Brief personal history with cancer: 8 episodes 8 spontaneous remissions

In the first instance(1992-4) I had a bad feeling about some people around me and when I left the area to go to Sydney for a second gut feeling was rightopinion.

I acted on an intuition to cut my ties with everyone, mainly because there were good people too who would have been hassled to get information out of them and I didn’t want them hassled.


And here I was lucky that the doctors threw their hands in the air and said “nothing we can do” because this allowed my body to retain its strength and not suffer the assault of surgery or surgeries. Their main problem was that the cancer was in both lungs so they saw me as a lost case.


But they also diagnosed type 2 diabetes, which in my case was as a result of the stress associated with the cancer.

a little bit of waterIn the second instance some 10 years later (April 2004), some people asked some strange requests and then went on to harass me. I did not appreciate anything. I thought I just had the misfortune of getting sick again). Then when I got out of bed to make myself some coffee I looked out of my window and saw one of them violating my property and trampling on a tree seedling. I put on a jacket, because I had been sweating and feeling very sick, and went out side and confronted him.


confronted the evil people and wonHe tried to fob me off but I got a good resolution to the issue (after all it was my property and he had no legal rights). I was very surprised that by the end of the argument I realized I didn’t feel so bad and by the time I walked back inside my house from the street (a distance of about 50 meters) I was feeling completely well.
angry and flu to calm and well in 15 mins WOWThis experience made me realize that I didn’t have the flu as well as cancer in the oesophagus but that it was all the same problem. They were flu-like symptoms and part of the cancer. I knew then that the lump would disappear and over then next 2-3 weeks or so it did disappear and I had again been able to swallow all my food without problem.


Later that year in November I was again hassled over different issues and again developed cancer, ovarian as in the first cancer. This time however I knew the issues involved and I also had a lot of information that I was now able to apply. This is information my husband had given me about how toxic people operate, about their foul games. So I was able to do a scientific study.


used insight for my investigationI used insight meditation to investigate what was happening in my body and I used a diary to record the events and the thoughts. I watched the cancer metastasize to the bowel and grow to the size of a golf ball.

I began to see a bigger picture. This helped me to deliberately effect spontaneous remission in mid February, 2005 and the cancer was gone in about 1 week.


And it also game me the means by which I could overcome subsequent attacks (bowel, ovarian, oesophageal, bone, pancreatic of the beta cells, skin, lung cancers).

And there were more attacks after this with attempts at brain and spectacularly heart cancer, which is rare and which I know some corrupt /toxic doctors were again involved as in some of the previous occasions.

They failed because once a person understands the means they don’t get caught up in the deception anymore. The body won’t react as to try and defend itself when the person knows it just a cheat.

And I might say that I have spoken to some oncologists about this and none can give me any answer, let alone a satisfactory answer about many of the key issues in cancer, eg that the immune system is needed for metastasis to take place. Most of my discussion have been with doctors on sites where you pay some money and ask various doctors/ specialists questions. They won’t publish my question & answer sessions so I can’t give you any link to them.

However here is one blog of two cancer doctor/scientists, who both treat patients and who are involved in cancer research. Here is the link: https://biologicallyactive.wordpress…-fight-cancer/
and you will see that their reply was feeble and when I pressed them further they have not at least as yet replied. My last response to them was back in late November 2015. But in fairness to them, they are bound by the medical guidelines, which they must follow.

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I am a human rights activist and I live each day with the warrior spirit. I enjoy painting and writing and exercising together with my two wonderful dogs. I am a theist but of no particular religion.You are welcomed to my blog at
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