Strokes or cerebral vascular accidents are no accidents.

How can a person be tricked as to reacting in such ways as to have a stroke?

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)

First I want to re-iterate and emphasis here about emotions and ESP before I begin because these are of the essence! By now you will have come to realize that there is nothing magical about the effects of ideas on a person’s health. An idea or thought has NO direct effect. The concept of “mind over matter” in its purest form is not valid. No idea of itself causes action in the body nor affects the body or matter in any direct way whatsoever. So contrary to popular belief, I am saying that ideas are not powerful of themselves. I would also like to add here that the so-called Law of Attraction is bogus too! No amount of upholding an idea will be of any use, whether negatively or positively. You will not attract anything.

Only when we give the ideas power do they become the initiators of activity in the body and/or in our lives. We give ideas power in one of two basic ways. One is that we simply choose them, which means we uphold that idea in the mind as if it has already happened. And there are limitations to this because while you can choose for yourself and anyone under your charge, you cannot choose for someone else save that they give permission. The other way is that we afford the ideas /thoughts our belief or confidence in them. So for instance if for some reason you consider the ideas or thoughts to be relevant and/or significant to your life. So we need to choose them and have belief in them for those ideas to have an effect. And it is also important to say here that it is easy to see that if we cherish an idea we have accepted it but the opposite is also true. I you are repulsed by an idea or thought, and most particularly if you struggle against it, then you have accepted that idea or thought to some degree. Also if we try to avoid or deny them we only push them into unconsciousness, we do not discharge them from mind. However though we have chosen them we can, when we realize this, also let them go. But that requires knowledge. So to discharge them from mind we need to know what they are about and thereby give them no value, no weight.

There is one more area that I will touch on because there are many so-called “modern luminaries”, the “oh it’s just an idea” guys, who then go on to convey the message that “you can just let it go”, with the implication that if you can’t then you’re a fool. Certainly all ideas of themselves are simply information and have no power but they cannot always simply be discarded. Ideas of themselves are no more or less powerful than a word in a dictionary. However unlike a word in a dictionary, ideas may point to issues that exist. To discharge the idea you need to appreciate this fact. The underlying conditions, which are real but really only potentials, can be and are being used by toxic people to empower an idea. An empowered idea can be discarded BUT the person needs to understand why and how it is empowered in order to be able to discard it.

When an unsuspecting person can be betrayed as to uphold a presented idea as indicating something real, which means the idea is attributed weight or value, then that person can be somatically affected. The reason is that ideas act as directives to the body, so if the idea is treated as a pointer to some real condition then it will lead to somatic reactivity. The examples as we saw so far are found in the creation of heart attack scare (medically called a panic attacks) and the real heart attack, which are essentially the same thing but with a little preparatory work on the part of the culprits. Thus given the right conditions ideas can be used as powerful weapons but only when the person targeted is unsuspecting of the foul play and medically misinformed.

For the sake of completion I will also add here that doubt can also be a problem in discarding an idea. This is more important in the next section on cancer. We may see cases blown up in the media between some company and some journalists who “gone after them” to bring the matter to the public, to be responsible journalists. A lot of publicity ensures as to whether some food with additives is causing cancer or not. There may be seeming attempts to bribe the clean looking, “knights in shining armour” journalists. Then finally the company is exonerated by scientific studies and the matter is left to rest. What that whole side show is all about is casting doubt in the minds of the public. This doubt is enough for toxic people to attack an innocent person and cause them to somatically react as to generate cancer in their bodies. So at the end of the day, what appears to be in the public interest is just another shop front for the medical industry, for Big Pharma to sell its wares. Ideas are upheld strongly enough even where there is doubt and we need to see the truth to extricate them and return to health.. and indeed to maintain health against this sort of abuse.

Foul play is NOT “action at a distance”, despite the fanciful ideas many evil people in their delusion entertain. I’ve heard people claim that they can give someone else a heart attack or give them a stroke etc. In actual fact they have no such power whatsoever. They may be part of foul play but even then they can only “play with” an unsuspecting and medically misinformed person.

The ideas employed in foul play are given a false foundation but one that is seemingly real. They depend on the person to whom they present the ideas to mistake the reality. Thus the targeted person believes their somatic reactivity is evidence that the idea is real. And this is generally true. If we sense danger for instance, even though we don’t have sensory information our body will move to fear because that is natural. It is the preparation of our body to face and deal with the danger. In foul play the danger card is play to cause the targeted person to mistakenly believe that the presented idea, of which they are more conscious, has led to their somatic arousal. This empowers the ideas. In reality the danger posed and the idea presented are unrelated. It is through trickery that the person targeted is brought along to believing in the ideas presented. And you will see that with certainty when you are no longer unsuspecting of the foul play having done the experiments and having seen how easily you can be manipulated while believing the medical misinformation. And that includes the psychiatric babble about misreading others if you are suspicious. What they are effectively saying is that you have to accept appearances at face value. That’s self-serving garbage. When you have done the experiments and “wised up” or “level up” to use PC game parlance, then the foul game can’t be played as to obtain a result. You can “walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil”! A knowledgeable person can stand against the evil mobs and win. I am living proof of that but you need to see that for yourselves. It is good for you to be sceptical of what I am presenting but please also be curious. This is not about some academic pursuit; this is a life and death matter. To be empowered and reap the benefits for yourselves you must realize the truth and not just know it.

The problem that is created for the unsuspecting person targeted by evil people involves that person’s own somatic reactivity! What needs to be fully realized is that the somatic reactivity can be instigated at a distance because of the way we respond to our environment and that environment is NOT just the physical environment. The interpersonal environment is a mental place and therefore a much more subtle field of influence.

This is the all-important issue that is being hotly disputed by science. Scientists, and most particularly medical scientists including neuroscientists, are trying to put across the idea that the mind and consciousness are created by the brain and/or the brain’s activity. If the mind is created by the brain then there is no common platform, and if there is not common mental aspect to our reality then there is no interpersonal environment. Scientists are claiming that the interpersonal only means people being in the physical presence of each other. Thus if a person has not been approached, they cannot have been attacked. This is carried to great length by psychiatrists. If someone does or says something to anger you for instance, then it is deemed “it’s your fault for getting angry”. You just don’t have control of over yourself and your emotions! This is rubbish. Unfortunately they want to uphold the Dr Spock of the science fiction movies, who has no emotion and is totally rational as the idea man/human. And make no mistake they know full well that the narcissist or psychopaths in society keep a straight face, claiming no anger but use underhanded mob tactics to “get back at” the other person so as to generate medical problems and even death. Anger in non-toxic people is aroused by a violation and more generally by some form of injustice. If we didn’t normally get angry then we would not bother to work towards or care about having a just society to live in. What we do to address the problem is certainly important. However no matter if you “act out” in some way or not, even if you hold a straight face and count to ten or whatever you do to make you appear calm, there is still modification of your body function. While ever you are angry there are changes in the way the body functions. While you are angry, whether continually or episodically, there are adverse processes and events taking place in your body and sometimes these may have catastrophic effects immediately if the anger is aroused suddenly and intensely as can be done if there are long standing conditions and repeated violations. All emotions are significant modifications to body function and in all cases the person does not have to be approached by the offenders for issues to be presented to them as to cause them to have an emotional response, which is significant modification of body function and most particularly the heart.

In the case of obvious conditions, a person being victimized has the opportunity to take sufficient measures as to avoid harm. And this is commonly pointed to by medicos as a way of saying emotions are your responsibility alone and don’t blame anyone else no matter what they do. It is never stated in that many words but essentially that is what is being said. The reality however is that the obvious forms are not all that there is. ESP is a reality and inside of relationship it is at a premium. Thus to pose danger or point at doing some injustice, the offenders do not need to approach the person they target. In many cases even with a loaded gun they do not need to have “line of sight”. They do not even need to be in the same place exactly. However to have an affect they do need relationship and a high level of insightfulness that is borne out of relationship, even trivial relationship generates some small measure of result that is well above the situation where people are unrelated and have never met. ESP or psi (Insightfulness within relationship) can be greatly increased when a person is placed under fear conditions. And YES, even here a person can be in control, sufficiently as to avoid harm BUT they need to be knowledgeable about the foul play AND they need to fully appreciate the medical misinformation and be able to confidently discard it. And finally real handling of the situation can only be achieved by a non-toxic person as to escape harm and I will discuss that later.

Now for the issue of strokes!

Firstly I want to say that the body has two basic aspects, one is substance and the other is function. They may refer to Yin and Yang in Chinese medicine. Substance includes all the body cells, tissues and organs as also the substances produced by the body, such as hormones and neurotransmitters etc. Functions include the workings of the organs, both alone and in conjunction with other organs. Up until now I have mainly dealt with disturbances of function and most particularly of the heart. Strokes and cancer, which are the subjects of this and following posts, are disturbances of substance.

Strokes, which are the result of foul play (and I suspect possibly the great bulk of them are due to foul play), are the result of an inappropriate immune system response, sometimes combined with intense emotional reactivity or other somatic activity, such as exercise.. Doctors categorize strokes by their outcome, as sudden neurological deficits. By a deficit they mean weakness and/or loss of sensation and/or some loss of function in the body, such as paralysis in the limbs. And they attribute this to a vascular cause. They distinguish between a transient event and a long lasting deficit, saying that for it to be named a stroke the deficit must last for more than a 24 hour period. They also acknowledge the stroke to be of sudden onset because they cannot, given the outcome only, say anything more about it, although they do acknowledge that the cause may have developed over time. There are two main types of strokes documented in the medical literature.

  • Ischaemic, which account for 85% of the incidents. These occur as a result of an obstruction to and thus an interruption of the blood supply to the brain. There are two types of blockages and both are clots. One is called a thrombus and it is a clot that has formed in a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain. The other is called an embolus. This one is a clot which has formed elsewhere in the body and has traveled from that other place in the body to the brain and blocked an artery in the brain. The most common site that is considered to be the originating site of an embolus is the heart.
  • Haemorrhagic which account for the remaining 15% of the incidents.  In this case there is a rupture of an artery in the brain. If there is an aneurysm or excessive localized swelling of the artery wall then there is a weakened area that can burst leading to a streaming out of blood from the vessel into the surrounding brain tissues. 

I want to give you the symptomology that will help you avoid having a stroke very early on. It is way too late to start worrying about what to do with the appearance of symptoms such as

  • severe headache,
  • pain in the back of the eye.
  • Weakness or immobility in the limbs,
  • Slurred or garbled speech
  • Inability to swallow,
  • Language problems
  • Pins and needles,
  • Loss of balance,
  • Confusion

However even these symptoms caught early enough can be used with knowledge to avoid the development of a serious stroke or having a stroke at all. To be able to avoid damage to your brain you need to be able to recognize the very onset of the problem and address the matter before the body reacts so that catastrophic symptoms appear and before a more extensive the area of brain is affected. The greater the area affected of course means more functions are likely lost so arresting the situation as early as possible is of vital importance.

In this post I am going to discuss the second type, the haemorrhagic stroke.

There are two stages. The one is causing in what the toxic people’s jargon is called “plugs”. And they have the audacity to say things like “what I am doing now is not really dangerous” in an effort to put the targeted person off guard. This idea may or may not be conscious and may be something the person would dismiss. In the first instance it indicates that there is no danger. However note also that such a statement is general so it can be used as a suggestive idea. This is most often mistaken by an unsuspecting person as firstly their own idea and not a presentation and secondly to have meaning with respect to something that the person is doing. And here again I want to emphasise that the toxic mob does not divine anything out of the blue. They have more than reliable information, they have definite information because it is always “an inside job”. Someone close to the victim has reason for doing the harm. A stroke, even more than a heart problem, amounts to a most brutal means of gaining power and influence over another person.

In the first stage the aim is to cause the targeted person’s body to undergo an emergency immune response. And the person is experiencing fear but does not realize it. They may only feel hot because they have no information about danger and what they do have is subconscious because the people who pose the danger are only relationally entangled with the victim and not any closer in relationship. Just enough danger is posed to make the person insightful so that they will perceive what is being presented. However as the images will be revolting or extremely distasteful most people will shun them almost immediately and try to avoid them, which means the ideas become unconscious very quickly. However that does not help the person because those ideas are still in mind and may still be operative. This only requires a general statement, which if accepted effectively makes those ideas relevant. Thus as I have shown in the illustration above, if the woman is frying something and it can be seen from a distance or even only heard by the people who set up “the game”, then her actions can serve for both the revolting idea and the general statement/suggestive idea. “What is getting fried” may sound like a question but it can be used as two phrases. First phrase “what is” can then we indicating an image and in this case it is one of her brain. And note too that “what is” can also serve as a suggestion of something as being real. And the other phrase “getting fried” then is used to relate to the first phrase. So what sounds like a question to her and may pass as a question is not a question. Even more simply a suggestion of “it is being fried” is likely to be accepted without question, without doubt of it even being their own thought. What is “it”? The suggestion is general! Accepting this suggestion means the person has effectively opened the door to harm because they are accepting ideas, some of which are unconscious, in mind as valid. And ideas act as directives to the body. Incredible as it may seem but the body does not question the matter. If there are thoughts such as this in mind the immune system will immediately swing into action. The aim, which is to ignite the immune system to react to perceived damage in the brain, is accomplished once the woman accepts these ideas in mind. Thus blood and blood/immune fluids will build-up as the first stage of a repair job. This may affect a major artery and/or an area of the brain and a lot depends on the imagery and ideas in mind. This part of the process is what they, i.e., the evil people (evil mob) call “creating plugs”.

In the second stage the aim is to move the plugs and cause a haemorrhage in the brain so the blood pressure needs to rise significantly and extremely rapidly. In such an event the blood vessel walls where a build-up has occurred will not be able to withstand the pressure and burst and an area of the brain becomes flooded with blood. Even if the vessel does not break there could still be a considerable seepage of blood because remember this is a repair site and the blood vessel walls are modified to accommodate more movement of blood into surrounding tissues than normal. The way this is done is to suddenly present extreme danger, again through insightful means. The armed criminals, who had been relationally entangled with the targeted person, are in the vicinity of the person sufficiently to pose real, albeit potential danger. In the illustration I have used there is direct line of sight, which can be obtained from another building as for instance another apartment block. However that does not need to be the case. An armed criminal, with a key to an apartment can walk up to the person’s front door and still pose a similar threat because remember criminal intent is a very powerful tool and one that is most certainly a part of the foul play. Any indication of a direct and immediate shot to the victim as can be presented can affect an unsuspecting person. Even more gruesomely an idea of blowing the targeted person’s head off can cause serious conditions in an unsuspecting person. And I should mention here that while the relationally entangled criminals may hold such an idea as to being shot, it is not likely that they alone are the upholders of such an idea. It is the primary offender, the one closely related to the victim that offers up the idea and presents it to the victim.

If the person becomes intensely fearful or worse still terrified, which is most likely, then the person’s heart will beat extremely fast and the blood pressure will rise to an extremely high level. And again a coping habit may come into play. If it is an EMCM it can have a very significant additive effect because it will help the person become unaware of the extremely unpleasant ideas, and possibly very quickly but it will be a very hefty price because their blood pressure will soar to a very unnaturally high level. Such high blood pressure will have a devastating effect if the area is already weaken by an immune reaction.

This second stage is what they (the evil people) talk of as “unplugging” or “pooling” him or her, whoever the person is that is being maltreated.


How to overcome the odds?

You can escape harm and it is relatively easy.



to be continued…


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