Firstly the arguments about mutations.

Now let’s look at the scientific evidence that CONTRADICTS the cancer story.

The arguments about mutations.
1. Damage to the genome renders the genetic material unusable. The cell will either repair it if possible or die. However the damage they quote actually falls into the second category, that of genetic alterations.

2. Mis-copying and genetic alterations refer to translocations, frame shifts, inclusions or exclusion of some gene segments. Are these mis-copying?

A wonderful lady, a Nobel Prize winner, called Barbara McClintock (1902 –1992) an American cyto-geneticist was awarded the Nobel prize for guess what? Discovering many processes by which genetic information is changed and exchanged along the genome, in the normal biological life of a cell, what they are now calling mis-copying and genetic mutations! Her work was re-interpreted to get the cancer story to stick.

In fact you will find that there is ample research, published in those prestigious, medical journals, which shows that the genome is highly dynamic. It is not a simple blueprint. Much, much more than what is in a cell dictates how the genome is “rearranged” as to get the phenotype. To explain this in plain language the genes are like the idea and sketches an artist might have and the phenotype is the finished sculpture he or she produces. Clearly more than the ideas and sketches goes into making the sculpture.

Idea, perceptions, beliefs are reported to play a very important, even decisive role, but that doesn’t fit the “body is a machine” paradigm. The way they explain mutations, when seen in other situations, other than cancer, speaks volumes.

These processes of “genetic rearrangement”, when seen in neuro-degenerative disorders, are called pathological.

BUT the same, the exact same processes when seen in immune system cells and used by those cells to produce antibodies are said to be normal, healthy and the great wonder of our biology!

But this IMO distortion of the truth is small chips compared to the phenomenon of metastasis.

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