2 Creating issues: The purpose of Relational Entanglements.

Element 2: Issues.

  The initial issue that is created is vague danger, whose purpose is to stimulate fear but such fear is not even recognized by the “target”, ie the potential victim because the relationship with the criminals is weak. It is too weak to gain strong direct mental perception but strong enough to detect danger, which is a significant issue.

A relational entanglement is made for the purpose of creating issues, most especially of danger and such issues are irresolvable for the unsuspecting victim. An irresolvable issue is one which is created by the use of underhanded means so that the victim is lacking sufficient information and/ or they are misguided by medical misinformation. In this, initial stage the purpose of the issue of danger is only to make the “target” a great deal more insightful and at the same time less discriminative. See fear in the emotions blog where I discuss the reasons for this phenomenon in detail. This issue however is also the very one that becomes the underlying issue that can be made to suddenly appear, so unexpectedly and so intense and yet still obscure. This is done by the subsequent presentation of appropriate ideas. An unsuspecting person can be very suddenly and very seriously affected because the danger is not only external but also right inside their body owing to their somatic reactions not only of fear but simultaneously of the coping habit. Only with knowledge can the person escape harm and indeed recognize the problem here, right at the start before it becomes a serious issue.

What is the course of events that enable the toxic mob to create an obscure danger issue?

Once a relational entanglement is made the toxic offenders/ criminals can be used within a limited time span. This may range from an hour or so later to a day or so later. The chief offender needs to discover a time and a place whereby the target can be located by the criminals used. That information is then passed to the criminals who promptly arrive on the scene. So for instance if the target is going to the shopping mall to buy a new pair of shoes from her favourite shoe shop they will be able to arrive there and they will remain unseen. NOT because they have any magical powers of invisibility but because the target doesn’t remember them AND because these criminals do not act out. They do not look strange. On the contrary they try to look and behave normally abd hang about naturally as “just another person in the crowd”. It is their presence that is the important factor because they are there not only with a loaded weapon but at the instigation of and with the understood intentions of the chief offender, who is closely related to and trusted by the target or potential victim. Their aim is to give the victim no sensory information.

Indeed if challenged the chief offender, should he or she be on the scene, and anyone else involved in such dirty games, would vehemently maintain that these are “just some people in the crowd” or “just people on the street” as they appear to be. There are two reasons for this. One is certainly that the maximum damage is done when a person is unsuspecting,  when they are unable to discern anything wrong from what they see and hear. The other reason has to do with their own protection. This is something that is not immediately obvious because of the scientific paradigm that we have been given to believe. The toxic people, who play such foul games, are indeed creating conditions in the non-physical realm or mind that leave them wide open for a counter attack. Thus by making the victim confused and uncertain and ignorant of their involvement they protect themselves from being counter attacked. A knowledgeable person can pick up at the very start, at the “intend to do harm” stage and hit back with force and very successfully. I will be discussing this later.

We can think of the relationally entangled criminals as the loading a gun because they constitute the potential to do harm being in place. The “firing of that gun”, figuratively speaking, can be done from anywhere but of course under the right conditions. This is something that the average person does not realize and they are aided in not realizing it because it involves ESP inside of relationship, and that is a subject that is not studied properly by the biomedical sciencesor studied under such punitive conditions as to dilute it’s intensity and throw doubt as to it’s validity in the minds of ordinary people. However despite the claims of scientists, 30% of people know it is real, around 50% have some doubts but overall believe it and only 30% claim that it is not real. But remember the toxic underculture, who constitute around 15-20% of the population don’t admit to it and deny it to cover their tracks. When ESP is denied sufficiently as to create doubt in someone’s mind, that person is then lead to believe that the thoughts that they “are having” or that seem to “pop into their minds” are their own thinking. This is disaster lane!

To approach the victim without being seen, a public place is most commonly chosen. It is the easiest venue to use in creating a relational entanglement as well as to conduct the subsequent foul play. In a public place the criminals can legitimately “hang around”, approach or pass by the victim. And of course nothing is left to chance. The victim’s movements need to be known or discovered in advance. So for instance “an introduction” can be arranged after a chief offender is told by the unsuspecting person that they are about to go somewhere. Thus the victim is not followed around but someone who can be found for a period of time in a particular place, as for instance a shoe shop or a sports venue and so on at a particular time. The information that is needed to pin point the person to be maltreated is easily gained because the chief offender is always someone very close to the potential victim; they are the one that wants to control them.

The chief offender is someone in whom the victim confides. So for instance a wife telling her husband she is considering shopping at some particular store is information a controlling, manipulative (toxic) husband can use. So the chief offender does not have to question the target. The target is conditioned to offer the information, and quite commonly on a mental request once they have had their first bad experience. Of course they don’t know that that bad experience is only conditioning and not some neural glitch in their brain as psychiatrists claim. A chief offender can also position the victim in a location as for examply by giving them a gift voucher, which then causes them to go to a particular store to buy an item. Sometimes the gift voucher is specific as for instance they can only buy a book with it or a cosmetic item etc. Remember the chief offender is most commonly a spouse, a friend or a work mate, someone that the unsuspecting victim feels completely comfortable with and whom they trust enough to disclose information about their movements, their plans, their hopes and aspirations, as also their fears and their weaknesses. And it is also a person from whom they expect to receive gifts.

In today’s world there are even more up-to-date means of gaining information about the targets whereabout and movements. Some men and women want to continually know their partner’s whereabouts. They may continually ring them up on their mobile phone or ask their partner to ring them every hour or so and tell them where they are and what they are doing. They may post messages on an internet site such as facebook.com where the information is posted to all their friends etc., so the culprits that are used get the information directly from the target! The biggest motive that the chief offender has is to gain power and influence so as to control and manipulate the other person with whom they are related. This is the means by which they manage their lives. Whichever way the information is gained, the chief offender must be able to place the victim in time and place for the first and underlying issue to be created so that the dirty game can then be played.

And it is important to say yet again that in ignorance of what is played out, the fear is only seen simply, as excitation in the body or a feeling of being a little hot and nothing more.  It is vital for this fact to be verified by non-medically educated, non-toxic people through experiments that can easily be done and understood because the medical industry is not only not going to help bring this matter to light, but quite the opposite. The medical industry is doing everything in their power to shroud the truth. It is simply monetary policy.

As I mentioned above, let’s say the woman is going to buy a new pair of shoes at her favourite department store. And let’s say that her husband is the chief offender, the man who has “arranged the meeting” or “done the introductionearlier on. As the relationship is very close and trusted he does not need to be on the scene to deliver her a nocebo. He only needs to ensure that she will become fearful and hence insightful enough to perceive his venomous mental offering. This too needs to be verified by experimentation. 

The effect here is far stronger than that of two closely related people seated in separate rooms as in the single blinded drug trial.

In the single blinded drug trial, as also in the card reading exercises that we can do with closely related people, there is no fear present. The ESP is relatively weaker. In foul play however there is fear present which greatly enhances the ESP. The chief offender does not need to be on the scene. It needs to be seen and experienced to be appreciated because it is truly shocking. It shows you just how vulnerable you are if you are in a toxic relationship.

A toxic person will always move to gain power and influence over you. And often that will occur at the very outset. At present, with the medical misinformation that is dished out, such power and influence can be easily gained. And even when the victimized person is suspicious they are shot down with medical information that belies the truth.

Let me repeat a very important point here before we do the exercise. You will need conditions that are real and potentially dangerous because only real condition will :-

1. create an issue of danger and hence ignite fear and thus an ehanced insightfulness in the target, and

2. Only real conditions can give power to the ideas presented later as to enhance the emotion of fear and turn events in the body into a crisis situation. It is not the presented ideas of themselves that cause fear. Fear must already exist in the body. The ideas merely fuel the fear that is already there.

In the next blog: We are now ready to create panic in the victim and make seem as if it came out of the blue. And we can make them feel anything from extremely unsettled to feeling sheer terror.

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Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinions. They are the result of my discoveries but you need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinions. However even more importantly you need to reach a stage of realization of the truth for yourself because only when you experience for yourself and reach a stage of realization will you become empowered. And once empowered you can stand against the greatest evil because all of evil is only deception and all humane people have enormous mental powers to combat evil. These realities make you strong. Knowledge is power but only when one has reached full realization of that knowledge.

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