Inflammation is also a reaction.

First what I found about inflammation.
This happened to me!

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And there is solid scientific evidence.
There is ample evidence for this seen in the control arms of drug trials.

Those getting the dummy drug will get the same side effects as those in the intervention arm getting a chemotherapy drug, i.e., their hair falls out but for different reasons.

Those getting the toxic drug get the rapidly dividing cells at the roots of their hair damaged so their hair falls out.

Of those getting the dummy drugs, who hold a belief that they are getting the real drug (typically between 20-80%) will also believe that they will suffer damage to the roots of their hair. So their body sets forth an inflammatory response to clear the damage. But of course their cells are healthy and get damaged by the inflammatory response, so their hair falls out.

a belief causing inflammation DD


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Perception and reaction.. simple

What I am saying is that it is all about perception and reaction.
Let’s first look at a common example.

snake in grass  oh jump1 for DD




Now we have two comparable conditions, both associated with cancer.
1. inflammation
2. tumor

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Is it Darwin or intelligent design?

Cancer cells are said to have evolved, by microevolution –Darwinian style of course- from all these “random mutations” in the genome, which they are calling damage or errors in copying, something which is supported by Darwinian evolutionary theory, if the theory were fact. I see a stronger case for intelligent design. And I further see that cancer cells are strong evidence for intelligent design.

And consider that supposedly damaged DNA evolved over only a few decades, (if in fact cancer develops over decades), for the cancer cells to have acquired all these incredible qualities, to be master of their own destiny. And indeed to made other cells dance to their tune while flying under their radar! WOW!

BUT all of these qualities are displayed by adult and/or embryonic stem cells no less! Good God! In a few decades, (which is only suggestion), cancer cells supposedly evolved great variations (because there are sometimes hundreds of different cancer cells in the one tumor) and supposed superior capabilities to most other cells, including normal stem cells in what it took the other cells to evolve over millions of years. IMO the transmutation of stem cells into cancer cells can only come about by intelligent means.. perceptions, ideas, beliefs and the somatic reactions to those ideas.

What I discovered, and for which I have found ample scientific evidence, is that stem cells, as found in every tissue in the body, modify their genome deliberately, to make new type of cells for a reason, knowing that reason helps your body effect spontaneous remission.

And just think the limb that might be accidentally lost can, potentially at least, be replaced by the body.

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Immune system cells help cancer cells in and out of the bloodstream

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In the blood stream immune system cells help travel, “stop” at the right location and exit.

In the bloodstream immune system cells help the cancer cells survive and accompany the cancer cells a “run and chase process” to the site where they are to exit the blood vessel.. The immune cells provide substances called chemo-attractants to help the cancer cells stay within their vicinity and not get lost. Remember the blood is flowing fairly fast. And in the blood cancer cells are helped to acquire a shield of platelets that protect them while in the bloodstream; It doesn’t sound like the immune system is out to kill them to me.

Next the cells have to exit as some desired location. Remember cancer metastasizes at precise locations, not at random. So the precise location has to be “primed”, which means immune system cells release substances that cause the cancer cells to be able to roll along the arterial inner wall at the locations in which they want to exit. This is another well-known process.

For the cancer cells to exit the blood stream they have to cross the membrane walls. Here again cells need to move apart to allow the cancer cells to squeeze through. This is tissue permeability and as I mentioned earlier, facilitated by immune system cells.

And sometimes they need to travel through the tissues they enter, which again is facilitated by immune system cells in a process called chemotaxis, again using chemo-attractants.

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Cancer is not just a mass of cancer cells

A tumor resembles an organ in that it has many specialized cells, i.e., a large number of different genetic signatures and it includes stromal cells, as found in all organs, which provide a foundation and which have a variety of functions. Included in those functions is to provide growth factors and engage in signalling to help cancer cells proliferate and even change in size (grow bigger). However they are suggesting that either local stromal cells must have been differentiated as required or might be recruited by the cancer cells.

A tumor is typically made up of about 40-60% or more of immune system cells. Some are macrophages and neutrophils and many others, which are said to be “alternatively activated”. These are the usual types of immune cells engaged in wound healing and tissue maintenance. These immune cells are one of the major sources of the angiogenesis and stromal growth factors, which are required for wound healing. So the story of cancer cells being “masters of their own destiny” is hardly true. They actively engage with cells of the microenvironment in various forms of signalling and are dependent on the very cells that they are said to be able to evade.. the immune system cells!

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Metastasis.. cancer cells and immune system cells working together

For a cell to move out of a tissue and enter the blood stream, in the very least case, tissue permeability is a necessary condition. That means the surround cells “drop hands” in a sense (breach of cell-cell interactions) and move a little as to create a space big enough for the cells that wants to get past, to squeeze through. This has been extensively studied in the processes of inflammation.

“Well hey”, you might say, “there is often inflammation associated with cancer so maybe it takes advantage of conditions already present”.

Not all cancers have associated inflammation but also metastasize. But here we see deception. When it comes to cancer cells they no longer talk about permeability but say that the cancer cells breach either the basement membrane or the cell-cell interactions. However if you look closer at what they are saying it is none other than tissue permability, just said in a different way. And it requires the FULL cooperation of immune system cells.

On entering the bloodstream the cancer cells are accompanied by other cells, from the tumour site, which are normal immune system cells… Ah I forgot to mention a tumor is not just “a mass of cells”. Far from it.

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Firstly the arguments about mutations.

Now let’s look at the scientific evidence that CONTRADICTS the cancer story.

The arguments about mutations.
1. Damage to the genome renders the genetic material unusable. The cell will either repair it if possible or die. However the damage they quote actually falls into the second category, that of genetic alterations.

2. Mis-copying and genetic alterations refer to translocations, frame shifts, inclusions or exclusion of some gene segments. Are these mis-copying?

A wonderful lady, a Nobel Prize winner, called Barbara McClintock (1902 –1992) an American cyto-geneticist was awarded the Nobel prize for guess what? Discovering many processes by which genetic information is changed and exchanged along the genome, in the normal biological life of a cell, what they are now calling mis-copying and genetic mutations! Her work was re-interpreted to get the cancer story to stick.

In fact you will find that there is ample research, published in those prestigious, medical journals, which shows that the genome is highly dynamic. It is not a simple blueprint. Much, much more than what is in a cell dictates how the genome is “rearranged” as to get the phenotype. To explain this in plain language the genes are like the idea and sketches an artist might have and the phenotype is the finished sculpture he or she produces. Clearly more than the ideas and sketches goes into making the sculpture.

Idea, perceptions, beliefs are reported to play a very important, even decisive role, but that doesn’t fit the “body is a machine” paradigm. The way they explain mutations, when seen in other situations, other than cancer, speaks volumes.

These processes of “genetic rearrangement”, when seen in neuro-degenerative disorders, are called pathological.

BUT the same, the exact same processes when seen in immune system cells and used by those cells to produce antibodies are said to be normal, healthy and the great wonder of our biology!

But this IMO distortion of the truth is small chips compared to the phenomenon of metastasis.

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