Deliberate spontaneous remission of cancer is not about thinking yourself well

I had started this discussion here:

owing to discussion on another thread but it was considered to not be relevant to the forum and the thread was closed. I respect their decision but there appears to be a lot of interest in my thread, so I decided to post it here to continue with my discussion for those who want to follow the discussion.

I’m starting this thread to post material I had originally written to answer Jody Mack about cancer and Furball that “thinking yourself well” is not what it’s about. And I ended up writing too much to be justified on the thread about “tips for newly diagnosed pre-diabetics”…rediabetics-11

Jody had said:
“If you were going on a cancer site advocating rejecting conventional, science-based treatment, I can see why they were angry. Those kinds of ideas cause people to delay/avoid treatments which could have saved their lives.”

So my reply… extended to answer fully and to give my findings and successes. To show how and why you can deliberately effect cancer remission and even go on to bullet proof yourself against cancer, if you are humane. Toxic people all belong to networks and are subject to mob rule so lack the autonomy required to reject the suggestions of others and make your own independent choices.

Starting here is my reply.
If you are going to treat a condition, you have to first know the nature of the condition, it is no use putting a person’s arm into plaster if all they have is a bruise. So I will discuss first the medical story about cancer and you will see that it is anything but science. I would call it a criminal betrayal of public trust.

The official story is that cancer arises when “a cell” (i.e., any normal body cell) either
1. suffer damage to the genetic material in the nucleus by physical causes, e.g., sunlight or

2/ genes have been mis-copied and /or genetically inherited, which are called oncogenes, are present,

And, the argument goes, it not only takes decades to evolve but there also needs to be “environmental factors” because of course they cannot explain it only on genetic mutations.

The cancer cells is said to be an abnormal cell that the immune system normally kills but, the scientists claim, cancer cells are able to evade the immune system and hence escape being killed. And the cancer cell is depicted as a rogue cell that is out of control and which invades other surrounding tissues or gets into the bloodstream, where it might be killed by immune cells but if it survives then will migrates to distant areas of the body and there colonizes other tissues, i.e., the cancer metastasizes.

Cancer cells are also said to “masters of their own destiny” and self signal to be able to proliferate, invade and metastasize.

On looking for scientific evidence for my findings, which are totally different to the medical story about cancer, I found that the scientific evidence contradicts the cancer story and does support my findings.


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