ESP -How scientists test it and How we -lay people- need to test it.


Scientific testing of ESP.

The science of ESP, or what they call psi, is varied. There are many genuine researches in the field but there are also from what it appears some that are there to cause confusion and though they make seeming effort to prove ESP their action make ESP look like a pipe dream. There is no need to spend a great deal of time here but to mention two types of experiments that have been and are being done.

One is the double blinded “guessing game” so to speak. They take subjects that have never met, keep them separate and then ask one to view cards with symbols on them and the other to try and guess what is one the cards that the first subject is viewing. This may test for intuition, if we removed the guessing aspect. But it does not test for insightful perception. In fact it is inhibitory of this form of ESP. Let me say here that guessing is particularly bad because the brain rationalizes it’s fuel materials to give those areas of the brain that are most active the greatest possibility to generate energy. So if the person is thinking, they will be far less perceptive than if they were simply quiet and reflective of whatever comes to mind. The brain energizes the thinking areas and puts the perceptive area into a state of lower activity. I have stated the most obvious jeopardies. There is also a problem with relevance and significance. Intuition, and more so insightfulness, is most active and likely to bring something to our attention, if that something is relevant to us. Danger for instance is highly relevant and a significant issue because we are mortal beings. Unusual signs on a card are neither relevant nor significant so here again our mental perceptivity is at a low ebb.

 We the general public, whose health is grossly affected at some time in our lives, need to do these experiments and do them properly.

 The experiments on Intuition are done properly…


but here again these can be tampered with both to give a false positive (this is very difficult but not impossible) or to give a false negative (very easily done indeed). And it is important to note that we don’t rush to blame the research scientists for such tampering. It can be done by others who have access to the proceedure and the subject. Indeed false negatives can be created even by people who are not present but very closely related to the subject. And as you will see soon, it is not one person that is involved in foul play but several. To give a false positive the whole set up has to be rigged and even then they have to be able to create danger coincident with the short amount of time before the computer makes a choice. This is difficult to do. To give a false negative however the subject can be easily presented with danger through ESP as you will shortly see and it doesn’t matter too much when because they are going to hit the mark some of the time. This confuses the results.

The above experiment is called precognition or preselection experiment and it is supposed that we intuit the future or tell the future. I doubt very much that this is the case. And indeed from my own meditational experience I can say that this is definitely not the case. We see from physics that nature is in a state of flux or indeterminancy. All subatomic particles, of which everything in existence is made, exist in a state where every possible state, in which they can exist, is available. And furthermore this state is not physical. I have observed that not only every object in the universe is subject to this condition but all all events. Before they take place the conditions for that event is chosen out of all the possible conditions that can possibly take place, and only when those conditions are chosen does the event take place. So in fact what we are really seeing here is an awareness of the present moment. Our experience is most often an “after event” experience. This is largely due to the comfort zone as you will soon see. The comfort zone is really a fools paradise but unfortunately all people have that habit to one extent or another. Hence we lose the few seconds or more of time and become aware after something has been initiated. To reclaim our full potential is awesome and I tell you this is possible and richly rewarding.

To test for ESP we require two different sets of test conditions for the two basic types of ESP. We need to test the situation where the subject has no interest in the thing to be perceived and is unrelated to the other subject. This test tests for intuition. We also need to test the situation with relevance AND relationship. So we need to test where a subject has an urgent need to know the thing to be perceived and are relating to one another. This second set of conditions tests for insightful perception. The first one is of interest but I will not deal with it here because the work I am presenting has to do with disease. The second one, that of insightful perception and personal relationship is what is important. So I will limit the experiments just to this form of ESP.


 How to test for ESP within relationship.

In the first experiment (the control experiment) we first have the first subject picks up a card from the deck and looks at it privately. The second subject is then asked to say what comes to mind if anything. You will find that this is a much harder exercise even though there is no guessing. It may become easier when the two subjects are well acquainted such as a married or de-facto couple or siblings or best friends etc. This is really a test for intuition but we can use this experiment as the blank or control experiment because the viewing subject is passive and our test condition is the mental interaction between the two subjects, which is here absent.


 Then we have the first subject mentally address the second subject, stating mentally what they are viewing on the cards. The second subject remains reflective (not trying to guess) and only says what comes to mind. You will find that when the second subject is mentally addressed by someone with whom they are in relationship they will be more perceptive of the ideas presented to them mentally by the first subject. If we used trained meditators we would get a much more dramatic result. This demonstrates quite well that thoughts can be presented by one person  and perceived by the other person, but only where there is relationship. And that is true even when the cards are not relevant and/or significant to the subject. So we can see even with this simple experiment that insightful perception is a strong form of ESP, far stronger than intuition.

 How ESP can be greatly enhanced?

Insightful perception (ESP) can be greatly enhanced under special conditions. The most important of these is the presentation of danger as to create fear in the subject. As I described earlier danger causes us to bring into being various bodily reactions that collectively we call fear. The one that is of interest here is the rapid and sustained high level of perceptivity that takes place and remain in place until the nature of the danger is determined. For this reason the senses are made more acute. Sensory information is extremely important in determining the nature of danger. However perception does not only involve the use of sensory information. It also includes direct mental perception or what we call extra-sensory perception ESP. Activity in the brain is preferentially focused on perception so the brain attenuates or gives less energy to other activities such as discrimination and memory etc.. Indeed in some instances a person or animal may appear stunned until they have determined the nature of the danger and before they discriminate as to arrive at some course of action. The period of time that the person is highly perceptive and information gathering” is normally relatively short. However in this interval of time can be greatly extended in foul game play. The reason this can be done is that the danger is posed by ill intention. Without ill intent guns and whatever else are not dangerous. It is only when there is intent to use them that an issue of danger arises. This though can be withheld from the victim so that person thus maltreated will continue to try and decipher what danger they face and they cannot do that so the period of time of determining the time of danger can be controlled by the way danger is presented. Depending on the aim of the foul games that are played the length of time can be extended from a few minutes to hours at a time, even days. Many people thus affected, who cannot determine what is happening to them as they do not understand what problem they are facing, often report memory problems and the inability to “think straight”.

I want to divert the discussion here to say something about the use of the word “normal“; for the word has many meanings as it is used both colloquially in relation to health and in medicine. We may call normal the usual resting states of the body where memory is at a premium. We may call normal the healthy state of the body, which means there is nothing affecting its proper functioning. We may call normal the state of the body when we take into account the entire population and work out what the average body would be like. However changes in body function are also normal. If we run our metabolism speeds up and that is normal. If we suffer a loss we become sad and grieve and that is normal. All emotional reactions are normal. It is what makes life three dimensional and interesting and worth living. Fear is also normal. And let me say we can demonstrate sufficiently that fear does not arise where there is no danger. We can safely say that if there is fear there has to be some danger somewhere, whether we can see it or not is another matter.

One of the conditions of fear may affect memory. When the body is functioning as it ordinarily should function in everyday life, the inability to remember a familiar thing is not normal, not to be expected. However we make one assumption here that could make the difference between some temporary memory loss be normal. That assumption is that  we live in a benign society, where everyday life is not impinged on by criminal activity. And by criminal activity we think of the sort of criminals that look and act as we expect to see them look and act. However we do not live in a benign society but a violent one and a very violent one. We see the turmoil but most of it we do not understand as violence and damage because we are being lead to believe that the disease we see around us is natural. And as for the criminals, in many cases not only do we not guess who they may be, we see them and swear that they are benign in possibly the majority of cases. Memory loss is an indicator of trouble and we fail to see it for the medical misinformation that we are spoon fed. Fear in a vast number of cases, as also anxiety, which in most cases involves the mix of fear and worry, is being treated as a mental disorder of some sort. So under this sort of thinking and particularly when the fear can be made so oblique that the person doesn’t even realize that they are suffering from fear at all, not being able to remember familiar things is treated as an abnormality. Indeed under the circumstances, when they are known, we can see that even the memory loss may be normal.

If we are going to use the word normal to mean healthy we need to understand that it is healthy to feel fear when there is danger and that the state of fear is normal and not abnormal.  When we take in the circumstances that an individual faces, we can appreciate that the changes in body function are normal. The body’s abilities and functions are modified under different circumstances in order for different tasks to be undertaken. When danger exists and fear conditions are prevalent in the body, and under those condition it is normal to be highly perceptive and it is normal to be far less discriminative than ordinarily and it is normal to be highly selective in what we hold in short term memory. And if the fear is intense enough it is normalto suffer even temporary losses of long term memory. However knowing these facts and knowing the foul games that are played and what we may be facing, we can also modify the effects because we do not need to continue being perceptive but can move on to enter the discriminative stage.

A senior citizen, who is savagely maltreated by toxic mobs because old people are used often for training toxic children. The older person maltreated may feel intense fear owing to their vulnerability and thus may suffer a memory loss for the duration of the maltreatment. Sometimes that maltreatment may be long term, so their ability to remember will vary. The maltreatment through foul game play of older people by toxic mobs is very, very common. And it is dead easy because the older person is deemed to be suffering from the “aging process” by a medico, not on any medical evidence mind you, only on the fact that many older people suffer in this way. Older people’s problems however contribute a sizeable amount of the medical profits.

A senior citizen, who is savagely maltreated by toxic mobs, will suffer a memory loss for the duration of the maltreatment and sometimes that maltreatment may be long term, so their ability to remember will vary. The maltreatment through foul game play by toxic mobs is very, very common because senior citizens are used as the prey to train toxic children. And it is dead easy because the older person is deemed to be suffering from the “aging process” by a medico, not on any medical evidence mind you, only on the fact that many older people suffer in greater numbers in this way. Older people’s problems however also contribute a sizeable amount of the medical profits, so their deductions may well be self-serving. However they adversely influence the public and thereby rob the senior citizen of moral support.

To return to our discussion then, we can do experiments that show how ESP can be greatly enhanced when we make the subject fearful. We can use a snake in an adjacent room with a hidden door. The subject and the person overseeing the experiment, if we have such a person must not know about the existence of the snake. It must only be used mentally but never presented mentally, otherwise we make the subject suspicious of what’s going on. We want them fearful but not knowing the heat they feel in their body is due to fear.

It is very important to deal with this situation because it is critical in foul game play. A person is made more perceptive and less discriminative using fear and then the situation is used to present all manner of harmful ideas. And it is not only the presentation of the harmful ideas that is significant but also the fact that the person is less able to discriminate. It makes for a situation where the person feels that the ideas presented are authoritative and inescapable. Under intense fear conditions an idea may seem to have power over them but it is really only and illusion. There are two considerations:-

1. the danger and the idea are unrelated

2 .the way that their brain functions are altered that gives that illusion.

ESP and the presentation of ideas through the exploitation and misuse of relationship and the properties of fear, are the very nuts and bolts of foul game play.

Depending on the ideas presented we can make the person:-

1. simply more perceptive by a moderate amount of danger hence fear, so that the subjects get the ideas presented to them more easily and quickly,

2. feel dumb and unable to think by increasing the level of fear but not giving them any ideas about fear directly. The fear is only perceived subconsciously and as a function of the ill intent.

3. suffer anxiety if we make an oblique indication of danger

4. create panic if we present an idea of impending doom but say nothing of what it is.

I will discuss panic and anxiety later.

 These conditions are hard to appreciate until we see them for ourselves.There are cautions here.We must deal only with non-toxic people because toxic people will lie and be unco-operative. They do not want to give away the means by which they do harm to others. Thus they will not present ideas etc. This is hard to check so it is best to repeat the experiment with people you trust. Some will be worthy of your trust so you will see some results.It is also to be appreciated that non-toxic people will find it hard to hold the sort of ill intent that a toxic person holds, not even for an experiment so the results will suffer for that. However I believe we can make enough effort to give sufficient result to see the effect, even if it is mild.

One important thing that we need to show and can show is that a person is only aware of their bodily arousal. It is due to fear but is not recognized as such without conscious awareness of the danger. I would now like to divert to discussion a little to say something about conscious awareness and subconscious awareness. I will discuss this in more depth in the section on the comfort zone as it is more appropriate but it is worth mentioning something here as it is relevant. I have found that there is no separate area that is “the unconscious” or “the subconscious”. All of the ideas are equally available to us. However as I will explain, depending on the degree of comfort zone we live in we affect our attention. If we distract our attention or we attenuate our attention then we become less aware of the ideas that are there in our awareness. This has to do with  the amount of activity in the brain and which activities carry the stronger signals, So while the signals are still there, if they are weaker signals and if our attention is affected somewhat then we do not become aware of them. The image of a snake in the first subject’s mind is a much weaker signal than is the idea of the snake mentally presented to the second subject by the first subject. And the signal can be strengthened by association with other strong enough signals, such as movements of the second subject that can be seen and utilized by the first subject in their mental presentations.

To sum up these experiments show that when a person is presented with danger they will have bodily arousal even though the perception is mental and weak and they have no physical evidence to cause them to feel fear. And in addition if the mental information is not conscious enough for them to identify their bodily arousal as fear. We can readily measure this even very simply by monitoring the heart rate. The intent to press the button, if not presented to the second subject in a deliberate mental presentation is too weak a perception to be conscious because their perceptions of their environment are a lot stronger signals by comparison. However intent is still enough to trigger a fear reaction in the body. As I will describe in the next section the vast majority of people live in a comfort zone, which is none other than mental fuzz. It serves to camouflage any signals that are undesirable thus adding to the problem. As you will see the comfort zone is detrimental even at the best of times. Most people don’t realize that the ideas that are presented and that they perceive are suggestion and as a result null and void so can be simply discharged from mind rather than suppressed.  When the whole truth is known even a seriously malicious criminal intent of a toxic person can be disabled regardless of the conditions pending.

When the intent to press the button is relinquished we can again measure the heart rate a few times and we will find that bit by bit the heart rate will decrease and return to normal. No bodily process stops instantly, so we need to take several measurements to see the decline of the heart rate from the high of fear down to normal for resting states. The return to rest states of the body is experienced as relief and that is pleasurable, Here again, when the person doesn’t know that their bodily arousal was due to fear, they may be mistaken in believing that the pleasure they feel is due to any other idea that can be presented at such a time. Bodily arousal and its return to rest can be of many forms and intensities. And it is the associated ideas that move the body either to arousal or rest. As for instance the idea of danger gives rise to somatic arousal and the ideas of “no danger” or “false alarm” enable the body to return to rest, which is experienced as pleasurable. These associated ideas, which an unsuspecting person logically believes are their own judgements and deductions can be used to adversely influence the person. Those ideas can lead the unsuspecting person to arrive at gravely erroneous conclusions. But remember they must be presented by someone in relationship to make use of STRONG ESP. When the two parties are in the same room they become related even if they didn’t know each other before hand. A stranger that stops to speak to you in the street becomes related to you and they can craftily present you with ideas that may feel like your very own thinking even without the element of fear. If fear is involved by cunningly set up danger conditions that are not obvious, then a stranger can have a very significant effect on a person and that person does not realize that they are being manipulated owing to the “ideas are generated by our brains” garbage that the medical industry perpetrates. We need to appreciate that ideas can be presented by one person and perceived by another, AND to realize that where the two people are closely related this presentation-perception of ideas event can take place irrespective of distance and even when the two are in vastly different locations. It is not only important to avoid or at least seriously minimize being manipulated by other people, not only for our own security because perception of pin numbers and the like can also be gleaned, but because we can connect with others that are our friends in a time of need and be able to reach them and get help when there are no physical means, such as a telephone, available to us. It also gives us information about who we are and about the nature of the mind or spirit, which is the non-physical realm.


 In these experiments, just as in the precognition experiments, we see “distress without apparent cause” but this point is dismissed without a word. The medicos want to insist that “without apparent cause” EQUALS “no cause” or at the very most neurological malfunctions in the brain for which drugs are prescribed. Every psychiatrist who sees it as an equivalence or who write it off as ‘irrational’ or claiming it to be a brain malfunction and chemical imbalances  is either reacting out of a purely subjective perspective or indeed a self serving interest. I think perhaps the latter in most cases for their opinion hinges entirely on selling drugs. Yes, there is ‘insufficient obvious, independent evidence’ because toxic people don’t earn up to the harm that they do of their own accord. However the absence of evidence is not a basis to draw a conclusion or make a diagnosis or prescribe drugs, some of which are harmful to a person’s health or destroys their quality of life by making their experience flat, which is to say emotionless because their brain function is affected by the drugs.

So to sum up.. fear is basic to all foul game play and the reason is that they are able to take advantage of serveral factors that are characteristics of fear.

1. There is a charge up or arousal of the body, this can be sold as anything you like depending on the ideas presented.

2. The period of time immediately following the energy charge up in the skeletal musculature is a time when the person is highly perceptive, both in sensory-aided perception and direct mental perception but

3. at the same time the person is not discriminative owing to the fuel considerations made by the body/brain.


Next post I will discuss ways in which ESP and fear can be used to affect a person adversely.

In the following posts I will explain the comfort zone. Throughout the other posts on disease you will be able to appreciate how resorting to a comfort zone is dangerous. Some therapies ask the patient to “just stay with their feelings”. The person is able to accept and examine what they are feeling and discover the issues involved. These therapies have some measure of success, even without anything more. This is because the comfort zone is eliminated for the time needed to recover.  Thus the emotions, which may be problematic if they conflict, are not in themselves the major problem but the addition of a comfort zone, which adversely changes body functions for the sake of mental fuzz. That shows just how much problem a comfort zone is for our health. 


 return to first/ contents post for contents and links to my other blogs.


Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinions. They are the result of my discoveries but you need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinions. However even more importantly you need to reach a stage of realization of the truth for yourself because only when you experience for yourself and reach a stage of realization will you become empowered. And once empowered you can stand against the greatest evil because all of evil is only deception and all humane people have enormous mental powers to combat evil. These realities make you strong. Knowledge is power but only when one has reached full realization of that knowledge.


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