My Conspiracy Theory

My conspiracy theory regarding:

September 11 the evil subculture AND the medical industry!

To find blame and point the finger at a group of people, we need to show motive. What motive was there for September 11? And whom does that purpose serve and how? The attacks on the two towers by aircraft were terrorist attacks so they could be said to be “senseless violence”, but as many Americans have pointed out, there are too many holes in the story if we are to blame it on some fanatical Arab Islamists. Furthermore many Americans are calling the collapse of the three towers, “controlled demolition”. Was this not also a terrorist act? And then there is the damage to the pentagon, which many point out, is inconsistent with a plane crash. If we observe what happened after the attacks then we do find motive and it has nothing to do with Arabs and Islam. I would go so far as to say the Islamists that burnt American flags and claimed responsibility were just a part of the toxic subculture and a part of the plan.

From my take on events I believe that both the toxic subculture and the medical industry are both heavily involved. Certainly there are many toxic doctors and you only need to see on the net how many people are screaming about them and they are only screaming about the obvious problems. They haven’t yet seen the full extent of the problem; the fraud that is mega. Creating medical conditions and disease is the manner in which toxic people try to hold power and influence over others, in order to manipulate and control them. They threaten the person’s health and life and where the person dies their crimes are covered over by naming them disease and “death by natural causes”. For the medical industry it is a matter of existence or job security and industry growth. They need more people sick and sicker for longer periods of time or in a state of uncertainly as to be having medical tests every year. Indeed huge numbers of people get sick. For example half of men will get cancer and almost as many women and that is just one disease. How come? Recently I began to suspect that medical research is done on people without their knowledge or consent and not in pursuing cures, but rather in creating new ways and more efficient ways of developing disease. People targeted are the elderly in old age homes and patients in hospitals because these are easy victims… errr subjects! I suspect though that people in the community, who are healthy, are also targeted and that can only be done by toxic relatives and /or toxic associates that are networked or in other words are part of the toxic subculture.

The vulnerability of a person comes not because of their circumstances but because they may react, which means in the body, as to develop disease. It is not the toxic rubbish that has any real effect though. Whether a person gets sick or not depends entirely upon how that person reacts somatically to ideas. Psychiatrists claim if a person has negative or troubling ideas then they are suffering from an “inner conflict”. And that much is true. However they go one to fancifully proclaim that parts of a person’s personality at war with each other, which is utter rubbish. The “inner conflict” arises through toxic relationships and it only appears as “inner” because it takes place in the mind. Mind, which is a common platform, becomes the theatre of war and ideas are used as weapons. All people have ESP capability and it is very evident within relationship. There is no telepathy phenomenon. Hard as it is to imagine, the mind is spaceless and timeless and it underlies all physical reality. Not all ideas that occur are a person’s own! Some are perceptions of what others are thinking, especially if they are closely related and mentally address that person. Telling people that the ideas are their own and created in the brain ensures the worst possible conditions because the person may see them as significant. Adverse conditions either in bodily substances or functions or both may arise. If such conditions continue over time then disease develops. If however the person realizes that those ideas are presented by some toxic piece of rubbish and out of hate or the desire to gain power over them, then the person suffers no harm because there is no adverse bodily reactivity from ideas they realize are bullshit.

Openly doctors vigorously deny that ideas are central to the way a biological system works. Evolutionary biology, which is modern biology, treats the body as a machine, but saying just this much is grossly misleading. Evolutionary biology says there is only the body, which is a machine, and there is nothing else. Doctor’s are claiming that the mind and consciousness will be explained in physical terms some day. image002Furthermore there are strong moves made to discredit free will. You are nothing but an automaton, a robot! Robots don’t have free will, robots don’t have a mind and ESP. To get to there they need to discredit ESP and that is done by studying ESP OUTSIDE of relationship where it is weakest. Scientists then claim, as Dawkins says in his book that double blinding is a standard and that it makes the experiments scientific. That is not true. To do an experiment scientifically you only need to run a blank or control experiment alongside the actual experiment. Experiments need to be devised in order to best study whatever it is that is studied. HOWEVER while doctors publicly deny ESP, privately they use close and toxic relationships in the unscrupulous medical experiments they conduct because they need strong ESP to have an effect. The capacity to mentally attack another person repeatedly over a period of time with nasty ideas requires very close relationships, so in most cases toxic next of kin are used.

Ideas are not physical but how a person reacts to an idea affects the way their body changes in function and substance; that is to say it affects homeostasis. Disease is really nothing more than an adverse shift in homeostasis. The body is well equipped to accommodate for adverse external conditions but with adverse internal conditions, i.e., in the mind, it depends entirely on the person’s understanding. You don’t even need to know exactly what ideas are presented. You only need to appreciate the nature of foul play to avoid problems. One can eradicate and /or discredit the ideas responsible (even the subliminal ones) and preferably replace them with beneficial ideas and the disease vanishes or is avoided altogether. This reality was demonstrated in stark colours by Jesus, who could arguably be said to have been the greatest healer ever. But there have been others in the Eastern world as well who also cured diseases. We talk about these acts as miracles, “objects of wonder” because in healing sick people their actions look inexplicable. One ceases to wonder though when one understands that ideas are the nuts and bolts when it comes to how and why the body reacts as to manifest disease. In performing miracles Jesus tackled the problem at the source. He eradicated the bad ideas and gave the person a positive outlook and the assurance of wellbeing. It is that easy.

To find new and more efficient ways of stressing the human lab rats and making them sick requires for there to be people who have no regard for others and who can continue to see the other person’s suffering and far from being moved by it, they get a kick out of it. These people of course belong to the toxic subculture. In a hospital toxic people may be found amongst the staff. A person in hospital, especially having had surgery, is particularly vulnerable if they don’t understand the game play. They may end up with all manner of complications and these are explained away as “complications resulting from the surgery”, often by the very toxic doctors responsible. When we look into the matter more deeply we find that stress is the core issue. Especially revealing are the experiments where they attempted to discredit prayer. They were not content to say that prayer does nothing. image004They wanted to portray prayer as detrimental. The only way this can happen is if the experiments are NOT double blinded. For the sake of presenting a double blind they would have had “dummy prayer givers” but the real prayer givers are the patient’s own doctors, so the real prayer giver is strongly related. A prayer by a toxic doctor involves nasty ideas and ill intent. And the prayer needs to be accompanied by danger to create fear conditions in the patients. The truth is that people don’t just get stressed. It is troubling ideas that cause them to become stressed. Generating more problems for a people who has just had surgery or an aged person in a home generates more profits for toxic doctors and the pharmaceutical companies because they sell more drugs and make more profits.

I strongly suspect that the information gathered by the dark research done in homes and hospitals, is then passed on, by toxic doctors, by word of mouth, and it goes from toxic network to toxic network. It reaches millions of people worldwide. I estimate there could be as many as 500 or 600 million toxic people networked across the world. Psychiatrists claim that there is 1% of people who are psychopaths but they are only looking at the most obvious cases. What about the “successful psychopaths” that psychiatrists claim include business and political leaders. I’d say the number of toxic people in the world is more around 7% and they are found from the highest office as they claim down to the lowers ranks in society. The tell tale sign is the amount of people who are obese and/or sick. The information passed on to toxic people becomes the means of foul play. Dirty games are played on healthy people to make them sick. The toxic next of kin gain power and influence over the victim and the doctors make money. I also believe that these dirty games involve toxic doctors to further develop means of causing stress because they can use their medical knowledge to try for the worst situations possible. And the drugs researched at the university level only manage diseases. They do not cure them. Drugs cannot cure disease because the causes of disease are not physical. While ever the patient continues to react to ideas their bodies continually moves back towards a disturbed homeostatic state -a image006diseased state. Thus the patient has to continue to take the drugs. They may end up on drugs for the rest of their lives while the doctors and drug companies continue to profit from them. Together with the large increase of toxic people in the world, I would say researching more efficient ways of making people sick accounts for the massive escalation of disease in the last 3 or 4 decades and a medical industry that is measured in the trillions of dollars. It is the biggest and most invasive and pervasive industry on Earth. Their influence affects governments, the media, commerce, financial institutions etc., and world events.

All of this brings me to September 11. On various websites Americans are finding fault with their governments and /or foreign policies. Many Americans are armed and have been keen to bear arms believing a war is immanent with government forces. From what I have read it seems this has been the belief for a long time and prior to September 11. I believe their fears are not well founded. It is not the US government or the governments of any country that is at fault but elements within governments and the bureaucracies. And the big problem is not the handful of toxic people who get into governments or hold a senior position in the public service and private enterprise but that these people are networked. Being networked and connected by “go betweens” to ensure anonymity from one another, they can work invisibly from many areas at once and it is difficult to prove any connections and they are not in one or two countries. The toxic subculture spans the globe.

So what is the motive?

Beginning with the American government, with the consensus of its panicked people, and following them, governments all over the world, measures were taken to supposedly protect frightened populations from terrorists and terrorism. The drastic measures taken, which are still in force today, do not fight terrorism. Indeed the opposite is true. The measures taken are highly undemocratic and only aid and abet terrorism in the world in its more insidious and invisible form. Such powers have turned democracies into authoritarian states but without the visibility that is needed for people to become concerned. There is talk about destroying the “enemies of the state” but what state is that? It is not the nation state. As far as I can see, I would say the state that is talked of by some people is the toxic subculture. Anyone who propagates subversive ideas would certainly be targeted. What ideas then are subversive and who do they hurt?

Subversive ideas include those ideas that are not in the interests of the toxic subculture and not in the interests of the medical industry because they have shared interests. For instance ideas about human mental capabilities, about the true nature of disease, and about alternative treatments are all challenged. There are doctors languishing in jails in the US, not for making people sick, but for treating them successfully and making them well BUT by alternative methods. In today’s world such imprisonments would not go down well with the populations so such doctors and scientists have been destroyed instead, and by the sort of harm that is laundered.  Consider the case of Dr Chris O’Brien in Sydney. He had tried to set up a centre to give cancer patients the option of choosing alternative medical treatments. He established a centre under the one roof, so alternative treatments were available side by side with conventional treatments. What was he thinking? How incredible that he got brain cancer himself almost immediately. And “it came back” after surgery and the treatments that followed. He was dead in no time! Knowing what I know about cancer I would say he was betrayed by toxic people who knew him well with vested interests.

Another case that I would say is similar is that of Elizabeth Targ. Targ had received a large grant of 1.5 million dollars from the US government to continue her work on distant healing studies with AIDS patients. She found that  “distant healing,” including prayer and “psychic healing,” significantly improved the health of patients and the work was published. After the publication she went on to do further work on the brain cancer Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), which is rare but a most malignant forms of cancer with low survival rates. Then in 2002 Targ herself was diagnosed with.. with.. incredibly with GBM. What an extraordinary coincidence! Surgery was not successful and Targ did not want chemotherapy. So a bright scientists, who conducted many successful experiments with prayer, is dead. In the end it was found that her subjects were not “double blinded”, which means the full potential of one person helping to heal another is brought into play. Of course not being double blinded her work was rubbished and thrown in the bin. If you look, you will find thousands of people like O’Brien and Targ with similar, incredible fates. If you look at human rights activists you will find two basic types. Some gallivant merrily around the world doing their work and suffer no harm, while others are up against steep opposition and many of them get sick and die or suffer from accidents or obvious violence. It appears you can be quite visible as a human rights activist and be funded to the hilt but you must look busy and do nothing to oppose the real corruption.

We have seen a corrupt culture in police forces and many corrupt police. If toxic police image008would beat up someone in the street and get away with it lightly, even though they have been caught on video, what with the “special powers”? I strongly suspect that once the laws were enacted to give police special powers, toxic police can then be used in foul play. A lot more force can be brought to bear on an individual than simply using next of kin and a criminal. A person who stands for Justice or fights against the medical fraud can be attacked more viciously AND the handiwork isn’t seen by the public eye. The drastic measures that have been taken by governments all over the world have given powers that are without scrutiny and the rule of law to police. They can target any individual indiscriminately, not needing to have reason nor evidence against that person and the police involved cannot be held accountable for their actions.

image010With toxic police with special powers used to pose the danger while toxic doctors with the aid of next of kin, ideas can be used as weapons and with enormous force to create massive oppression on an individual. Most people see police as the people who will help them against criminals. When the police themselves are the criminals most people will feel great fear. And the individual targeted cannot take the matter to a court of law, even if they had sufficient evidence against the police. This means that the measures nations have taken to fight terrorism are highly undemocratic. I would say the measures are tyrannical and typical of authoritarian states, which are the systems of government that Westerns condemn. Here however it is the toxic subculture, partnered with the medical industry that has made a significant move to seize power. The special powers for police essentially provides toxic people with the means to be “above the law”, to be lawless! For the medical industry this allows them to use “the system”, i.e., toxicity in society, to ensure industry growth and profits and to try to crush their enemies, i.e., those that expose them. The toxic subculture and the medical industry have motive alright and motive that cannot be denied. Around three thousand lives were lost to gain the special powers but what the heck, let’s face it around 8 million lives are lost annually across the world to cancer alone for the sake of power and profits. Is the situation hopeless? I say no! The future is bright because I see the darkness defeated.

At the Nuremberg Trials one American, whose name I can’t remember, had said, there is “a law above the law”. This law is the Law of Justice. Justice is not simply about the human-made legal system, which is being swept aside to keep the dark deeds of the offenders outside of the public awareness and hence public scrutiny.


Justice is a fundamental Law of the Universe. A humane person has power and command, for the asking, of laws that can be used to disable and destroy evil people by using the power of the mind. These laws have been spoken about by prophets and avatars of God down through the ages but some are obscure, while others have been misunderstood and even worse corrupted. These laws were hinted at by Jesus when he said if you have faith you can ask a mountain to move and it would move. And in healing people he indicated that others could “cast out evil spirits too”! These things seem impossible but it is only people’s “fall from Grace”, which means people’s thinking has become limited. From a viewpoint of limited thinking miracles seem impossible. I believe that moving mountains and healing diseases in an instant are possible. At the heart of matter we find nothingness! It is all about energy and relationships not concrete particles. And in the medical area too the central issue of disease are ideas. All of this means the universe is different to what we perceive with limited thinking. Humane people have full access to the laws of the Universe and the laws work for them whereas inhumane people are spiritually dead. They resort to physical means to underpin deception and intimidation, the means used in foul play. They cannot make use of the power of the mind. Others such as Buddha and Krishna gave the same message about the nature of physical reality. A person is responsible for their mental and physical welfare, the Buddha had said. This of course does not absolve evil people for their hateful acts. Their actions have consequences. What the Buddha was saying is that a person’s thinking is critical in how the body functions. Recognizing this humane people can overcome great dangers. Inhumane people on the other hand are locked into a mindset. They are not free but in bondage. They cannot escape the will of the toxic mob to which they belong. If the toxic mob wants them dead, then they are doomed. All toxic people are dispensable as far as the toxic mob is concerned. And while they may be attacked for “breaking the rules”, it is not always the case. If the game play needs for one of them to be killed to gain something then they are mercilessly killed.

image014Buddha disempowered the evil forces symbolically during the night. This is not literally the night as most take it but in a state of limited or partly shadowed consciousness. In a sense we can say “partly blinded”.  Having won against the dark forces, which are none other than the mindset of the toxic mobs, he gained the opening needed to enter into Limitless Being. This is not an entrance into another place but one that is the core of existence, which is God or as the Sufis say “awakening in the Presence”. It is potentially there for everyone but those who live by falsehoods are barred from it forever. To live by falsehoods, which means misrepresenting the truth, is the real meaning of blasphemy. Truth is the foundation of reality, not falsehoods. The mega image016corruption and the dark forces that have gained a lot of influence in the world today, who at present harm hundreds of millions of people through misinformation and disease, can be overcome and indeed are defeated. It is only a matter of time. Utilizing the power of the mind and the laws of the Universe, which support Truth and Justice are the skilful means that are employed for total victory for the Humane on Earth.

When I finish writing about diseases and how they can be overcome, I will discuss how a humane person can use mental powers enough to obliterate their enemies. The time is not yet ripe. I win against all the toxic rubbish that stands against me. I win for Justice and for the humane people in the world. I bring great news that leads to a new era of spiritual and scientific enlightenment and a world in which there is no disease. Without disease there is no need of doctors and their drugs. The medical image017industry implodes and even their dust implodes. Without the medical cover and with the humane awakened, it is the end of the evil subculture; they too will perish as they cannot live without doing harm. The evil subculture and the medical industry cannot exist without one another. I see a time coming soon when evil people will die in their millions. The directive I put to the universe, before I began my work I affirm here now: I strike through the black putrid heart of the evil that opposes Justice with the spear of Truth. I expose the medical fraud and I help to enrich the lives of the humane. The inhumane perish and the medical industry having no sick people to treat become “a thing of the past”! No other than humane people populate the Earth and live with love, in great abundance & joy. So it is in the Name of God.


A happy New Year to all humane people everywhere.

8th January, 2014

Kyrani Eade B.Sc.

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