Mental Attacks and the very stuff of physical disease.

Mental attacks.

All foul game play can be described as mental attacks but they are not attacks on the mind as many people are lead to believe.

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)

In Australia the medicos don’t recognize a mental attack, even though the legal system does recognize them. Doctors have used a double standard because on the one hand they argue about the validity of an attack on the mind while on the other they talk about sickness of the mind. I suspect the real reason for their reluctance to accept the mental attack is that for an attack to take place there has to be an attacking agent and let’s face it the toxic underbelly of society through foul play help create the plentiful and very profitable medical conditions. So why point at the culprits? It is profitable for them to deny their very existence and call the victims delusional. They claim the mind is the brain or created by the brain and that claim is not made on evidence but by definition, i.e., it is this “let’s just say that” business.  You have seen the very tip of the iceberg in the previous posts. When we consider the medical evidence, the symptoms and how those symptoms are brought into being through the victim’s unwitting somatic reaction then we can see that mental attacks are essentially attacks on the body and they bring all the major diseases into being. The only reason we may call them mental attacks is because the attacking agent is an idea, but not any idea.

The idea that is used to attack another person is one that the person can be persuaded to believe and for two reasons. One reason is because while a real, albeit potential danger is posed but of course unseen “behind the scenes” as to cause the person to experience fear their fear reaction becomes seemingly associated with the ideas presented . The other reason is the general statement, which is first gleaned and then redirected. I will discuss this later. Since ideas that are deemed significant or relevant act as directives, there arises reactivity in the body and depending on the ideas this reactivity may be harmful because conflict or overload is created for organs in the body, most particularly the heart. I will endeavour to show throughout this blog how you can discover and appreciate that ideas don’t have some potent force of their own, except under certain circumstances. The supposed idea of “mind over matter” is not true for most situations. Ideas act as directives that move the body through various actions, to modify its basic functions in order to undertake some task. Whether the ideas are obvious or verbalized or mentally presented, which is the usual way toxic people use ideas, nonetheless they depict the unsuspecting person’s reality. They have relevance in the person’s life and they are presented under danger conditions so that the person reacts firstly with fear. That is why firstly they may be strongly insightfully perceived and secondly why the person is moved to act on those ideas in changing basic body function. Sometimes the aim is to present ideas that may be strongly perceived but on an unconscious level. This too needs to be experienced to be appreciated by every non-toxic lay person. The way in which ideas are presented, the way the person is betrayed and how they are made responsible despite their ignorance of the truth, all contribute to causing the unsuspecting person to react inappropriately so that damaging malfunction of their bodily organs may occur. And such ideas as you will see and witness when you do the experiments, are presented craftily so as not to give away the presenter or even that there is any presenter at all. The unsuspecting person’s believes that these ideas are their very own thoughts. And such ideas may not only appear as simple thoughts but also reasoning or judgements of a situation, even memory if some past event is being utilized in the foul play. It is not “just a memory” but the foul play. The ability to use ideas as reasoning , seeming judgements and memory is not accidental. Toxic offenders gather information about the person they target for maltreatment. They use such information to their advantage.

The more danger that is posed the more forcefully an idea seems to be but it is only the person’s reaction of fear, to the danger that erroneously becomes associated with the idea presented and nothing more. Also fear causes a person to become highly perceptive but also not discriminative. This is normal body function. However with knowledge this can be overcome because we remain perceptive to the exclusion of thinking only in trying to gain information. If you have information and you suspect the foul play immediately then you don’t lose discrimination or can gain it on call!

Perception can be so intense that even normal brain function, such as associated with memory or movement and not only reasoning may be partially suspended. Under such extreme conditions a person may be held in a state of suspended animation. They may appear stunned, even unable to move, while their whole mental effort is geared towards the perception of their environment! An explosion of a bomb in a busy subway was captured on a surveillance video in theUnited States showed how the whole mass of people become immobile and appeared stunned initially after the explosion. Only after about half a minute or more did they begin to run away. Ascertaining the problem is a very important part of determining what to do. Simply running won’t do because they may inadvertently run towards the danger. They need to perceive first in order to use the information to decide what to do. There are also plenty of reports of people who have been abducted by criminals, either during a robbery or for the purpose of doing them harm. These reports tell us that many people in a state of intense fear may be incapable of remembering information that they would ordinarily recollect with ease, such as their telephone numbers and even their own names. Once again the energy of the body is dedicated to perception because without all the information needed a person cannot move to the next stage of processing that information and arriving at a solution. All of these conditions, which are part of normality, are exploited by toxic people to bring about a mental attack. And indeed can be used against an individual by psychiatrists. For example being confused and not remembering basic information, the person is “diagnosed” as “temporarily insane”, what garbage. They know only too well if there is fear present and that fear is intense and inexplicable then the person’s reaction is NORMAL!

Mental attacks or an attack that utilizes ideas as the “weapon of attackunder the right conditions can lead to serious harm in the body and by the unsuspecting person’s own reaction. There are three broad categories of harm that can be done by mental attacks.

1. The creation of accidents,

2. dysfunction of organs or tissues, particularly in and of the heart and

3. reactions of the body’s immunity (what doctors call over-reactions of the immune system) . This area does not only include the immune system but also stem-cell mediated immunity, which is the fundamental cause of all cancers. And yes genetics is involved but there are no rogue cells out of control as the medical industry portrays. The cells are reacting owing to pathological ideas that the person is deceived into believing and not only! They are not even within the conscious realm for the vast majority of people until the final weeks of life, by which time they are deemed delusional. With the removal of the pathological ideas and the application of counter ideas that attack the attackers, spontaneous remission is immediately underway and the process can be accelerated with the use of mental prescriptions (specially formulated ideas of healing). And I am talking about rising up out of their death bed with stage four cancer and living cancer-free for long and natural life span! And more than that, once understood that cancer is just a paper tiger, they can reduce their risk of cancer to ZERO!

So now let us revisit the panic attack..

you can see now that the idea is the seed in a sense planted in the fertile soil of a body in with high reactivity.. that of fear. And if that is pushed then the person continues to try and deny the situation because they trust their senses to the exclusion of their insight and the net result can be a strong feeling of unreality. Indeed if this situation is pushed even harder with more presented ideas that suggest that they “can’t stop thinking about it” and “maybe loosing my mind” and even “God I’m losing it”, they can be driven to “loose touch with reality”. The net effect is depersonalisation or derealization.

All this is, is that the person has been driven to continue to deny ideas but it is to the exclusion of everything other than the fear and the ideas presented in mind. Fear of course is the result of the awareness of danger, which cannot be pushed into unconsciousness. And the ideas presented is also awareness. It shows that depersonalization is the dismantling of the personal self only because the ideas and associated bodily reactivity that makes up “a person” or the personal self becomes temporarily lost in the process. This is the exact opposite to what happens in the enlightenment experience because it leads to a serious fragmentation of awareness and not the fullness of awareness that is enlightenment.

This sort of maltreatment can be episodic or ongoing and it will lead to a serious derangement of the individual, which is named insanity. We often see people become violently angry and when we appreciate that anger arises with injustice, and that furthermore this is a serious violation/injustice that is meted out, then we can understand why the unsuspecting person becomes enraged. If the person is non-toxic they will rarely act on the anger /rage even in extreme cases. However if the person is toxic they will act out that anger and become extremely dangerous to other people in the community. And as you will see in the next post, where I discuss toxic /evil people, you will see that they will attack innocent people because that is part and parcel of being evil.

To sum up let’s go through another example pictorially.

Ani has been telling them about it and someone’s got a problem.

So what’s he gonna do, and remember the guy has got to be toxic /evil to solve his problems in this way.

Now that she is relationally entangled he can “make a move”.

It’s short and sweet but reved up real bad! And she thinks she’s asking God for mercy! So now, who’s the old girl going to turn to? Why her folk of course and he’s right there in the picture and more.. centre stage, just where he likes to be.

Now he’s got to keep it this way. If he stops now she’ll “get over it” and that’s no good, so..

And of course he can use these means together with subtle verbal suggestion, the “just giving my opinion for what it’s worth” kind and he can manouver her around.

These are brutal means and they are meted out to people in the hundreds of millions worldwide. And they will continue while ever good people do nothing.

It is important to understand the difference between panic and anxiety.

Panic arises out of looming and inexplicable danger so as to cause the person to call on a coping habit to try and deny the troubling thoughts.

Anxiety on the other hand is less intense, and it involves fear and worry in the main. A person with long term maltreatment of this kind will try and use a coping habit as well, which further complicates the picture. However with knowledge anxiety is more manageable because once you know what is happening you can take steps to overcome the problem and that means you don’t add worry to fear. While a knowledgeable person can prevent panic, an unsuspecting person can only get relief if they eliminate the coping habit.

The coping habit is particularly bad when the foul game play escalates and I will discuss that in the games that cause heart disease and heart attacks.

I would like to now give you SOLUTIONS.

The most powerful means to put you in the driver’s seat is knowledge. When you know what’s what then you can make the right decisions.

Next get rid of the coping habit. It is seriously bad for your health. Meditation is a royal road, especially if you have an elevated metabolism coping habit. If you have a lowered metabolism coping habit you can also do something that helps you eliminate the habit with little effort. That is to sleep in a bed under a canopy of some sort, like a tent. This reduces the amount of oxygen during the night as you sleep and it forces you to take deeper breaths. Thus you can retrain your body while asleep. However this should not replace meditation because it is insufficient to do the job properly. Meditation helps you address the attention problem and improve your level of awareness.

What else? 

Check out your environment. Look at each person in turn. You will find that the people who are neutral will give you no bad feelings but the people who are the offenders will give you a bad feeling. If they back off, ie they stop holding ill intent you will again have a neutral feeling about them but not as much as others. You will still get some uncertainty about them. While they hold ill intent you get a bad feeling of them. So now you have identified who in your environment is a problem.

What do you do?

Here’s what not to do!

If you confront them, you have only your ESP or “bad feeling” to go on and that is considered subjective and not evidence. You have to be objective. So you need to be able to point to the gun AND their criminal intent, which is mental anyway. Don’t forget the public, though they do believe in ESP, they have still got a lot of brain washing from the medicos and science in general. Science is supposed to be about “the truth”. Hmmmm.

What would happen then?

Things would get a lot worse for you because these guys know that they are fully backed by the medical industry. ESP is denied even in the face of the evidence that exists. And even though a lot of it can be seen in their own experiments. They still deny it and simply by saying “it just can’t be.. I just don’t accept it”. This is an opinion and because they are medicos it is considered then as medical opinion but it is garbage. It is baseless. Furthermore a lot of people experience strange side effects on the drugs that they are given so the culprits can claim “medication” might be the cause of her “paranoia”.

A big problem is that most people do not want to believe that we live in amongst monstrosities parading themselves a human. The medical narrative also supports this view, albeit indirectly. They claim that a panic attack is just fight or flight response and that it was useful in the distant past when our ancestors were hunting in the jungle. They then go on to say that today we live in a beautifully benign societies and that there are no dangers. What rot! The incidence of disease has sky-rocketed in the last fifty or sixty years. And when you understand what is behind it you realize that far, far from beautifully benign societies we are live in amongst wolves and vultures.

You would be in no position to confront the chief offender either in this case. If you got denials from the hench men and on top of that they have summond the support of everyone around you then all of this can be used as “evidence against you”. You would be deemed delusional and paranoid and may even be “diagnosed” as being a danger to the public, especially if your enraged by the whole affair and you insist that you are right. Your insistence is taken to be “rigidity” as far as the psychiatric profession is concerned and that they claim is a symptom of schizophrenia.

If she is maltreated in this way over the long term and depending on the level of maltreatment she may become too afraid to leave her home. Some are even maltreated in their homes as well. And there is no real treatment other than exposure of the truth.

So what can you do?

You need to appreciate that you are safe. Yes there is random violence but this doesn’t happen to people who attract attention to themselves and the would-be-murderers around them. So be brave and go up to them alright but throw down the card of suprise.. nay utter astonishment. That way you do not sound threatening, you can’t be called paranoid and you will attract attention. They do not want to be seen so they are most likely to get lost out of there. No bombs gone off.. it’s a fizzer so why stay around?These guys are the chief offender’s hench men (or women because there are toxic women doing this as well). Guns or no guns you are effectively disarming the chief offender. And in the time you have while this is going on you can ask directly.. who is it? They can’t hide. Even though they don’t answer you, you will still get a “feeling” for who it is. That feeling is also ESP and it is there because the person is close to you, even though at a different physical location. They are close to you because they have been addressing you, they are thinking about you and because they have a vested interest in gaining power over you.

What you have done is shifted the balance of power. Without his (or her, if it is the wife that is the chief offender) hench men the chief offender has no more power, no bargining chips. They can only threaten you while the situation is “viable”. If you have defused it, they are left without their ammunition. And what is worse they are now exposed. Furthermore even if you don’t see immediately who is behind it you can work out who it is. Who knew where you can be found in time and space? If you have told several people then you can ask yourself who has a vested interest to gain power over you?

You certainly can escape harm and that includes your ability to retain your power, your self esteem and confidence and your free will, all of which were in the balance. Though you can stand against them and secure your health, freedom and sanity you still may be confronted by this sort of situations in the future. A toxic spouse that you have divorced will look to harass you from afar and remember they are networked. This is not an individual’s problem alone. This is a community’s problem and a very serious one at that. It is vital to expose the truth and thereby destroy the evil. As I will discuss in the next post, evil people cannot survive if they cannot do harm. So it is not only that they are power mongers, they are also seriously harmful to others.

In an eBook that I am preparing I explain many of the other supposed disorders such as OCD, PTSD, ADHD, depression and many more. The only thing that divides them is the ideas presented. These are all mental attacks and in all cases it is all about power and influence of a toxic person or persons in the victim’s life. And in all cases too that toxic person does not act alone. They cannot have the effect that they have on their own. To play such foul games others, like-minded others are needed so toxic people have a vested interest in networking with all other toxic people.  

In all cases fear is the underlying emotion but where some person may be aware of the underlying fear condition in many cases they are not. Fear is used to make the person more mentally perceptive and at the same time less discriminative or not discriminative at all. It can also be a part of the game play so for instance in panic and aniety attacks fear is perceived because of the ideas presented. In OCD the fear is not perceived directly but in association with other things such as substances or practices. In ADHD the fear is not perceived at all. All of them are serious maltreatments because it is not only the free will and their self confidence and self esteem that is affected but their body too. They will all develop physical diseases owing to the long term malfuction of organs in their body.

I will discuss anxiety in more depth in the next few posts. The next post we take a first look at toxic people and answer the questions what is evil? And how does a child become evil? And we look at this through biology because that is where it’s at!


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