inefficiently pumping blood. When the anxiety is intense we see this is evident by a symptom of the muscles. When the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently around the body’s cells do not receive sufficient fuel materials (oxygen and sugars) even to produce for the very minimum amount of energy. When this happens there is insufficient heat in the body for life-giving processes. To arrest this situation and sustain life all mammals have the ability for muscles to make up the short fall. Muscles do this by vibrating. This experience of low key vibration in the body is reported by many people with moderate to intense anxiety.  And it is compounded because the heart is nearly all muscle and these cells are not exempt from vibrating or fibrillating as we say with respect to heart muscles. A fibrillation is a quivering movement due to uncoordinated contraction of the individual heart cells; So severe anxiety will magnify owing to the creation of a serious problem for the heart. If there is no worry involved then anger and fear simply adds to the heat problem in the body. It is the addition of worry, which leads to anxiety that causes the conflict of the heart.

The second type of anxiety has to do with anger and worry. And let me say again it matters naught that the person denies the anger or not. Anger changes body function to higher energy producing states, but not as drastically as fear. In this case the metabolic hike is not so great, however the breathing is also affected, and as the heart and the lungs are part of one system, any problem in the one will affect the other. Anger begins with deeper, more forceful breathing. Worry on the other hand, which tries to bring the body to rest, tries to bring about more subtle and shallower breathing. If the two emotions are intense enough then a dangerous oscillation is created in the breathing. And I say dangerous, not only because it can adversely affect the lungs but also the heart. It adds to the conflict because the heart is stimulated to go faster with deeper, more forceful breaths and to go slower with shallower, more subtle breathing. This also creates problem for the heart as I mentioned earlier in the posts on heart problems.

The third type of anxiety is brought about by revulsion and worry and remember there is also fear and anger involved so it is complex. I will discuss the reason for revulsion later when I discuss the ideas that are presented. Revulsion triggers vomiting and where there is only fear present this is not a conflict situation. Under normal circumstance if a person has had a large meal before they are exposed to danger and become fearful they will expel the contents of their stomach. Fear declines digestion and on a full stomach this is problematic so the body moves to rid the stomach of its contents. If the fear is low grade and largely unconscious, then the reactivity of anger will predominate. Anger, which also raises the metabolism but less than fear, will not conflict with the process of digestion. If anything anger may trigger digestion, where the person uses it as a coping habit, but also because it is a way that the body can accommodate the extra energy produced. Digestion is a coping habit because it can be used to try to bring the body back to rest conditions, but only under anger conditions and not fear. Worry is facilitated by the PNS to bring the body back to rest and the PNS also facilitates digestion. So both anger and worry may trigger digestion but revulsion does the opposite because it triggers vomiting. So we have conflict for the stomach. There may or may not be vomiting but this conflict will create nausea.

Thirdly fear and anger also bring forth hyperactivity of the liver and the thyroid gland as well. The thyroid gland produces a hormone called thyroxin, which governs metabolism at the cellular level and that means energy production processes. If this is coupled with an EMCM (elevated metabolism coping mechanism), by which the person attempts to escape the unpleasant conditions and reach a comfort zone through increased muscular activity and/or deeper breathing, then the level of heat in the body is even higher and will be experienced as a fever. If it is coupled with LMCM then it adds to the effects of anxiety causing problems for the heart in particular.

Anger also creates problems for the eyes that may manifest as pain. Anger, like fear, increases metabolism in the skeletal musculature and the muscles around the eyes are a party of this system. High energy production causes these muscles to tense up abnormally which in turn cause tension in the eyeball. The shape of the eyeball may be affected causing vision problems as well. Hyperactivity of the liver means a great deal of sugar, as well as other products may be put into the blood steam which may have serious ramifications for various parts of the body, including the eyes.

Fourthly spontaneous sweating is a feature of the flu-like symptoms. When there are high levels of heat in the body the cooling mechanism is triggered and that mechanism involves sweating. This can be felt to happen periodically in short successions or continuously depending on the level of heat. This is particularly noticeable if the person eats something or drinks certain drinks such as coffee. The person may also feel cold when sweat evaporates suddenly off the skin if they are in a cool area or a breeze. As they are also under fear conditions and as fear may decline the immune system (if the danger is seen to be external) then the person is vulnerable to catching the flu for real. This may compound matters and make diagnosis more difficult.

Hot and cold feelings can also arise simply out of the two coping mechanisms; Hot feeling all over or in the limbs owing to EMCM and over exertion of the heart and lungs. Cold feelings in the limbs, chest, abdominal area and upper back may manifest owing to LMCM and for two reasons. Firstly due to LMCM and secondly due to an additive effect to anxiety, both lower the body’s metabolism by affecting the heart rate. The heart and lungs become conflicted and thus work less efficiently. Cold feelings, particularly in the limbs and areas of the body such as the back and abdomen may manifest that are very similar to cold and flu. These symptoms of cold may lead to the person manifesting pallor (appear pale or off colour). Pallor can also arise as a result of revulsion because when serious it causes the blood to retract from the skin to the interior of the body, which may cause  serious problems if severe to any organ with delicate tissues, such as the brain, lungs and kidneys..

Fifthly dizziness and headache when present may be due to a number of different causes. The most likely cause of both is as a result of revulsion. In the post on silent strokes I discuss this in more detail. Both EMCM or LMCM can also affect the level of oxygen in the brain, depending on the deepening or shallowing of the breath as well as the overload or conflicting of the heart and lungs. Headache may also result from anger and that may be due to extreme hyperactivity of the liver and a greater heart rate so higher blood pressure, sufficient to affect the brain. Severe revulsion will cause a higher level of blood to move to the interior of the body, thus causing higher pressures in the eyes affecting the nerves, and may cause the brain to attempt to lower blood pressure by dilating its blood vessels. Revulsion can also cause a general feeling of being unwell.

Sixthly there is an added symptom, a strange sensation in the back of the head. When it is severe it may cause motion sickness and spatial disorientation. This sensation, which at times to be a kind of pulse sensation that comes on anything from 5mins apart to 15-20 mins apart, is not on the back of the outside of the head but well inside the back of the head, in the brain. It appears to be somewhere between, or maybe taking in a part of, the occipital lobe and the parietal lobe at the back of the brain. I had found originally that this is associated with revolting imagery that is presented in the mind and maybe also (at least in part) be a person’s attempts to block those extremely unpleasant images from becoming conscious. This area in the brain and its activity levels may be associated with consciousness of visual imagery that is perceived and that appears to also include perception through insightful means. 

Suggestions that may be made to the victim by the offenders include “you can see it happening” or “you don’t want to see it happening”. The first phrase is used to terrorize the victim. It is a phrase used in common language to suggest something could happen. When the imagery is vile it causes a person to vigorously try and avoid it. In reality just seeing something in the mind will not mean it will happen or could happen. Thoughts, including of course presented ideas, have no power of their own. Choice must be added. I have found that when one is able to dispassionately perceive the suggestions and the vile imagery without trying to block them but is prepared to see them dispassionately as objects, this sensation dims or is not felt at all. One cannot “just choose to see these dispassionately” as some people demand. The victim can only see them dispassionately when they understand what is going on and how the statements that are used are really taken out of context. They are not based on reality. “You can see it happening” is cunningly put forward but it only means you can see insightfully in the mind, what we are seeing on a hate video. It is baseless and certainly not an indicator that something criminal is about to happen to them or is happening to them.

The other statement “you don’t want to see this happening” has either a similar suggestion to the one above or the suggestion that causes the person to block the imagery even harder. This is a way of forcing the person to ignite their coping habit even more strongly. It depends on what effect that is sought after as to what sort of suggestion is made.

The “flu-like” symptoms ultimately depend upon the type of issues that have been created. Mild reactivity results where the offenders have not had a very significant effect, the victim may feel as if they only have the flu and cannot shake it. However under these conditions, the immune system may be sufficiently declined owing to fear, so that the victim may also actually catch colds or chills. In this case they may become confused as to what is wrong with them because medication may make them a bit better (addressing the actual flu component) and they may simply attribute their difficulty in recovering to what they may believe is an “ineffectiveness of the medications taken”. It is by examining the emotions that one can discover the truth. If on the other hand the offenders have a significant effect then the victim may feel as if they have a heavy dose of the flu enough to make them unable to get out of bed. And again, as the immune system is down they are highly prone to catching the flu or chills, bronchitis and so on. The spontaneous sweating particularly leaves them very vulnerable because if they are subjected to drafts or a breeze they may catch a chill very easily. And I would like to add here that scientists on the Discovery Health channel, as I have watched on television, do not do the experiments with people under fear conditions. They take well people who are comfortably at rest in their body and mind. Such people can be subjected to windy weather and even with wet hair and clothes and not catch cold. This is not true of someone under fear conditions because their immunity is down. Here again it is difficult to know what is wrong without taking into account and realizing the significance of the emotions. The emotions are the pointer to issues, pointers to conditions in the body and the way out of the problem.

Differentiation between the flu-like symptoms associated with pre-cancer and cancer conditions and the real flu can be made on the presence of inexplicable emotional conditions. The key emotion that gives the show away is ongoing, inexplicable moodiness, irritation or mood swings or outright anger. The anger may be in the form of sudden outbursts or excessive anger either for a given trigger or even for seemingly trivial matters. Where the anger is unconscious there is excessive heat in the body and the feeling that the person cannot cool down no matter what they do and no matter how many cold drinks they consume. Heat in the body can be confused with fever from the flu. However when we consider the anger then we have vital information to start finding a solution. This is why it is important that it is not  just ticked off as “being irritable for having the flu”, which sounds reasonable but it is only an opinion. There is no evidence that this is so.

Anxiety however is usually also present. Unfortunately most people do not want to admit to anxiety as it is treated as a mental illness by doctors. It has nothing whatever to do with the myth of mental illness. Fear and worry are key emotions that point to underhanded maltreatment. Anxiety is never felt owing to any imaginings and this can be scientifically proved but it has to be done by lay people because doctors have a conflict of interests, if not a blatant desire to protect their profits. The strange sensation in the back of the head is also a differentiating feature. Sometimes it is associated with mild dizziness as well. The appearance of all three keys, anger, anxiety, which causes spontaneous sweating, and the strange sensation at the back of the head are sure signs of serious trouble. These symptoms are clear indicators of somatic dysfunction or pathogenic stress of the type that indicates cancer. In diagnosis and discussion of cancer the medical profession do not take any of these flu-like symptoms into consideration. ‘The problem’ of course is that the emotions are indicator of something being wrong in the person’s interpersonal environment and not the genetic BLIP that they are “married to for better or for worse” (better for them, worse for the patient). An assumed genetic miscopy or damaged gene or hereditary gene and cells growing out of control is fantasy land. Correct differentiation can lead to an early drug free solution but instead of that emotional reactivity is deemed “a psychiatric matter” and treated as a separate issue and they justify it by saying “got cancer, gotta be worried”. It sounds reasonable BUT the flu-like symptoms come before the diagnosis! Even this fact, ie that the person already had the flu-like symptoms BEFORE diagnosis is sometimes papered over with “Oh well deep down they must have known they have cancer”.

A psychiatrist typically diagnoses delusional thoughts or paranoia when a patient speaks up about their suspicions of others around them or who makes any “strange associations” with common everyday items, especially food. They administer one of those “sledgehammer drugs” that deadens the patient’s awareness as treatment! The patient is really only made highly unconscious of their emotions but the changes in body function, which is what emotion is all about, still continues to exist. This is the way doctors treat a cancer patient’s “flu-like symptoms” or what some people have named “bad days”.

I am not going to be critical only of the doctors, who after all have their jobs to secure, but also of a lot of others too. Meditation is heralded as a great panacea and rightly used meditation can help. However many, and many Westerners who have taken up Buddhism are at the forefront of propagating false views and joining in on the medical industry profiteering from diseases like cancer. So I will first discuss the flu-like symptoms and then discuss this matter of meditation, how it can be useful and how it can be detrimental or at the very least of no benefit.

Emotions are not “just what is” or “just your reality” and “just the repetitive thoughts in your mind”. Far from this! Emotions, as you will have realized by now are the bodily reactivity when there are ideas in the mind that are treated as real and/or believable. And such is the case because issues have been manufactured. So emotions can be used as pointers. By keen observation of the emotional reactivity one can discover the issues that are involved. These issues then point the way to uncovering the foul game play because once the issues are discovered the nature of the foul play can be realized. Only when created issues are discovered and known can they be addressed. None of this has anything to do with psychology and their claims of supposed brain malfunction or “you’re just imagining things” garbage. And it is of no use trying to control the emotional mix. Here we are talking about a combination of emotions, thus a combination of changes in body function. Trying to control them or accepting them as “that just what is” does not make them go away.

Emotions naturally arise in the body when certain conditions (issues) exist in a person’s life. Remember emotions are the rational changes to whole body function. The reason is that some job needs to be done either by the body or in the body. Only by addressing the issues will the emotional reactivity cease and not by administering a mind numbing blow nor by talking therapy or even by meditation in the way that it is being sold. The most particular of the emotions that needs to be eliminated –not controlled or managed but eliminated– is anger because it is anger that makes a person antagonistic and “a fighter”. And no matter what the cause of that anger, you can bet your bottom dollar it is reasonable to be angry. It is the fighter spirit that the toxic people are looking for in the victim. As I will discuss later the fighter spirit means building cancer masses. So a halt in anger in particular, calls a dramatic and immediate halt to the formation of any further cancer cells. No anger means no fighter and no fighter means no building bigger and bigger cancer masses. There is a position for a warrior spirit but it is not through anger.

The anger needs to be dispelled. Anger management is of no use here. The anger needs to be cleared away and that cannot be done without an understanding of what is happening in the first instance, what the issues are about. The great irony is that once non-toxic people know the foul play they can easily address the anger and clear it away whereas toxic people have no hope of dealing with the anger because that is a part of their make-up. Their rage seals their fate.

Continual emotional reactivity or what we may call “emotional bleeding” is used to simulate attacks on particular organs or tissues and thus cause the person to generate particular types of cancers. For instance sadness, grief and despair are involved in the formation of bowel and lung cancers, but sadness, grief and despair will not “give you bowel or lung cancer”, much more is involved. And while anger in some form, (which may only appear nebulously as moodiness or irritation or even just feeling a bit hot), is true in all cases of cancer, it can also be used to target specific organs, in particular the liver.

How to deal with this situation?

The first thing to do is clear up the anger. If you do nothing else, you must clear up the anger because that is a key ingredient. You can live with the fear, you can dismiss the worry with an understanding of the foul play and you can overcome the revulsion by two methods one is to not shy away from it but see it dispassionately and secondly by turning it around. See your oppressors as being the ones under attack, ie use a counter-padea (a counter pathological idea /pronounced so conveniently as “pay dear”, as in pay expensively. If they are a toxic spouse of course you can give it a sarcastic double meaning).

To get rid of the anger.

1. Appreciate that you are not angry for nothing. This is a common way that toxic people use to disempower a victim. You know that anger is due to a violation or injustice that is being done or potentially present. Your task is to discover what it is and you can do that by being alert and observing the ideas/ thoughts in mind.

2. Use meditation.

You can use meditation to do two things.

Firstly to be able to observe your body with the anger, to take some distance from the anger because in observing you become a bit removed from it. By observe your body’s activity or just sit with the anger (or lie with if you are too sick to sit), I mean just be aware of the anger. Don’t try to do anything with it. Don’t try to make it go away. Just look at it as an object of meditation. You will notice your breathing, the heat in the body, maybe twitching of muscles, the soreness in your eyes if that is the case and so on. As an observer you are able to take some distance from it so that you are not caught up in it too much. A Buddhist monk I listened to recently had made this remark and it is relevant here. He said be like the lion and not the dog. And he explained, when you throw a stick the dog will run to fetch it or at least run after it. If you are fool hardy enough to throw a stick at a lion it won’t run after the stick but proceed to run towards you, the source of the stick and gobble you up, if it catches you. Here too don’t go after the thoughts which end up as reactivity in the body. Go after the source of those thoughts. This leads me to the second thing to do.

Secondly in sitting with the anger, be ever watchful of the mind. See what thoughts arise and more than that you can go to the source of the thoughts and see who is involved. You can even ask the universe “who is involved” and you will find that the universe will provide you with an answer. It may not be immediate but in will certainly be in a day or two at the most. If you allow yourself to draw, and it doesn’t matter that you do not produce a work of art, you will be able to draw the culprits. Some you will not know but some, at least one you will recognize.

What not to do with meditation.

Many meditators who have also taken up psychology, (I have seen this most particularly with Buddhists but they are not an exclusive group), say to people just stay with the feeling and take distance and it’s okay to have those feelings. Yes, this good so far but it is not enough.

However when they say such things as:

  • “ideas and emotions are just in the mind as what there is”,
  • “you suffer because you believe your ideas and they are all mostly false or “just ideas”
  • “95% of the ideas that go through your head are just meaningless repetition out of habit”
  • Even more dangerous “just accept the ideas and emotions as what is” and equally dangerous is,
  • Avail yourself to what is in the mind” without examination of the issues but as “just what is”!
  • Just observe what is in the mind and be comfortable with that” etc.,

RUN! Run away. This is not going to help you and worse than that it is going to make sure you develop cancer and even despite all the would-be successful allopathic treatment, with this attitude you might even die of it. There are plenty of highly perfected meditators, Buddhists particularly that have died of diseases that they could have conquered, save for the methods of meditation that they use. There was one master who had a serious heart problem and died of it and from what I know of heart disease, it was a vile attack in the mind under real conditions of danger, which means students, and possibly even senior students are involved. He was able to take distance from it alright and maintain a state of bliss but the body failed. This means that the ideas can be pushed into a corner as it were and not allowed to disturb the peace but those ideas are nonetheless still active and destroy the body.  

The ideas are information and you need to take heed of it. With anger you will discover ideas that point to injustices and violations in the mind. Take them up as a study and use them to arrive at the issues that are being created. You cannot be stopped from discovering the source because they cannot use the ideas to cause you harm without presenting them in mind, without you becoming aware of them. You have only to bring them to consciousness. Once you understand that fear is there because of danger posed you can instruct your body, your brain that is to resume fully your discriminative faculty. You can do this because you can tell the body, your brain, your mind that the danger is there but only a potential and that you have nothing to discover about it at present. You can put the matter on hold as to the source of danger because you now know that the danger is not only potential but aimed to make you more insightful and to believe you are under attack. So you can use your insightfulness to the max AND be discriminative at the same time. So from a double whammy it becomes a double bonus.

I know that my findings were valid because when I address the issues and found suitable solutions then the emotional reactivity ceased and the flu-like symptoms they spawned vanished. Indeed they largely disappeared (85%) almost immediately. And I discovered that, the cancer stopped growing and remission slowly began to take place. And I have not seen this once or twice but many times. I have also tried to help others and to the limited extent I was successful. What stood in my way was partly the extent to which the patient themselves allowed me to help. But more to the point, the big problem that stood in the way was the patient’s attackers, who took rapid action to stop my efforts and reverse the benefits the patient had received. They made progress and then went backwards.

For myself, the first attack came in the early 1990’s and then later from early 2004 to date I am being attacked repeatedly. With each and every successive attack against me I have been able to learn more and more so that not only have I been able to shorten the time of a cancer’s appearance and growth, but I have reached a point where no cancer forms at all. There may or may not be reactivity in my body owing to strong images in mind, as are being presented under extreme conditions of danger and thus highly insightful conditions, but no cancers form. In the case where some cancer cells were used from the store in my lymph glands, as any immune products are used, I found my body not only stopped producing cancer cells or utilizing cancer cells but immediately began a cleanup operation or what is medically known as “spontaneous remission”. You can do this too.

In addition to these measures I use mental prescriptions. These are not simple affirmations but powerful formulations, which I have devised. Always remember there is no such thing as autosuggestion. We do not suggest stuff to ourselves. Rather we make statements to the universe. And such statement can bring immediate results when upheld with confidence or in relation to prayer, “with faith”. I will give such formulations here (which are essentially prayers) but the subject is huge so I am writing it up for publication in an eBook. The ideas in these prescriptions /prayers help the body cease making cancer cells and growing cell masses, revert the cells back to normal cells, hurry up the clean-up processes and combat the offenders (send them an ‘appropriate prayer’!). I have seen truly spectacular results. The use of mental prescriptions and a high level of awareness one can diminish the symptom very quickly, in some cases where the problem is caught early remission can occur even in a matter of fifteen to twenty minutes.

I cannot stress enough that it is very important that in addition to a healing prescription, you must apply a combative one. In almost all cases it is necessary.. vital I would say. One has to learn to fight back, but not in any physical sense. To be able to use one’s mental powers to discern who the culprits are and to counter attack them with ideas and stops them in their tracks. And here again it is the non-toxic people that have the advantage as only they have the power.

The toxic/evil people have deprived themselves of their mental powers by becoming evil because they have not only adhered to a personal self as the be all and end all of existence but further to that they are divided even in that personal self. They are two faced, so their ego structure is set in concrete so to speak.

Forgive them or not?

Toxic people know they are impotent, both in the deceptive methods they use and in themselves and for these reasons they have moved to disarm the non-toxic people. There is propaganda out there spaning far and wide; From the medical/ psychiatric spheres, to social worker groups to religious and charismatic leaders/ teachers. The message is that you have to forgive your attackers, literally under pain of death in some cases. In most religions, and particularly Christian, the idea is being proclaimed that if you do not forgive all and sundries then you are damned, you basically go to hell. Psychiatrists are claiming to be studying the wonderful powers of forgiveness. For whom them or the patients? All of this, whether religious or medical or whatever, in my experience it is utter garbage. Some claim that forgiveness is necessary for you to disconnect with the attacker mentally. There is no element of truth in the disconnect bit either In fact the opposite is true.

It is extremely dangerous to forgive your attackers if those attackers are evil. This is not the place to discuss this matter in detail but a very quick explanation is needed here. To forgive you basically have to have compassion for them and compassion means you connect with them. This was one line of attack that was attempted against me. The idea that “if I didn’t forgive them that I was damned” was presented to me. I realized that there was something inherently wrong with that and on reflection I realized why. Firstly these evil people (headed by relatives) were essentially asking me to forgive them before they were about to attack me. What they were looking for is a connection and through that connection they would have a doorway in a sense to attack me. Of course I did not forgive them and more than that I damned them.

On another occasion one piece of rubbish, because that is all one can call this evil man (and his evil wife), brutally subjugated one of his two daughter, the one that was not evil (or at least not yet evil). He enraged the young lady as a first stage to becoming evil. I don’t know what the rest of the process entailed but certainly to cause her to abandon her moral ground would have been the aim. She was used like a pawn on a checkerboard. They then wanted me to feel sorry for her. She was no doubt pitiable, if all of the appearances were for real. I don’t discount that the whole thing could have been a show and the lady in question was evil all the while. But even if we suppose she was not evil to begin with, then in the least case she must have also had the seeds of hate dormant within her to have been moved to become evil. I have seen time and time again that they do not target anyone arbitrarily to make them evil. They can only target those that have a propensity to becoming evil.

We do not only have the absolute right to fight against evil but indeed we are bound by duty to each other to fight the evil; to fight single-mindedly and win. Children that have been made evil are commonly used in the foul game play. In part they are being trained and in part they are used for adults to hide behind. Whatever the case may be you cannot treat them any differently and you do not need to do anything physical. The battle is fought and won in the mind and only in the mind. You need to chop their heads of in the mental combat dispassionately, as you would “chopping wood for the master”!

The evil mob’s game was to use this young lady, now with her full consent as one of them, to attack me. And through the very mental connection that is created in compassion to have disempowered me. If I had felt sorry for her, I would have opened a door for them to attack me. My life is not only important enough for me to fight back, but more importantly my life is necessary to bring the message to the world, to the non-toxic majority that is at present suffering from a full on massacre. Hundreds of millions suffer horrendously every year. Millions die. One has to take the stance of a warrior and think single-mindedly about the mission and nothing else. My right action was needed. I took the rotten apple out of the basket, in a manner of speaking, and throw it heartlessly in to the trash can.

The knowledge I bring you is not something I dreamt up but it is knowledge that is born out of my own personal experience with cancer, which means fighting against evil mobs; And not once or twice but now dozens of times, most particularly in the last ten years. And I have had no operations, no chemo or any other drugs and no radiation. In short I have excelled without the help of doctors! I have won each time alone. I am and remain cancer free AND my body intact and healthy! The proof is in my body! As cancer is the result of stem-cell mediated immunity the body stores all the changes that have been made for future use. These are stored in the lymph glands just like all other immune products. So I can prove that I have beaten cancer, without medical interventions. And as different sites in my body were sites of initial attack in most cases, it might be that I have around 8-10 different types of cancer cells stored in my lymph glands.

Next post I will discuss fear mostly.






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I am a human rights activist and I live each day with the warrior spirit. I enjoy painting and writing and exercising together with my two wonderful dogs. I am a theist but of no particular religion.You are welcomed to my blog at
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