Elements 3 and 4 Issues of danger and presented ideas.

Ideas can be potent weapons under the right conditions.

The simplest and yet most dramatic example of foul game play is seen in the creation of what the medicos call “a panic attack”. A panic attack is really “a heart attack scare” and that is not missed by the victims. Many people even go to the hospital emergency ward believing that they are having a heart attack or a stroke. As you will soon see and as you can show for yourself, a panic attack has nothing to do with chemical imbalances in the brain and it is most certainly NOT a mental disorder as claimed by psychiatrists in their most unholy bible the DSM. Ironically enough though, the medical evidence points directly at the foul game play! And I will discuss this evidence when I discuss the 4th element and that is the victim’s bad experience. That is to say I will answer the question why do they panic and answer it in sound medical terms but in common language so everyone can understand.

To put a finer polish on the matter I want to first discuss another aspect, which is really part and parcel of presented ideas but it occurs before the targeted person arrives on the “crime scene”. And I don’t use this term lightly, it is a crime scene. A heart attack scare is a crime as is any and all foul game play.  This presented idea is done in two parts, one part is verbal or acted out and the other is subliminal and effort is made that it is subliminal and that the potential victim does not get a chance to perceive it. This is what has been named by a toxic person as a “seed idea” or “seed ideas” because there can be more than one.

What is a seed idea?

Seed ideas.

A “seed idea” is an idea, which sounds ordinary and may even be presented as to sound caring, comforting and/or loving, but under certain circumstances it can significantly enhance the game objective, which in this case is to create serious panic -a heart attack scare (medically known as a panic attack). Seed ideas, when they are made, bear no significance to anything. They may be arbitrary, but most commonly they depict something normal in a person’s life. Thus an unsuspecting person may accept them without question. However at some later stage the given idea bears great significance. The difference lies in the different circumstances. And of course the reason is that not only are the circumstances themselves of importance but also the fact that the person who gave the seed idea in the first place is responsible for those dire circumstances that an unsuspecting person will subsequently find themselves. In our exercise we’ll have the offending husband gives his wife the seed idea just as she is leaving the house (but bare in mind that the shoe can be on the other foot. I know of many cases where the toxic spouse is the wife and the victim is the husband. And I even know cases where both spouses are toxic and they prey on one another in a struggle for power).

The words spoken can also be made memorable if something is added as for instance a kiss or a thoughtful and/ or loving gesture, touching her arm for instance. The most common phrase that contains the seed idea is “take care” given together with a parting gesture that is pure treachery because not only does he mean to use those words later but he accompanies them with a subliminal adjunct, as for instance “when needed”.

 Note that under ominous conditions the victim is most likely to recall their spouse in an attempt to take comfort from the loving gesture, not realizing of course that this was just an anchor for the “kind words” that are akin to bombs once the circumstances are dire and such words relevant. It is sheer hate delivered with a “smile. And often this is done again and again after the victim has had one or several panic attacks, and most commonly the words are all delivered subliminally at such times. It is done to keep the victim on tenterhooks, not knowing if and when they may suffer another attack. If the offender wants to break the victim’s spirit then such attacks will be organized and carried out ruthlessly, relentlessly and planned as to appear to be totally unpredictable. Sometimes they may be associated with something specific but they may also be made to be unrelated to anything. It depends on what sort of power and influenced the chief offender wants to achieve. The seed idea helps makes the danger terrifying, especially when it becomes the prelude to worse presented ideas. And the means are cunning because the offender doesn’t wait hoping that the victim will recollect them. They will present the seed ideas at the time of danger ususally at the start of the episode, but they can also be delivered during or at the end of an episode in a modified fashion.

No matter when the ideas are presented they will always seem to be very familiar so that the victim accept them as their own thinking. So for instance the chief offender will use the victim’s own language, which of course they know well and have made it their business to remember precisely. The victim may normally think “I need to take care here” in preparing something at home such as a special dish. This might be a common way of speaking so that the chief offender has heard it while the victim is following  some recipe or while sewing a difficult sequence of step on a quilt etc. The words would have been said verbally at some time by the victim. If the chief offender uses them in the precise habitual way the victim has used them many times over then they will feel very familiar and as if they are their own thinking patterns, which of course they are not. And remember the victim is under fear conditions so they are highly perceptive but not discriminative. They will never guess that they have been addressed by their spouse mentally.

 Why you may ask does the wife miss the mental address at the time it was verbally made? It is appropriate at this point to explain this because this sort of trickery is used very commonly in foul game play. A person in relationship will ‘pick up on’, i.e., perceive the thoughts that are presented to them by the other party, their spouse or partner and in many cases even their thinking or reasoning. Well you may say why has the victim not perceived them. There is a method that the offenders use to make absolutely sure the victim doesn’t get conscious knowledge. All of these methods are called procedures. Let us investigate this procedure. When comments are made mentally (or subliminally) they are perceived alright but steps are taken so that they are not consciously perceived.

To examine this phenomenon we can repeat one of the ESP exercises but this time we have the first subject engage the second subject in a conversation, and a conversation which has nothing to do with the experiment. You will find that even though the first subject mentally addresses the second subject their conversation becomes too distracting so the second subject will be struggling to perceive enough to get correct answers. The reason is that their attention is captured by the conversation and attention is the very spotlight that focuses awareness. The unskilled subject has their attention distracted and is thus unable to be perceptive on the conscious level. A person who has developed their mental skills through meditation is still able to glimpse the ideas presented.

The activity in the brain that is associated with mental perception may well be competing with the much stronger signals that arise from sensory information, auditory and tactile in this case. It may even be put into very low gear so to speak to preserve the fuel materials for those areas of the brain that are most active. However the more obvious condition involves attention. While a person is actively listening to another person or made to answer questions, their attention is focused on the conversation, whether listening or speaking. The reason is that they are utilizing only the conscious self or personal self. They are not using the observing or impersonal self. Herein is the great value of meditation. The person begins to pay attention with the “higher self” or what is often called in psychology as the observing self. We are aware/conscious and we are aware that we are aware /conscious. This higher awareness is pure awareness. So only a highly skilled meditatior has the capacity to be aware of any presented ideas under difficult and distracting circumstances but I see evidence that they are still aware, only not consciously aware.  Indeed if they were not aware then this could not be used in foul play. It shows that we are much more perceptive in our daily life than we imagine but not all of it is conscious.

Consciousness has more to do with what we have attentively perceived. It arises when we identify with the mind’s activities and the emergence of a personal self. Full awareness becomes broken as to become conscious and unconscious/subconcious components. To regain unbroken awareness there needs to be an unbroken attention (without distractions, without trying to avoid what is unpleasant ) and that is a key element of meditational practice. It is near impossible to discuss this matter because our language and the way we speak causes us to talk about “I, you and we”. In meditation it is not about trying to do anything or achieve anything but rather not doing. To just be, to just sit. Meditation happens. It is not learnt, nor is it done. One of my aikido masters use to  sneak up behind us while meditating and unexpectedly bang two clappers behind us. If you flinched then you got scolded. I dreaded him at the time but he did me a great favor as I realized years and years later because it helped me overcome the comfort zone/ coping habit and just learn to be.

And I mention here also that of course we need to do a control experiment where we take away the test condition and in this case the test condition is the conversation.

I decided to put a word here about thoughts because in the diagram I have tried to make the impression that the person has a lot of thoughts and it often feels as if some are underlying or below conscious while others are above, in some sense. Actually this is not the case. So I want to make this clear that thoughts are sequential and the awareness is constant but the attention is broken. Attention is tied up with consciousness and the personal self or ego.

 The method of chatting to the victim or potential victim while passing subliminal information is commonly used by controlling manipulative people. And in the worst cases that I have seen two or more toxic people engage the person that they want to victimize in conversation while they take it in turns to make their presentation. However no matter how many people are addressing you and even if they are all trying to address you at once, you still have a sequential stream and it is possible, with a lot of practice, to pick up on every single one of them.

In our example when the wife is about to leave the house the husband chats to her. Somewhere in the conversation he will says “take care” verbally and maybe asks a question or seek to have his wife say something while he makes his subliminal presentation. So while she’s speaking and focused on what she is saying he’ll mentally say “when needed” or “when who’s arrived” or “when they’re on the scene” or some such suggestion. And to ensure that she does not become conscious of this mental addition to his ‘take care’ remark, he uses in addition and while she is speaking some gesture to further distract her attention. So she will feel his touch.

Both the act of speaking and the sensory pleasurable feeling of touch involve a lot of activity in the brain and the signals will be strong compared to the extrasensory perception of his mental remark. She will “miss” or in other words not gain conscious awareness of the mentally presented idea because her attention is broken. However she will still be aware even though she has not been attentive to the thoughts. Even more than that the ideas may also have been made during the “introduction”, which means they are also associated with the criminals to whom she has been relationally entangled. When the woman is at the shops and faces real danger, both the idea of “take care when needed” or “tale care when who’s arrived”, or whatever the comment that is used, it serves to strengthens her fear reaction but still without making her consciously aware of and hence identifying that reaction as fear. She may only be aware of a nebulous apprehension or simply feeling hot.

I would also like to add here that we experience the physical world as being external, as outside of ourselves, as “the outer world”, while we experience the mental world as being internal, as inside of ourselves, as “the inner world”. Actually these are not separate but the two aspects of Reality. When you have a mystical experience you find that “The Mind” is common to all creation and not just a human quality as it is defined by scientists. It is not the result of evolution and specifically associated with the human brain and it’s function and/or activity! And you will see that evolutionary scientists are careful to say that the mind is such and such by definition. That means they have not found some evidence they have just stated that this is what we are saying that it is. This is the same as the lay person saying “let’s just say that“… bla, bla, bla what ever they want to define. Same thing! In other words they are making it up sometimes and then they call it science.

In being non-physical The Mind is dimensionless and timeless and is the foundation for the entire universe and any other universes as may exist. Indeed it is the universe because the physical aspect is just the manifest part of it. Certainly there is the evidence that we gain through meditation and to a lesser extent the spiritual experience but more importantly in the mystical experience, which is a part of all religions. However ESP or psi is also evidence, and indeed strong evidence. If The Mind was not universal there would be no ESP. But there is more than that. Where there is relationship there is entanglement. It might be trivial as in what I am calling relational entanglement but it may also range right across the board to the most initmate relationship where the entanglement is a very strong connection that endures over time. So sibblings for instance will be more connected than friends and twins will be more connected than sibblings. So even if the twins were separated at birth and grew up in different households they would still have some awareness of the other and the other’s circumstances may even affect them, but it may not always be conscious.

So let us move on… the woman goes to the shoe shop and the husband (back at home)awaits a call from his toxic co-offenders or the go-betweens. I will discuss this in the chapter on toxic people and their networks. Suffice to say here  that the toxic spouse does not need to be in direct contact with the gun-carrying individuals on the scene. He will most commonly employ them through what’s called “a go-between”, who is someone that knows both sides and can thus act as the link. That way if the toxic spouse was ever asked did he know these people he could honestly say no!

The co-offenders or gun-carrying individuals carry concealed weapons and they are the type of person that would shot someone if instructed. They will have committed some sort of crime before, some have served jail sentences before and are now out in the community “selling their skills”, while others have shot and have gotten away with it, so far. And it is important to say here that so-called “random violence” does happen. The truth is that it is not at all random but the culprits cannot be tied to the chief offender. These criminals are a “sought after commodity” by controlling, manipulative individuals and I have been told that sometimes the so-called “go-between” is a toxic police officer. Their presence alone does not cause the woman to panic, for they are simply “the loaded gun”. Normally to do harm a loaded gun needs to be removed from its holder and pointed at a target and the trigger pressed. In this case however the harm is a serious heart attack scare to “achieve that” as I have heard said, the gun never leaves the holster. Danger is potential harm NOT harm. It is this potential that is used. And when other conditions have prepared a victim before hand it is no longer a heart attack scare, it is a heart attack guaranteed! And as I showed earlier it is possible to target one person in a crowd and “get a hit” or “get a kill” to say it in the toxic’s jargon, because it is the unsuspecting person’s unwitting somatic reaction that causes the problem. That is why I say that knowledge is the difference between life and death. Indeed it is the difference between getting harmed or staying well.

So now we have the first part of the foul play depicted by the drawing below, where the CIGs have arrived and the first presentation is made to “prepare her”, and the second part of the foul play depicted by the drawing further down, where the second presentation is made to “scare her”.

These are two stages the one depicted above doesn’t get noticed, except by someone who “knows the score”! The one below appears to come out of the blue, when in fact that is not true. And the so-called “independent observers”, as for instance the shop assistance in this example, know zilch! Psychiatrist like to use these guys as “evidence” when in fact they are incapable of knowing Athur from Matha!

The second idea that is presented is typically “something terrible could happen”. This doesn’t just indicate danger but makes it immediate and looming and needing urgent attention. It indicates that all he has to do is say to the CGIs “yeah guys let’s do it” and she gets shot! Random violence. Poor guy lost his wife due to some whackos! I say this to show you how much hate there is and how ill intent is used to effect. Under these circumstances of course an unsuspecting person will panic. Why do they panic? This I will discuss in the next blog because this is the key evidence.. the medical evidence, the evidence that is at present being kept under wraps for the sake of drug sales.

The foul play is conducted in public before the eyes and ears of everyone and yet no one sees anything. Certainly these people are crafty and conduct their business in a normal manner. They do not act strange. However there is another reason why no one sees anything. The reality is that any and all uninvolved strangers are firstly preoccupied with their own affairs so their mind is busy thinking and far less perceptive, even in their immediate physical environment. Experiments have been conducted where one person is preoccupied by another person asking them some question. They are subsequently interrupted by some others carrying a large object. In the interim the second person who had been asking question of the first person is switched with someone new, and who is similar in build, sex and complexion. The experiments have shown that in the greater number of cases the first person goes on talking to the second person after the interruption, not noticing that the person is not the same person as the one with whom the conversation started.

If we consider strangers in a sea of strangers then how much less will people be aware of the movements of others around them? However added to this problem is the problem of ESP within an interpersonal environment. A stranger has no access to the victim’s interpersonal environment firstly because they are unrelated and hence are insightfully blinded. And we are not talking here about any presentations made by one person to another on location. We are talking about presentations made from a distance. For that there has to be a close and intimate connection and all the more so if the one party trusts the other. Secondly most people live in some level of fuzz, their personal comfort zone so their attention is reduced and so too therefore will be their intuitive perception. It is possibly that this is the reason why the swap in the experiment above goes unnoticed and why a stranger gets no hint of foul play in the  market place. Only the victim becomes aware of the vile suggestions and no one including the unsuspecting victim see anything strange.

There are no obvious gun-carrying individuals to be seen anywhere around because we expect them to be holding their guns in their hands and looking menacing, which of course they are not. Everything looks normal. Seeing everything around in the environment appear normal but at the same time feeling menacing intensifies the somatic upheaval because the person makes an enormous effort to block out the thoughts in an effort to control the situation. That of course means employing a comfort zone through the coping habit of either deepening or shallowing the breath. In a time when there is intense fear the addition of a strong coping habit can be deadly.

So now we are ready to examine the fourth element.. the “very bad experience” and answer the question more fully why do they panic? This gives us the medical evidence and at the same time the proof that there is foul play in the creation of panic attacks.

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Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinions. They are the result of my discoveries but you need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinions. However even more importantly you need to reach a stage of realization of the truth for yourself because only when you experience for yourself and reach a stage of realization will you become empowered. And once empowered you can stand against the greatest evil because all of evil is only deception and all humane people have enormous mental powers to combat evil. These realities make you strong. Knowledge is power but only when one has reached full realization of that knowledge.


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