How lay people can do the experiments needed for discovery.

Finding evidence is important not only to prove the matter but to realize the way that one can overcome the problem. At present ESP is basically boo hooed so the evidence the person has can be trashed. Doctors have monetary vested interests in not doing the experiments that need to be done. It is for lay, humane people to form groups and do the experiments as far as seeing what conditions can be created.

We do not want to cause the subjects to have a heart attack or heart failure. We only want to appreciate how the heart and the vascular system (the system of vessels, ie arteries and veins in the body) can be adversely affected. AND that is to say the cardiovascular system being adversely affected owing to emotions like anger and anxiety. You can also appreciate that when the emotional reactivity stops and the person’s body returns to rest, then within days the damage is repaired and it can be done even faster. Then you can appreciate what you can do to take preventative measures.

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)

You need to do two experiments. One is the actual experiment that mimics the foul play and the other is a control exercise. The control experiment is exactly the same as the real experiment but without the test conditions or to say it in scientific terms the control experiment is double blinded.

Our test conditions are relationship and emotional reactivity so in the control:

  1. the baby-sitter the paedophile and the husband are all unknown to each other, so
  2. NO relational entanglement can be established between the mother and the paedophile.
  3. without relationship no ESP is strong enough to have an effect so either no emotional reactivity arises or emotional reactivity that is too weak to have any appreciable affect on the heart.

So we are taking four unrelated people in the control and four related people in the actual experiment. And note here that in parapsychology all experiments are double blinded for a variety of reasons, such as they do not want sensory information to be conveyed. This is an important issue but double blinding is not the answer. Double blinding means relationship is removed from the equation and thus so is the strong ESP or psi, which arises out of relationship. You can’t do an experiment that relies on the use of ESP (or investigates ESP) for the vast majority of people under situations where strong ESP is removed /disallowed. The foul play relies on ESP. Without ESP nothing is achievable. BUT it is important to also say that the success of the foul play very much depends on the ignorance of the person targeted. They must be ignorant of the foul play but they must also be ignorant of the truth or in other words they must be misled by the medical information. This means that the ideas that they perceive, they believe are their own thoughts and that they are all generated in their brains, so the medical picture that is presented to the public is believed by that individual. In other words they have to be deceived all round.

Deceiving a subject, even for an experiment is a stumbling block for humane people. However consider two important points. Firstly the person will not be harmed. Secondly and most importantly that person, when told what has happened will be able to appreciate how vulnerable they have been and how much they can do to overcome that vulnerability. They become empowered by the realizations that they make. This is of great benefit. So while the person is deceived they are also helped to a stage of empowerment in the end.

 Without relationship and ESP

  • no trust can be manufactured in the mother for the baby-sitter
  • no significant emotions such as fear/anger/anxiety can be generated in the mother because the issues that give rise to these, ie danger, violation/betrayal and perplexity and the need to resolve the first two issues cannot be adequately created.

I say significant emotion and “adequately created” because I want to take into account the fact that some people are much more intuitive than others. So we have to be aware that even without relationship (and the benefit of insight) some people may be aware (due to intuition). Intuition is very weak in most people, so they will only be vaguely aware of “something wrong” and maybe not enough to cause any significant emotion.

There are differences in the level of coping habit people use and this plays an important role. We are all aware of everyone and everything else in the universe but this level of awareness is lost, partly to the mental fuzz and partly to the strong identification with the body and the sense of I-ness that we all have. The reason is that it causes us to hold strong neural signals in the brain for our awareness of personal /ego self compared with the awareness of others, and the more removed those others the less the awareness of them that we may maintain. This is one reason. Another reason is that a person who is being continually stressed is a person who is being continually influenced adversely through ESP and that makes them a lot more aware of this faculty. It is not that the faculty is more or less in people but a question of how much mental fuzz do they maintain and how much experience do they have in the use of that faculty?

It is worth saying something here about how much a person trusts and relies on their gut feeling. In some cases it can be the difference between harm and no harm, indeed even life and death. It is also important for humane people to understand how they can be mislead to misbelieve their gut feelings. All people trust their gut feelings and in a person who is being maltreated that gut feeling becomes a key factor in their survival so they will make special note of it. The observance of their gut feeling also makes it stronger, their level of direct mental perception or ESP is strengthened.

Because a victim’s gut feeling is strengthened, many toxic people look to betray the person they victimize so as to cause them to doubt their gut instinct, to weaken their survival tools. The way this is done is to set up real conditions of danger so as to cause fear. It doesn’t have to be a danger to the person’s life. It might be a danger to their job security for instance.  

After the person is made to “sweat about it” for a time, the foul play is ended so that danger is no longer an issue. The toxic person in the victim’s life, who befriends them or is their relative, or their boss at work, so is often a person they trust and may even confide in, will then make the statement,

“you see.. you were all worried about it or all fearful that so and so could happen and look everything is okay, your worry / fear was misplaced”.

What they are really saying is

“you got it wrong, your gut feeling was wrong”.

It sounds convincing on the physical evidence that the person may have, as for instance a promotion rather than the sack. It may then cause them to doubt themselves in the future and that then gives the toxic people an edge.

Being able to create issues means, in a sense being able to “generating emotion” in the targeted person. This is critical because without emotions, which is nothing other than bodily reactivity, no affect can be brought to bear on the person’s heart and/or vascular system. And note that the emotional reactivity goes on and on as long as the issues are current, i.e., the foul play goes on and on. And the issues will be maintained and even intensified in order to control the adverse conditions generated in the target’s body. The emotions that are aroused and for the length of time that they are made to ensure, are the critical factors that makes the next part of the foul play or in the toxic people’s language, in the “next procedure”, fruitful!

So in the experiment we need to be able to anger the mother, and to cause her fear and worry. And we need to do the tests that show what resulting “medical conditions” are created. With anger there are three key areas that we can have the targeted person examined and some of the tests may need to be done by a doctor. Where a doctor is needed to do the tests I would strongly advise you to tell the doctor nothing. Just front up for a test as would anybody in the community. “Doctor I want my cholesterol levels test as a routine test to make sure I’m not suffering from heart disease”. And as you will need several tests each time go to a different doctor. It will not influence the tests made. It is important to do a test right at the start to test for the person’s health.

Even key people sitting around talking about what they might do is a violation of the person because intent is also a crime, a violation and this will cause the subject to become angry.

A key effects of ongoing anger is damage to the interior walls of the arteries owing to continuous high blood pressure. The body generates cholesterol and other substances to do the repair work and these then will be in a higher concentration in the blood stream. So we need to be certain that these substances are not getting into the blood stream through what they injest. So to see this we need to put the person on a cholesterol & fat free diet and after about a week have the second cholesterol test done. The person is then angered for the next week. They may also worry about how to deal with the anger or the issues behind the anger. This causes the form of anxiety which involves anger and worry. It is one form of pathological stress. So say every two days have another cholesterol test done. The person will go to three more doctors and say the same to each. They do not get told of any experiment nor of the existence of other doctors and other tests having been done. They just get their cholesterol tests as if it is the first time. They may also get blood pressure tests as well, as a check against the meters one buys at the pharmacy.

The heart rate and blood pressure can be tested frequently using equipment that can be bought in a pharmacy or sports store. Another piece of equipment that is worthwhile and cheap is a peak flow meter. This equipment is recommended in determining the early warning signs of asthma. It measures the performance of a person’s airways, ie the tubes to the lungs and the lungs. The person blows into it and it is calibrated to give a reading in litres of air/ minute. This is also something that you will appreciate differentiates between the two major forms of anxiety. If a person is suffering from anxiety then this reading will be less than if they are relaxed since their heart-lung system is conflicted. If a person is suffering from anger alone, then this reading may be greater, just as it would be after doing exercises for say 10-15 minutes. If they are suffering from worry along then the reading will be less than or the same as at rest conditions.

Remember that if the heart is affected, whether adversely or otherwise, then the lungs will also become similarly affected; So for example if the heart speeds up the breathing becomes deeper and possibly also more forceful if the heart accelerates to a very high rate. If the breathing becomes deeper and forceful then the heart will speed up. If the breathing becomes more subtle then the heart will move to a slower tempo. In our experiment if only fear and/or anger are present then a greater lung capacity is used. If worry is also present, this will act against the conditions of fear and/or anger and will create disharmony in the heart-lung system. The lungs will be working hard but the output capacity is reduced because the lungs are at the same time trying to breathe deeply and shallowly. So even though they are working rapidly, the volume of air exhaled, which is a function of the lung’s capacity is less.

Another test you need to do is for blood sugars. You will find that while the person is angry their blood sugar levels will rise. This is because anger moves the body to greater activity. It is also important to note that if the anger is continuous then the blood sugars will rise only slightly and may even go back to normal as the body only uses extra sugar at the beginning of greater activity. It then switches to using carbohydrates and fats for fuel. If the anger however is episodic then the blood sugars will rise and remain high. I will explain that in the next section on type 2 diabetes. However just to say here that if the anger is episodic then the energy producing processes in the body are ignited again and again so the first part of the cycle is repeated over and over again.

You can also measure a person’s heart rate and blood lung performance pressure after a minute or two on a treadmill. You will find significant differences between the person who is simply angry and the person who is stressed (anxious or has an emotion/coping habit mix that is distressing).

The person who is angry will not experience any difficulties but the person who is stressed will and if their anxiety is even moderate they should not do any more than they are comfortable doing. Stressed is not a term defined by the medicos. It is seen as a whole range that is left more or less without real definition in physical terms. A significant difference is seen in anxiety that arises from a fear/ worry mix, especially if these emotions are moderate to intense. However an even more distressing form of anxiety arises when the person is angry and worried. Fear simply accelerates the heart and hence the breathing becomes more rapid. However anger results from deeper more forceful breathing, and remember worry tries to force the heart to a slower pace and the lungs to a more subtle breath. This means that a breathing pattern arises, swinging between deep / forceful breathing and shallow / subtle breathing, which is very harmful to the heart. The heart will be trying to accelerate and decelerate at the same time but in a way that is more directly influenced.

In fear and worry it is actions of the SNS and the PNS that are at odds and they affect the heart through hormonal changes, that is to say indirectly. It is rapid.. yes but not as immediate. In the case of anger and worry we have the lungs, which receive and deliver blood from and to the heart directly, trying to be more forceful and take in more air and at the same time as trying to create softer breathing and take in less air. If the anger and worry are extreme then this has an immediate and very harmful effect on the heart.

So in the control exercise you do not “introduce” the mother to the paedophile, indeed you cannot introduce her to the paedophile because the baby-sitter doesn’t know him. YOu could have two or three people arriving at different times so that you can verify that even during the experiment only the one that is the real one is entangled. In the control you do not give any seed ideas and again you cannot give seed ideas because the people are all ignorant of what is going on. You want to avoid all of the test conditions. We want to see what happens when those influences are absent so that you can be sure that the effects you observe in the actual experiment are only present when the test conditions are present. Only when you see that nothing happens when the test conditions are absent can you be sure that when they are present, they are responsible for the mother’s vascular problems. So go through all the other aspects as for instance bring the paedophile into the park, you could have the paedophile make a “wrong number” call to the baby sitter and you can have the mother in a building some streets away at some phoney work. She must believe that whatever she is doing is the real experiment but which is really unrelated to the real experiment. You will find that the mother remains unaware unless she is highly intuitive, in which case you may get a small effect while the paedophile is in the park or on the phone. However this effect will be insignificant compared with that that you will see during the actual experiment. (note: intuition is not dependent on personal relationship.)

For the actual experiment introduce the mother to the paedophile by the method I outlined in the earlier section on toxic people.

We do not want to make the child insightful at the beginning so make sure the child is not able to see out, whether infant or not. If the introduction takes place in the street then make sure the child is in the house. Once the introduction has taken place you can then manufacture trust and proceed to increasingly trouble the subject at the workplace you create.

However we DO NOT give the mother any hint about what is going on, not the slightest, whether verbal or sensory or insightful!  And you need to be able to take the woman’s pulse at least if not examine her breathing as well at different stages throughout her troubling. You will find that you will at least see a marked increase in her heart rate. It would be good too if you can also measure her sweat rates. The heart rate and sweat rate together are a measure of anxiety.

The child’s disposition will be good and remain good at all times the experiment because we want to make the mother believe she is unjustifiably worried. The image of a happy child is something that is used by toxic individuals to stand against the woman’s better judgement. Her judgement of course is based on her insightful perception. This is what the medical industry dismiss and even call it a sign of mental illness. It is however the real means and information and vitally important information that a person has to use to be able to overcome the effects of and even avoid toxic relationships. This is what the woman will come to appreciate at the end of the experiment because she will be able to appreciate that her feelings were correct.

Psychiatrists trash the information gained through insightful perception and anyone who refuses to allow their gut feelings to be trashed is taken to be “rigid”. A psychiatrist’s “bias” will be to diagnose them as being seriously mentally ill. This helps toxic people to do harm to others. So it is very important to demonstrate the reality of psi and how it is misused to do harm.

Over time she will either become anxious, or simply angry and that depends on whether you keep her feeling her child is in danger or that she is being violated. And where she is angered we use obvious but trivial incidents that will keep her anger alive but the real anger is of course being violated but that anger is subconscious, she will only be aware of heat in her body. And depending on how she is being violated she may become aware of irritation or moodiness that surfaces now and then. She will also feel frustration when things go wrong in her life in general. She may also feel out of control of any situation. The reason this happens is because “things going wrong” or “being out of control” reflects on the real issues where things are really wrong and she is out of control. If she is more consciously aware she may feel there is a problem so she may become worried, because remember no amount of thinking the matter through will help her resolve the problem. She doesn’t have enough pieces to the puzzle if she is ignorant of the foul play and the one key piece that she does have, her gut feelings, she is encouraged to treat with contempt by the medical industry.

Anger and worry combination adversely affect her breathing. In this experiment it is ill advised to use a subject for the mother who is asthmatic. Apart from the unnecessary suffering we would cause an asthmatic, an asthmatic does not serve our purpose. We want to see the processes that lead to disease so we want to see the effects on a healthy individual. 

To fuel the violation of the mother, she should be told by all others that as she can see her child is okay she must only be imagining things. This is a very good way to incite the anger and bring it to the surface because she feels it is unjust and rightly so. As her source of information though is insightful and not sensory, the cause of her anger will not be clear to her. One important thing to see here is that only the emotion that is freshly generated becomes conscious because it is the manifest changes of function in the body and inescapably experienced that attracts the attention because it is new and of interest. An experience that has become common place looses that focus of interest and thus becomes unconscious. 

Once a serious violation as the presence of paedophile is established and the mother reaches a state of being angry. We can keep her angry by anchoring her anger to something which is conscious but trivial, so at her work we create trivial aggravating conditions. Trivial violations will continually inflame her anger. To do that the trivial violations must reflect the real violations through the use of seed ideas and innuendo. For instance one or two of her co-workers, who know the real situation, could somehow encroach on her space or very nearly spoil some of her work. The aggravations must be a trivial ones but alluding to the real violations regarding her child. With each trivial violation the mother’s irritation will increase but she will be perplexed as to why she is so angry over small things. One added way that can help to keep the mother aggravated is to verbally attack the mother, as for instance by calling her petty for getting angry over trivia and by naming her “just an angry person”, that she is “finding fault with others” etc to belittle her. There is a psychiatric conjecture that claims such a person is really projecting outwardly onto someone else their own inner faults. I will explain this later because it is commonly taken on board by toxic people as a way of attacking a person publicly. Such conjecture is not based on sound reasoning. The problem is certainly “within” but that within is not within a person but within the mind. And the mind is neither inside a person’s head nor something manufactured by their brain’s activity. The mind, as we can begin to realize, is a common platform, a non-physical place through which we all interact.

How angry can we get the mother? How fearful? How worried? We must also appreciate that this is an experiment and not real life. So a great deal depends on how realistically the events can be played out, as to how much the mother will become anxious or angry. In real life we have real malice harboured in the heart-mind of the toxic people and no checks and balances –the danger is real and children are occasionally abducted and/or molested. In an exercise all this is really absent. However if we use a real co-operative paedophile and people who will, for the sake of the experiment habor sufficient ill intent then we can still get sufficient effect to demonstrate what harm can be done.

If the conditions of the experiment are realistic enought we will she the mother’s heart rate and blood pressure will go up as she becomes fearful and angry. There may be also changes depending on the type of coping habit she exhibits, so the heart’s rhythm and strength may be also affected. You may also observe that denials of the truth or trivializing of the matter by co-workers who are “in the know” will create far greater irritation than the same or similar comments made by co-workers who speak out of ignorance. You may also observe that when a mother’s concerns about her child are played down as insignificant, owing to a “lack of evidence”, those comments can cause enormous emotional problems for the mother. You can see that in the control experiment, where the mother is not relationally entangled and insightful, that even a comment reflecting the truth does not arouse any serious emotional reactivity.

The experiment is done in a progression to gain a view of increasing anxiety in the mother. To increase the anxiety bit by bit you need to increase the adverse stimulus bit by bit so the paedophile can be asked to:- 

1.   Only drive up opposite or outside the house, park his car and walk away to begin with,

2.   Upon his arrival co-workers involved in the game can be informed by mobile phone, which of course will appear as a personal call. And care must be taken that nothing is said verbally or mentally that arouses any suspicion.  

 Co-workers should be thinking to themselves of what is going on but should not be addressing her mentally with what is going on.

We want all the woman’s reactivity to arise out of insightful perceptions. We want the issues to remain hidden and only an awareness of the emotions, which arise as a result of those issues, is realized. She will be insightful of what is going on at her house because she is related to all parties. Of course a person knowledgeable of foul play can mentally perceive exactly what is happening. Thus we want her to be ignorant.

3.   Next he could be asked to relax in a park next to the house if there is one, or alternatively in the next door house and have a beer, so that he is there for at least fifteen or twenty minutes.

4.   He could then stand outside the mother’s house and chat to the baby sitter about the weather via a mobile phone.

5.   Again outside the mother’s house their chat could turn to the mother and child but nothing said with respect to molesting a child. This can then be repeated with reference to molesting a child in the past or plans to do so in the future.

6.   Lastly paedophile walks up the front steps of the house, knocks on the door and chats to the baby sitter directly. The child must remain out of sight of the paedophile in another room. (Note a very insightful person will glimpse the presence of a stranger in the house and more so if the child has seen them, even if they are no speaking yet as for instance an infant). The incident of chatting is then relayed by phone to a co-worker and while nothing specific is said on the phone to indicate anything of what is going on, jokes can be made that reflect the danger and the pitfall that exists for mother and child. And such comments must be made obliquely as for instance, “we could see a weather change” or “it could get very hot” and so on. They must not say anything even remotely obvious, so that the mother does not hear anything or “pick up” on anything mentally that can fuel her suspicious. She must be denied all sensory and direct mental information about the paedophile and his movements.

You want to see just how badly a person can be distressed AND realize that is is all emotional reactivity and the comfort zone, both of which arise owing to ideas that are presented and perceived insightfully. So we see that that distress is not psychological but disturbances in body functions, especially of the heart. Both conflicting emotions sustained over time and a coping habit added to the mix are the very nature of stress. When a person cannot address the issues they try to escape their unpleasant circumstances in a comfort zone, a zone of fuzz but that is deadly. You need to observe the mother’s concerns for her child’s safety and her anxiety, irritation and anger for being violated, none of which she can substantiate and prove to anyone else, who is not involved. It shows us how accurate our insight is and how much a person can be adversely affected when that insight is invalidated. It also shows us how our emotions can be used as pointers. Fear points to danger, anger points to violations, worry points to hidden information as to make a matter perplexing. And while the mother is allowed to go and see her child to alleviate her fears whenever she wants to, she will not see anything wrong and finds her child is happy. To make certain the mother sees nothing we have a co-worker alert the baby-sitter and /or the paedophile whenever the mother is going home to see her child. This is what happens in real life. If the paedophile is not doing some legitimate work as for instance working as a gardener in a nearby home or busies himself with some activity such as changing a tyre on his car, then he will leave the area before the mother arrives. Here again you can observe the mother’s concerns and mistrust of others. On some occasions we allow the mother to see the paedophile in the street. And we are able then to appreciate that while he looks ordinary doing what is a common everyday activity, the mother will be suspicious of him or dislike him without apparent reason. It shows us once again that her instinct or gut feeling is not unfounded.

We do not have to give the woman a heart attack to prove the matter. It is enough to have established the potential. You have to be careful throughout this period that she is not subjected to any sudden and intense fear conditions but also any sudden activity or even rage. All of these would be highly detrimental to her health. I will discuss the matter in the next post.

We have not finished with the experiment however. We want to show categorically that the emotions are responsible for the reactivity in her body and thus we want to see what happens when they are removed. So in the first instance we can remove the paedophile from the experiment. Without the paedophile there is no violation and/or danger to her child so the woman will calm down. And you could continue to do the same sort of things at her work and thus prove that the stuff done at her work is not enough to cause the real problems that she faced when the paedophile was present. You will see that her blood pressure is back to normal and her blood sugars have come back to normal and her breathing is better. If she had problems on the treadmill she will be able to do the exercise without problems now. You may not see an immediate effect on her cholesterol levels but remember the body still has to finish repairs.

In the next two or three days it is time to debrief her and to tell her about the experiment. She may be at first angry for the deception but when you explain the value of her participation she will be able to calm down. She gets important feedback her like in no other ways in her life of the reality of her mental perceptions. She understands that she is using an innate capability that is her birth right and has it validated by everyone. She is thus in a better position to rely on it for other times in her life. This experiment once again shows the reality and the great benefit of ESP because when she can trust it as a valid source of evidence she can act to remove the threat from her life and her child’s life.

Over the next week to two weeks you continue to monitor the woman’s signs, her heart rate, blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and you will find that they will all return to normal. This shows that once we address the real issues, that are current in our lives, we also address the adverse effects on the body. You will have also seen that a doctor who finds high sugars and high cholesterol in the bloodstream will be wanting to sell her a long term regime of drugs. You can then see that the medical industry has interests in covering over the foul play and the key way is to deny ESP. If the woman’s ability to address the problem, the means by which she obtains evidence is denied then she can never address the problem. The net result is conditions for which she will be medicated, and maybe for life. It also means she will eventually develop heart disease and may even die of it.

At the end of two weeks you will find that the woman’s health has returned to normal, as it was before the experiment started. However now the woman is empowered to handle adverse situations of this sort in her life.

So in the next post I will discuss heart attack and heart failure. And briefly explain how a person can be affected even in sleep.


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