SOLUTIONS. What you can do to prevent heart problems!

What you can do to

1. prevent a heart problem from developing AND

2. reduce your risk of suffering from heart attack and/or heart failure to ZERO.

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)

      A. What you can do with respect to symptoms.

There are two main signs and symptoms in the physiological evidence with respect to very early detection of possible heart problems that are the result of foul play.

  1. the long term presence of anxiety and/or panic attacks and/or depression.
  2. A long period, typically weeks of one of the following
  • irritation and/or anger. And most particularly when the person feels excessively irritated over trivial issues. Or alternatively the person feels unusually hot for an extended period of time, especially with intermittent periods of moodiness or mood changes.
  • Anxiety. This is immediate and short term relatively speaking. Again typically a week to two weeks. If this anxiety is severe you must address it urgently. There are two symptoms that give you a good gauage on how much your heart is affected. One is the heart beat to blood pressure comparison. If your blood pressure looks normal and even a bit lower than normal but your heart beat is higher than normal then that is a bad sign and means that your heart has become ineffective as a pump. The other sign is the presence of vibration in the body, most particularly in the arms and legs but also in the larger muscles of the body. Muscles vibrate when there is insufficient oxygen to generate energy. 

Both of these symptoms are red flags, indicating foul play. And such symptoms come well before a sudden spike of metabolic activity due to fear, which may or may not be conscious. So there is time in which to take stock of what is happening. A person’s emotional state is highly relevant and may I say loudly, ought not to be treated as delusional. It is a serious somatic symptom and not something psychological and “all in your head”. A great deal of anger over things that are trivial or constant ongoing irritation and/or anxiety are both serious somatic warning signs that point to hidden issues that need to be discovered and addressed.

The one key area that needs urgent addressing, even when there are no symptoms or danger, is the coping mechanism and the desire of a comfort zone. Reducing the coping habit significantly reduces the risk of damage to the heart.

Death or serious damage results from the victim’s reaction to the circumstances when they are ignorant of the truth of their situation and what they can do. Neither the guns nor the criminal intent of malicious individuals nor all their hate combined in the wake of the worst possible potential that they may hold can cause death or even serious injury. Nor even the lack of moral support owing to erroneous public opinion about anxiety and anger. The targeted person’s reaction is the deciding factor. I have repeatedly faced this sort of foul play and I definitely experienced fear. However owing to my practice of meditation and raised awareness, my discovery of the truth of what is done, which means I have knowledge, and the work I had done to unlearn the coping mechanism to an absolute minimum, I have not only avoided death but any injury to my heart or other organs whatsoever. The intense fear that I had sometimes experienced had come on the top of basal metabolism and not a raised metabolism. Fear is not stress nor weakness, but a beneficial and necessary emotion. Fear not only signals danger it enables higher and more pointed levels of alertness. And further to that fear enables the body to power up to deal with the situation as is best appropriate. It is not weakness to detect danger, but strength. And with knowledge of the foul play one overcomes the low discriminative stage of fear because they don’t need to gather information, they have it already! The person no longer needs to rely on the medical opinion, which on no evidence trashes the person’s ESP evidence, their gut feeling and treats them as delusional citing imaginary danger as the cause.

Fear does not kill. It is fear in conjunction with a coping mechanism that kills when it is brought to bear with crushing force over and above an existing condition of anger and high metabolism. Thus a minimal or no coping mechanism is vital to survival. The removal of the coping habit not only preventing somatic dysfunction and disease but furthermore allows for a higher level of insightfulness. The greater the level of a person’s insight, the more chance that person has of determining the truth of their circumstances. They can discover and address any issue that is ordinarily not visible and thereby they may avoid unnecessary emotional reactivity. By minimizing emotional reactivity a person can at least seriously reduce the danger to their life.

My meditational experience has been very helpful in enabling me to make use of intuitive perception, as well as conscious use of insightfulness and thereby to realize almost all of, if not all of what is being played out “behind my back”. I survived serious danger unscathed and such danger has been posed for many hours, after weeks of many very aggravating conditions. Armed criminals surrounded my home one night from around eleven o’clock until 4am the next morning and I strongly suspect that they were toxic police. I not only survived but I began work building a fence in my front yard at 10am that very morning as I had scheduled to do! This is testimony as to how much can be achieved if firstly one has knowledge of the sorts of dirty games that are played AND secondly one can do away with coping mechanism and not try to avoid anything unpleasant. In making a commitment to forgo comfort zones for ever. In being able to study the coping mechanism that had plagued me years earlier that had at that time ravaged my health, I was able to overcome it to such an extent as to overcome repeated serious challenges to my life.

However since then I have discovered one more very important piece of information. This I could have used, if I had known about it to remove the threat completely. I have used it since and with spectacular results. Indeed they have taken enormous measures to counter my efforts and have failed to affect me.

       B. Counter attacking the enemy in the mind.

What is this all about.. attacking the enemy in the mind????

All of what I am going to say goes against the current beliefs of people and the basis of those beliefs that come from science. These are firstly that the mind is generated by the brain and /or brain activity. That all ideas are made in your head and that you are the author of all those ideas and thoughts. And that consciousness is just arises out of brain activity.

You will have done enough experiments by now to realize that this is far from the truth. ESP or psi, within relationship AND where the issue is relevant and significant to the person’s life is seen in no uncertain terms. It is real. It is this that is currently being denied by science. And it is denied despite the evidence that they have. The argument is no argument. “I don’t believe ESP is real because it just can’t be” is their argument. Of course their problem is that the current paradigm doesn’t explain it and worse than that, psi/ ESP as also consciousness threaten to bring down many well cherished scientific foundations. Indeed the foundation of all foundations and that is that materialism is all that there is. They are looking to explain everything, including consciousness as having arisen or arising out of the physical. It is all explained here! There is nothing else!

So the source of the ideas that either seem to “just pop into your head” or that are fleeting or even unconscious arise out of your brain activity.. that’s all. This is wrong. Both consciousness and ideas exist and are not physical. There are two aspects to reality.. at least that we know.. and they are the material or form and the non-material or spiritual / mental.

There is one discrepancy that I would like to point out here but it is only a matter of semantics. Some people call the spiritual /mental as “the mind” and as against the material / physical. I call the lot “The Mind” and say that The Mind or Reality has two aspects, they being form/material/ physical and spiritual/mental. However as it is most people’s practice to talk about the material and the mind, I will most of the time refer to these as most other do.

Now there is another shocking truth.

The strategy and methods I will put forth most certainly works BUT they only when you (as a warrior) are a theist or even if you are an agnostic who accepts that God exists but has questions about God. If you are a theist it does not matter to which religion you belong because there is only one God and no one has the sole rights on God. I’d like to say here that there is no atheistic or polytheistic religion, regardless of the appearances. There is always a Godhead or Oneness, which is God. The Buddha never said Hinduism is wrong nor stated that the Godhead or Brahman was not real.

No one can know God. However how we see God and how we relate to God is valid no matter which way is chosen because that choice is valid only from the point of view of worship. If you are agnostic who questions if God exists your ability is diminished, and more particularly if you are an atheist then I’m afraid it’s bad luck! If you are toxic then it is real bad luck! I make no apologies here. The reality is that the power is with God, the creator, sustainer and dissolver/destroyer of all the Realities. If you don’t accept God then you cannot make use of the power of the mind. If you are toxic then you are completely impotent. The devil has NO power.. like ZERO! The evil people, who collectively create “The Adversary” or what is in Greek call the Dia-bolo or two poled translated as the devil, are not powerful, not in the least little bit. They use deception, treachery and intimidation to try and cheat the other party into believing in something that is just a fabrication. The power that they acquire is really an illusion. They are kidding themselves and they know it. They basically kick a person who is down. That is to say that only a person who unknowingly or mistakenly believes the mirage that is created can be harmed because the evil people gain an open door. But here again, they have no direct effect or power. What they are doing is to cause the person to believe in a set up condition and thereby to react somatically.. adversely. The harm is none other than somatic dysfunction. There are other similar tricks that are used but they are not relevant here.

And I will make this note here, that people calling themselves atheists, who believe in an existence other than the physical, which is all-encompassing and most particularly as imbued with intelligence or the source of intelligence and consciousness, is, in my definition a theist or at the very least an Agnostic 1. There are a lot of people calling themselves atheist because they do not accept the existence of God under the definitions given by some or even all religions. I do not believe that we as mortal beings, as elements within the system can define the system, define God. We can see evidence for God’s existence but we cannot say anything about God that defines God.

Okay now, with all that said I will go on to discuss the two lines of defence.

  1. A counter attack that is a pre-emptive, preventative measure
  2. A counter attack taken in action, ie while under attack.

I will introduce here my terminology with respect to this matter because it is convenient and because I want to start using it in later posts. A mental attack is essentially the use of pathological ideas to cause a person to react adversely. I call the pathological idea a padea. It is made up of the first syllable “pa-“ from the word ‘pathological’ and the last part of the word idea, thus “–dea” so the word padea and padeas for plural. I will digress here for a short time to go over this matter of mental attack, ie the use of padeas to do harm. I want to elucidate this matter a bit more because I did not discuss it earlier in relation to heart attack. I also want to introduce the subject in a way that helps you defend yourself.

There are two basic ways that a person can be harmed and even killed indirectly, that is by the use of padeas (pathological ideas).

One way is what evil people do. They set up conditions of real danger, as for instance the use of gun-carrying individuals or GCIs, armed not only with guns but keys to the door of the targeted person’s house. They then use those conditions to power the padeas that they present to the person targeted. Essentially it is a con. The danger posed and the padeas presented are totally unrelated but when they occur together the targeted person feels fear, doesn’t know the source of the danger and mistakenly attributes the fear that they feel to the ideas that they perceive in mind, which of course have been presented to them by the offenders. And often there are general statements that also aid in bring the targeted person to believing in some condition that is also not real. If you recall the allergy example. The woman reacted to the idea of some harm on her finger, which she would have suppressed so was unconscious. However the general statement of “it’s on” was needed because in response in her mind to this statement she says “yes”. Of course she thinks this is about the ring is on her finger, but the statement “it’s on” can be made into a suggestion and when she responds in her mind with yes she is allowing another idea, the padea, the idea of harm coming to her finger.

In this example the idea itself is erroneously associated with the fear she feels but what she doesn’t realize is that the idea and the fear are not related. The fear arises due to the danger she perceived by the arrival of people with whom she has been relationally entangled. The idea is not the source of the danger.

“Well” you may say, he got them there and he gave them a key, and he could tell them to kill her!” This is a very good point and it needs elucidation. She is giving permission here but how? Ironically enough it arises through logic, reasoning!

When we say

“they are criminals who would kill and have killed before,

they have a loaded gun

they could come into the house

THEREFORE they could kill me” (or “they can kill me”!)

Right there you have given consent.. permission.


When you say, even as the result of reasoning, “they could kill me” or worse still “they can kill me” then you are putting a condition in mind that is an affirmative. It is as simple as that. And remember it is “the mind” and not belonging to anyone. When you uphold an idea, you don’t uphold it “in your mind”, you uphold it “in mind”. You are not convinced by all this. That is because of social conditioning AND scientific.. should I say the words????.. what the heck.. scientific bull shit of the medical kind. And yet science.. physics that is, offers us the way to salvation, fhe way by which we can close the door and prevent the harm, deny permission.

We live in a universe of choice. We don’t fully appreciate this because of the conditioning AND because unwittingly we continually open doors for criminals, con men and con women etc.

We see clearly in quantum physics that whatever the scientist chooses to see, is what he or she sees. And indeed the results need to be tied back to the observer to make them meaningful.

“Wait a minute”, you say “this is at the sub-atomic level”. The experiment that is done is not at the sub-atomic level, and neither is the scientist! Only the particle is at the sub-atomic level. However we are looking at one tiny part. If we can do this for one tiny part we can do it for the whole. In any case there is no part. In reality no particle exists. We cannot divide reality. That is what many scientists are coming to realize. Many of them are saying we may never find a fundamental particle because we cannot divide reality.

I can vouch for this reality but you need to discover this for yourselves. You need to do the experiments. You need to use these means and discover. And I might add something here that is also used by evil people to betray those that they want to victimize. What they do is to say to something like this is “try it and see what happens.” It sounds logical and sound advice but it is a con and for two reasons.

  1. Partly it is a threat “try it and see what happens”. They will of course look to use danger here.
  2. Partly it turns the matter into a contest or challenge. This means it becomes a game of chance and that means they get to have an input, which of course they are not going to verbalize. They will do it in their usual manner, which is to present an outcome and hence affect your thinking. Remember the mind is a common platform on which we all participate.

So what can the woman do in the example above? That brings us to the second way in which harm can be done indirectly. In the first case, the one which evil people do, the harm is mischief and a crime. In the second case however, the harm is really damage or destruction that is legitimate. You have an absolute right to self-defence. In most cases it suffices to use a threat to stop them but you can destroy them too. I will only address the matter of using a threat to stop them in this discourse as you don’t need anything more here.

The other way is what a non-toxic, humane person can do to defend themselves and that is to use their mental power. A humane/ non-toxic person has real mental power and that together with the nature of the universe in which we live gives them a formidable position. Let me first spell out though, and very clearly before I say any more, that no one can pick on another person and say “Oh I don’t like them I will present them with some pathological ideas and thereby do them harm”. That cannot be done. So how can the non-toxic use their mental power? They can use their mental power in one of two ways.

1.   The pre-emptive, preventative counter.

To understand this position it is important to appreciate that when a crime is done, a debt is incurred and that debt can be immediately collected by the victim and/or anyone else that is adversely affected owing to harm done to the victim. So for instance a child (even an adult child), who is dependent on a parent for some reason that affects their life and wellbeing, does have a position to collect on a debt that has been incurred owing to a crime done to the parent. Furthermore the intent to do a crime is a crime. So before the offenders can make a move, the very position of intending to take action gives the targeted person/ potential victim a position because the intent to do a crime is a crime. This means that a padea can be used by the targeted non-toxic person and used effectively to stop the offenders from being able to make a move against them. I am not taking here about the debt to society. That is a matter of the laws of a state. When a crime is committed actually three debts are incurred. One is the debt to the victim and those that are hurt by the victim’s incapacitation or death. This is the debt that can be collected and one does not do anything physical. You do not go and buy a gun or a knife and go and kill the person. You only need to take action in the mind. That is the right way. The third debt is to the Oneness and again that is not something that an ordinary person can deal with. Only those that are warriors for Justice can act at this level. However a warrior for Justice can also deal with a debt of any and all humane peoples and all life.

The woman in the above example can use a pre-emptive counter, which I call a counter-padea. Note a padea is a crime. A counter-padea is not a crime. Yes harm and even death can occur in ways I do not describe here but it is action taken in self-defence and hence legitimate action. This is the same as saying a soldier who kills the enemy in a legitimate war is not committing murder. It is lawful killing.

2,    The counter attack taken in action, ie while under attack.

This is straight forward because anyone who is taking action to do a crime is incurring a debt so a counter-padea can be used by the targeted non-toxic person to stop the offenders in their tracks and if they are fool enough not to stop they can be killed. A bit more is required but even with that much they will suffer harm.

 to be continued.

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