Two simple uses of fear and ESP in foul game play.

As you will have appreciated from the previous blog, fear helps to enhance the level of ESP and at the same time make the person less discriminative.

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)

If the fear is strong enough not only will normal thinking and hence discrimination be affected but memory too. So fear can be particularly disabling. As a result fear can be and is used to create all manner of other effects. These effects are brought about by an appropriate idea. The aim is to trick the body into taking action that may be:

1. excessive (e.g., feeling excited or aroused or an overreaction of the immune system, (which may give rise to many conditions, anything from an allergic reaction to anaphylactic shock),

2. deficient (e.g., low in discrimination, suppress immunity).

Of course those ideas need to be upheld with confidence in the mind of the targeted person and that can be achieved if they are presented during an experience in which the presented ideas feel like their own thinking, as for example reasoning or simple observations.

Needless to say then, fear above all other emotions, is used extensively in foul play and indeed is present in almost all foul game play.  

The proof of the pudding is in the eating so let us take a few situations and set forth experiments. Let us see if

we can make someone fall in love at first sight with another person. Of course this fall in love won’t last because once the conditions subside then so does the loving feeling. In real life of course this is continued in all manner of devious ways and if need be it can be “revitalized” on demand!

Presenting ideas that are unrelated to the danger posed.

The ideas presented and the person’s focus on the physical and interpersonal environment  ensures that they remains unconscious of that fact that the arousal of their body is due to fear.

Depending on the foul play the ideas may be presented:

  1. during the period of time when the body is charged up (while in fear) or
  2. when the danger is removed and the body begins to return to rest (while in relief) or
  3. during both stages.

I will give an example of each of the first two in this blog.

  1. Generating “falling in love at first sight”.

The foul play here creates two basic conditions.

Firstly, the targeted person’s body is aroused and of course to do that fear is used.

Secondly the toxic person is to be seen suddenly by the aroused targeted person just as an idea is presented, such as “oh he’s gorgeous” or “oh she’s gorgeous” or some similar idea.

These two conditions are made to coincide and that is easily done when there are many players. The bodily arousal is not due to any sexual attraction or love but fear, however the targeted person does not know that and wrongly attributes their bodily arousal to the ideas of attraction.

To generate fear the targeted person must become unconsciously aware of the presence of people who are euphemistically called “gun-carrying individuals” or GCI’s. Despite the simple term these guys are not “just people carrying a gun”. They are criminals because they also need to be able to uphold serious intent to do a crime. Such intent is never artificial. These people have killed in the past and would again. They are the types that do what is known as “random violence”. When we understand the existence of toxic networks and how they operate we can see that the violence is not random. The problem lies in preventing good people from being able to connect the dots. Thus we are lead to ask “how can someone be involved in the crime who has never met the criminals?” Indeed the offenders hire criminals to “do a job” and are not connected to them, have never met them and have never discussed any matter with them, much less their hiring! These criminals are not hired to kill but to create fear. So really when we understand the game play we can have confidence but there are other conditions too that we can use in our defence and they are mental, counter ideas. I will discuss these later.

To become vaguely aware of the criminals the targeted person has to first be relationally entangled with them. I will explain how a relational entanglement is created in more detail in a later chapter as there are other matters that I need to discuss first for this to be properly explained. However I need to say something here. A public place is chosen for the targeted person to “meet” the criminals; in toxic people’s jargon. Of course the targeted person or “the target” does not meet the criminals in the conventional sense. To create a trivial relationship, which is what a relational entanglement is all about, the targeted person needs to see the criminals in the presence of an interested party, ie one of the game players. So for instance in the example in my illustration the woman and her girlfriend (whom she doesn’t know is a game player) are at a bar having a drink when the two criminals come in and make a show that they have just met. They may for instance suddenly and loudly call out to one another but only to attract attention. The scene however needs to be seen as perfectly natural. In the moment of distraction there is usually a presentation of ideas made that the targeted person misses or mistakes as their own thinking, as for example “it’s them”. The idea can be verbally presented as in the illustration where the girlfriend says “know them?” when her friend suddenly looks at them. This is meant as a menacing idea but that is usually missed because of the commotion. So know them may sound like a question but it may have been mentally also presented as a command. So “know them” is a command to take note of them and unconsciously remember them. It depends on what they are going to do with such a “meeting” or in other toxic jargon “an introduction”.

So now that the introduction is made the “fall in love” procedure can be carried out. This may be done an hour later or a day later. It needs to be far enough distant that the two are not consciously recognized but not so far that the trivial relationship becomes too weak and time does weaken it.

When they have “all the pieces in place” for the woman to be affected, the game begins. The woman is first made fearful. Not a lot but enough to make her feel her body hot and get a sense of her heart beating. And remember fear means the targeted person is in a state of intense perception and all engrossed in perception and they do not reason because the brain’s allocation of fuel materials does not include the areas for thinking and reasoning and discrimination. We gather information first through perception and then we reason with that information. So when the danger is posed and the person made fearful they are caught in a natural blind spot and not because they are too stupid to think about it as often one hears people proclaim, including doctors that should know better. Quite simply the biology is such that the person enters a pre-rational stage, an information gathering stage. That stage is used by the toxic people to their own ends.

The woman will suddenly experience strong bodily arousal become intensely perceptive. She has no ideas or sensory information that points her to danger. She sees in front of her a man and has an idea in mind of “he’s just gorgeous” or “isn’t he wonderful” or some such idea. She is not discriminative because of her brain’s allocation of fuel materials only to perception. Hence she will erroneously associate her bodily arousal with the ideas “in mind” not realizing of course that the idea was presented to her by her (toxic) girlfriend. Thus she is lead to believe she is excited by, even sexually aroused by (depending on the idea presented) the person she sees suddenly in front of her or who suddenly stands out owing to her altered body chemistry and excitation and the ideas in mind. Indeed she may have seen him all along but does not recognize that. And remember she has not begun to reason.

The ideas/conditions that present her with danger will continue to exist as long as the offenders want the person’s body to remain aroused. She is experiencing fear and mistaking it for love and will continue to do so as long as the danger is current. The bodily arousal is strong and has some imprinting effect. A big impression is made. Also the ideas presented are stronger signals in the brain thus the weaker /unconscious ones associated with the trivial relationship or relational entanglement. The girl friend has power over the situation, but only while the targeted person is unsuspecting of the foul play.

When a person has knowledge of the sorts of games that are played they will become suspicious and thus aware and thus they may investigate the matter further. To begin with they may simply not accept the ideas that are presented at face value. A true intuition and a mental presentation seem the same to someone untrained, someone unsuspecting and also someone influenced by the medical propaganda that all ideas are of our own making. If the person becomes suspicious then simple mental questions can be very revealing. Also feeling hot and being unable to ascertain why, is in itself a danger sign. So while the potential danger is well hidden, the evidence in the body’s sudden reactivity is observable by the individual, even when they don’t know anything more. Without exception if you suddenly feel hot it is due to fear. It is the only condition in the body that produces this effect. Certainly a person can get angry fairly quickly and that too generates more energy in the body. However it is never in the same ball path as fear because the mechanisms that give rise to fear in the body are super fast, where as the deepening of the breath that initiates anger is a much slower path to elevating energy production relatively speaking. Testing the heart rate in both the control and the actual experiment we are able to observe what is happening. A rapid and steep rise of the heart rate is a very good indicator of fear. And we can see that rapidity for ourselves. I have known of people that get angry fairly quickly but I don’t know of anyone that gets angry in an instant. And we can also question the subject to see how they identify their body’s increased metabolism. And while they are ignorant of what is going on we can discern through clever questioning, without having to ask any direct questions such as “why do you feel hot? or why do you think that your body is aroused?”, which is a question that might make them start wondering.

You can forget the chemical and hormonal imbalances because there are none. There is not a single research paper published with such discoveries. It is all a public relations exercise to gain public approval for drugging people en mass.  

The fear symptoms are recordable in an experiment, even with simple equipment as we can buy at a pharmacy or sports store. The problem created may become a dangerous situation because a relationship is created with an unwanted person and that is a toxic relationship and subsequent brutal enslavement. How a person identifies their body’s heightened metabolism is of great interest to experience and study because it allows us to recognize maltreatment early on. Our deductions can be erroneous when we trust that the changes in our body, as we may experience. Worse when we consider it is “all our fault”. The medical line is that we are fancy machines and as machines everything that happens in our body is of our own making. This leads to victimization and a lifetime on medications of a variety of sorts. We lose our lives and they make money. Our emotions are not arbitrary and they are the result of our interaction with the world around us; not only the physical environment but more so the interpersonal environment. Those to whom we are related, whether closely related or only trivially related, can and do have an effect on us, just as we have on them. Our mental perceptions are real and lay people can prove all this and make a huge difference to science to boot.

Indeed if the ideas that are presented may indicate attractiveness or they may have a sexual connotation. In the second instance it acts like any erotic picture to cause a focus on their sexuality and cause the person to erroneously interpreted their reaction as sexual or sensual. Experiments have been done where subjects ride the big dipper a few times and then are questioned by someone of the opposite sex (presuming of course the subjects are heterosexual). In many cases they found the questioner attractive. They may have felt fear on the big dipper but they may also have felt excitement. It doesn’t really matter which, it is the bodily arousal that counts and after the ride that arousal comes down but not instantly so they will still feel aroused when they are talking to the questioner. There is no foul play here and there is mild attraction. So you can see, and I strongly urge you to try these experiments to gain the experience for yourselves, that with the foul play in place and ideas that are cunningly presented “a real attraction and even an in love feeling can be manufactured”. Getting the woman to “fall in love with him at first sight”, with her toxic best friend’s help, may well be just the start of the game. He may go on to beat and batter her and if that happens then the scene can be replayed over and over capturing the woman in a cycle of violence and enslavement. If she complains to her friend, her friend will blame her for her ”poor choice of men” and yet the friend is the one that help set up the game.

This makes it hard for the woman to escape, especially when there are children involved. If she does leave then the friend who betrayed her in the first place will betray her again and again and in most cases it can be done without the victim becoming suspicious, for the very reason that they feign friendship.

Remember the body becomes highly energized almost instantaneously when the slightest suspicion of trouble is perceived. That is how the body is designed.

The body’s response is very rapid and it is only after we take a few more seconds to glean whether it is warranted or not do we assess what is happening. Thus the person is not sufficiently aware at the very start as to what the charge up of their body is about. This means there is a sort of blind spot and it is this blind spot that is exploited by controlling, manipulative people. The unsuspecting person seeks information through perception and they don’t realize that their mental perception or ESP is a reality owing to misinformation that is being pushed by the medical researchers to safeguard their profits. Indeed a person assesses the very nature of the bodily arousal depending on the ideas that they perceive, which of course they are led to believe is always their own thinking! If we perceive no danger the body return to rest and when that happens we feel relief which is a pleasurable experience. Hence when ideas that are unrelated to danger are presented then a person can be lead to experience a whole range of effects. These effects can range from a great sense of relief, excitement and pleasure to displeasure and dismay or somatic effects such as an irritation of the skin and even more broadly to those conditions that we collectively call allergies.

Allergic reactions

This example does not cover all allergies, for certainly there are substances in our environment that are toxic and which can trigger a serious immune response. However from what I have seen the vast number of allergies, for which incidentally we see steeply increasing incidences every day all over the world, are the result of foul play. In this simple example we can examine a skin allergy with the use of a ring. I am using the ring for two reasons. One is that it was one of the many experiences I had had so I have first hand experience of this matter. However the other reason is that we want to see the allergic reaction without the use of the usual substances that most people attribute to the cause of allergy. I want to be sure that we don’t have anyone who may have an adverse reaction to a substance. So to avoid that it is best to use something that a person has worn for many years without any problem. That way we can show that the item is not the cause of the allergy, but it can be used by foul play to create the allergy. And furthermore we can then help that person understand the presented idea and how to discharge it from mind so that the allergy vanishes. To achieve all this it is best to use a ring that the person has not perhaps just purchased but rather a ring that they have enjoyed wearing over time.

 As above we need relationship and the ability to create danger conditions. However in this case we do not create anxiety or panic. Indeed the person is not even consciously aware of any danger. As we have seen the body becomes rapidly energized with the slightest hint of danger, even when that danger is not apparent. Our extra-sensory perception is enough to make us aware as to react but when our perceptions are not clear or fully conscious or very fleeting we do not become sufficiently aware for reason I will explain latter in the discussion of the comfort zone.

The reaction of course we name fear and a part of fear is high perceptivity in order to obtain evidence that verifies our perception of danger and more so that may give us information as to its nature. We certainly sharpen our senses and examine our physical environment with more scrutiny, but evidence is also gathered by more acute mental attentiveness to the ideas or thoughts that arise in mind. And this is not hypothetical. As we saw earlier the experiments that are easily repeatable and verifiable in the laboratory, which have been named precognition experiments. We can know when a computer is about to choose a distressing image.

Similarly we can know about danger that is not apparent in our environment but much more so when other people in relationship are involved. It is in this interim of high perceptivity that the harmful ideas are presented and they are usually presented as to cause a particular type of reaction. However ideas alone are not enough to cause a person to react somatically with fear. To cause the person to uphold those ideas with confidence, two basic conditions must apply. One of course is the presence of concealed real danger. The other is a general statement. The general statement is one that is created out of some real event. For instance the ring that the person wears “has been put on”. Additional statements such as “it’s on her finger” can also be made. However these are more specific. The general statement is true but only with reference to something specific, which in this case is the ring on the finger. When the person accepts the statement “has been put on” as tries they will uphold it with confidence and yet it can be used to apply to any manner of things so it can assist foul play. The offenders must be able to pose danger not only to cause the fear reaction in the body but also to

gain the person full attention as it were when they become highly perceptive because it is in this mental climate that the ideas can be presented as to have a very potent effect.    

To gain the advantage of the ring there must also be a person involved “in the foul game play” who is associated with the ring. This can be done very simply by having a person who appears friendly or more commonly who has befriended the victim to comment on the ring. What a nice ring” draws attention to the ring and ties that person to the ring. They may ask if they could put it on for a moment to admire it on their own hand. This gives them the opportunity to be able to say “we gave it to her” when the ring is returned. And notice the “we”. This is not the royal “we” of polite speech. Quite the contrary, the toxic person who is really playing a game of treachery is not an individual. No toxic person is an individual since none of them can stand alone. They are all parts of networks of toxic people who harass other together. So the “we” includes others who will later be involved in the foul play. Imagery is then used during a recurrence of danger / fear conditions later. The means are extremely subtle as you will see repeatedly in all the experiments that can be done to demonstrate the underlying causes of lifestyle disease. They take great pains to make sure that the person is not aware of the real problem or that there is any problem that involves others. The short period of time after danger is posed is almost like a blind spot of sorts because though the person is highly perceptive they are not able to think and reason clearly and if the fear is intense then maybe even not at all. To anyone else they may appear confused or stunned. All of their attention is geared towards the detection of danger and anything and everything else is paid very scant attention. However not giving something attention does not mean we become unaware of whatever it is. It only means we are not consciously aware. When the truth be known we are aware of a whole multitude of things, both through insight and by way of the senses but we only give our attention to those things that we deem to be relevant, new and /or interesting. Furthermore with any unpleasant situation we are more likely to either distract or lower our attention level by means of our coping habit and as you will see in the next section that is easy, since it’s just a manipulation of the breath and it is automatic because it has become habitual.

The person who is not committed to “full awareness no matter what” and who instead prefers to spend their life in the comfort zone of “I’d rather not know”, will be unable to discern the issues they face. And that unfortunately constitutes the great bulk of the population, probably as much as 95%. As a result presented ideas become issues that can trouble the person for a long time. The image of a hot soldering iron placed on the finger with the general statement of “it’s on her finger” causes the person to react adversely. And there is nothing magical about it. It is not “mind over matter”, nor are there any mysterious brain functions or malfunctions that bring about the effect on the body. It is plain and simple. The person is unconsciously or sometimes a little consciously aware of danger so their body under the conditions of fear feels hot. They may even only feel slightly uncomfortable in a nebulous fashion. And if they are troubled by an allergy then they will attribute their discomfort to the allergy not realizing that their discomfort is causative of the allergy and not generated by the allergy. The person’s attentiveness that is generated from any danger is focused on the physical environment because the force-fed garbage that we are meted up by the medicos. If danger exists then it is to be found in our physical environment. If we don’t find it there then we are “imagining things”l. There sure is danger in the physical environment, because without it the game can’t be played. However it is far from obvious because though the means are there, it is the intent that makes those means potentially dangers. So for instance a gun in someone’s possession is only dangerous when that person hold criminal intent.

The most common cause of the danger is found in the intent of people who are toxic relatives, friends, neighbours and friends of neighbours. However they must have the ability to enter the potential victim’s home. The most usual way is with the help of a copy of your house key. This is always cunningly obtained. Alternatively it may be someone who knows where a spare key is hidden outside the house, or someone who can pick a lock or enter through an open window etc. To gain much of this information they must first lead the victim to believe that they are utterly trustworthy so that the victim may divulge to them information that is going to assist them. They never use the key to enter the house. The aim is to use a dangerous situation in order to cause the victim to become afraid. Fear is an essential element for two main reasons. One reason is to use the high mental perceptivity that arises as a part of the fear reaction. This is useful in having the victim become perceptive of presented ideas. The other reason is the use of fear’s high energy production to trip the immune system and have it over-react in accordance to the ideas presented. The medical profession only look at danger that is external. Thus when they talk of fear they are looking only at the conditions in which a person’s immunity is declined. If however the fear is perceived to be internal, then not  only is the immune system not decline, the opposite is true. The immune system is put into overdrive. A person’s immune system can be turned against them and in a dramatic fashion. All of the so-called auto immune disease are caused by tripping the immune system and making it highly reactive. And the immunity in the body does not only entail the immune system itself but also ordinary cells and in particular stem cells. Allergic reactions are the trivial case. Cancer, which can become life threatening and very quickly, is all about stem-cell mediated immunity. Just knowing the truth can help halt the creating and spread of cancer. Knowing that we can give our body direction through the choices and ideas we entertain can help reverse the process completely! No doctors, no drugs, no being cooked, carved and marinated needed!

Once danger is posed and victim becomes fearful the game is ready to start. And remember if ideas do not depict danger the victim will not be consciously aware of the reason their body has moved to high energy production. They may consider they feel a bit hot or that they may have a low grade fever. At this point the chief offender uses a general statement, which in this case is “it’s on” or even “it’s on her finger” or “got it on her finger”. The victim is presented with this statement mentally. However the offender(s) are also viewing a vile image such as a hot iron of some sort being put on her finger or some highly corrosive substance such as acid being placed or dropped on her finger. The victim we must remember is in a high state of arousal due to fear and related somehow to one or more of the offenders so insightful perception is at a premium. And notice they don’t make any presentations that might give them away. All presentations are made in such a way as to appear to be “just thoughts”. This is the exact same situation as that of our experiment with the two subjects in separate rooms but closely related and the presence of a snake in a room whose door can be opened by the first subject should they desire to do so. The only difference here is that the skin is targeted and not the person as a whole. When the person is targeted then an idea such as “something terrible could happen” is given. When the skin is targeted then the idea relates somehow to that specific area and having a ring pin points that area, so the area  can be indicated by a reference to the ring.

 Why does her skin become reddened and the area inflamed? The reason is the combination of somatic events that together cause her body to react inappropriately. Firstly there is fear and that means the body is in a high state of arousal. On a conscious level the person shuns the distressing images but that does not discharge them from mind. The comfort zone as I will explain shortly is all about creating a mental haze to blot out any unpleasant images so that they are no longer aware of them. That means the unpleasant images are still in mind and being in mind the will cause the person to ignite bodily reactivity. Secondly she cannot ascertain any danger in her immediate environment, partly because she doesn’t sense anything that is threatening her but more importantly because the ideas that she perceives have to do with her body and not her environment. Thus the perception or ideas in mind that she is shunning have to do with a part of her body and that in our example is her ring finger and in particular the spot under the ring because the association has and is made with respect to the ring she is wearing. She feels a sensation on that spot because she is wearing a ring, but that sensation facilitates the presented mental image. 

And remember the general statements such as “putting it on” or “trying it on” or “it’s on her finger” or “it being on her finger” are upheld with confidence in the victim’s mind because at some time they were made with reference to her ring. However she does not realize that these ideas are not “just her thinking” but are a presentation by someone else that she is related to in some way and trusts. The general statements are also often made as a result of action or something seen, so for instance a (toxic) friend asking “Oh whao what have you got on your finger? May sound like admiration but it is carefully worded hate that can be used later in a hate game. Unfortunately when the victim has heard such a statement in relation to her ring she will in any future time uphold the idea with confidence or in other words she believes the statement to be true. When that happens her body will react because the idea is upheld with confidence but now it is made to relate to a very unpleasant situation and related to the same spot on her finger i.e., under her ring. That set of circumstances will ignite an inflammatory response in her body. This is the body’s normal reaction to injury or infection, but it is in this case erroneously ignited. So her body’s normal, natural reaction can be used to do her harm. This is a trivial situation. In the worst case scenario, erroneous bodily immune response, which is taken up by stem cells is what we commonly call cancer.

The woman in our example will no doubt take the ring off her find and find that without the ring her skin heals. She will then conclude that she is possibly allergic to the ring or for some reason has suddenly become allergic to the ring, if it is a ring she has worn for many years. She will not be inclined to wear it any more or else suffer the consequence. But it is important to say here that those circumstances can only come about while toxic people are playing a hate game on her. If she leaves the area and goes somewhere else and does not mention the problem she previously had with the ring to anyone else, she will find that the allergic reaction is gone. This is a simple way of doing evil work. What happens here is that the victim is denied the pleasure of wearing her favourite ring or made to suffer for wearing it so either way she is denied pleasure. However allergies and what doctors call “over reactions of the immune system” can range in many and varied ways affecting many different parts of the body including body organs and internal tissues. For example a more serious case is the sparking off of full life-threatening anaphylactic shock, which constitutes a very serious medical emergency. Only by knowing what is done can such an emergency be avoided or dealt with rapidly and be overcome.  And remember the people who are harmful to the victim always present themselves as friends or they may be relatives or work associates. What is important to appreciate is that they are in the victim’s life and they will have said and done things to gain the victim’s trust. It is only with the aid of information that harm can be done, so gaining information of the potential victim’s hopes and fears, their aspirations or what troubles them is all information that a friend who is trusted can gain easily. It can also be used and is used in such a way as to keep the victim ignorant of the foul game play. That way the games can extend over may years, even decades. The victim is the one who pays the price. And if she complains that other people want to do her harm she is delusional of course.. of course! The offenders get their kicks from the game and the medicos get to make a lot of money. Allergies are treated commonly with drugs. The industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars each year, and that is in Australia alone. World wide it is tens of billions at least.

For the victim to become insightful the person associated with the ring must be “in the game”. There has to be relationship and relationship with reference to the ring. So who gave or sold her the ring? Who admired or coveted the ring? These are people who may be involved.  Knowing the foul game play makes all the difference because once the general statement is dismantled the rest, even the fear reaction, is not enough to cause an inflammatory response. The general statement “it’s on her finger” needs to be addressed and replaced with “it is only a ring that is on her finger”. The confidence is lost to the general statement once the statement is made specific . No drugs are needed to restore health. The body simply stops the inflammatory response and her skin returns to health. It doesn’t happen instantly because the body requires to time to clean up the mess but that time span is typically short, a day or two at the most. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! And knowledge of the foul game play is vitally important in restoring health. But of course knowledge doesn’t lead to medical profits. So you can see once again why doctors have no desire to do the research to uncover the truth. Quite the contrary, medical research focuses on hiding or destroying the evidence that underpins the many diseases and medical conditions that plague modern societies. They treat patients as if they live in a vacuum and not in a multitude of relationships, some of those relationships are very harmful.

This sort of hate is also commonly done to a person’s pets. A “hot spot” is created in the animals hide, especially true of dogs and cats. It generates a huge cash flow for the veterinary industry, which of course is only one of the vending machines of the gigantic pharmaceutical industry. In this case it is intuitive perception that is used. Animals do not employ coping habits. They live in the present and not in a haze. In this case the pet is put into a hunted situation. To do this the toxic person doesn’t need to come into direct contact with the pet or even in the line of sight. An animal has acute intuitive or mental perception. Scientists call it instinct and in that way distance it from intuition or insightful perception. And they further confuse the issue by calling almost all animal behaviours as instinct. The inference being that they are more machine like than humans and every action is pre-programmed to happen. This is rubbish because if that were the case you could not train animals to do things that they don’t naturally do, such as jumping through hoops etc. Instinct, where mental perception is concerned is nothing more or less than ESP. Any animal that is put into a hunted situation is made fearful and as a result aggressive and hostile. This is natural because in the wild animals have to fight for their life. Then the person related to the dog’s owner mentally presents malicious ideas about the dog. Most people would be completely oblivious to the ideas as they are subliminal but their pet would be perceptive and as they are in a fear situation and highly perceptive. Such ideas are perceived by the dog and seen to relate to their body. Thus an immune system reaction is caused in the same way that it does in humans.


Typically the dog would have what are called “hot spots”. It is none other than the immune system reacting when in reality there is no reason for any immune response. To bring this about they typically use a general statement about something that is happening. For example they may cause a dog to bark and say the owner calls out to their dog to stop it from barking. They may then use this to say “it’s taking a strip off its side”. By referring to a person as “it” they get an advantage to the foul play. The general statement then can be uses to means It is taking a piece off its side or taking a strip off the dog. In other words they are also using the word “it” as the action of taking a strip off its side/ off the dog. That way they can refer to the foul images they create and mentally present to the dog’s owner. They get past the owner’s defences because he or she will treate the statement in mind as true because they may be persuaded to believe it is a way of describing their frantic calling out to the dog to stop barking. The dog’s owner does not realize how this statement is craftily being used. The dog’s immune system then overreacts and the area depicted in the foul images becomes “hot” or inflamed and that causes an irritation so the dog will scratch at it or pull out the fur from that area in an effort to alleviate its discomfort. And of course just as doctors do in the case of humans, veterinaries blame diet or noxious plants or sensitive skin etc for the allergic reaction. They claim physical causes but they deny that it is the dog’s immune reaction to presented ideas ( through instinct), which is the real cause. Dogs and all animals are able to perceive ideas. A hunter who tracks an animal will be able to feel the tension between himself and the prey. The animal that is being tracked will instinctively know it is being tracked and that its life is in danger. This instinct is none other than intuition. Science accepts it in animals up to a point but denies it in humans. 

The significance of ideas.

Too often you hear people say “oh it was just an idea” and dismiss it as if it was something of little concern. The truth is that ideas, when they are deemed significant and when they are upheld in mind, even erroneously, can have profound effects in the body. The medical profession is slowly accepting this premise but they are doing so in a cunning fashion and one that I believe is deliberately misleading. They are looking to make a case which reduces the idea to the material realm and at the same time attributes to it some extraordinary properties. Thus they are extending the misinformation, by which they are saying ideas and thoughts are generated in the brain, with the notion that ideas are bioelectrical activity in the brain that may have an effect on the body. They are trying to marry up bioelectrical activity in the brain with the processes and events that take place in the body. In this way they can have their cake and eat it. They can keep people ignorant of the real causes of disease, which involves other people, and at the same time look to develop, manufacture and distribute new drugs to manipulate what are really the body’s normal processes, after first calling them disease. The body of evidence however points to a different reality.

The reality of ESP or what we might call direct mental perception between human beings and domestic animals at the very least, indicate clearly that ideas are not simply bioelectrical activity that takes place in the body. The bioelectrical activity in the brain may result from the perception of ideas or the utilization of them in reasoning, recognition, discrimination and memory etc but that is a whole different matter than that the bioelectrical activity being the creation of ideas. If a material existence was all that there is then ESP would be impossible, unless there is some strange new energy form that we don’t know about at present and that new energy form would have to defy all the laws of physics that we have at present. As can be shown experimentally, under the right conditions a person can be made perceptive of an idea even when they are miles apart from the other person in the relationship. This really demonstrates the reality that there is a non-physical reality that underpins the material reality and that the two realities are not separate but one. They are as the two sides of the one coin.

We then have the effects of ideas and thoughts. These are not as direct electrochemical action in the body; The notion that somehow they affect the body through the nervous system etc. Ideas and thoughts are packets of information that may indicate an issue, which means some action may be necessary. Thus the body reasonably is moved into a different state in order for action of whatever sort to take place. So if the issue is danger the body is put into a state of preparedness for rapid strenuous action that may be taken at a moment’s notice. If the issue is a problem that needs a solution then the best conditions for mental processing to take place is upheld in the body and so on. We can see that ideas indicate something and when that something entails action then changes in body function result and they invariably affect the heart and other vital organs. In this discourse I will show you how all the major diseases and more can be brought about by thoughts that are presented and to which a person may unwittingly react. A person who reacts brings about changes in the body, whether structural such as in cancer or functional such as in some forms of heart disease. Or both structural and functional such as we see in many forms of strokes or what are termed cerebral vascular accidents. They are hardly accidents but in fact they are deliberate harm. In all cases of disease we are talking about deliberate and malicious harm and where death results they constitute first degree murder with consent. At present these crimes are laundered either in the hospital as they are named a disease or at autopsy by a medical examiner, who most commonly cites the high blood pressure or what have you as unfortunate and “just one of those things that happen sometimes”. In laundering crimes doctors are certainly securing their jobs and their hefty profits but at the same time they are committing crimes against humanity because they are protecting the most vicious elements of society. When the truth be known you will see that even Hitler and the Nazis, with their gas chambers killing up to 11million by some estimates, look tame by comparison. We are talking about the destruction of as many as two to three billion people’s lives around the world, and most of them are in the Western world that is considered superior and free and prosperous etc. Every year millions upon millions loose their lives in crimes that are unspeakable. Every year hundreds of millions suffer debilitating diseases and have their lives taken apart. Every human being has the right to dream and be free to work to make their dreams come true but only when those dream do not entail destruction and devastation of the environment in which they live and that includes other humans, animals, plants and the non-living aspects of the environment. We cannot accept general statements such as that everyone has a right to protect their life-style because when that life-style is about doing harm then no rights exist. Indeed people who are harmful have no rights at all.

 In summary..

A harmful suggestion can be presented by one person and perceived by another through ESP

but strong effects occur only where:-

  1. there is relationship and more particularly where there is a trusted relationship or a relationship where one party has a power advantage over the other as for instance one is an authority that the other trusts. Alternatively it may be someone that is misguidedly trusted or who has gained a power advantage.
  2. real conditions exist that can be used to effect, and
  3. the person can be lead to believe that the ideas presented are their very own, that they have in other words generated them in their own brain or out of their own reasoning and after all these suggestions are insisted on by the medicos.

Only under these conditions can an unsuspecting person be seriously influenced. However as I will discuss in the next chapter, they also need to be lead to uphold an idea with confidence in order to get their body to react dramatically. Where the idea is benevolent then the changes to body function will be harmonious and beneficial, which really means rest is restored and healing effected. This is the work of true healers as have been found in traditional medical systems. If however the idea is harmful, then the person victimized may unwittingly create harmful conditions in their body. For instance anxiety creates conflict for the heart and lungs and other organs as well. This means that the body is moved away from rest and can lead to damage, disease and death. This is the work of evil people. Understanding the reality of ESP helps you to overcome this trickery and malevolence because you can begin to scrutinize the thoughts that appear to “just occur to you” or even which you had in the past believed “must have come from your own thinking or reasoning and discrimination or imagination”. Knowing this you have the power to heal yourself but not in some magical fashion. You can heal yourself through an understanding of the reality you face. You need knowledge of what is being played out around you and by whom, and of course what is relevant to you and how it is being made relevant to you. Only then can you discharge a harmful idea that may be causing your body to take unnecessary and harmful action. Avoiding a harmful idea, which is what a comfort zone is all about as I will show in the next section, only results in making that idea unconscious, pushing into unknowingness. That most definitely does not “put it out of mind” but only out of consciousness. It is still active only you are not aware of it. This is a dangerous situation because it is a situation through which you can be manipulated like a puppet on a string and be unable to do anything about it. A person’s reactions under these circumstances has nothing to do with any psychology. It is all about changes that are initiated in their body owing to their somatic reaction or emotional responses to the “active ideas” through reason no less. When you know and understand all of this you can begin to take charge and heal yourself without the need to take any medication and without any medical procedures either. You can hold those ideas in consciousness and examine them together with any conditions that may be influential. When you understand how foul play is done you can discharge the harmful ideas or in other words truly “put them out of mind”. Furthermore you can use ideas to restore rest and proper body function –your ideas, which are both powerful and free!

Before we move on let me say that the implications of ESP are many and some of these do not please scientists at all. For instance as I discussed above ESP points to the existence of a non-physical aspect of reality and that means one that cannot be defined, let alone measured. This is a serious crack in the scientific paradigm. However we can prove its existence. Many people try to explain the phenomenon by calling it a psychic energy but energy is still part of the physical realm. Extra sensory perception points to something non-physical but at the same time a reality that is common to all. It has to be fundamental to a theory of everything, if such a theory is ever formulated. The non-physical reality has many implications that are distasteful to scientists. A non-physical realm provides evidence that something more than purely physical effects are involved in the creation of and continuance of life. This evidence puts into question the most treasured Darwinian Evolutionary Theory. The genetic proof that they claim supportsDarwin’s theory is not necessarily a proof of evolution. The claim that is made is that all life arouse from a common primitive living cell. The genetic code is universally overlapping in every species of plants and animals on earth. But does that prove all living things come from a common ancestor? The various DNA codes, which are the various manifests set of possibilities, give rise to the myriad of species that exist, As such it is reasonable to see overlaps and similarities if they all arise out of the same super set.  At the same time it also explains the differences that make for individuality even within each species. So the myriad forms of life on earth are the myriad variations of one universal law. And herein we can see that we can manipulate the genetics through breeding but we never create new species only new variations of the same species. That manipulation is not seen in nature so something more is at play. That something more can well be the ideas that we put forth as choices and desires. This is a macroscopic example of what we see in the subatomic realm. We choose to see a particular property and we see that property. We don’t just look and see something. We look for something and see that which we have chosen to see. We interact with nature every time we go to observe or measure nature. This is can also be observed in breeding of animals and plants. As I will show you the ideas that we entertain and which we may be erroneously lead to choose can have profound implication in the body.

Another argument that Darwinian evolutionists claim can also .be taken apart in the same manner. The eye it is pointed out by many creationists, is an example of design because it is claimed it cannot exist but as a finished product. The evolutionists claim that an organism, through genetic mutation may give rise to a photosensitive cells and that this may evolve to a cavity and then gain a lens etc., thus and so the eye evolves. The creationists don’t have enough information to realize that they are right but not for the reasons they give. The evolutionists, who know the story better, are neglecting to mention one very vital piece of information. The eye is not an agent of sight. It is an instrument for gathering information and nothing more. So while a photosensitive cell may arise by their supposed genetic mutation, the organism can not make use of it without a brain! And even more than that, they can’t make use of it without a mind. So the apparatus of the brain has to exist before any primitive organism is able to make use of a photosensitive cells as may arise out of supposed mutation. Only with the information processing in the mind can that organism have an advantage of sight over others. This means that it must have already developed a brain or at least a primitive brain in anticipation for that photoelectric cells appearance, otherwise it has no advantage. They may want to argue that a brain can evolve first but according to natural selection anything that evolves must be useful. And while the brain has many uses it needs in this case to have developed a usefulness of a particular sort and that usefulness does not only entail the right brain function and relevant brain activity but also needs nerves that relay information between the newly-mutated-into-existent-photosensitive cell and the brain. Too much has to be in place first before any sensory means that develop can be useful as to give an organism some advantage over others of it’s kind.

 Lastly we have this thing called intelligence. Evolutionists attribute this to a recently developed but bear in mind they are saying that intelligence is what they say it is “by definition”, which means they are making a statement that is only based on what they want and not as a result of empirical data. “By definition….. bla, bla, bla” is only scientific jargon for the layperson’s “let’s just say that…bla, bla, bla”. Thus they are able to say that intelligence is uniquely a human trait that developed late in the evolutionary development of human and humans only. All animal intelligence and plant intelligence is viewed as instinctive and by instinctive they are suggesting some kind of “software” that has evolved over time by seeing and copying others or by trial and error in various times such as times of danger. For an organism of any species to make use of a newly mutated trait intelligence is needed. So for instance for colour to be a camouflage the organism must at least recognize the colour or colours in their environment in which they best blend and they need to also know the colours that they bear in order to gain that advantage. For instance it was claimed that the white moths become replaced by dark ones in an area sooted during the early days of the Industrial Revolution and then when the area was cleaned up the moths that were to be found were once again white ones. In fact this was not the case because the dark moths were not found in the same area. However let us accept the argument for a moment. Evolutionists argued that the ones with a recessive gene or mutant gene that gave rise to dark colour gave the dark ones an advantage over the white ones when the area was sooted. And those with the gene for white gained the advantage after the clean up. However that is only one argument. If there is intelligence in a non-physical realm as it appears and if conditions may be preselected there before manifestation, then it is equally true that the genetic changes are not accidental but may be the result of intelligence and hence choice. So even with simple traits, there is evidence that intelligence is at play. It is hard for us to accept that a butterfly may be able to make a choice but that is only due to our conditioned thinking. That conditioning is coloured by the scientific community, especially the medical industry, which has financial interest to protect and business interest to expand. When look and see with an open mind we find that even subatomic particles display intelligence. So the evidence not only points to the existence of a non-physical aspect of reality, but goes part way to a proof of a single intelligence and thus to a “Proof of God”. This is not a god of one particular religion but one god – the source of all religions. It means that the world religions only differ due to cultural differences, differences in expression of the divinity and ways of worship. It shows that science doesn’t support atheism at all. Rather science supports theism. The greater bulk of scientists are atheists or at least secular. They want to accept only the material and they deny the non-physical aspect of reality. Indeed they use the words “real” and “physical” as synonyms. Their denial is dishonest because that denial rests on discrediting human extra-sensory perception partly by by providing misleading interpretation of results and partly by sabotage of experimental procedure by placing double blinds in experiments on ESP and by having subjects mentally engage in thinking rather than being perceptive. When a subject is engaged in mental activity such as guessing they are far less perceptive than in normal daily activity. When relationship is removed as a test condition, ESP is far less obvious. And when results can be described as predicting the future their meaning is distorted. And scientists know full well what they are doing. Discrediting ESP changes the medical landscape. It covers the criminal actions of the offenders and places responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the victims, while at the same time disadvantaging the victim to the extreme. Medical scientists know that one cannot take responsibility for their somatic upheaval when they are in the dark about why it is happening. This is grossly unethical but economically profitable. The worthlessness of the lives of certain people who were considered undesirables by the Nazis, is a crime against humanity. However the medical industry trumps that by treating as worthless the lives of everyone on the planet. The denial of ESP, as with the calling emotions psychological and the antithesis to reason, essentially allows for the manifestation of medical conditions not only to continue unabated but to flourish into a plethora that is financially rewarding to elite few in the medical industry. It also gives inordinately power to the doctors not only to decide on medical matters but political power through corruption of the worst kind, the support, nourishment and protection of the most vicious and debased members of society, those that can only be described as demonic. By acknowledging ESP power is handed back to the person victimized and to society as a whole to root out the cause of medical problems and social degradation through the exposure of evil practices. It also helps us realize that a non-physical aspect of reality exists and thereby gain a pointer towards the possible existence of intelligence as the very source seen in all life and not merely as a human evolutionary characteristic. It points very strongly to the existence of god. And this is significant because power lies in the universe and that power is ours to use to our benefit, not only to get well but to protect ourselves and to combat evil. That power becomes available to us when we realize that perceived ideas may be suggestion only and suggestion is essentially null and void. Only our choices have manifesting power. If we can be mislead to treat suggestion as being some truth out of bull-shit that they arise from the “deep and dark recess of the unconscious mind” then those suggestions become powerful enough to cause us to react adversely. When we see the truth, which is that hateful people put forth ideas that are only born out of their own hateful desires then having perceived them we can wipe them away more easily that we can wipe away a spider’s web with a stick. 

Using relationship and thus a powerful form of ESP, (which I am calling insightful perception), very harmful ideas can be conveyed to an unsuspecting person to cause them to react adversely but only under real adverse physical conditions, which are part and parcel of foul game play. Most of the time, for almost all people, it is very difficult to ascertain the nature of those ideas. The question is why? The answer is because the instant a person detects anything unpleasant, and most particularly when it is at the same time inexplicable, they employ what we commonly call a comfort zone. A comfort zone can be called upon so rapidly the ideas that are extremely unpleasant barely become or remain conscious. This sounds psychological in nature but I can assure you it has nothing whatever to do with psychology. It is all about physiology. So what exactly is a comfort zone and how do we find it?

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8 Responses to Two simple uses of fear and ESP in foul game play.

  1. Franchesca says:

    A boy did this to me, a long time ago. He created the love at first sight phenomena, and he became a very manipulative boyfriend. He was also my first sexual experience. I escaped and am married to someone else now, but I always wondered how he did it. I always had the sensation that he had “cast some sort of spell” on me. I know both the moment the effect hit me and when I was distracted and the idea was put into my head. It hurts to know how badly I was manipulated.

    • kyrani99 says:

      The feeling of having been cheated is always unpleasant but it is also an experience from which we learn. We gain knowledge and in doing so we are able to help humane others and avoid but also expose the inhumane.

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