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How can strokes be silent?

Strokes and a variety of other forms of maltreatment /crimes can be made obscure, but only for an unsuspecting person. Strokes can be silent but only because people are not sufficiently aware. Some of that problem is a matter of … Continue reading

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SOLUTIONS. What you can do to prevent heart problems!

What you can do to 1. prevent a heart problem from developing AND 2. reduce your risk of suffering from heart attack and/or heart failure to ZERO. (Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need … Continue reading

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What’s health really all about!

This and some of my other blogs are all about EXPOSING FRAUD. There are many on the net and in the world today screaming about medical fraud. All that is said is not even the tip of the iceberg. There … Continue reading

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