Our first Hints of Foul Game Play.

The experiments of the previous chapter hint at the foul game play of toxic people as also of the medical misinformation. Foul game play is nothing other than a nocebo or the nocebo effect, which is the exact opposite to a placebo or placebo effect.

(Note: all this information is to be treated as the author’s opinion. You need to investigate these matters to arrive at your own informed opinion.)

The placebo is a vehicle of benevolent thoughts of wellness and health whereas the nocebo is a vehicle of malevolent thoughts and bodily malfunction that becomes the disease.  All of this is hidden when the emotions are considered as psychological and in your brain somewhere that can be turned on and played like some CD music, when ESP is denied and treated as a symptom of madness and when the comfort zone is treated as normal. Medical practice becomes two dimensional and countless peoples symptoms are thus misdiagnosed. In some cases doctors fail to appreciate that the person has any problem at all until it is late and the treatment becomes radical. When emotions are trashed into the psychological waste basket, then diagnosis becomes based on lists of symptoms that have neither rhyme nor reason. No two people will react in exactly the same way and any differences in emotional reactivity together with differences in the coping habits will give rise to differences in symptoms. Added to this is the problem that a patient may describe problems that are not continuous especially where stress is concerned and all medical tests are nothing more than snapshots in the movie of a person’s life. You can’t take a single frame or even a few frames out of a movie and say they describe the movie. If such snapshots include important events then they may give a glimpse but nothing more. A snapshot of a person walking along a footpath, crossing a street, talking to another etc., do not tell you anything significant about the movie. In exactly the same way medical test or even repeated medical tests do not give an accurate picture of a person’s health, except where the stress has become damage. And even then only a part of the picture may be seen. The patient knows their health and knows it better than any doctor because only the patient knows the whole movie and not just the few frames.

The medical narrative talks about stress as being a part of life, as having to do with deadlines, frustrations and annoyances and generally about the demands of modern living. They do not distinguish clearly between pathological stress and stress, which is all about pushing your body a little further in exercises or to meet a challenge in the normal course of life.  Indeed the opposite is true.. they muddy the waters. Stress they claim is a normal physical response to danger, thus they equate it to fear, but calling it the “fight or flight response”. And if that is not enough they claim it to be a hangover from our caveman days living in the jungle amongst lions and tigers. And even more than that they claim that the “stress response” (what a neat little term!) can be ignited in the body –rapidly and automatically and with intensity- whether the danger is real or imagined. Fiddle sticks! We, the general public can do any number of experiments to show that while we can become apprehensive or frightened at say a horror movie, we cannot feel real fear and terror by way of our imagination. It takes real danger conditions to move our bodies into fear. Fear is all about protection because fear readies the body and sustains such readiness for rapid, sudden and strenuous action, in order that we may defend ourselves should it be needed. But that has nothing to do with any “stress response” that arises out of imagination. And even worse still to claim that at times it can work properly and at other times, not work properly. GARBAGE! And furthermore to associate it with the effort we make to excel in whatever we do in life, whether at work, at home or socially. And even to say that it can be “too much of a good thing!” By making stress a nebulous thing, by associating it with normal aspects of life and by claiming it to be “over-doing a good thing” they can then go on to talk about it as if it was a normal thing! To talk about stress levels as if they range from some acceptable level to some dangerously high level, is to effectively blame the person stressed for their stress in such a way as to blind sight them about the truth and at the same time hold them responsible. And if that is not enough they then snatch that responsibility away momentarily, with the reason that stress can creep up on you without you noticing it because it feels familiar! More garbage.

As you will see the stress can be brought into being and maintained while ever foul play is ongoing. When a person goes to the doctor complaining, they may not at the time be stressed so the doctor’s tests only reflect their normal unstressed bodily function. I know of three people who had gone to their heart specialist, had exhaustive test done and were given a clean bill of health only to die on their way home from the doctor’s office or hospital. In their cases the stress had not become damage. On their way home they were brutally stressed and that took away their lives. But even when stress has become damage (and which show up in medical tests), it does not kill the victim. It is still foul game play that pushes the unsuspecting person over the edge.  The foul game play causes an unsuspecting person to react somatically. It has everything to do with the way the body normally reacts to significant and relevant ideas, whether they depict danger, injustice, loss, perplexity and so on Ideas depict the issues involved and again we are talking about real issues and not imagined ones. The notion of psychological material stored up in your brain or personal demons buried deep in your psyche is nothing but baloney. The ideas that depict issues are mostly perceptions and that means “not of your own creation”. There are demons alright but they have flesh and blood and bones and addresses and telephone numbers etc. They present ideas in real time and normally while real, albeit potential conditions of danger are posed. By the creation of issues an unsuspecting person is made to react and that means bodily reaction. Bodily reactivity is none other than either simple emotional responses or emotional responses together with a coping habit. When the issues are nebulous and unclear the person cannot deal with them and thus the emotions cannot be properly cleared. Thus the person becomes stressed. Such issues may temporarily disappear because the foul play for the time being has stopped, then also the stress disappears. This is what we need to prove because the medicos will never move to prove it. It is simply not in their financial interests to enlighten the public. The stress is not there all the time so it may or may not be present when the person goes to see their doctor. This is why their test may show something but they may also show nothing. By knowing the truth and by your own exhaustive investigation of your situation you are the one and the only one in the powerful position both to assess the situation accurately and to affect the necessary charges to restore your health. Arresting the stress and preventing damage means you need not undergo drug therapies with their nasty side-effects or life-threatening surgical procedures. Arresting the stress you arrest the problem long before it becomes “a clinical condition”. However even with late stages in many cases, and certainly in the case of cancer, with knowledge one can arrest the situation and again without drugs and surgery. You can effect spontaneous remission, which is none other than getting the body to do the job of cleaning up the problem. This is the greatest prize, a prize no doctor can offer you, no doctor will offer you! I have been on medical chat and as soon as I make mention of the words spontaneous remission they kick me off immediately and without warning. Why?

People are robbed of their innate abilities. ESP means we are enormously perceptive and we can operate far more efficiently and smarter when we understand how ideas can be and commonly are presented by one person and perceived by another. When we understand our innate mental perceptivity we can begin to use it in a myriad different ways to enhance our lives and to be able to aid both ourselves and others in our lives. All this is lost when we buy into the rubbish about ideas created in our brains. Then there is the issue of emotions. Our emotions, far from being a bother and how much better we’d be if we were all doctor Spock clones! Our emotions are a guide to light our path in many instances. If we feel fear or if we suddenly and inexplicably feel hot we can begin to suspect that something is wrong. Sudden heat in the body is always a sign of fear. Anger rises far more slowly. When we suspect that we may be being influenced by the ill intentions of others around us, in our environment we can at the very least begin to take note and begin our own investigation.

Our emotions are not arbitrary. We may react mistakenly as for instance if we glimpse a plastic tubing on the ground and momentarily mistaken it for a snake we immediately react with fear. However our reaction is still not unfounded. Our body is designed to react before we make an assessment because our body is made ready should that assessment mean immediate action. If the reactivity were to continue after the person has observed something and an assessment made that it wasn’t a snake and only a piece of tubing then we could call their reactivity unfounded. However even there we need to know the full story, for if the plastic tubing was used in creating a nocebo effect then even that fear is not unfounded because there would be associated ideas that the person has been lead to believe are true. This is the basis of obssessive compulsive reactions. And again as we saw in the last chapter this is done by the use of general statements. I will discuss them again shortly. If we treat our reactions as arbitrary and simply blame ourselves or buy into the garbage of being delusional or misreading others or brain malfunctions and what have you then we may miss seeing a vital situation. We may become embroiled in situations that enslave us or rob us of something in our lives.

Lastly our coping habits are things we need to discard and that takes an effort because habits are formed slowly over time but they cannot be disassembled without time and effort. If we simply buy into the gene theory and that’s how we’re made and it’s just bad luck then we simply become the next person in line that some medico is going to gobble up.

Apart from appreciating our innate abilities and the dangers of comfort zones, we need to understand the foul game play because that enables us to understand how a nocebo effect or ill effect is created and how it may lead us to become stressed and subsequently diseased. As you will have seen and experienced in doing the experiments in chapter 1 on ESP that an unsuspecting person can be adversely influenced and seriously influenced. This influence happens for two basic reasons. One is the way the body is designed to react. The other is the beliefs that are created from the ideas that are presented. Such beliefs cannot be created if we are not mistaken as to accept all ideas as our very own. Unfortunately public ignorance is betrayed by the medical industry by propaganda that says “the ideas in your head are all created by your brain and how wonderful it is”. Wonderful alright because this notion translated into a healthy cash flow; a cash flow more mighty than the greatest rivers on earth combined. The assumption that the person’s reaction is irrational is just that -an assumption. There are no “unfounded issues”, only issues that are well hidden and thus unknown or if known seem enigmatic. And enigmatic because we have a greedy medical industry insisting that there is no ESP and that all thoughts are generated by the brain. It means that people are not only victimized by toxic/evil people but by medicos as well. The victim’s innate abilities are denied so as to make them vulnerable in the first place and keep them from discovering the truth and enough to regain their health and save their lives there after. Anyone who talks about gut feelings to a medico, and particularly to a psychiatrist is deemed to be delusional and if they insist then seriously mentally ill.

Knowing how and why stress develops, how it leads to damage or ongoing malfunction if it continues over time is crucial information because that is what disease is all about. And stress can be created in an instant as to cause sudden and severe malfunction, especially of the heart and lungs or damage of the brain, lungs or kidneys as to lead to death! Understanding all this is very important if you want to heal yourself of disease or prevent or minimize the precursory stress that leads to disease. Indeed you can avoid bodily malfunction altogether. A person can do a great deal to arrest a heart or brain attack early, very early, long before the damage gets done. Getting the best of care in the intensity unit in a hospital doesn’t substitute for what you can do yourself early on.

A basic knowledge given to every non-toxic person in the world exposes the evil and tears down the underhanded game play. It is the way to disprove the doctor’s fraudulent stance and uncover the controlling manipulative people, rendering them powerless to do harm. You can overcome the medical odds that put the doctor in the driver’s seat while leaving you, the patient unable even to make an informed decision about your health. Being misinformed and falling sick you are as the sheep to the slaughter. It is best to begin with doubt but at the same time a healthy amount of curiosity. Do the experiments and find out for yourself. You will be shocked at what you find.

 The Foul Game Play is essentially a nocebo.

What is a nocebo? It is easier to understand the nocebo when we see the positive side or the placebo first . The placebo and the placebo effect is the exact opposite to foul play. Placebos were used and are used in many parts of the world by traditional healers called shamans. Biomedical scientists want to claim the placebo is just “fake medicine” and the placebo effect as some strange healing force that somehow emanates from our brains or even more nebulously as being “deep within ourselves”. Their view is entirely self-serving because it justifies the development and sale of drugs as the only solution. There is nothing strange about placebos at all. The “healing effect” comes about because the stress -the bodily malfunction due to ongoing and often severe emotional reactivity- has ceased and the body can return to rest. The key is in this word rest. What is rest? It means the body functions at its baseline working conditions. It doesn’t mean not moving. We may be at rest and still be engaged in activity. Tai Chi an ancient Chinese form of moving meditation demonstrates rest perfectly. The movements can only be done properly or even be done at all when the person is fully concentrating on the movements. If their mind “wanders”, which means they become preoccupied with other thoughts they cannot continue to perform the movements. It is the mind’s wandering that takes away rest because they ignite emotional responses. And those ideas that cause the mental wanderings are often the influences of other people in relationship. With the mind focused on a task the body follows naturally and operates normally, without any unnecessary deviations whether mild, moderate or severe. And here it is worth looking at what the ancient Chinese said about this moving meditation called T’AI CHI


                                    The practice of this moving meditation cannot be done successfully if the mind is not focused solely on the task at hand. Even a single thought that captures the attention will cause bodily reactivity so as to prevent a smooth and continuous flow of movement. Though the body is in motion, it is nonetheless at rest. So rest doesn’t mean inactivity but without irregularities and without changes either to greater or lesser energy production. We see in nature flocks of birds flying continuously, night and day over months in some cases to reach a destination and we wonder at how that is achieved without rest because we presume rest to be inactivity. Indeed rest is freedom from fluctuations and stresses. The heart and indeed all of our organs work continuously whether we are awake or asleep. There is no inactivity in life in reality. However if we are focused properly and not stressed then our organs work in rest conditions and that is the secret of health and longevity. Thus the best way to think of rest is when the mind and body work harmoniously together. Where there are no extraneous thoughts and corresponding bodily reactivity. The medical viewpoint of take rest as meaning “be largely inactive” is wrong because one can be inactive in not moving the body around and doing work but if the mind is full of cares then the body even if confined to bed is stresses and can even become badly stressed.

The placebo is not some weird and wonderful ability of the brain nor is it the idea of “mind over matter” but simply something that anchors an idea of security and peace and thus helps to restore rest in the body.

In the previous chapter I discussed the placebo in relation to drug trials and clinical use. And we saw that they continually present the placebo as “fake medicine” or as “just a sugar pill” and to cement that view they call the blank in a drug trial as a placebo. That is grossly misleading. A patient given either fake medicine or just a sugar pill will not get well. The pill must be given with an added ingredient in the form of a positive suggestion that the pill is “strong medicine which will make them well” in order for it to be a placebo. In a drug trial, whether single or double blinded, a patient is never given the blank with the suggestion that it is strong medicine that will make them well. However as we saw in the double blinded drug trials, the patient may provide him or herself with an idea. And note too this is not “autosuggestion” because it doesn’t then have to be accepted or rejected. It is a statement that the patient makes.. a choice. They rightfully reason that the odds of getting a drug are even, they have a fifty-fifty chance of getting a drug and they need to get well so they choose to treat whatever they are given as a drug that will make them well. And of course the doctors only want to point to the people with blanks that get well as the anomaly in the experiments. They don’t want to admit that some of those getting the drug may also be getting well owing to a placebo effect and not because of the drug. Indeed all drugs and all medical procedures carry some placebo effect when a patient feels that they will get well in taking those drugs or undergoing the medical conditions.

The correct definition then of a placebo is

some item such as a drug or a medical procedure, which is given together with a positive suggestion of healing”.

This is NOT the same as a blank in a drug trial.

At the very core of the matter of a placebo is the presentation to the person involved of good will. “You will get well” and said positively with confidence by someone that is seen as a trusted authority, is sufficient to influence the other person’s thinking. There is nothing magical about how a placebo brings about healing. It is not about some strange action of the brain that acts on the rest of the body to heal it. Healing comes about simply because good will and good suggestions from an authority or respected figure helps a patient gain the confidence they need to uphold in experiencing a positive outcome and thus “peace of mind”. It means the patient stops reacting to negative or harmful ideas because they now believe they have something to help them combat the situation. And in many cases even though the person may not be aware of the real problem they gain a belief that this is the answer to their woes. With that belief the emotional reactivity in their body together with the comfort zone will cease. With positive ideas in mind and good will from the doctor or person that has issued the placebo, which really amounts to strong moral support, the patient gains confidence in healing and with that the malfunction in the body’s organs ceases because he or she is no longer feeling the need to react emotionally or evoke a comfort zone.

Belief in the possibility of getting well is a hugely significant factor in healing. And it is not only true in the case of placebos but also in the much more powerful formulations that I used, which I call “mental prescriptions”. They are in fact a specialized form of prayer. In prayer the person either utilizes their own belief or calls on God to aid them in their failing belief. Jesus Christ, who was the greatest healer ever to live on Earth, was repeatedly quoted as having asked “do you believe that it is possible”. He wanted an answer of confirmation before he could proceed. And he always asked the patient if he or she wanted to be healed if they had not approached and asked for it directly. For both cases it is our free will that is a necessary ingredient. A person with failing belief could ask for assistance and still be helped. Unfortunately doctors do not seem to appreciate these basic principles. They shy on the negative side because they are worried about being sued if their confidence is not proved worthy. However their attitudes do not help their patients.

The nocebo or foul game play is the exact opposite to all that I discussed above. You will soon see, in the exercises of this chapter, how malfunction can be brought into being, and this is “just a taste of things to come” in the following chapters. You will see in later chapters that the malice of toxic people is truly breathtaking, especially when you consider they hurt those to whom they are most closely related. But equally as breathtaking is the unbelievably greed of the medical industry that covers these crimes. A victim of foul play is held responsible for what is happening in their body. And it is done by invalidating their experience when they speak up and by medical misinformation. This makes them vulnerable and at the same time prevents them from being able to take the right action to protect themselves. This is done for the sake of profits. In my book it is just as evil as the maltreatment that the person receives at the hands of an evil mob.

Healing in the vast number of cases is really all about ending the bodily malfunction; That is either the maltreatment ends or the person is able to understand what is happening to them. They get a grasp of what is happening behind their backs and how they are being affected by it. Healing can also be effected by finding an ally and an ally can be even more effective when there is also a placebo. A placebo works when the doctor who gives it to the patient is also an ally. The medicine, the sugar pill is given with a belief that it is powerful medicine. Basically it means the person gains moral support and the assurance of getting well so as to find rest. It’s that simple. In traditional cultures, a shaman or medicine man or woman or witch etc., fulfil the role of a healer and did and do so successfully. It is every bit as legitimate as the giving of a placebo pill in medical practice. In modern medicine the same role is played out only that the doctor today wears a white or green coat, has a stethoscope dangling out of his or her pocket rather than feathers and gem-studded wands or what have you.

The traditional healer is often more successful than the doctor because they act as the patient’s alter ego. They understand the need the patient has of support because they know that “evil spirits” are responsible for the patient’s woes. We tend to think of evil spirits as some nebulous “otherworldly” entities. The words spirit and mind are given different meanings in Western culture but in reality they are synonymous. The spirit is considered to be the emotions and character and that it is non-physical and somehow surpasses death. However if you learn to meditate you will find that when perfect rest is achieved when the character or ego vanishes. And as for the emotions, without a body there is no emotion. The mind on the other hand is seen as the faculty of consciousness and thought, the ability to reason and also memory and these are all considered parts of the brain and/or brain activity. However the evidence is not there for us to make this sort of assumptions and furthermore there is the evidence of ESP. There is a non-physical aspect and it is the mind or spirit. When we understand this we find that there is no devil or evil spirit that has integrity and independent existence in the non-physical realm. It is the collective of evil people, who together entertain ideas of harm, that give rise to the “evil spirit” or “evil mind”. Without the human element, without two or more people who hold malicious intent there is no evil spirit. They are most certainly not “otherworldly ghosts. They are real people, toxic people. So the traditional healer, especially a shaman, goes into “the other realm”, the mind/spirit kingdom or the non-physical realm and does battle on behalf of the patient to restore health. The battle takes place in the mind but the people who participate are physical and alive. Modern doctors have a problem understanding the role of ideas, let alone embark on such a dangerous journey for their patients, and besides it is easier and more lucrative to sell drugs.

A successful placebo has three key aspects.

  1. Firstly the patient sees the giver of the placebo as an authority,
  2. secondly they believe what is given to them is powerful medicine that is capable of healing them and
  3.  thirdly that the giver of the placebo item has confidence in the power of ideas.

Note, I will discuss later the key aspects of mental prescriptions and prayer as they are more involved and it is best that you are in a position of knowledge first.

A placebo is successful only 30% of the time. It fails on 2 out of 3 occasions and that is explained easily.

Firstly the patient must necessarily hold the doctor in high esteem and trust that what is given to them is good medicine then they will get well. The placebo works.

If  however the doctor’s mental state is doubtful or negative then the placebo will fail. This is a very important point because while some doctors may be doubtful as to whether they are doing the right thing by their patients others are downright outright driven by greed. If they give an idea that the medicine given will make them get worse then the patient will get worse. One way that may even be vocalized is “try this and let’s see”, especially when it is followed by “if it doesn’t work come back and we’ll try something else”. In this case the placebo may fail if the patient feels a lack of confidence fed by the lack of confidence in the doctor’s mind.

The worse case though is when the doctor is greedy. If they want to issue only the drugs that get them  kick backs from the pharmaceutical companies, then they may think to themselves “..makes one want to spew giving these drugs”, then the patient will get sick. Why issue the placebo when they don’t want to? Possibly because it gives the doctor the possibility of two bites of the cherry. The patient has to come back for another visit and the second time the doctor can prescribe a real drug for which they get a kick back for the drug companies. The greedy doctor gets two fees instead of one out of the same patient. And if the first drug given as a placebo was a real one then even more kick backs from the drug companies!

A placebo may also fail (and indeed any drug) if the offenders step up the level of foul play or change tactics to a different form of foul play. When this happens the patient will not get well because the conditions that the patient experiences are different and not those for which they sought help. So whatever they are given, whether drug or placebo becomes insufficient or irrelevant. Indeed “real medicine” not only won’t work, it may become dangerous to take owing to new conditions for which the medicine may be completely inappropriate to take or harmful.

Conversely , a placebo can seem to work if the offenders stop the foul play. Remember the offenders are related and at least one of them is closely related to the victim of their foul game play. One way of convincing a person that they “just have a medical conditions” is to cease the foul play when their victim has taken some medicine. The person gets well but not because of the medicine. However they are not to know that. It is a sure way of hiding themselves and their foul play because the affected person will believe they must “just have had some disease” for which they took medicine and it went away! This of course is a person who believes the narrative that disease is as the medical industry promote. This may cause them to stop looking around at others, be invalidated for what they intuitively know and even apologize to any others that they may have blamed or been suspicious about in the past. This opens the person up for serious abuse in the future, but of course via a different sort of foul play.

Before I go on I want to make an important point here. As you can see a placebo is a suggestion in essence. And it is a suggestion that works if it accompanies some item (such as drugs or surgery) and that item is given by a respected authority and an authority that is confident in the patient being healed. The key point I want to make and stress is that the suggestion and the suggestion alone makes the difference. If the doctor just said “go home you will become well” the patient has nothing upon which to rest their newfound belief. People want an object or some surgery to help them believe in getting well. It needs to be said that there are two categories of belief. In one category is the belief that is based on evidence of some sort. However we can pluck a belief “out of the blue” and make good use of it. However we cannot do that without something artificial that anchors that belief. In the case of the medically given placebo, the doctor is the one who has to pluck it out of the blue. He or she has nothing to go on other than the fact that if they are positive and display confidence they can prescribe sugar pills and the patient will get well. In traditional medical systems this “pluck a belief out of the blue” is done by a healer like a shaman or witch etc. It is really none other than making a choice or selection, as I will show you subsequently, in the mental realm. We live in a universe whose nature exists in a state of indeterminancy. Nature is mutable and we can make choices, which are none other than selections that change the universe at the most fundamental level to bring about what we ask for. This is the hidden factor in prayer. Prayer is really a striking example of the most fundamental laws of modern physics. And it is no use say ah but sub-atomic particles and all that! The physicst makes the choices and he or she is not a subatomic particle.. far from it. And it is here that mental prescriptions can be seen to be, like prayer of superior value to any drugs and medical procedures. If you are knowledgeable of the foul play, then you neither need put your trust in any external authority nor in what they wish to sell you (pills and/or surgery). If you are knowledgeable of the foul play you need only choice. You can by yourself heal your body through a selection of changes in the nature of your body, which is a fundamental part of the universe! But you can only do that when you know the truth, when that choice is based on knowledge. You need two lines of defence and both are selections that change nature.. the universe. The first is selection directed to make changes in the body. This is far superior to any placebo. It works 100% of the time as you will find and it works because it is administered through knowledge –the truth and the fact that the universe is mutable and indeterminate. You can make whatever choice you like that is within your authority, ie affecting yourself and anyone under your charge, as for example children, pets, care-receivers. The other selection is a counter-attack of your enemies. In choosing harm be done they leave themselves wide open and it is one of the two chief reasons why they keep themselves and their handiwork hidden. However there is a second reason too. The crimes they commit generates debts and debts that the victim, as also those that may be seriously affected by any harm to the victim or loss of the victim. Those affected have an absolute right to collect on the debt and it does not have to be okayed by anyone, whether earthly or otherwordly! The crimes done set conditions in the universe that can be used as in “right away”! In the Christian religion we are pushed to forgive our enemies indiscriminately. I doubt very much that Jesus uttered words to that effect for the following reason. Such action dis-empowers good people and put them at the mercy of the bad. People as you may forgive, which means wiping the debt, are only those that deserve forgiveness. Those that are evil are undeserving and will look to disarm you to continue to harm you. You can defend yourself against them by suggestions directed to them of counter harmful ideas but you only have a position to do that when there is a debt standing, which is your right to collect. Such action causes them to terminate the foul play or suffer consequences. They may change their tactics but you can still keep abreast of the foul play, save that you forsake the comfort zone forever. By such selections made that change the universe, you can heal yourself and defend yourself from cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and mental disorders at the very least. Making choices, as you have the authority to make, is cost-free and it doesn’t entail you to do anything more than uphold the right ideas. I will talk later about anger, since it is a common reaction of people who are violated, and rightly so, but it is also something that needs addressing. Christian forgiveness is often geared to addressing this condition and it is a special case and worthy of discussion.

The nocebo is the exact opposite of placebo and all about causes an unsuspecting person to react SOMATICALLY as to unwittingly create bodily malfunction. ESP is of vital importance in the creating of a placebo as also a nocebo. In a placebo the pills are merely the vehicle by which to convey a suggestion. As I discussed above, what the doctor is thinking is perceived by the patient. It is not simply and only the doctor’s verbal communication that is given, despite their denials. So the doctor “private thoughts” count. Negative ideas make the same sugar pills become a nocebo. By the very same means a controlling, manipulative person, a person I call toxic, uses harmful ideas in order to cause problems for another person in relationship. In this way they gain power and influence and thereby are able to manipulate and control the other person, but only while the other person is unsuspecting of the foul game play. The darkness of ignorance is of utmost important for evil people to do the harm and that is the second chief reason why they keep themselves and their handiwork hidden. Until now the medical misinformation has covered them well.

The key ingredient for a nocebo is downright, outright harmful suggestion or what we may commonly call ill will. But where the placebo is given openly by a doctor or healer because the patient has chosen to receive their help, the nocebo, which is given by a toxic person or persons, is given in a very cunning and underhanded fashion. The promulgations of psychiatrists are that some people choose or want to be harmed. This is not true. No one chooses or wants to be harmed. If you question people who harm themselves you will find that there are two reasons. One as I described earlier is to ignite the immune system and with it a higher PNS tone and thus rest. Their problem is usually fear based and by self harming the body moves to address and repair the damage and thus lower the metabolism despite the fear conditions pending. It is desperate means to be sure but it is also a “medical reason”. The other reason is in trying to control what harm seems to “happen to them”. They don’t realize fully that others are responsible but they observe that if they harm themselves they often don’t suffer the devastating harm that “happens” otherwise. In this case the harm is done to try and take control of a bad situation.

As the foul play is kept largely hidden and as ESP is needed to convey the bad/harmful suggestion, some conditions of danger is used. Why danger? There are a number of reasons. The most important of which has to do with strong insightful perception. Let me recap here a little about fear. With the first hint of danger we instantly energize our body before we decide if it is warranted or not. This is normal body function. After the body is energized we begin an intense stage of mental and sensory perception for the purpose of information gathering. Until we have enough information about the possible danger we are not analytical. We do not at this point start making assessments. During this time we are not utilizing our thinking and discriminative faculty. Thus we can be influenced by any idea we perceive, especially when we believe that those ideas and thoughts as have “occur to us” are all our own thinking. And this is the medical line. And please appreciate that the occurring ideas are not simply ideas but ideas that are presented  while the victim is in a highly emotional state of fear. When we believe that such ideas are of our own making AND while we do not discriminate or analyse because we are not in “thinking mode”, we may act on them. This means the body is moved in one way or another to carry out some task. So if a person perceives an idea “under emotional charge”, i.e., their body is energized, they are very likely to believe that the idea is true. Certainly they are not analytical and they may also associate or interpret the charging up of their body as evidence. And such danger is aided and abetted by medical propaganda.

Knowledge means one becomes more aware and cautious at such times. Most people push away harmful ideas in a flash. They live in a fuzz –a comfort zone! However they are not putting these harmful ideas out of mind but only out of consciousness. By their action they put themselves at a huge disadvantage. While the harmful ideas remain in the mind, and most particularly when they exist in an subconscious area, those ideas lie outside the spotlight of attention. Not because they act from some “deep and dark unconscious area” of the brain as is supposed by psychiatrists, but because such ideas can be and are very easily used by toxic people to emotionally move them, to cause ongoing modification to the person’s body functions. Toxic people have no magical powers. The reason is simply because the ideas presented make the person react emotionally and that reaction is combined with the comfort zone, the combination of which can be seriously stressful and even deadly as I will describe in a coming post.

It is worth stopping here to mention something that is used against people and I strongly suspect for the expressed purpose of causing them to strongly seek a comfort zone. There is an idea canvassed around that essentially says “if you can see it (whatever it is) happening (i.e., in your mind)” then it will manifest in your life. It is NOT TRUE! There are two positions and they are distinct. The first is that if you can believe in something so as to see it happening in your mind then you will have brought into being the forces that will help whatever it is to come into being in your life. TRUE. However this is not to be confused with simple perception. Toxic people’s presentations are perceived in mind and often these are not simple ideas but events and happenings because the source of these ideas are hateful images and hate video clips depicting the targeted person being harmed in some way. To get the maximum amount of damage they use an associated idea of “you can see it happening” but this really only means you can perceived what we are presenting in mind. Only if you accept it as your own thinking or if you can be lead to believe that “if you thought it then it will happen”, which is the added the “medical contribution” to the foul game play. The person is being lead to believe they are making a choice and thus bring that idea into being. Again this takes us to the fact that we live in a universe in which we have choice (free will). Choice is at the heart of the matter where doing harm to another person is concerned. That is why toxic people do everything in their power to cause the person they target to believe so as to erroneously make a harmful choice. The harmful choice is none other than a nocebo. And it is for this reason that the medical misinformation is not just criminal, but together with the harm done by toxic people, it is in the order of the worst crimes against humanity ever!

The same is true when the idea of an adverse event is presented, and as an omen or prophecy of some future event or happening etc. And of course this means it is not just the idea but other circumstances that are created and used to lend that the idea seeming reality, at least enough to betray an unsuspecting person. It is extremely important to appreciate that a very nasty idea, which is presented in mind by toxic people, can be made fruitful in your mind not only by the treachery of toxic people but also by the medical misinformation that is being given. Ideas are not created in the brain and the brain is not the mind nor does it generate a mind. All of that is conjecture. Scientists admit that it is “by definition”, which is equivalent to lay people saying “let’s just say that…”. Such conjecture is made in the face of evidence to the contrary. It is critically important, for the sake of your health and the health of your children and pets etc., that you fully appreciate that you can be made to perceive something harmful and strongly perceive it where fear is an underlying condition. At the same time the ideas indicating danger can be too nebulous to be realized, so that the body’s charge up is not recognized as fear. This too needs non-toxic (humane) lay people coming together and doing the research. People need to appreciate that that their perception is just a presentation and only the hate of an enemy. Only by doing the experiments will you realize that indeed you do live in a universe of free choice and that you can only make it work for you when you are well informed and have sufficient experience of what can be and is being done. You need to become aware of what is maliciously being done daily to betray many hundreds of millions of unsuspecting people world wide. There are two groups that want to influence us to satisfy their own ends. One is the toxic under-culture and their cunning is truly breathtaking BUT is can only be successful while ever a person is held in the darkness of ignorance. That brings us to the second group that want to influence us and that is the medical industry, whose purpose in life is profits. For the sake of profits they see fit to cover over the acts of the most criminal elements in society and disadvantage everyone, good and bad alike. While these people rule we cannot in any way say that we live in a free society. We live in amongst monstrosities that leave Hitler and Pol Pot and the like looking tame by comparison. Knowledge is truly power to overcome all the formidable odds that are attempted against us because we recognize the game and the fact that we have a free choice to make. And when we recognize the game not only do we recognize the harmful ideas that are none other than presentations, i.e.. mere suggestions, but we can turn the tables against the aggressors and with powerful effects. And I am not talking about taking up arms and shooting people etc., I am talking about the right application of counter ideas that stop the culprits dead in their tracks.

Nothing is achieved with “just an idea”. So while a harmful suggestion alone may have some effect if a person is made to believe it or worse still to own it, such an idea by itself, ie without belief, cannot be used. It has no effect at all, let alone a devastating effect. To get an unsuspecting person to react strongly (which includes both an emotional reaction and a coping habit i.e., strong somatic reaction), the idea/suggestion must be backed up by real and potentially harmful conditions. If not, then the person targeted, even though unsuspecting, will not accept it as real. So when an idea as “something bad could happen” is presented, it will only have power when there is real potential danger AND when the person is ignorant of the foul game play. In other words for the harmful idea to have some effect it must be presented “on fertile ground” -the potential of harm or in other words an issue of danger pending. Once that happens and the person reacts to uphold fear and a charged-up physiology, then they can be lead to associate the idea with the reactivity in the body, when in reality the idea and the state of their body are not associated. The idea is a presentation and the reactivity of fear in the body is associated with real potential danger alright but unrelated to the idea, not because of it. The person is not a fool for reacting with fear because that is the normal way that the body reacts where there is an issue of danger, even to the merest hint of possible danger.  And such action in the body is instant and not normally under voluntary control. We are designed (“hard wired” if you prefer the scientific jargon) to react with fear with even the most flimsy notion of danger. It provides us with the very best protection. We don’t think first and then ready our body for action, we ready our bodies first and in an instant and think afterwards, after we have gathered evidence.

The fear is not recognized or mistaken here due to foul play but for the sake of completion I will mention also other conditions where fear is not identified. Everyone experiences fear but there are three character types who claim they feel no fear. One is the liars. Two is some of those with an EMCM. Their metabolism may be very quickly further elevated, which may make them feel hostility and not the fear. The fear then becomes an underlying condition. Third case is that of the toxic people. These people become violent with the merest hint of danger (except where the danger is insurmountable and then they crumble). These people do not act out. Toxic people all appear to utilize an EMCM but that is only a part of the problem. Rather they remain cool looking because they get their mates to do the dirty deeds. It leaves them looking innocent and at the same time the really nice guys that take no offence no matter what! These are the ones that the psychiatrists uphold as model citizens! By mistake I wonder or by design? After all these are the geese that lay the golden eggs so to speak.

Apart from these three types there is also the situation, in which a person may find themselves. So we need to also distinguish the difference between fear, the preparatory stage for action and the taking of action. When we take action the fear is gone. The body does not have to use preparatory methods to sustain a high metabolic rate when we are active, and it is the preparatory state that is fear. This is something everyone experiences. It is the ability to use the energized state of their body, which is initially fear, but which then goes on to be sustained by action. Sun Tzu in his book “Art of War” says if you put the troop in the face of danger, from which there is no retreat or escape, they will fight feeling no fear”. This happens because they have gone past the perception and analysing stage to the next stage, which is the stage of action. To use fear one has to be able to take the bull by the horns so to speak, to be mentally aware and ready to deal with danger should we need to face it. We are brain washed in believing that we live in benevolent, free and peaceful societies in the West, whereas in reality we live in amongst serious criminals, wolves who wear the sheep’s attire. Toxic people are not simply antisocial and seriously violent, but they are violent for kicks. And while they say they don’t fear they fear alright. I have seen several whose attitude was “if it come time to die, I will just accept it” and yet when they were faced with their own mortality they moved heaven and earth to escape it. And those that died, died is great agony.

Fear is not some archaic evolutionary leftover from the days we lived in caves as I have heard some medicos claim but a basic, necessary and indeed vital function of the body. It is a blessing. Fear is the energizing of the body to make a person ready to defend themselves or escape. It is a part of our “gut feeling” too because when there is danger that is not apparent the emotion of fear is still triggered in the body. And even when the ideas that are presented do not depict the danger but something else, the energizing of the body is still apparent and recognized by those that know the truth about how foul games are played. Fear is your candle burning brightly when all around is dark.

In preparation for the basics of foul game play, it is important to say something here about what is known as “random violence”. I have heard some toxic people hint at a purpose for which it is done. It appears such acts of violence are not simply done by the single individual that is sometimes seen and caught. These acts are part of an orchestrated plot by a toxic mob of the under-culture. Their purpose is to cement a reality in the collective mind of the public so that it can be used as an aid in the presentation of harmful ideas. They want people believing , as a result of evidence, that “random violence happens”. And furthermore that random violence can happen to anyone, for the mere fact that it appears random. Of course there is nothing random about it. Such violence only looks random because we do not have enough information about what is being done and by whom. We are aware of some gangs in society but the toxic under-culture is not only invisible it is not simply a gang. There are networks of networks of toxic people and they are not visible owing to the way in which they operate. Firstly these people use a good public image to hide behind. They are criminals who look benign and act ordinary. One such person said to me that they use “the normal approach”, by which he meant that they acted as ordinary people expect them to act. They can do so because crime is done through the use of ideas as weapons and not simply because of the gun-carrying individuals and the weapons they carry because they are hidden by appearing normal and ordinary. When potential danger exists it is reasonable for the person targeted to treat the matter seriously. The “not apparent” that the medicos want to say means “non-existent” is not so. A terrorist for instance walked through London streets and deliver a deadly bomb in a specific location because they dressed like everyone else and behave and walk around like everyone else.. as “just another person in the crowd”. Thus they are not apparent to any surveillance personnel watching on a surveillance video. The person who delivered a bomb went completely unsuspected and they were unsuspected because they have no conscience and feel no guilt about what they were doing and hence could appear ordinary. This means they can do a crime while appearing as anyone else going about their business. We need to cut through the psychiatric babble and show that only the perception of real danger can move a person to fear and that perception may be insightful. Owing to the seriousness of the issue it is reasonable that the person will not only become fearful but also worried. Finding conditions unfavourable, inexplicable and unresolvable because there are no apparent signs in their environment, and believing the medical propaganda, it is reasonably for a person to reacts with a coping habit. It is a very bad habit but the person believes that they have no other way to deal with the situation. It is the medical misinformation that makes the situation appear inexplicable and be deemed “irrational” by the victim. If they trusted their “gut feeling” then they can do a proper investigation in the mental /spiritual /the non-physical realm and once they do that they may even discover the identity of the offenders; After all the key offenders are known to the victim.

In ignorance and under conditions of real danger any presented idea of danger will essentially maintain and even escalates the somatic reactivity of fear. Thus the perception of real harmful conditions provides the fertile ground upon which a harmful idea becomes a bombshell. And the more obscure the foul game play is made to appear, the more harm that can be done because the coping habit is strongly brought into play. For this reason sensory perception is not used, except in rare cases. In the main direct mental perception or ESP is used and to do that relationship is a must. I want to stress this point because it is critically important.

The nocebo may either be a threat to the other person’s life or a death sentence. And it is all done by the clever use of and timing of ideas. Thoughts are directive that move the body in some way for the reason that they indicate some task needs to be undertaken. This is something that physicians do not appreciate. In an episode of reality TV, depicting the work done in a hospital, there was a section where a woman was brought into emergency with serious problems in her body. She was frantic believing that some supernatural force was going to do her harm.

She was an African native and believed in Voodoo. The physician could not understand how the symptoms appeared in her body. He understood that ideas were the realm of the mind and had nothing to do with the body. He saw physical medicine as something apart from ideas. In the end, not being able to do anything for her, he agreed to a Voodoo exorcist to be allowed to perform and exorcism in the hospital intensive care unit. The exorcist was successful and the woman became calm and not long after the physical symptoms vanished. She was well enough to go home. The physician remained bamboozled. The problem for the physician is that he believes anxiety to be all about brain malfunction and chemical imbalances, i.e., the “something in your head” rubbish that is fed to the public by psychiatrists. Partly this is what he is taught at medical school and partly because it is the psychiatric PR machine’s propaganda. He therefore doesn’t see any reason for the bodily dysfunction. The medical picture that is taught at medical school does not consider how ideas and thoughts can be precursors to changes in body function when they are seen as relevant to the person’s life. And the psychiatric propaganda is not based on science. There are no scientific papers with findings of chemical imbalances! We can readily see this reality when we hear doctors say words like “one should not call it anxiety or a panic disorder or any other psychiatric condition (i.e., baseless), until one has ruled out every medical problem (i.e., has a basis)”. Anxiety and panic attacks and indeed all of what is written off as psychiatric conditions are medical problems and involve whole body function! They have nothing to do with brain malfunctions, which is what psychiatrists claim they are. However physicians want to treat the symptoms so they talk about anxiety as one thing and the symptoms as another. So while the person is said to be suffering from a mental disorder called anxiety or whatever else, they treate the physical symptoms of tachycardia, breathing problems, sweatiness, and so on as physical syndromes that they can then treat with drugs. So they define the persons symptoms as appropriate to selling drugs and medical procedures!

Ideas depicting danger and which are either unclear or seemingly unavoidable give rise to fear. Ideas of perplexity give rise to worry. Fear and worry are conflicting bodily reactivity. Alternatively fear and a LMCM can cause a very similar situation in the body. Both are one type of anxiety and in cases of intense fear, as I will show in a coming post, appear as a panic attack. Ideas depict issues that are real, even if hidden and bodily reactivity are the changes the body makes to undertake the necessary tasks. Wherein is the psychology or psychiatric issues? Ideas are just information. Bodily reactivity is all about physiological modifications. There is nothing achieved to add the notion of psychology. Indeed quite the opposite. The physician on the television program would have been able to offer the woman at least relief if not a comparable cure, if he had never heard of psychology. Rest is restored when the bodily unrest is resolved. For the bodily reactivity to be resolved the tasks needed are made redundant by addressing the issues depicted by the ideas. Sure, the context of this woman is certainly cultural however there are plenty of similar cases where the person has what is named a phobia (Greek for fear) and it may be about some item or animal such as a spider or a snake etc. The two appear different but in reality the same foul game play is at work behind the appearances. And we must see the whole game, the toxic mob certainly perplexes and torments their victim but we must not forget the medicos who dismiss their suspicions and fears as delusional so that they can push drugs. Without the delusional label the victim cannot be left defenseless and the toxic mobs cannot continue to do their dirty deeds. Toxic offenders look to create the greatest amount of bodily unrest in the victim. Thus the foul play can even lead to sudden death owing to severe dysfunction of vital organs particularly the heart and/or the brain. In such cases the toxic mob privately parties, while publically voice concern and condolences to “those left behind”. Here again even when it is known that a person has been terrorized to death, it is still put down as a death from natural causes by the medicos. In primitive cultures no doubt the spirits that the person is made to fear are not the otherworldly kind there either. Just as in Western cultures the offenders are toxic people; people who wreck other people’s lives for fun. As these people dress, behave and speak as anyone else on the scene, they don’t stand out as wrongdoers. However there are ways of determining just who they are and even who the chief offender might be, and who is not necessarily on the scene! I will discuss this later.

Sometimes the unrest is unclear because firstly there may be a mix of more than two emotions and secondly most often there is also the coping habit, which affects attention and hence awareness. A third reason is that ideas may be presented that do not depict the issue at hand. This is mainly true in the case of fear but also for other issues that give rise to other emotions too, so for instance a person may feel hot and it may be due to anger that only surfaces now and then as moodiness.

Ongoing anger (as also an EMCM) may be unconscious but the tell tale signs may be high blood pressure, what’s called “over-active thyroids”, and high blood sugars. These will lead to damage in the body if they are to continue. The only way if for the person to begin to appreciate what issues there are and how to address them so as to eradicate the emotional reactivity and/or the coping habit.

Essentially what we need to appreciate is that a placebo moves the person towards rest and the restoration of proper body function.  Indeed more generally healing is about the restoration of proper body function. The nocebo on the other hand moves the person towards maximum upheaval and serious bodily malfunction. You will appreciate in later chapters how such upheaval not only leads to damage and thus disease but even sudden death. There are two more points to note. One is that both the nocebo and the placebo can only really be given with the person’s full acceptance, i.e., with full consent! There is a difference though or should I say two differences, knowledge and consent on the one hand and confidence or belief on the other. In the case of the placebo the patient has also full knowledge. However in the case of the nocebo the unsuspecting person is in the dark about what is going on and even if there is anything going on at all. If we first consider the placebo we see that when a patient goes to a doctor they are essentially asking for the doctor’s help. In a religious context a patient may go to a priest or a saint’s domain so here again they are seeking help. And you can ‘t pray for someone else and have any effect if the other person is either unrelated and/doesn’t know about your efforts and thus is not able to accept or give consent. Likewise a nocebo can only be given to a person who consents. However as no one is going to consent to be harmed this consent is extracted by treachery. The person is mislead and /or deceived as to “provide consent”. Nothing can be done without bringing the person along with the offenders. The offenders must cunningly ‘deceive the target’ (i.e.., the targeted person) and only then will the foul play become potent, only then will the unsuspecting person unwittingly react adversely. This is at the very core of all lifestyle diseases and so-called mental disorders as well as a whole host of other medical conditions, including allergies and more generally supposed “over-reactions of the immune system” and even more serious issues such as anaphylactic shock. Even the smallest amount of knowledge and understanding allows the person to arrive at a different decision and with it a very different situation. So knowledge can thus prevent any serious stress and certainly can prevent any stress from developing into disease. As you will discover for yourselves, when you repeat the foul play as exercises, knowledge stands between life and death and not the medicos and their drugs and surgical procedures.

The other difference, that of confidence or belief, is also vital for both the placebo to work and remarkably also for the nocebo. If a patient doesn’t trust the doctor then a placebo will not be very helpful. If they believe the pills given to them are not good medicine or harmful then again they will not make the patient well and can even make them sicker. This is also true for the spiritual healing. And again the priest or shaman etc., has to be trusted too and his or her ritual has to have the confidence of the patient. Whatever is done the patient must trust in the process and whatever they are given or done to them will make them well. Let me add here another word about mental prescriptions and prayers. These are far more powerful than any placebo and both can be self-administered. Indeed when you begin to understand the problem you can formulate a mental prescription for yourself and administer it to yourself and see results within a day or so, sometime you can see changes within hours. Unlike a placebo, the person is in a position of knowledge. They don’t need to trust someone else and they do not need any item associated with the mental prescription, though they can choose some item if they want some mental prop to aid them further. When we are in a position of knowledge we can administer ideas that move the body powerfully. Always remember it is ignorance and misinformation that allows evil people to do harm and of course the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors, who are their front-end vending machines so to speak, to make money. Knowledge is the most powerful tool that we can ever have in combating any and indeed all situations, even to escape harm under the most severe adverse conditions. I am alone standing against masses of toxic people, some of them “in high places” and they include toxic police, and I am not only standing, I am fighting fit!

Methods of attack

There are two methods of attack, direct and indirect method. By upholding materialism as the only reality scientists claim that every single person on the planet experiences and lives within the same reality. This is only true for the physical reality and even there the unique location of everyone makes their reality slightly different. When we take into account the interpersonal reality however, then we find that there are huge differences. Each person experiences a totally unique reality. So as there are around six and a half or so billion humans on the earth, there are as many totally different realities! And this is true because no two people have the same set of others in their lives. Even within a family all member have a different set of others, albeit that there are huge overlaps. However even those overlaps do not constitute the same conditions because each member of a family does not relate to every other member of the family in exactly the same way. When we include their non-familial relationships however, then we find large differences between them and far less overlaps. The relationships and the insights that are gleaned from such relationships make for huge differences in a person’s experiences and thus of the reality within which they live. We can show that relationship and the insightful perception that is born out of relationship makes for all the difference realities that exist.

The Interpersonal environment and its effects.

The uniqueness of our individual realities is spectacularly verified when you mimic the foul play in the experiments in this book. In doing the experiments we can clearly observe that one person and one person alone can be targeted within a crowd and terrorized. Their life can be threatened while anyone else remains unaffected and most of them would possibly be totally unaware of the foul play. Even if there is someone present who is highly aware and in close relationship to the victim and who may guess that something is amiss they are still unable to use this information under current medical guidelines. All this is possible because the attack does not require any physical interaction with victim. An attack takes place in the non-physical or interpersonal environment but such an attack affects the body so it is physical in nature. It is not “an attack on the mind”. Our non-physical /spiritual aspect is not corruptible. It is the body that is affected. Only the body is corruptible.

Let us first take the situation where there is no relationship and hence no insight. This is the double blind situation which removes ESP. This is the way that scientists insist is the only way of doing the experiments on ESP so as to be scientific. The double blind situation is the very same situation as that of the sniper or hit man on the rooftop targeting one person in a crowd with a rife. For the vast number of people their reality is unaffected by the danger they face because they have insufficient mental perception to become aware of the danger posed. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no personal relationship and hence no insightful perception (ESP) to enhance their awareness. The sniper is given a photo and a time and place and they move into the appropriate place to “get a hit”. The victim, not knowing the sniper, may calmly go about their business unaware that they are about to be shot. The only exception here is when a person is sufficiently intuitive (also a type of ESP) as to become aware that something is wrong but even then most are only nebulously aware. Everyone and everything is in a fundamental relationship through the non-physical reality or Oneness. Thus a person who is highly intuitive may experience the area in which they can be targeted as a “hot spot” and may seek to move away from it but most would not understand why. And the description of a hot spot is very, very logical. If they have sufficient intuition as to be aware of danger then they will also have an automatic body reaction. Fear is that automatic bodily reaction so their body will move to high energy production. As they are not active enough to burn that energy away so it will be felt in the body as heat. And as fear is an almost instant reaction they will feel the heat fairly quickly. Hence in the area of danger, owing to physiological events in the body, namely fear, a highly intuitive person will “feel hot”! There is no psychological about it whatsoever. Without relationship the person has no insight, they are mentally “blinded”, and their intuition is insufficient to make up for the short fall, so direct physical harm can be done, ie., with a bullet. 99.99% of people would not get out of the road for lack of awareness. The “they’re delusional” opinion of psychiatrists is only uninformed opinion at best and the reasoning of a drug pusher at worse.

The other situation is where there is relationship so that a person is “sighted”, that means mentally sighted or what I am calling “insightful perception”. In other words they have sufficiently strong ESP as a result of relationship and almost always also trust, which make all the difference. In foul play the offenders want the person insightful because only in that way they can make them aware of the danger being posed. It is for this reason that they go out of their way to cunningly relationally entangle the victim with the criminals that they use “to do the job”. Remember the harm is done by causing the person to react somatically. At the same time the victim is disadvantaged by making appearance look ordinary so that any fear they feel appears to be inexplicable. And remember anyone who speaks up and talks of danger or people wanting to hurt them or do them harm, when all around looks benign, is treated as mentally ill. The medical industry do not simply deny ESP, they treat it as a sign and symptom of mental illness. As it appears it is sound economic policy! It means that person, far from getting any help is essentially kicked in the gut, they become even more fearful if they open their mouth to speak up. And that kick in the gut of course guarantees the medical conditions worsen so that they may be treated and the public purse fleeced. This strategy guarantees doctor’s jobs. The harm is done because the unsuspecting person unwittingly reacts as to create havoc in their body. And let me repeat here again a person reacting is all about how their body reacts.

It has nothing whatever to do with psychology. Unrelated people are unable to present harmful ideas to another person as to have any appreciable effects regardless of the danger that can be posed. People who have never seen each other before have no personal relationship of any sort. They are not insightful and there is not enough intuition to gain any ESP advantage over them. To do the harm ESP has to be strong so as to make the victim strongly insightfully perceptive. And realize too that under fear they become even more highly perceptive. But even with fear it is not enough without relationship and the insightful perception (ESP) that relationship brings. The ideas are cunningly presented as to give nothing away, to keep the victim in the dark as to what is going on and that anyone is addressing them at all, let alone that the chief offender is well known to the victim. Thus the term “they don’t know what they are about” is used and used to suggest insanity when in reality it is about ignorance owing to the way the foul game is played. 

You will see in a latter chapter that the second method of killing is more efficiently than the bullet from the sniper’s rifle because a bullet fired from a distance may miss a vital organ. They may get an accurate head shot but if they fire at the chest they may miss the heart altogether. It only takes the barest movement of the person targeted or the gunman’s hand to miss the mark at its centre. With the indirect/ interpersonal method however there is an absolute guarantee that even the perfectly healthy heart or brain of an unsuspecting person can be targeted with lethal consequences, if that is the aim. And the crime is clean! It is laundered at autopsy! Natural causes is reported as the cause of death. There is no smoking gun because the gun is never removed from its holster. The guilty parties who look to be “just people in the crowd” remain indistinguishable from anyone else. And yet they are the criminals that have just committed either grievous bodily harm or an outright murder. Indeed some of them may immediately move to help the victim, thus appearing not only benign but may present as concerned and even heroic individuals.

Using an indirect method of attack the target can either be “taken out” (killed in other words) or they can “cause them a lot of grief” (cause serious bodily harm) and even enough to turn them into a vegetable for the rest of their life. Alternatively they may simply want to give them “a real bad scare”, which means the damage will be small enough that the person will survive and recover but bad enought that they “get the message”! At present the medical industry “launders” these crimes and the offenders who commit them.  A person who has a heart attack, it is claimed, must have had something wrong with their heart in the first place, and the same sort of reasoning is made in the case of a stroke. “Must have had” is not evidence. It is an unfounded opinion. Such opinions are swallowed down by the public only because they are words uttered by a doctor. The argument being that if they are a doctor they must know.

We need to appreciate that though every person in a crowd shares the same physical environment, they all also experience a markedly different interpersonal environment. And such an environment does not only include the people who are physically present. The interpersonal environment includes many others who are not physically present but who are related AND who hold significance in another person’s life. As you saw in experiments on ESP and as you will see in this and coming posts, the chief offender need not be physically present to cause an unsuspecting related other to somatically react as to suffer devastating damage. The damage which is brought about is the result of a person’s reaction to presented ideas but such ideas must be underpinned by real, albeit potentially harmful conditions. It is a life and death matter that ordinary non-toxic people must investigate to uncover the truth. Doing this research you will see over and over again that our perception is bilateral, arising from both sensory and mental information. And this is borne out in research. When you give people snap-shot visual information most often the subjects in the experiments cannot correctly decipher what is being presented. So for example images of a person laughing may look indistinguishable from images of a person screaming or in a state of fear. The visual image is not enough to arrive at a conclusion. Added mental information that is gained through ESP is necessary to give a full picture and this is being denied by the biomedical establishment.

Now I can describe to you the foul game basics. These basic games are a part of all games in one way or another, and often for different ends. So how are the crafty games, that cause pathological stress brought into being?

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