The mental working of a person’s thinking does NOT cure them.

In the discussion that will follow I am going to explain the nature of the experience needed to move a person’s body to spontaneous cancer remission… IF they are HUMANE because as I mentioned earlier it requires autonomy and the ability to make one’s own choices. Toxic people all belong to small networks of other toxic people and they are subject to mob-rule. I saw how dramatically a toxic person can be affected at around the time my husband died. I had been called on to help someone and did not appreciate in the beginning who they were.

I was aware of ideas and ill will that was very strong but I was able to act as a shield. I sensed his fear but I also sensed that he was safe. So my efforts staved off the offenders and he was able to survive. This went on for several weeks of struggle. However I realized it was my husband and he was up against those he had called “his own people, i.e., toxic people. These people were wanting revenge because he had “talked to the enemy”, i.e., me. He had told me how toxic people act to try and adversely affect other people, to affect their health in order to get power and influence over them. I realized that he was not help-able. It would have been an endless fight. I decided to stop fighting and left him to his own devices. He was in dire trouble already within the hour. The reason, I realized, was that he could not stand against other toxic people because he was part and parcel with them, i.e., of the one mindset.

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I am a human rights activist and I live each day with the warrior spirit. I enjoy painting and writing and exercising together with my two wonderful dogs. I am a theist but of no particular religion.You are welcomed to my blog at
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