Diabetes Type 2. Part 1

Type 2 diabetes, my understanding and cure.

 There are 4 types of diabetes that have been identified

type 1, type 1.5 or LADA, type 2, gestational diabetes. And there is a broad category of different subtypes, including MODY or Mature Onset. And it is also possible to have “double diabetes”, which is a diagnosis of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes at the same time.

The ONLY ONE I am addressing in this post is type 2 diabetes, though I do give some of my views on type 1 diabetes in adults. I will give a hypothesis which I believe may be a possible cause for TYPE 1 diabetes and if my hypothesis is right then a possible cure.

I discuss diabetes and complications in the next post and throughout the two posts I will also address some issues that have been brought up in diabetes forums.

The risk factors that the medical industry consider are “pretty clear” serious risk for type 2 diabetes. factors are:

  1. a lack of exercise,
  2. a poor diet and obesity,
  3. genes, and ethnicity.

In this case I would say, with some rare exceptions, it is “none of the above”!

Medical research has found correlation between type 2 diabetes and the above conditions but not evidence. Correlation is not causation! Correlation is not even evidence.

How much does exercise contribute to a person’s overall metabolic function? I would say that exercise does help a person maintain better health but I don’t think a lack of exercise can cause disease. There are at least two pieces of evidence. One is the millions incarcerated. Those in jails only get half an hour to an hour a day to walk around outside their cells. Some people in jails suffer diseases. Their confinement does not cause disease. People in mental hospitals don’t even get an hour a day to go outside even to see daylight. They do not develop more disease due to their confinement.

The other piece of evidence I’ll give involves spiritual practices. I have done many spiritual retreats, which involve intensive meditation. Certainly there were breaks for meal and to do chores, wash etc. Minimum sitting meditation requirements were typically 16 hours per day. Some people, myself included, sometimes I sat up to 20-22 hours of sitting meditation per day. And the other hours I never did any exercise. I washed, ate and wrote in my diary. And I can say that at the end of the week I felt extremely healthy, energetic and experienced exceptional highs. And the good feeling lasted for days, sometimes weeks after the retreat. Some retreats ran for two months, so two months of physical immobility and I had no ill effects. But I will say that sitting in meditation is a long way different from sitting in front of the television for 6 or 8 hours a day. However I still don’t think a lack of exercise justifies disease.

Poor diet is another one I question. And the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

From a few years old until I went to university, with the exception of a couple of years, my family lived in shop and house dwellings. I, one of my siblings and my biological mother all ate loads of carbohydrates. You could say we raided both shops’ stock of carbohydrate based merchandise like a plague of locust. My father used to buy two or three boxes of ice creams and chocolates of the various brands just so that he could get to sell some. We also drank soft drinks and most particularly coca-cola. I am talking about 16 years with high daily intakes of sugar and none of us got diabetes. We were a bit chubby but hardly fat. And it is true to say we were all very active. However none of us developed insulin resistance. So I reject the idea that insulin resistance is caused by eating too many carbohydrates.


I can see other reasons why people, who eat what is called “a bad diet” and junk food, develop insulin resistance. It has nothing to do with the fiction of glucose intolerance. These people are using food and the digestion process as a means of self-medicating. Eating can be a coping habit. And the irony is that the medical industry is to some extent been responsible for the obesity epidemic.

To sell their cholesterol lowering drugs they declared fats are bad for you. People looked to eat less fat and processed food manufacturers replaced fats with sugars in order to keep foods they made still tasty. The problem is this. If you are stressed, you can use digestion as a coping habit. If you eat something you will trigger the digestive process and that is facilitated by the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). This is relevant because the PNS is also responsible for bringing the body to rest and in fact the body is brought close to rest for digestion to take place. That is why you should rest after eating and not engage in strenuous exercise. If you eat something fatty or greasy then you trigger the PNS longer because fats are digested late in the digestion process and need bile which is secreted after a PNS stimulus. If you cut fats from your diet then you lose this extended digestion effect and the relief it brings because the body is rested longer. So the person, who uses eating as a coping habit, will eat a bit more to get the same effect. If the food they eat has sugar or fructose or higher amounts of these, then of course they will put on more weight than if they had eaten the lesser amount of food with the fat in it. So overweight is the side effect. Certainly working out what the issues are and eliminating or reducing the stress is best but I still would not be criticising these people because there are plenty of drugs that are at the end of the day only coping methods because they only treat symptoms and they too can cause overweight problems.

The issue of insulin resistance is at its core the reason why they are self-medicating by eating and using digestion. The stress they feel is due to other toxic people in their lives and the foul games that are played.

When I got diabetes I was in my early 40s and I could say I had a very good diet at the time. I had stopped eating so many sweets after my father sold the last shop and retired. I was in my second year at university. I know of others, who had developed diabetes and they had, unlike me, had good diets all of their lives. I can’t say I never ate fast food and sweets anymore, I did, but I ate little of these types of foods. I cooked my own meals both when I was single and after I got married. I am Greek-Australian so I eat a lot of Greek food. Why is a Mediterranean diet beneficial to health? The question is, is it? I think other practices of people who live in Southern Mediterranean countries are more important to health than their diets.

I was in Greece for a 4 month holiday in the mid 1960s and I encountered a practice that I had only heard of. After eating they would sleep for 2 hours. At the time there was diabetes in Greece but it was not a bad problem as it is today. I was amazed that sleeping after a meal was so beneficial because they needed four peak hours of traffic to go home for their midday meal and sleep. And the traffic in Athens as I remember was a nightmare. I saw countless scenes of police whistling to no avail. Cars whizzed around them in all directions. People hardly even slowed down. And where there were crashes most got out, screamed at each other for 5 or 10 minutes, then got in their cars and drove away. And of course everyone held up would blast their horns in a cacophony as the scene was going on. You would think that a 12 hour working day, by the time you add the 4 hours for lunch, sleep and travel, with four peak hours of traffic of nightmarish proportions would have been seriously stressful. And yet they were happy and healthy. It was only when they stopped the practice of sleeping after lunch every day that the diabetes incidence sharply increased.

It is true that they incorporated more American fast foods in their diet but the Greek fast foods as I recall had a high fat content and plenty of sugar. They have always eaten sweets that drip with sugary syrups. So I doubt that the diet made a difference. The other big difference was that Greece adopted a more American-like lifestyle. There has been a dismantling of the old community connectedness, where people in the entire neighbourhood and not only within families looked after one another. I recall one day, when I was not feeling so well, I stayed home. A neighbour I hardly knew knocked on my door. “We didn’t see you around today are you okay?” And she had brought me some soup. In Australia not only would they not care if they saw you or not, there are plenty of cases where people have died in their homes and were only found dead 5 or 6 months later.

Obesity is also considered a cause of diabetes. There is a higher percentage of diabetics amongst people who are obese however not all obese people get diabetes and there are thin people who also develop diabetes. Those who are obese and who have diabetes and who have undergone surgery to reduce the size of their stomach in order to lose weight do sometimes reverse their insulin resistance but they don’t lose the weight instantly. They lose the weight over time. And they don’t get cured of diabetes either. There are other reasons for the reduction in insulin resistance. I don’t believe that obesity causes diabetes and I even doubt that it causes insulin resistance. It is stress that is the core problem.

Genes can make some difference but it is not in the actual genes that one is born with, though there are rare exceptions. There are plenty of cases blamed on genes and yet with the same genes the person has lived without diabetes for decades. And there has been a sharp rise in diabetes in the last 40-50 years, so the genetics involved is more likely to be epigenetic. Mutant genes but they are deliberate genetic changes. Cells can and do also make other changes to proteins that are used for receptors etc. These are not changes that are “passed down” through genes. Why do cells make such changes? I can see two reasons why diabetes can appear genetic and yet not be genetic from the point of view of heredity. One is toxic people in the family. Some of the methods of abuse cause the victims to react with heightened bodily reactivity. Over decades they develop diabetes, whether they have inherited genes or not. So diabetes can “run through the family” but it is not hereditary.

The other reason which is used is in ethnicity. People of the same ethnic group belong to a genetic pool, which means they have some common genes. And here again diabetes may be seen to be more prevalent in a particular ethnic group but again it may have nothing to do with the genes that are inherited and everything to do with down regulation of particular genes and for the same sort of reasons as is seen in the family. We have seen over the last 4 or 5 decades that people move from Asian or Middle Eastern countries, where the prevalence for a particular disease is low, to a Western country and within a decade develop these diseases. This shows that genes are not the cause. Ethnicity points to stress and not genes.

As a child of Greek migrants in Australia I was badly bullied at school and so were my siblings. There were fewer problems at university and at work but there was still a lot of hatred of people that were non-Anglo-Saxon. It was not all Anglo-Saxon children in the school but only some. The idea that children do horrible things to other children is wrong. It generalizes a problem of “some children can be hateful” to include all children. Racism is only another form of toxicity and toxic people are a minority. This problem of hate has worsened in recent decades because the numbers of toxic people has risen. Bullying in schools, in the workplace and socially have all increased and are serious problems and it involves all races of people. Anglo-Saxons are also bullied. However if you belong to an ethnic group you have an extra problem. Ethnic people are stress by toxic people outside of the group BUT they are also stressed by toxic people within the ethnic group. For example there is a high diabetes problem in Australian Aborigine communities. They do suffer from racism but there are also big problems of abuse within the Aboriginal communities. Having two separate sources of abuse means they have more health problems.

So the evidence does not point to a simple problem of genetics but a problem of epigenetics and other changes that a cell may make. My findings in my own case strongly point in this direction. Furthermore there is good news and that is that deliberate changes can be reversed. The cells up-regulate and down-regulate as required. If there are conditions where there is an excess of glucose and cells are not going to engage in a lot of activity they will down-regulate some of their inulin receptors to stop the entry of the normal amount of glucose. If those conditions change and the cells again require to take up the normal amount of glucose then they will up-regulate the receptors. I found that you can direct the body by the use of mental prescriptions to prevent large sugar dumps from the liver, which is the real problem, and thus the down regulation of genes and receptors. You can even affect the function of organs and metabolic processes in the body. I have seen that dramatically in the last two years.

As an activist, pointing out the foul methods of toxic people and the medical corruption that both covers the foul methods and betrays innocent people, I have seriously upset both the toxic sub-culture (which includes toxic government officials and toxic bureaucrats, including toxic police) and the corrupt elements in the medical industry. A war is being waged against me since around 2000. This is not official business, sanctioned by government. This is corrupt people using the system to attempt murder and I believe no doubt have murdered in other cases to eliminate “undesirables” to the toxic under-culture. This is not simply a problem in Australia. It has nothing to do with the Australian Government and the Australian People. I would be equally targeted in no matter which country I lived in. In the last two years or more I am being hassled 24/7, 365 days a year. And while they are posing danger, they look to repeatedly hassle and anger me; prime conditions for developing diabetes but they have no effect. I have been able to steer my ship clear of diabetes and all other diseases. The use of mental prescriptions is a very important part of my strategy but simply knowing the reality is hugely significant. Knowing the cheats involved, knowing that the biology is purpose driven, which means ideas and beliefs are the reason why you react somatically in some way and being able to use this information you can steer your ship through the storm without suffering harm. Some of the ideas are subliminal but knowing every last detail is not necessary. Seeing the bigger picture is what matters. In my case documenting the cheats and their effects on an unsuspecting person is important because it exposes the toxic sub-culture and it gives people the ability to keep themselves healthy. My work ultimately validates and liberates all humane people everywhere to live long and healthy lives.

Ideas and beliefs explain the how and why of changes in body function. Understanding this means you can evade physiological problems. So for example if you know you are being angered and you can’t do anything more than sound off about it AND you tell yourself that that is all you are going to do, then your liver will only release a small amount of sugars into the blood. A lot of the problem as I have seen is that if a person is angered and they say to themselves that they are going to do this and that, with imagers like “take their head off” in mind or whatever they would like to do. When they do that they are effectively instructing their body for a large sugar dump, which of course they don’t need because they are not going to do what they envisage.

We are living in a world where there are serious social problems of hate and they are hidden in toxic relationships. The problems, in their worst form are at the grass roots level, within families, within personal and workplace relationships, in neighbourhoods and various organizations. Medical misinformation not only hides the perpetrators and their means of foul play but seriously invalidates and dis-empowers the victims. People who speak up are told their complaints are “irrational”. People are misguided and made vulnerable by the medical misinformation, especially by the medical opinion that says all ideas are “just in your head”, your creations. Psychiatrists call a person’s life struggle and issues as mental health problems. They look to exploit the suffering for profit and cover over the bodily problems as something unrelated.

The stresses that arise out of toxic relationships are very different to the sort of stress one encounters from having a lot of work to do or encountering four peak hours of nightmarish traffic. Toxic stress involves serious changes in the metabolism. It is caused by the creation of issues. Issues mean emotional reactivity and other coping habits. These either arise episodically or endure too long, sometimes many years. These are the source of metabolic upheavals, organ damage and structural /anatomical changes. This is what the medical industry seeks to hide. People can make themselves well or stay well and the medical industry loses trillions of dollars or euros of profit.

Emotional issues

Emotional issues is a term often used by doctors and thus by the public. It is misleading because it implies that the issues are emotional rather than that there are issues which give rise to emotions. It muddies the waters. It allows the psychiatrists to start talking mumbo jumbo and thus allowing physicians to treat disease as something unrelated to the person’s issues. It is standard medical practice because that opens up the drug market and gives the medicos “lots of work”! So you get comments like this one, which was made to me on a diabetes forum.

Hi Kyrani, while I can accept that in some cases and conditions, there is a strong link between emotional issues and a dis- ease that manifests physically, I think it is a little simplistic to apply this to most disorders; Likewise the remission of those disorders by healing emotional issues. For example, It doesn’t account for disorders in very young children who have not lived long enough or had the life experiences to be able to attribute their conditions ( diabetes and cancer for example) to an emotional cause or have the understanding necessary to work on emotional issues to remedy them.

I believe that yes, some conditions have an emotional basis, sometimes it is just s**t happens. Either way. Blaming yourself or anyone else isn’t helpful.

It does concern me though when I read anything that in effect is saying “the cure is within yourself” because for those who don’t achieve this, that leads to feelings of failure and yet more emotional problems.”

I believe this remark could have been made by someone who is misled by the psychiatric/ psychological rubbish; as for example that some past memory could rise up out of the depths of your subconscious to hassle you in the present. And of course this then gives them license to say “it’s all in your head”. But the truth is different because “ideas are NOT in business for themselves!

More likely the comment was made by some Big Pharma tethered doctor, who for profit sake seeks to rubbish anything that spells “real issues behind disease” by using confusing terms such as “emotional issues”.

The comment highlights the two different ways of seeing health and disease. The one leads to a justification of drugs and medical procedures while the other allows for the body to heal itself.

The Machine Model.

The medical paradigm considers that the body is a machine, “the hardware”! So health problems and disease logically become a machine malfunction or machine damage. The robot’s broken and needs fixing! And they can justify treating only the symptoms. If you start talking about “gut feelings” and “issues” they bring out the thugs, the psychiatrists who consider ESP is magical thinking and the issues a person faces in life as mental health problems.

Why do they rubbish ESP? Gut feelings and ESP is the mega “end of times” earth quack that brings down the medical paradigm, the “man is a machine” model. To save their profitable model they call ESP magical thinking and the people who admit to their natural human ability as irrational. And if you insist, they may up it to paranoia and “maybe a danger to the public”. And the software problem is still a problem in the brain! And they claim it may make a tiny contribution to the overall hardware problem.. maybe!

image004Western medical science sees ideas, emotions and coping habits as “off the table” issues. No physician takes down any information about your issues, your emotions and/or coping habits as diagnostic signs and symptoms of physical disease. The jargon is “stress can make the individual more susceptible to physical illnesses”, but only things like the common colds and flu.

If, like some doctors have suggested to me, that people prefer to accept they are machines in order to avoid feeling blame and/or responsibility, then you don’t need to waste your time reading any more. But if you are ready to direct your own health and overcome disease then this post is for you. There is no blame in having been cheated but if you are humane then you have autonomy. Toxic people have no power over you. The way you react and how you handle a particular stressful situation is your own. You can’t be responsible for your reactions when you have not enough knowledge or when you are misled by medical misinformation. You can only be responsible when you have the facts and know the cheats and their aims of those that seek power over you or want to hurt you. So when you understand your reactions you gain the ability to make yourself well and stay well. A toxic person has no autonomyimage006. They are part of the group, both body and mind. There are continual power struggles between them and they are all vulnerable because of their interdependence. So no matter what they understand they can’t stand against the group.

The Holistic View.

The other way of considering health and disease has to do with seeing the person and not just the body. This means to understand the system we need to see how the parts.. i.e., mind and body work together! The person is the sum of the ideas and the corresponding somatic reactivity. There is reaction to ideas depending on how much value is attributed to them. If an idea is upheld with confidence, it become a belief and has a greater effect. Body functions change with ideas, giving rise to emotional and other reactivity in the body. Even mere perceptions can make changes in the body. The hint of a pleasant aroma we may say is uplifting. This means a slightly higher heart rate, a little deeper breathing and a small surge of energy.

Emotions make the big changes in the function of the body. Fear for instance, even low grade fear, not only sets the body into high alert /survival mode and readiness for action but it also declines digestion and sexuality. And it is important to appreciate the lies that are used to adversely influence people. It is generally considered that a person who experiences fear, and most especially if the means are not obvious, is a fool. This is rubbish. Fear is the body’s means of mobilizing in order to take strong action if needed AND to maintain such mobilization while ever the danger exists. And one can appreciate the deception of the doctors. They move to call someone who voices such problems as involve fear as “mental health issues” and on the other hand they go on to talk about “high cortisol levels” and high blood pressure and liver dumps etc., all of which are nothing more than fear, as some sort of machine malfunction. It’s about money. The unspoken message is “rubbish the people who are aware to cash in on those that are less aware”. If there is danger a person will perceive it, whether that danger is obvious or not. It is then ideas that can mislead the person. Ideas may cause them to believe that the danger is either external or internal so they will either decline or enhance their immunity, respectively. An autoimmune disease is created by issues of danger coupled with other ideas that point to some area of the body. Even issues of danger alone, which give rise to fear sustained over time, will cause changes in the body’s metabolism. But fear alone is not enough to cause harm, not even long term, unless it is significantly stepped up. And ideas alone are nothing. It is the ideas that are presented with danger that together cause problems because they cause the person to react and their reactions are somatic.

image007Ideas affect the body because the body is purpose driven! This is what the medicos are spitting chips to deny. The matter is of enormous importance in all diseases and I have seen that most dramatically in type 2 diabetes. I have seen that the concept of homeostasis is not simply the body trying to hold its parameters in constancy, but in a dynamic dance that reflects life. From what I have seen homeostasis only makes sense with respect to the person and not simply to the body. It is not about a set range but many movements up and down. When a person is tranquil, their body is restful. Their body’s parameters return to a range that reflects resting metabolism. The doctors do not allude to this but simply call the range “the normal range”, which is made to mean healthy. We don’t live continuously in resting metabolism but we are still healthy. Life is a metabolic dance. The robot with its “normal range” can never engage in life.


Homeostasis (from the Greek meaning “same-standing still”) is a concept, which originated with the perception that biological systems are able to regulate their internal environment while in variable external environments. One example is that the body of a mammal is able, by making adjustments, to maintain a fairly stable body temperature, whether in hot or cold climates. But when we apply this as a principle to other parameters such as blood glucose levels, we do not describe the reality.

The medical view is that despite large fluctuations in physical activity and food intake, blood glucose levels are held within very narrow limits. The robot eats and moves and sleeps and all the while hormones (insulin and glucagon etc.,) adjust the glucose levels in the blood. So the robot’s blood glucose levels are kept within a limited range! BUT in reality he or she is a human being, who experiences life, and with each experience there are changes in the blood glucose levels and in insulin sensitivity and the levels of glucagon and other hormones like adrenalin etc AND in genetic expression! Homeostasis is a lot more than considering only the changes with food intake, movement/ exercise and sleep.

If you get a fright your blood glucose will spike and yes it will come down again “under normal conditions”. This means the fright only last a small amount of time. Your blood glucose rise is greater if you get angry and falls back more slowly as the anger subsides to fasting levels or postprandial (depending on when you were angered). If you get anxious about something you have eaten an hour or more afterwards, you will get high blood glucose levels… not necessarily because of what you ate, but because of your anxiety. And someone knowing what you ate could present ideas that you mistake as your own! If you are excited by something or feel happy, you will again have elevated blood glucose levels. Even being happy all the time is not healthy as it will keep blood glucose levels higher than for resting metabolism. In Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) this is called a “floating chi”. The condition that is very important for the body to be able to continue to return to the “normal” range is a feeling of contentment and tranquillity. Then the body naturally finds its resting metabolism or what we might call the basic working or normal range. Yes, meditation can do this but once the meditation is over, if you have issues that disturb you then you will be again experiencing hyperglycemia. One way to lessen the problem is to be mindful as you live your life, do your activities in a meditative fashion.

The reality is that the individual’s health is not isolated but affected by all of a person’s experiences. Most particularly a person is affected by their immediate relationships but they are also affected by public opinion and how they are related to by the rest of the community. Most diabetics have an Ac1 between 6.5 and 9% and all it means is that they are stressed. A person caught in a toxic relationship and hassled needs to be able to apply the right ideas to maintain a good working range, which might be higher than what the doctors prescribe. The level of blood sugars is only an indicator of stress but it is used to say they are sick owing to opinion made on long term trends. They do not have any scientific evidence that it leads to macrovascular problems such as heart attacks and strokes. It is only based on opinions and those giving the opinions have conflicts of interest. Furthermore the numbers of diabetics that are significantly affected as to suffer microvascular problems, such as retinopathy, neuropathy and kidney disease or failure typically have blood sugars above 9 Ac1. But here too, it is addition foul play. From my experience neither the macrovascular nor the microvascular problems, can simply be attributed to blood glucose levels but necessarily include other factors such as high blood pressure. The two problematic conditions that are a concern are hypoglycemias and hyperglycemias, which are bad enough to cause immediate problems. But they too are caused by additional foul play. So knowing what you are up against means you can overcome the odds.

Public opinion has to be changed because at the moment a diabetic is condemned. They are discussed in the media as someone who has “made bad choices” and who is “not looking after themselves”. It is said that “they brought this on themselves” so they are considered to be at fault. If they are at fault it logically follows that ”they are to blame” and understood then that “they are an unnecessary burden on the health budget”. And you hear these sort of suggestions made on television by doctors. So a person diagnosed as diabetic is further stressed in needing medical care. They are left unsupported by the general public, who don’t understand the issues involved and believe the doctors. Some doctors have admitted that they have treated diabetic patients with contempt for “not looking after themselves”. Even if it was true that the patient was at fault, it is still a violation of the Hippocratic oath of “first do no harm”! After all, the guy, who smashes himself up in a road race, doesn’t get treated with contempt and they have not acted badly for themselves but for others as well. Some researchers have gone a long way further by putting forth claims that a diabetic is not only bad for themselves but may also be bad for the community. The reason, they are claiming, is because diabetics may become violent during a hypo. This information sounds off to me but the public, who may trust the (bad) science, is turned against a person with diabetes. Such claims can cause even more stress.

The public needs to be made aware that diabetes is a symptom of stress and that stress arises through abuse in personal, toxic relationships and then by the community at large through erroneous public opinion, which is at present fashioned by those with selfish interests. But there are means that a person can use to “ride the stormy waves”, IF they understand that the body is purpose driven. It is rather like sailing. You can still remain safe while sailing through a storm or even a cyclone but you are going to have to do things a bit differently than you would when sailing on calm waters.

image009Doing things differently includes a different attitude. It is useless to say “it is unfair” and “I shouldn’t have to put up with all this”, etc. Of course it is unfair and of course you shouldn’t have to put up with all the bullshit of toxic people etc., but holding these ideas only stresses you more because the reality is that while we pride ourselves in being democratic, our societies are full of corruption. You need to realize that some others in your life are enemies and unfortunately the worse ones are inside family, close friendships and in the workplace. To survive you need to listen more to your intuition and stop taking all people at face value. And become skilful in how you handle a situation.

Homeostasis has more to do with a system being dynamic, able to be stretched or compressed and still recover its basic working or resting metabolism. One clear indicator of health is that the body returns to rest after any activity be it physical or emotional. It is not a simple case of being able to regulate parameters to keep them constantly within a nominated range. The body does not “aim” to keep blood glucose constant, not unless the person is sitting in a cave in some isolated mountain range, 24/7. If you are living anywhere else and engaging in life’s activities then your blood sugars are going to be regulated up and regulated down all the time, depending on what you are doing. If you are stressed over the long term, you will have higher than the resting metabolism levels of glucose in your blood. Many diabetics have no symptoms and are surprised by a diabetes diagnosis. The reason is that they don’t recognize the symptoms. I had a severe symptom to begin with and I didn’t recognize it as a symptom being having lots of energy was typically me. But it doesn’t take a great deal of stress to have higher blood sugars. There are always symptoms but they don’t appear as diagnostic signs. Blood pressure for instance is treated as “within the normal range” if the systolic pressure is less than 130 but a systolic pressure of 125 might be “high blood pressure” for you if your resting metabolism is say 120. You won’t have obvious symptoms of the variety that physicians consider but you will have symptoms.

Diabetes is a bit different to the other diseases that I have encountered. In the case of other diseases I have set out the causes and preventions or cures of disease in a more general fashion because I have been told of and have seen the cheats, and because it has been easy to see a great deal of common conditions between my experiences and that of others. In diabetes the discussion is not so straight forward because specific issues in a person’s life give rise to a specific mix of emotions and other bodily reactivity and all of these contribute to the cause of their diabetes. I do see many common threads, but it is not all that there is to the matter. So I will give my personal account as an example of how type 2 diabetes may arise. And as I cured my diabetes, along the way I will discuss my solutions. It is also important to mention that at that time my circumstances changed and that too played a role in my recovery. In the discussion of my case I will give my insights and opinions about diabetes. What I am giving is anecdotal evidence so before I start I would like to say something about anecdotal evidence.

It is the usual cry by doctors when someone gives their own account that it is “just anecdotal evidence”. It is aimed to say “don’t take too much notice of this” and more so “don’t think for yourselves”! Consider if you were in an aeroplane and someone said “I saw fire coming out of the engine” would you expect the stewardess to laugh it off saying “oh it’s just anecdotal evidence”. Of course not! She would report it to the pilot and the matter would be investigated. So what makes a doctor different? The stewardess is on board the plane, whereas the doctor has nothing to lose and everything to gain by dismissing a personal account. “The robots are all different!” is the usual cry. Furthermore the pilots, in this case big pharma, know full well that they serve themselves best with “the science” and not with people voicing their accounts. The science however is cherry picked. When all the trials are seen together there is no evidence to be found. They have selected trials that show some signs of what they want and quote those, hence the evidence is manufactured. My experiences are different to yours but they are the experiences of a humane being and if you are likewise humane then you will benefit from hearing mine and thinking about your own. If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, then you need to investigate because it is in your interests to question, to examine and to consider another person’s experience against your own.

My story.

I can’t find my medical records from the time that I had diabetes. I have moved house several times since then and the records are lost. I had copied what I thought was useful from my diaries and books onto my computer but I never imagined I would ever need any of the bg results that I had recorded in them. They got lost when I burnt the old diaries. So I am not able to give you figures. However I don’t think this is necessary and possibly just as well because it is best for people to refrain from making and relying on comparisons based on numbers. It is your experiences that count. I discovered my issues by considering my living conditions, how others behaved towards me, my concerns and how all these accounted for the disharmony in my body. Some issues are not obvious but there are always tell tale signs that point to issues. Your concerns may seem unfounded but they are never unfounded. It is only a lack of information. Even a better control of blood glucose and insulin levels without a heavy reliance on drugs, diet and exercise is worth the trouble of discovering and analysing your issues.

The important questions I tried to answer were:

  • how and why did my diabetes arise?
  • What biological explanations are relevant?
  • What ideas could possibly be etiological?
  • Was there one cause or were there many, layers of problems?
  • And how can I resolve my issues and overcome my reactivity and
  • will this cure me?

In the beginning..

Early in 1992 I had developed an incredible thirst. I drank loads of water and was urinating all the time. I went to a GP about some thrush, which he treated but it kept coming back so I had to go back to him several times. On one of those visits I had mentioned that I was drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot. He looked at me from head to toes, tilted his head then looked at his notes. He had one card and very little on it. I looked healthy and the record showed that in the year or so that he knew me I was healthy. He asked if I had had any serious illness and I said no. I was rarely sick. So knowing I was from Sydney he said, “You’re in the tropics now and it’s been hot and you can expect to drink a lot of water. And if you drink lots of water, it is natural that you will want to urinate all the time.”

Months passed and I drank more and more water all day long. I was running to the toilet often and I lost a stone and a half in weight from about 10 stone down to a little over 8 and a half. However I didn’t think anything of this because I saw losing weight as a plus. I had started working in real estate, which required a lot of running around so I put the loss of weight down to being in a more active job. Then in early 1993 out of the blue and still feeling I was in good health I was diagnosed with cancer so I decided to move back to Sydney to get another opinion. My husband was unable to come up and assist with driving my car to Sydney so I found a friend of a friend, who helped. He was on his way to Tasmania and saw the trip as a means of scenic touring. We took 51/2 weeks to do the 2,500 km to Sydney, partly because I had a strong intuition to do a meditative walk in the bush every day and partly because my new friend, though a very nice person, was a wild driver. I told him we would take the inland roads where there was less traffic. So we ended up doing 3,500kms, a much longer journey, but it proved advantageous in the end. I had found that the symptoms of the cancer were diminishing and some had even cleared away completely but of course my cancer masses were still there because they would take longer to be cleared away. And what surprised me was that after months of drinking loads of water, on the trip to Sydney I did not needed to drink much water.

In Sydney.

In the second opinion in Sydney I found that not only did I have stage 4 cancer that was untreatable with respect to a cure, but also type 2 diabetes with some complications! It explained the thrush that wouldn’t go away, the mosquito bites that were taking months to heal, the insatiable thirst that had returned after about a week in Sydney and the constant urination. My doctors thought that I probably had developed the cancer before 1992 and possible also the diabetes. But certainly from the time my symptoms began I would say my diabetes had gone unchecked for a year. And I emphasis here that I was very active and had a good (Mediterranean) diet!

With the cancer my doctors were saying I had only months to a year to live. I told them that my symptoms had diminished and that I thought I was in remission but they did not want to believe it. They only had the test results to go on so their opinions and their attitudes were understandable. I was not able to convince them but in my mind I was certain that my body was remising the cancer, though at the time I had no ideas why. The doctors said they could only give me treatment to extend my life and with no promises. I decided to refuse what they had offered and I was very glad I did because my body did remiss the cancer by the end of the year (1993). I had had the first of two spontaneous remissions, without having had medical treatment. And since then I have deliberately effected remission several times and with 100% success.

As the doctors were saying that they could not help me I decided to go to a Chinese doctor/ herbalist, who had treated me years earlier for minor depression and very successfully. He had not only helped me overcome the depression, he had improved my feeling of wellbeing so I had great confidence in him. He was Chinese from Cambodia, who had left with his family at a time of crisis, with only the clothes they were wearing. They settled in Australia and made a new life for themselves so he was someone with a deep understanding of life and a person who was very empathetic. This time when he placed his fingers on my wrist to feel my pulse, almost immediately he said

“oh you long time very angry”. I was astounded by his finding because it was true. I had suffered some financial losses in business in the late 1980s and there were people constantly using this to hassle me and cause me to become angry with myself. I was amazed how he could know this from the pulse. He told me it was the liver pulse. He said my liver had been overactive. He said I had to stop being angry and I said I would try. I told him that what made me angry was now far away and behind me. He was happy to hear that but the reality was different. I felt that I was unable to give up the anger because while the events happened in the past, I thought that it was that I was angry with myself. I did not appreciate at the time that I was being angered in the present, using ideas about those past events. However anger as I discovered later was not the root cause. It was used to make matters worse for me, to cause the underlying condition to progress and worsen and become diabetes.

After he’d taken my pulse and looked at my tongue he took out a large pad with Chinese writing along the side and began to write in beautiful Chinese characters. I had seen him do this before, he was writing a prescription. I said

“you can fix” and he replied,

“yes I can fix”. I thought maybe he’d only picked up on the diabetes. So decided to tell him about the cancer. I pointed to a large chart of the male and female anatomy that he had on his wall and at the uterus and ovaries on the female sketch and I said,

“bad cells here”. He looked at me a moment and then said

“all bad and here too” and he pointed at my lungs. Then he said “don’t worry, we fix. You get well” I stared at him a moment then smiled. He had obviously diagnosed the full extent of the problem and yet I had initially told him nothing. He said he was giving me herbs to treat my liver and kidney because that was most urgent and needed to be done first. I found that “treating the kidney” didn’t necessarily only mean the organ of the kidney but also refers to the endocrine system. So he may have been treating my pancreas as well. He had very little English but I managed to understand enough of what he meant. He told me it was necessary to treat the overall “patterns of disharmony”. I trusted him more and more as I had seen that the herbs did help me feel good and minimize the symptoms. He helped me a great deal, I can say with certainty that he would not have cured the cancer if I was still being stressed in the way that causes a person to build cell masses. But this was past, I was already in remission. His skill with the herbs helped my body more quickly clear away the cancer masses. With the diabetes the same problem arises. While a person is stressed their liver will continue to dump high amounts of sugar into the blood stream. Neither drugs nor herbs can cure diabetes but I can say that, given you find a good herbalist, with the herbs the problems associated with diabetes can be better managed and without side effects. However long term, the herbs are expensive, so unfortunately in the West they are outside the budget of most people.

In the first month I did get treatment from a GP for my diabetes. My herbalist was happy with that but my GP was not too happy about me being treated by a herbalist along side him for the same disease. The GP gave me several drugs to take but I don’t remember what drugs I was given. As my cholesterol and blood pressure were high I would say some of those drugs treated me for those two problems. He also mentioned something about one of the drugs “acting on the liver”, so it may have been Metformin or a similar drug. He told me to stop eating sweets and sugar. He didn’t put me on any special diet; partly because I had lost a lot of weight and was underweight. Partly also because I was on what he described as a “Mediterranean diet” (Greek food), which he approved of, though he didn’t seem to have any knowledge about why my Greek food would be good for me. I could see he didn’t know anything about diet. I made some changes to my diet as I began reading about different diets for diabetics but I was also given advice by my Chinese doctor/ herbalist. He told me to stop eating sugar and sweets but he forbade me to eat other foods too. On the list of forbidden foods was fried foods, sea foods and beer. He seemed to think a small amount of spirits like whisky and rum were okay, although I didn’t drink any. He further forbade me to smoke. My GP had recommended that I stop smoking but my Chinese doctor/ herbalist demanded that I stop smoking. He said “if you continue to smoke I will refuse to treat you”. I got a real scare when he said this because I felt very dependent on his help so I stopped smoking.. that day. And I was helped when my husband also took the opportunity to stop smoking as well.

My GP had wanted me to take two readings of my blood glucose (bg). He asked me to take one early morning reading and the other two hours after meals and it didn’t matter that these reading were on the same day or not. He took my blood pressure from time to time at the surgery. And he wanted me to see him once a week in the first few weeks then once a fortnight and finally once a month. I saw my herbalist every week and each time he took my pulse, looked at my tongue and adjusted my herbs. On a few occasions he also took my blood pressure but only to check what he had estimated from reading my pulse. After taking my pulse, remarkably, I saw he was always right.

I had problems with some of the drugs given to me by my GP but he wanted me to persevere and take them. However after some disagreements he agreed I could stop taking one of them. He insisted that diabetes was chronic and that it would only get worse and that I had to take drugs for the rest of my life. He insisted that I was to take at least two of the drugs he gave me.

As I took readings only when ever I thought about it, I had taken many more readings than the two he wanted. And I had recorded them in the margins of my diary. One day I went looking through my diary for something I had written, and as I couldn’t find it I went back over the notes for the month I was in Sydney. I began to notice that the highest bg readings didn’t happen after meals nor in the mornings. They happened at any time day or night, seemingly random. I put a red ring around the very high ones so that I could find them again more easily and kept reading. Then I noticed that I’d recorded high bg readings along side writing that described angry outbursts. And they were often much higher than the after meals readings that the GP wanted. So I took my diary with me, having circled all the high readings over the previous weeks, and I showed them to the GP. He didn’t want to look at them and became angry. He insisted that he only wanted two readings, one in the morning and one two hours after a meal. He said I was only to consider what he called “glucose intolerance” and he associated this with digestion. He reminded me that I had a chronic serious disease and that I had to accept that and take the matter seriously.

At first I thought he was annoyed because maybe he thought I was questioning him. But in the next fortnight I began to see that he wanted me focused on readings associated with a meal, lunch or dinner. He did not even want me testing to see what food could cause worse or better readings. My morning readings were reasonably low. I did not have any of the dawn phenomena that some diabetics talk about at the time. However from the readings I had taken my bgs 2 hours after meals varied a great deal. Added to that I could see that the readings between meals were sometimes very high and he was not even interested enough to look at them. I felt that the GP was wanting to paint a picture of doom and gloom to push his drugs. He insisted that the treatment consisted taking drugs, diet and exercise. I was doing all that and I could see that I could keep the diabetes under control but I was not happy with that.


I was keen to play the cards I wanted to play, and reject those that others wanted me to play, including doctors. So I decided to go to another GP.

The next GP wanted to know who my last GP was and I told him. Soon I was hearing and seeing the same things and the same attitude from him and worse. He didn’t even seem to want me taking readings and wanted to rely only on three monthly tests. I could see he wasn’t going to last long, especially when he too was pushing drugs but now I wasn’t taking them. I found the Chinese herbs were doing the job fine and not making me sick. In the meantime I had begun a research program of my own. I went over my university lecture notes on human biology, anatomy and physiology. And I read books in the biomedical library at the University from which I obtained my science degree, the University of NSW. On the emotion of anger I found very little, most books focused on the fight or flight response and explanation about the limbic system’s involvement, which they seemed to call “the emotional centre”. It was then that I decided to use my own techniques of insight meditation to try and get some understanding of what was happening in my body.

Using Insight!

Many years earlier I had studied meditation first yoga, then Zen and finally Vipassana (Insight meditation), which I was taught by a Burma Buddhist master. It took me years to master it sufficiently to be able to investigate structure within my body down to the cellular and sub-cellular level. However I have to say that I may have learnt this technique in a previous life because I recall when I was very young that I could insightfully see cells in the skin of my scalp. I had forgotten it but when I began to study biology at university and saw skin cells for the first time I recognized what I had seen in my childhood. And again when I took up the practice of Vipassana I found I had an affinity for it. I now used insight meditation to investigate my anger and the functions of my organs and muscles.

Firstly I noticed that my rest conditions were not only varied but much higher than what I remembered from years ago. My breathing was deeper and my heart rate was higher. Some of this was due to deeper breathing, which was my coping mechanism, but I later saw other pointers that showed me this was not the only reason for the higher heart rate. I notice this when the anger was gone.

Anger added to the underlying problem by triggering deeper and more forceful breathing. I observed there was higher activity in my thyroid gland and my liver. At times I could feel a surge of something in my blood and a hot feeling. I found that this was mainly due to my blood flowing much faster. It was noticeable at the start but then as it continued at a faster rate it did not draw attention.

Sometime I experience only worry. I was worried about the cancer even though I believed it was disappearing but I was more worried about the diabetes. I had been able to see at times when there was only worry, that my breathing was shallow, more subtle and slower.

When I had both anger and worry, my breathing was badly affected. It was not very strong but enough to notice. I observed a bad breathing rhythm, with anger and worry, which was not present in fear and worry. Fear and worry mainly affected the heart directly as it cause the heart to receive both signal to go faster and slower at the same time. At times when I experienced anger and worry I could see a bad breathing pattern emerge. There was an oscillation between the two different patterns of breathing. It was not serious but enough for me to realize that it could have had a bad effect on my heart if it was stronger. I discussed this first with my doctor but he only wanted to base himself on his own observations. In the doctor’s rooms I didn’t have the problem so he had nothing to observe. I later discussed it with my herbalist and he informed me that he was giving me herbs to alleviate this problem. He said that if both anger and worry were very strong then it was a very bad combination for the heart “because of the breath”. But he assured me that I was out of danger. I had tried hard not to get angry because my herbalist wanted me to stay calm, but I was not very successful.

On occasions where I was only worried and my breathing was slow and shallow, a region in my midriff would stagnate. Strangely this was also true at times when I felt depressed. I never investigated this further at that time but now I realize that this was most probably my pancreas. When I experience the anger-worry anxiety, there was hyperactivity of my liver and stagnation around my midriff. It was a challenge to meditate on both areas because the anger issues would capture attention, especially because at those times the anger had caused me to worry. However since then I have had other occasions to observe this type of anxiety and I did observe that worry does decrease activity in areas of the pancreas although I haven’t been able to see clearly enough to identify them. But other evidence showed me that indeed beta cell activity is affected and slightly reduced in worry and depression. And the problem I observed with excessive anger was that beta cells go strongly into “deposit insulin mode” and do not continue to make insulin at that time. So I have not observed worn out cells or cells that can’t keep up, but cells that are either engaged in making insulin OR secreting insulin in response to high blood sugar levels. The worse combination was worry and anger because these created reduced insulin levels and insulin insensitivity at the cellular level, especially when I was inactive. However as I found latter these can be overcome by what ideas one holds in mind.

image013Worry is really circular thinking. It happens when we have a serious issue that need resolution. It is particularly bad if the issue is not fully known because it is not fully conscious or if the issue is perceived and seen to be out of our control. What I found was that my body tried to move to rest conditions. I could see that this was to give the brain priority over the musculature. The brain cells do not require insulin to take up glucose from the blood while the muscle cells need insulin. To give the brain the advantage, to facilitate more serious thinking, the body is brought to rest through the actions of the PNS. And the levels of insulin are reduced so that the brain has an advantage over the musculature for glucose. This movement of the body was more pronounced in depression, but for different reasons.


Anger and insulin resistance.

Anger showed me the first two conditions for insulin resistance. Firstly anger, whether active or not, causes more glucose to go into the bloodstream. As I was not active the muscle cells did not want to take up all the glucose. I could see some changes but they were too vague and my ability to insightfully perceive the changes was not good enough. However I had an intuition that my muscle cells absorbed glucose and stored it as glycogen when they needed to but when they have the maximum store and they are not going to be generating lots of energy, they would not continue to absorb glucose.

To control the amount of glucose cells absorb, they had deliberately modified some of their insulin receptors. My liver was dumping lots of sugar into my blood but my muscle cells did not take up the glucose simply because it was available. They had deliberately made changes to control the level of glucose absorbed.

image017The medicos’ machine model sees cells and the whole body as a dumb, unconscious machine that works on automatic; A simplistic view of “response to the environment”. Any changes from the “normal” are seen as damage or defects or dysfunction. But in reality every cell is conscious! I could not possibly have done my insight meditation if the cells were unconscious machines. Consciousness is not “moved to” an area “we” want to observe, even though we talk about it in this way. And while we say that in meditation “I observed this or that…”, it is not the reality. It is only from the position of personal self that we talk like that after the meditation. In deep meditation there is no personal self. Consciousness exists in every cell everywhere. It is the substratum of all matter and energy. And observing is the activity itself. Subject and object are gone. There is no observer and no observed, only experiencing remains; the observing, pure consciousness.

Episodic anger.

In meditation that extended over an afternoon I happened to have had two anger episodes within the same period of meditation. First there were ideas in mind and while there was only observing, there was only the ideas arising and falling away. However when I began to identify with those ideas then I saw the reactions, most especially activity in my lungs, heart and liver. The activity in my liver was a different. And after the anger subsided the activity of my liver changed again. The second time I got angry, again there were ideas and when those ideas “became me” there was another period of activity in my lungs, heart and liver. The intermediary activity, between the two episodes of anger, was not the same as the background state of before and after the anger.

image020After observing two anger sessions close together a few times I discovered that before the mopping up process of excess sugar from the bloodstream was completed or had gone far enough to restore my background conditions (which as I mentioned earlier were higher than resting metabolism), my liver was again dumping glucose.

I realized that a higher glucose had persisted in my blood for a lot longer than it would have been. My liver did not have enough time to complete the job of mopping up the excess glucose. And it was slow in doing the job as well.


Under normal conditions (i.e, without stress) there is only the extra glucose that is dumped as a result of anger. Certainly while the person is angry the levels will be high but not high enough to cause problems. Even episodic anger that is far enough apart won’t create an overall problem.image024

I began to realize that there was an ongoing underlying stress response so the anger adds glucose to an already higher than normal level of glucose in my blood. My liver was intermittently adding higher amounts of glucose even apart from the anger. So each time I got angry there was a new dump of glucose on top of already higher glucose levels. What was this about? I suspected it was fear, which would have explained why my immunity was not working fully and scratches had persisted longer than normal.

I began to see that depending on how much I was angered and how close the anger episodes were, very high levels of glucose could sometimes build in the bloodstream. Certainly my pancreas produced more insulin but during times when I was inactive my cells refused entry to some of the glucose. Now I realize that this could be done in two different ways. One is to make epigenetic changes to down regulate or up regulate the gene, from which the insulin receptor protein is made, as required; So not all of the receptors worked with the insulin all of the time. So far from it being glucose intolerance, my muscle cells were able to regulate how much glucose entered through the cell membrane. I saw this more dramatically when the anger problem became resolved because my insulin sensitivity increased. So I reject the idea that cells fail to respond to normal actions of insulin and that they are unable to use it efficiently or that they have become intolerant of glucose or even more absurd of cells becoming unresponsive to “insulin knocking on the door all the time”. There is purpose for the deliberate changes cells make to become sensitive or insensitive to insulin. There is no defect because the changes go back and forth according to the cells’ needs within a particular environment.

image026So there was no defect, this is not insulin resistance and insulin insensitivity. I heard one doctor boasting that he was “very insulin sensitive”. This is bull. This would mean that no matter the circumstances… if there was high levels of glucose his cells would become syrup. That is not what health is about. It is the cell’s response to their environment BUT depending on what they want for what they are doing. So if my liver was dumping sugar but my cells were not going to use much they would simply change the locks so the glucose that they didn’t want ended up staying in the bloodstream. In times of inactivity hyperglycemia would develop, regardless of how much exercise I did or didn’t do. And if I became angry or anxious about what I ate before or during or even after a meal then the postprandial levels would be high and take longer to clear. Certainly if the stress levels are huge the body’s metabolism is badly affected but that doesn’t change the fact that a biological system adjusts itself and tries to cope in an ideal manner to the circumstances and not just dumbly reacts to the environment and if it doesn’t then it’s defective.

In meditation I saw how my body was responding to ideas. In particular I saw that my body was not saying “okay got enough glucose in the bloodstream for this bout of anger” rather it was saying “oops angry again, here’s another dump of glucose!” Having seen how my metabolism was affected I tried very hard not to become angry but it proved a very difficult task. Then one day I saw a television documentary that helped me.

Help from someone I never met!

I had been flicking through the channels on the television looking for something to get my mind off my issues for a while when I chanced on a documentary program about finances and business. A highly successful businessman was discussing the difficulties and the pleasures of building and running your own business. The snippets I remember, and which made a big difference to me at the time, had to do with starting a business. He said “everyone makes mistakes” and that people may suffer big losses at the start. He was quoting millions. I had had only lost thousands. He said that “it can be a steep learning curve” but he added “you just have to see your mistakes as lessons”. He described how it was sometimes necessary to start over and over again until you “get it right”.

image027On hearing what he had to say something I saw that I was blaming myself out of my own ignorance. I had been led to feel blame and guilt when I wasn’t blameworthy or guilty. The claim that I made mistakes and that others didn’t make such mistakes was plainly false. I had suffered some financial losses in business but it was no different to anyone else in the same position. I saw that the people hassling me really wanted to hurt me. And some of them were close relatives. I realized that the relatives who had visited me in North Queensland had come with a sinister purpose. And there were others in Sydney that I visited regularly on my return and who I now suspect had become involved for the toxic mob to continue to perpetrate the problem. I had to accept the reality that I had enemies.

The big difference came when I could see myself and the business mistakes in a new light. I was no longer hooked by the ideas presented to me. So I was able to observe the hassling with indifference, mindfully, as the activities of mind in meditation. Without my identification and reaction the ideas arose and then like echoes faded and disappeared. Sometimes these ideas were persistent and I became aware of the people making them. So I used counter mental images to belittle them. In my mind’s eyes I placed them on toilets and saw them straining to pooh as the ideas arose.

image030Sometimes the images made me laugh, and I had a strong insight that my reaction confused and frustrated them. More and more I saw the ideas that came to my mind falling away like dead leaves. I painted images in water colours of the hateful relatives and the other people on dead leaves falling away, fading and disappearing into a void and put the paintings on my wall. I did not emerge out of the nightmare overnight but winning.

My progress was also picked up by my Chinese doctor/ herbalist. He was happy and he changed my formula significantly to tackle other areas that he felt needed attention. My GP on the other hand was barking. “You should be taking drugs”! even though the levels of my bgs had gone down significantly and my blood pressure was within normal range and only sometimes slightly higher. My bgs were still higher than normal but they were no where near as high as they had been in the beginning. And goodness knows how much higher beforeimage032 I had decided to return to Sydney. So I knew I was right to have stopped the drugs and stay with the herbs. It was time to get rid of this doctor and his negativity so I told him that I was leaving town. He gave me a reference to the next doctor in a sealed envelope. Of course I had no intentions of leaving town and put the reference in the garbage.


A third GP.

So only few weeks after seeing the second GP I went to a third GP but this time I did not give him any information about my health or about other doctors. I knew that I had made progress because I no longer had the extreme highs that I had had previously but I was still seeing an overall higher than normal level for what should have been resting metabolism. I wanted a new unbiased opinion and at the same time not give away any information about my health. To justify my visit I said that a friend of mine was diabetic (and I did know a lady with diabetes) and that she and I had taken some readings and thought the readings were high. So I was able to tell him about taking some bgs readings without mentioning another doctor or that I had diabetes. I showed him my worst morning reading and my worst 2-hours after meals reading for that week, both of which were a bit over the high end of the normal range. Then I showed him another “random” bg reading that was higher than normal. He said “we should do some tests” and we did.

When he got my test results he rang to say he wanted to see me. He told me “it could be diabetes” and that “we’ll have to wait and see what the next three months showed”. He was more inclined to call me pre-diabetic. I then asked him “if a person is angry all the time would they have high blood glucose?” He said “yes, stress will give you high readings” and told me to try to remain calm. He then told me that the difference between a diabetic and a non-diabetic was that the non-diabetic’s blood sugars would return to normal relatively quickly, whereas the diabetics would not. And he said that this was because in the diabetic there was not enough insulin or that the insulin was not being used efficiently. I then asked him

“what happens when a person gets stressed?”

He said substances like adrenalin raise the blood sugar because they signal the liver to put more sugar into the bloodstream. Then he gave me the usual story of cavemen chased by tigers and how for modern man the survival mechanism malfunctions. I asked him “what if the person is sitting in an office behind a desk?” He admitted that this would be a problem if the person was being stressed continually but he only considered it was a problem if the person never did any exercise. I had read about all this but he didn’t know how much education I had and I wanted to test him. I found he was willing to take the time to explain the matter to me and was not simply fixated on the clock to cram in the maximum number of patients into the shortest number of hours. He asked if there was something stressing me? So we talked a bit about the problems I’d had up north. He listened and responded empathetically. This was a very different doctor and obviously someone willing to listen and discuss my problems.

He did suggest that he would put me on a low dose of some medication but only if my readings got worse. Of course he had no idea how bad my problem was when I first arrived in Sydney and worse up north. I then told him that I was taking Chinese medicine. He shrugged but he didn’t have a problem with the Chinese herbs. He did know much about them but he said that if I felt they helped me then I should continue taking them. He did not try to push drugs.

On the way home I thought about how the typical science experiment is done. I had taken part at university, as a student, in some experiments testing blood glucose and other parameters. As students in the laboratory, sometimes joking and laughing but generally calm, we became the subjects for our own experiments. We tested our blood glucose every half hour. Of course our blood sugar levels were within the nominated range. We had even fasted for 24-hours and still the same level of glucose could be seen in our blood. And yes we observed a dynamic equilibrium after we ate our lunch. So I wondered about the experiments with the diabetics. Why do they show a difference? Then a television program came to mind.

On television (on the MythBusters ) I saw an experiment done to test alcohol. Some people say that “alcohol can make you vomit”. So the MythBusters set out to do some experiments to test whether this statement was true or not. They took a bunch of healthy, calm subjects gave them alcohol to drink, none of them vomited so the myth busted. But wait a minute I thought, the people were saying “makes you vomit”.. who is the “you”?


Personality is fluid, more so that most people imagine. It is consciousness that remains the same, it is the steady constant. The personality, which is body and mind, changes continually. There is a different person when at rest than when emotional. There are different ideas in mind and these give rise to the angry you, the fearful you, the worried or happy or sad “you” because there is a different bodily state, the metabolism is different in each case! Testing the resting state only does not test for all conditions. An angry person can drink you under the table, while a person experiencing fear will vomit after the first few mouthfuls.image034

So it is really not a matter of what the alcohol can or cannot do. It all depends on the state of the person drinking the alcohol. Doing a medical experiment is not like doing an experiment in physics. We have to take into account that we are not only dealing with a constant alcoholic beverage, but also with variable human subjects. It is only valid to say that when you are calm alcohol won’t make you vomit. But, if you are in a state of fear alcohol will make you vomit. This is the problem in drug trials. They are done to test the drug but in fact the matter is a lot more complex. They use the subjects to test the drugs and those subjects all have vastly different problems, even though the diagnosis of a disease is the same. If you take a bottle of paint and test it on a hundred different media (paper, plastic, cement, wood etc) you are going to get a hundred different effects. Same here each subject’s reaction will depend on their emotional state and their coping habits.

I realized that at university we were all healthy subjects in a comfortable environment so of course our blood sugar levels are stable and constant. BUT we were hassled and angered then we would have seen “glucose spikes” and glucose hills. If tutors had put some snakes in the room with us then we would have had some fear for the whole length of the experiment. Even the brave face toughies would have had some fear unless they were not normal. Our glucose levels would have been high over the entire time.. ie hyperglycemia. This fantasy experiment got me thinking.

Firstly I realized that I was essentially different before diabetes to when I became diabetic. And I am different now too as an ex-diabetic. I am certainly “back to my old self” but I am a lot wiser and more confident and that makes me different in a new way. Up north I had not seen the initial changes because of what I believed and what I was led to believe using ideas of “you got lots of energy”. Being energetic one normally associates with health. The new image of me was consistent with my normal self but seemingly healthier. I had only begun to see something wrong when the anger episodes started. Now I realized that there was an underlying condition.

I began to recall that a new friend had come into my life just before the diabetes developed. I felt very good at the time; my health was excellent and I had plenty of energy. I had found work in selling real estate, which required me to be quite active. A lady came to work with me in real estate and she was in her mid twenties, about 15 years younger than me but after about a week she left saying she couldn’t keep up with me. Her words and actions conveyed “the message” that I had “a lot of energy”. At the time I did not see anything wrong but on looking back I realized that it gave credibility to the idea of “lots of energy” when in fact it was excess. On looking back I began to realize that she too was part of the foul play. My suspicions were confirmed when she rang, saying she was in Sydney and would I met up with her. I felt there was something very wrong even though I could not say what it was, so I declined. She insisted and said she was offended but I refused. And she was not the only one. There were two others as well that contacted me wanting to see me and spend time with me. I had refused them too. And in all cases, not being able to say why, I felt there was something wrong. However some people I knew well or at least I thought I knew well and could trust, did end up coming to visit me and stayed with me and my husband in 1994. I realized during their visits that they too did not just want to visit me. They had other reasons. It was not until some years later that I saw that they too were toxic and also involved so my husband’s reluctance, to allow them to stay with us in our home, was not unfounded.

Since that time I have seen how low grade fear and a coincident suggestion, either made verbally, implied or made mentally through relationship, can be used not only to create the ideas of “good feelings” and “lots of energy” but also most remarkably fear can be used to lead a person to believe “they have fallen in love at first sight” as you can read in the first example here at http://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/two-simple-uses-of-fear-and-esp-in-foul-game-play/. This is a cheat. The high metabolic charge is stitched together with ideas about someone the person sees for the first or second time as being highly attractive. The person falls into the trap if they take their feelings, i.e., the feelings in their body, as evidence for the ideas. It is all about ideas being presented together with a created hidden danger issue.

On breast cancer forums some women report no symptoms and go on to say “they felt great”, and “they had better health in the months before diagnosis, than at any other time in their life!” Some of these women have, at, just prior to diagnosis, met “a wonderful new man in their lives”. And they go on to marry the man. They felt not only love but an added obligation to a person who “stayed with them through their darkest hours”! A few have been cheated just after diagnosis. This is even more sinister because it brings a person into their life, who doesn’t appear involved because they met them after diagnosis. Such a person can be used to increase the level of danger significantly, so the cancer patient goes on to have repeated episodes of cancer or suffer a very aggressive cancer that kills them.

A complex problem.

I began to realize that my problem was complex. There had been an underlying problem of low grade fear. The anger episodes were used to worsen the underlying problem. So low grade fear was firstly used to raise my metabolism. And this underlying fear condition was continued until I came to Sydney. In Sydney they could still pose danger but it was limited. Initially the underlying fear created long term elevated blood glucose levels. In Sydney the the elevated levels fluctuated because they could no longer pose ongoing danger. It is possibly that in some cases at least an underlying fear condition that is low grade is the reason why a person becomes pre-diabetic or has diabetes that is easily managed. If that danger is intensified it would lead to seemingly unmanageable diabetes.

Many patients report no symptoms and the reason is that their vital signs fall within the normal range, which only means within the average of the population. If your resting systolic blood pressure of 116 and it goes up to 122, your GP will say “nothing wrong with that.. that’s quite good!” when in fact it is high. Doctors have an arbitrary range based on opinion, not evidence, that a systolic blood pressure is high if it falls within the range of 130 to 139 and very high systolic blood pressure above that. These are rules of thumb and do not say anything about your individual conditions. So if you are anything below 130 you are considered healthy when in fact you may have an underlying metabolic problem. So you are said to have diabetes or pre-diabetes with no symptoms! This is the same problems with blood glucose. We should not be talking about fasting glucose levels but resting metabolism glucose levels. If your metabolism is raised your blood glucose level will be raised but it might still fall within what they consider the “fasting normal range”.


So from normal to pre-diabetic to diabetic to diabetic with complications or uncontrolled with complications it all boils down to how the biology can be raised over time and how it can then be spiked in addition.

And here I mention, as I have in other areas of my blogs, that toxic people do not act out of knowledge of biology. As I was told by one of them, they only know “if you do x then y happen”. These are foul games that have been played for millennia and the knowledge has been passed down from toxic people to toxic people. The increases we have seen in the last 50 or 60 years is mainly due to the growth of the toxic under-culture. But I also strongly believe that the games have been magnified enormously by toxic doctors. And I say this because I have seen in my life that there is continual fine tuning of the way they are trying to trouble and stress me in order to try and get extremely negative effects. This cannot be done without some toxic doctors involved because it takes a deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, as well as disease. My survival shows that when you are aware that stress is not something that comes from work and the physical environment, but that it arises from the interpersonal environment. Other people are involved, people who are related to you, then you can take the necessary steps, to walk through the nightmare, and survive unharmed

How can danger be made obscure?

By early 1994 I had become well again but there were some occasions where I felt stressed and I did not know why. I thought that as my car had had a minor problem that this was the cause, so I switched to using my husband’s car and the problem vanished. However there was another reason which I realized only many years later so to answer this fully I will fast forward to a period of time long after my diabetes.

In about 2001-2, my husband had admitted a lot of things that I would never have imagined. He told me he was evil and told me a lot of things about evil people, whom he sometimes called “his people” and the “evil procedures” that they used. I realized he was talking about being narcissistic, psychopathic, antisocial etc., so-called personalities. I have since realized how many of them were in my life. These are people who use underhanded means in order to gain power and influence over others with whom they are in relationships, abusing the relationship. They see that the other person’s reactions cause harm and suffering but they feel nothing for the other person. They get pleasure in seeing the other’s suffering. They abuse their relationships in an ongoing fashion for years and decades. These people are not sick as the psychiatrists claim. These people are inhumane, criminals.. rubbish. The medical industry has monetary vested interests in calling them sick. Their crimes go unrecognized because the damage lies in the victimized person’s reactions. They label the effects of abuse as diseases instead of speaking up and protecting the public. I would say that diabetes is the most basic result of such abuse and it is profitable. There are around 280 million type 2 diabetics worldwide. That is a lot of drug and a lot of money. So psychiatrists’ efforts are to get public sympathy for criminals and give them a place in society because without them there will be no medical industry.

My husband said that in all foul games criminals are used to pose danger and they can readily be found either directly or indirectly through “people who knew criminals”. On questioning him further, “people who knew criminals” turned out to be toxic, corrupt police. The criminals are people who have done crimes and are out on parole, from what I understood. However it is important to realize that danger is only a potential. It is the possibility of harm, not actual harm. This potential, I was told, is used in causing the targeted person to react adversely so as to create adverse conditions in their body. That situation can then be played in a number of different ways. Basically they look to “manage” other people in their relationships. So in reality diabetes is a lifestyle disease only because it is the toxic person’s lifestyle and has nothing to do with the choices and lifestyle of the person being abused as to develop diabetes. My toxic husband called this discipline training. He said “if a person disagrees with the toxic person then they bring the criminal into play. This causes the innocent person grief, so they are less likely to disagree with you”. By grief he meant medical problems. Such a cheat is diversified to create many different medical problems as I will discuss specifically with diabetes in the next post. So it is not the high sugars in themselves that create the problems in the trends that the medicos see, but other associated cheats. I have discussed how the basic cheats are done in the blog at http://kyranibook1.wordpress.com/ but as it is an important matter here I will go over some of the basics.

Danger is presented through two separate relationships. The two relationships are concurrent. One is the strong relationship with someone well known to the targeted person. This is the chief offender, sometimes a spouse or sibling, a work associate, neighbour or friend. This person mentally or sometimes verbally or through visual cues presents the ideas. The second relationship, with the criminal(s), is trivial because the person has only ever seen the criminal(s) from a distance on some vaguely memorable occasion. The person targeted does become aware of the criminal’s presence if they come into their vicinity again, but only if they are armed and hold evil intent. However as the relationship is extremely weak their purpose, their intent and the danger issue they create is not consciously perceived. The perception is not strong enough to be fully conscious but it is enough to cause bodily reactivity.

Neuroscientists say that the emotion comes first and then the feeling of the emotion. But this is only a part of the picture. Issues come first, then the emotion and finally the recognition of the emotion. And the emotion is recognized only if the issue is recognized. An emotion is not recognized simply by the feeling of the reactivity in the body. If an issue is only subliminally perceived, then the bodily reactivity won’t be recognized as emotion. So any concurrent ideas may be erroneously associated with the bodily reactivity. It is important to appreciate that for such a misconception, it means other people have to be involved. No ideas arise out of the depths of your mind to fool you about your bodily reactivity! Ideas are not in business for themselves. And as my toxic husband explained, in the many different situations that can be created, the victim is led to believe that the unrecognized bodily reactivity is evidence for the ideas that are presented concurrently. This is the basics of the “manufacture belief” cheat.

In some cheats, typically a copy of the house key, car key or work key is given to the criminal. As the targeted person is only trivially related to the criminal they will not consciously perceive of the possession of a key and their criminal intent. An idea of “I got a key to your house and I could, if I wanted to, use it and get into your house” will create a danger issue, but it is obscure owing to the trivialness of the relationship.

image058The targeted person will be aware enough to react, so they will have bodily reactivity, but they won’t be able to recognize it as fear.

My toxic husband explained that if the criminal were to come into the street, then the danger is much greater so even though the relationship is trivial, the danger is felt, i.e., the fear or anger is recognized. If the criminal was to approach the person’s house with the intent of using the key to open it and maybe doing harm, then the danger becomes extreme and the fear or anger intense. The person is acutely aware of danger but the issue of danger that is causing them to feel fear is not known. If the criminal does nothing more than just walks past the house then even if the person looks out the window, they cannot identify the person they see as the cause of the danger issue. They may get a bad feeling about the person but if that person behaves normally they will not be able to understand why they are a danger. The targeted person may suddenly feel that they are not safe inside their home and not know why. Or they may experience a sudden danger and become hostile to others around them.







I do not recall having had any dawn phenomena in the early nineties but since 2000 I have seen some periods of insomnia or being awakened very early for an hour or so, as well as dawn phenomena and I have found that they entail a threat. The threat is always involving someone known to me, though not well known.

If you take a reading on being awakened in this way you will find your bgs will be high, unless your liver is too low on glycogen, in which case you may have a hypo.

My house is in two segments connected by a walkway. Originally I had only a flimsy door to the bedrooms section and I saw an immediate change when I had a carpenter make a super heavy door for the entrance and another one to my bedroom. I strongly suspect that my enemies have since started using toxic police “with the special power” to threaten me but even with these threats they can be countered because they are involved in foul play and outside of the law.

image042The best way, if they do wake me up and they try to keep me awake, I hold counter ideas. I meditate if I am kept awake, with an appropriate mantra to counter my enemies. These days I don’t use the tame sitting on the toilet straining to pooh variety.

Meditation helps restore the body better than sleep. Mostly I go back to sleep fairly quickly. This works for a very good reason. We normally believe that the laws we have are all man made. This is not true. There are the laws of the Universe, which govern not only the physical states but also the relational ones. All humane people have an avenue to counter anyone who is mentally attacking them with hateful ideas and criminal intent because these are crimes and a violation of the laws of the Universe, so their crimes carry consequences. The situations they create can be used against them; and far more powerfully because the humane person is setting directives to the Universe.

It is no use complaining, certainly not to a doctor. They will write you off as paranoid because the medical industry has no interest in overcoming the problem. It is their source of money. The pharmaceutical companies and the scientists that work for them actively block all information that helps resolve problems. They aim only for the use of drugs and medical procedures to treat symptoms only and keep the public ignorant. ESP experiments are done in a way that give a nil or trivial result. And where experiments may be done that show ESP, other scientists come along to supposedly repeat the results and say they get no result. Of course these experiments are easily tampered with because ideas are the key issues and not anything physical. The medical establishment labels anyone feeling danger without seeing visible, i.e., physical signs, as having mental health issues. This prevents people from looking into their own issues lest they too are labelled with the same label. The issue of ESP is extremely important for people to appreciate, not only for dawn phenomena, insomnia and diabetes, but for diseases in general. For this reason I have set out some experiment you can do at the bottom of this post. You can satisfy yourself of your ability to present and perceive ideas mentally. And you’ll be shocked at how easy it is.

Back to the past.. up north.

I began to understand that the new friend in my life was not a friend but a stooge. He was the contact that my enemies used. They knew that I didn’t trust them so they used a new person, someone I didn’t know well, to make me vulnerable. He had appeared at a time when I was trying to come to terms with the loss of a substantial amount of money. He listened and appeared sympathetic. I got to know him over a six month period and felt I could trust him enough to look after my flat and my car when I went down to Sydney to see my husband for a while. My problems really began after I got back. So it is possible they could have made spare keys to my flat and my car while I was gone. I had only felt “a lot of energy”, which really means they may have only discussed using the keys and not come too close to my flat.

There were some vague signs about this new friend, which didn’t add up. He had said the right things and made the right moves but there were times he slipped up. I saw small things that I had dismissed. Now I realize the detail counts. A small thing that looks out of character should never be dismissed. It may not be some mistake but what my husband called “a crack in the armour”. We tend to look at the overall picture in judging someone and it is precisely this attitude that give toxic people an avenue. We tend to overlook or forgive something we see as minor, when really we should see it as a red flag. I noticed that toxic people will typically do one of two things. They may fall over themselves saying that they are sorry and won’t do that again, but it is just a betrayal. I found that in saying that won’t do that again they mean only the specific thing they have done, leaving room for the many other things they want to do. The other approach that I have seen used is to say that whatever I complained about was really me projecting. So anything you try to complain about comes back to you and leaves the other blameless. This too is a bunch of rubbish. If you hear this you can be sure the other person doesn’t want to own responsibility for their actions, they want to put them onto you.. a sign of toxicity.

So while I was being covertly threatened with the use of the keys that had been copied and given to criminals to hold, ideas like “feel great” and “got lots of energy” were easily presented to me both verbally and mentally. I had believed the ideas because I felt the energy in my body and saw it as evidence. So I believed the “extra energy” was health, when in reality it was fear. The “feel great” idea was a trap. I was in good health and had always had lots of energy so it was easy to mistake any additional feelings of good health and lots of energy as part of my own normal state of being. The feeling of good health was manufactured but the changed “me” was subtle. If I had known to take blood glucose readings, I would have found them higher than normal and an indicator of trouble. So they posed danger on and off over the long term, which pushed my metabolism into higher gear.

The actual possession of a copy of a house key by a criminal does create some danger but it is not enough to cause another person serious problems. It is the intent to use the key that creates sufficient danger to become problematic. Intent allows not only for the danger to be magnified but for degrees of danger to be created and modified. So the offenders can change the degree of seriousness of danger by the degree of intent. The key is never used in the conventional way but only as a potential access. Now I understood why my health problems disappeared.

In Sydney they no longer had keys to my house but they did still have a copy of the key to my car, so that was why when I switched to using my husband’s car, the underlying problem was gone, even the irritation was gone. My health was restored. Whenever ideas of the bad business mistakes arose, incredibly I was able to laugh. I saw other evidence much later on when I went back up north with my husband. I had started feeling some unexplained danger and a very bad feeling but only when we used my car and parked it somewhere for a long while, as for instance to go shopping. I couldn’t understand it. I felt that someone break into my car but I had no reason that I could give as to why I felt this way. I had a mechanic change the ignition lock on my car and he gave me new keys. With the new car keys the problem vanished. So I can see two separate occasion with respect to my car that indicate copies of my car key must have been made and used to pose danger, with the view to cause me medical problems. And as holding keys to someone’s house or car or office etc., can potentially be used at any time, it can become a long term concern. And to the extent that the person is affected, they will have some degree of fear in their body, which means symptoms like higher blood pressure, higher sugar levels, poor immunity, poor memory, poor sexual response and so on.

A new opinion about the cancer.

I told my herbalist on my next visit that I was going to get some more tests done to see what was going on with the cancer. He said “not 100% yet”. I understood that he meant that the cancer was not yet 100% gone. And when I got the result I found the herbalist was right. It was good news. My lungs were clear and my uterus and ovaries were clear but they found some cells with enlarged nuclei on my cervix. The new gynaecologist that I had seen said that it was only a small amount and that I should go back in a couple of months’ time because by then it could be more easily removed. I did not say anything to him. I thanked him and left. So this time while the herbalist had not been able to address the worry and depression in the beginning, it was now over. I had no more worry, because I knew my body was working to remiss the cancer!

My bgs were all in the normal range. I was no longer considered even pre-diabetic. My new doctor was pleased with my test but said he wanted to see me twice a year for blood tests just to be sure. I agreed. In 1994 I slowly returned to my old diet. My husband and I grew a lot of our own vegetables, which meant that we ate fresh out of the garden every day. However I began to drink coca cola, pizza and “take away fish and chips” again. My herbalist allowed me to eat prawns and shellfish again. My bg readings, my blood pressure and my cholesterol levels were all in the normal range and I ate what I liked. My weight went up to 10 stone, which was normal for me. Now twenty years later I am still healthy and I have been tested under extreme conditions.

I only saw the GP once in 1995 and only for some blood tests. I did however suffer some other health problems from mid 1994 to the end of 1995, mainly associated with my heart but they were not serious and I had satisfactory help from the herbalist. And I made special note here that my bgs were normal for at least six months prior to the start of this period and while there were some fluctuation, my bgs were in the recommended normal range for a non-diabetic throughout this period. So it is hard to say that high blood sugars were the cause. Furthermore I can show from other occasions, where foul play was aimed to do me a great deal of harm, that high blood sugars are not the cause of the cardiovascular problems that I saw. If I still had diabetes I might have been in a worse position but even that can’t be said with certainty. So it is important to discuss because it points to the fact that if a person has diabetes it might make some other created problems worse, such as heart problems, but it is not in itself the cause of such complications. I will discuss these conditions in the next post.

In the last 15 years there have been several attempts to create a fatal stroke but they have failed. I have been able to maintain my health. I will discuss these too because they show how a person may be targeted and how they can remain healthy. Microvascular complications may be attributed to diabetes, but here again only when the problems created for the person, which cause diabetes, are intensified. I do not see scientific evidence that says if you have high blood sugars, especially in the 6.5 to 9% Ac1 range, that you are predisposed to having microvascular complications. It is all based on opinion and those giving the opinions have conflicts of interest. My experience has shown me clear evidence that diabetes is neither about “a machine malfunction” nor that it gets worse with time, a ticking time bomb etc. My experience says that a person does have the ability to overcome the stress problems they face, but even with high bgs they can avoid both macro- and micro- vascular diseases and retain their health.

Further discussion.

Personal self and metabolism.

The foul play was devious as it relied on my own experience of myself. I would have only seen signs of trouble if I had had blood tests at that time but neither I nor my doctor saw any reason for doing tests. I looked healthy, felt healthy and my vital signs gave good readings. Blood pressure was high but still inside the normal range. A single blood test is not enough for my doctor to see the bigger picture, not even a A1c. And a measure of your blood pressure is only a snap shot of your health AND it is compared to the average range of the population. If a person is not hassled when they go to see their doctor then the blood pressure may be normal. But even with arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure many doctors are only inclined to prescribe drugs.

What I realized was that up north my metabolism was higher than it should have been for the work that I was doing. In the day time I was “a very active person”, taking clients to see properties etc. I often skipped meals or ate scantily during the day. Owing to higher bodily reactivity that I mistook as “that’s just me” but my liver was dumping sugar in greater amounts than it would have been doing for “just me”. The underlying fear or what doctors only want to name “the stress response” or “the fight or flight response”, was the reason for the higher levels of sugar in my blood. The higher levels of glucose triggered my beta cells to release more insulin. This is the reason why insulin levels rise and not as a consequence of insulin resistance. A problem arose because my body was using up it’s immediate reserves of glycogen. To remedy the situation my body was then utilizing stored fats. That is why I lost a stone and a half in weight. If I was not so active and I had eaten as a remedy, to replenish the glucose supply, then I may have put on weight.

At night there was a different problem. Having had a normal meal I would sit at my computer for hours doing a lot of mental work and very little physical work. So while my brain was using up a reasonable amount of that extra glucose, my body only required little energy. My muscle cells would have stocked up on glucose. Any danger creating fear at night meant more liver dumps of sugar. So there was again high blood sugar. So my muscle cells would have taken steps to limit any extra glucose from entering the cells. I had not heard of the term “insulin resistance” at the time but I could see in Sydney after the problem was fully manifest, using insight meditation, that my muscle cells had become dormant when I felt angry. This is not insulin resistance but a deliberate changing of the locks to prevent insulin from assisting too much glucose to enter the cells. The next day, when I was active again, there was no insulin resistance. It was only on most nights when I was not active that there was insulin resistance. It is not the activity or lack of activity that was the problem but the fear in my body. Many people sit at a desk for hours every day and many of them do not get a lot of exercise but they don’t develop insulin resistance or really what is reduced insulin sensitivity owing to cells changing the locks, the insulin receptors. A person with low grade fear on the other hand will develop reduced insulin sensitivity because they can’t be active all the time and during times of inactivity they will still have stress hormones affecting their metabolism.

In the normal situation, when a person is not hassled, their blood sugars are regulated by the hormones insulin and glucagon and the actions of the liver and their body organs function consistent with basal metabolism or rest mode. But when a person is being hassled, and really it is more than hassle, it is serious maltreatment, because they are caused to continually experience low grade fear, so their system is in continual or intermittent survival mode. Hormones like adrenalin and glucocorticoids will be constantly stimulating the body in ways that are only meant for short term and unusual occasions.

I had someone on a forum say..

Interesting, maybe your problem was excess cortisol driving your bg up.

This is based on the bad science that is sold to the public. There is no such thing as excess cortisol or excess anything in the body. If you are resting you have low levels of cortisol. If you are highly stressed you have high levels of cortisol but this is not “excess”. The body has the appropriate amount for the experience. Fear or what doctors call the stress response means high levels of cortisol are release. It has nothing to do with excess. People are led to believe in excess because that way they can’t find a solution themselves and become reliant on drugs. Drugs can’t cure the problem and they are crude ways of dealing with the changes in metabolism because to fix one thing they create undesirable effects in other areas, hence many of the side effects

This is another forum post by someone describing themselves as s a trained therapist with many years experience.

A great example of this is the unwarranted fight/flight response. Even if there is nothing to fear, the body is telling the person they were right to be fearful of …that feeling, that sensation or thought. The whole thing is a very clever bluff BUT, many people with panic disorder for instance, don’t even realise that their body is actually healthy and only responding to ‘thoughts’. Many sufferers actually believe it’s the other way around. It’s all about first fear and second fear. Without ‘thought’ the adrenaline response simply wouldn’t kick in. We have to feel a fearful emotion first. This is why panic disorder can last for decades/lifelong. A sufferer’s perception of why they feel like they do often interferes with progress to eliminate the disorder. They often believe it really is a physical disorder and they are merely reacting.

He or she is right in calling this fear but they are then trying to say that the fear is a malfunction or in medical jargon “an unwarranted fight/flight response”. There is NEVER a case where a fight or flight response.. fear to call it by its real name, is unwarranted and there being nothing to fear. The reality is that there is a danger issue and hence the fear but the danger issue may be unseen. Furthermore thoughts have no volition of their own so they can’t BLUFF! The adrenaline response only kicks in as the poster rightly acknowledges only where there is thought. To talk about excess adrenaline and cortisol etc., is plainly wrong. There is a perception of danger and a fear response, which is the reason for the adrenaline, the cortisol, the liver dumping sugars, higher insulin levels and so on.

Homeostasis and the emotions.

Some neuroscientists have used the concept of homeostasis is used to try and explain the emotions. The suggestion is that the emotions are a means of facilitating change that help relieve tension and so sustain homeostasis. I disagree. I would say that the emotions of anger (with some acting out, eg shouting), sadness (involving crying) and joy (involving laughter) do relieve tensions, i.e., charged up states in the metabolism, but only when they are short lived. However the same is not true of fear and worry. Fear is a charge up of the metabolism that is sustained as long as a danger issue exists. It is preparing and maintaining the body in a state of readiness for immediate, strenuous action, if required. This is a movement away from resting metabolism. Worry is the attempt to resolve an issue and repeated or circular thinking will continue until a resolution is found. Neither of these could be said to relieve tension. Both of them build up tension. If they extend over a long time they can become seriously problematic.

The only time that some emotions re-established homeostasis is anger, joy and sadness and when they are transient, which is the normal situation. But emotions such as fear are a changed state. We can only talk about the homeostasis of that state and from that state into another state of action if that action arises. Sun Tzu in his book The Art of War says that if you put the troops into danger they will fight fearlessly. This is because the time of mobilization (fear state) is past and the active stage is reached. In fighting there is a new homeostatic state, which is maintained while the body is active. Fear and action both change the metabolism and establish new homeostatic states. From that point of view they are involved in homeostasis but to say that they re-established homeostasis or in common language “restore balance” is bullshit. Even under normal conditions, where a fear state is relatively short, it cannot be called a re-establishing of homeostasis. If it extends over hours or days then it maintains a changed state over that time. Fear may become the norm over weeks and months and years during a war but even then it does not re-establish but sustain a higher metabolic condition. This is also something that shows that fear and the higher bgs that result do not cause other diseases. World War 2 lasted in Europe from 1939 to 1944, six years, which is a long time for someone to have unchecked high blood sugars. But we don’t see of a problem of heart diseases (as you can see from the graph), strokes, kidney disease, retinopathy and neuropathy.

image044Death from heart diseases had nothing to do with the war in Europe. And in the USA, where there was no threat on the homeland, there was a rise! The statistics clearly indicate that heart disease, were unaffected by WW2 and yet people lived in fear for all that time and their blood glucose levels would have been high during that time. And England wasn’t invaded. Countries like Greece that was invaded by Germans was terrorized to the extreme and put on a starvation diet. Thousands died of starvation but none of them suffered as a result of high blood glucose.

In reviewing the biology.

In my case low grade danger was posed to begin with. Having keys, both to my house and car, my enemies were able to create a problem both when I was out and at home. The danger caused me to uphold a low grade fear, which means a low grade stress response was intermittently ignited in the early months in my body. At that time I was probably either pre-diabetic or diabetic. And when it was stepped up, by utilizing events and ideas, which were associated with those events, they moved to cause me to react so as to develop both the diabetes and cancer. I had taken legal action to recover my money. I recovered only half of my money and this was then used to present ideas that caused me to become angry with myself. But it was also used to cause me to generate cancer in my body. One of the ideas presented with ovarian cancer, and possibly prostate gland cancer in men too, is the idea that “a lot gets wasted”. This is hashed to “a lot”, which is general. A lot of what? It can be used to say a lot of harm! And the other half of the ideas as “gets wasted” could have been used in a number of ways as in legally waste and specifically with respect to real estate means damaged. “Wasted” translated to Greek and used as in colloquial Greek, means killed. In some Western countries, such as in North America, it can also mean killed or destroyed. So the idea of “a lot gets wasted” could have been used together with mentally presented images to indicate harm to my ovaries. Thus my immune system went into high alert and build protective cell barriers, which is not a good solution. If you want to read more about the cheats that cause a person to react as to develop cancer you can read here in several posts after this one http://kyrani99godnscience.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/the-big-c-cancer-explained

Anger was then used to cause my condition to worsen both for diabetes and to create a more aggressive cancer. A person who becomes hostile and fights the seeming internal danger will build cell barriers more aggressively. For me to have begun to have excess thirst and excess urination meant that my Ac1 would have been well over 11% or at least six months to a year. My symptoms show that even if a person is active, hyperglycemia can still develop, if they are overstressed. This is the reason for supposed “unmanageable diabetes”. Certainly a person who is overstressed may find the regime of diet, drugs and exercise too difficult and give up, but it is not the reason for their problems. My diabetic condition was not bad enough, to have caused a very serious problem with insulin. However I saw one example of someone in this situation.

Insulin problems in the husband of an acquaintance.

I had an acquaintance, who I thought was a friend at the time. She was experiencing digestion problems and her digestion problems intensified after some new neighbours came to live a few doors down from her house. I suspected her husband may have been involved so I told her how such problems could arise. She immediately defended her husband and said that it was impossible that this would have happened to her. About six months later she rang me and after some initial chat she began to tell me that her husband had become very, very angry all the time and that he had develop a rare form of diabetes called LADA and that he needed insulin. The tone of delight and satisfaction was very evident in her voice. I realized then that she too was toxic. She had defended her husband for two reasons and I have seen this from other toxic people as well, whom I had foolishly tried to help thinking they were decent people. One reason for the defence is to cover her tracks. The other reason is that all toxic people will defend their own lifestyle, which means they will not normally reveal, to a non-toxic person, anything about the toxic subculture and how they operate. They won’t even accept that such a sub-culture exists. I could see by her manner and the way she spoke that she was toxic so her response had been to use the same currency, to “make him pay”.

From what she said he had reached a stage where his beta cells had not only stopped making insulin, they had become damaged. I recall she talked about antibodies found in his blood that are associated with type 1 diabetes. This is an autoimmune disease. My suspicion is that this damage in adults happens along the same lines as cancer, only in the case of beta cells an attack is made so damage is done, while in the case of cancer a cell barrier is created to protect from the danger perceived. But depending on how the danger is perceived a cytotoxic attack can be made in cancer and it is the immune system that is responsible for both. In the case of cancer a danger issue is created but by people who are trivially related to the person. The person targeted is not aware of the real danger issue but they will have a fear response in the body. It then depends on what ideas are presented at that time. And these ideas are presented by someone closely related to the targeted person. In this case the wife. Ideas of a danger in the body will put the immune system into high alert and on the defensive in any area that is perceived to be the source of the danger. And it is common to have flu-like symptoms when anger is present. I have described how the flu-like symptoms arise in the second cancer post on oesophageal cancer. ( http://kyrani99.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/anger-and-the-flu-like-symptoms-in-cancer/ ) The immune system is very powerful and if it is misdirected by ideas that are hateful suggestions then damage of various forms can result. Ulceration, which is damage done to cells in a particular area and allergies are common examples. Usually the ideas are associated with specific foods or other environmental elements.

The wife in this case had motive and as I discovered both husband and wife are toxic. They came to stay at my place for a period of about a week or so and I saw a very dramatic difference in both of them. He had always been overconfident and brazen, while she was outspoken but not prepared to cross him. Now the tables had turned. She was overconfident and he was “well disciplines” even meek. Also in his presence she played the part of the “willing to bear all” wife. She claimed that “oh well god gave this to us and we have been married for 30 years and we just got to make the most of our lives” and that she was going to stand by and support her husband through it all. A very different attitude from what I saw of her earlier; and indeed a different person when he wasn’t present during their visit. In his absence she sounded and acted cocky about his condition.

There are two ways to stop the immune response from turning onto the body in a harmful manner. One is to realize the ideas are phoney. So they may be discarded. Ideas that are largely subliminal don’t work because the personal self has to be affected for a reaction. However those ideas often do not seem significant or seem to be part of everyday life events. In cancer the ideas that I saw associated with pancreatic beta cell cancer were typically ideas of “needed to go”. I realize later that this has a double meaning and again by the use of hash. You may need something to work or you may need to go somewhere both of which can be attributed to everyday life. However it is also true that insulin is “needed” to produce energy because it is needed to get glucose into cells so there may have been a suggestion relating to insulin “needed to go”. This meaning would be innately understood by the body. Sometimes it is hard to discover the ideas. A better way is to appreciate that the danger issue is external. It too can be subliminal but the signs are felt. If you feel unusually hot or hot and bothered or in a more subtle manner you feel you are able to withstand the cold and not had done so previously, then you are mostly likely running a low level or even medium level fear response. The effect that I had seen in pancreatic cancer was that the beta cells were not only up regulated and transformed so as to produce and secrete too much insulin.

In an autoimmune attack of the beta cells, the ideas presented might be the opposite; possibly ideas such as “need to be stopped”. If these ideas are made together with a danger issue that the person believes is internal, then their immune system is put into a highly aggressive state to attack the area. The beta cells would be damaged. However I doubt that this is enough for an ongoing problem. In cancer I have a dozen or more incidents where I was attacked me with ideas and danger issues as to develop cancer. Initially they succeeded but I was able to remiss the cancer. In the latter occasions they fail because I can now stage-manage my biology. I found that there have to be ongoing mental attacks and danger issues, usually conducted over two or three days at a time, for the cancer to continue to exist and increase. If the problem stops, the cancer stops, and the body begins to remiss the cell mass or masses.

In the case of type 1 diabetes I suspect that those ideas would have to somehow either become part of the personal self, or more likely the that there are toxic people around the diabetic, creating ongoing problems, especially in presenting hateful ideas. Certainly in the couple that I saw, the husband had ongoing anger issues and from what both he and his wife admitted they were of serious proportions. In my personal experience and observations, I have seen that the body does recover from damage. I consider the medicos’ notion of “damaged and can’t be repaired” is only based on opinion and not evidence. And that opinion is based on a monetary vested interest. They want the patient believing they need the doctor’s help. I would question, why don’t the type 1 diabetic’s beta cells recover or be replaced by new ones? The resolution of the problem is simple. Whether it is an autoimmune problem or cancer the easiest way to stop it in its tracks is to appreciate that the danger is external. The effect of this is that the immune system goes into decline. So no matter what ideas there are, they have no relevance with respect to the body. They no longer apply so the person naturally discards them even without realizing it. Once the problem is arrested the body will begin to remiss the cancer or repair the damage of an autoimmune attack. The doctors’ story of weak immunity causes cancer is false. It may be taught that way in medical school and it may be that if a doctor contradicts this they may be said to be outside the guidelines, an offence for which they can lose their licence to practice medicine.

Normally with remission the body begins to clear away or repairs damaged areas and then restore healthy cells. I suspect that type 1 diabetes might be reversible simply by removing the ideas and realizing the danger is external and not associated with the body. There are cells existing in the pancreas called ghrelin cells. These are islet progenitor ( stem cells) of alpha and beta cells. It only takes some epigenetic changes, for some genes to be up-regulated to produce beta cells. The possibility is there in the body so given the right conditions, which means eradicating adverse ideas and realizing the danger is external, the body would regenerate the beta cells.

I suspect that in type 2 diabetes excessive fear and anger over time, which is not managed by countering ideas, causes the beta cells to become depleted and unable to produce insulin. Their supply of insulin runs out and possibly the cells become dormant possibly by down-regulating genes that make specific proteins that they need when they function normally to make insulin. They would then be forced to take artificial insulin. However if the stress was reduced or removed by countering, beneficial ideas, then the cells start to function again.

image046Beta cells need time to make insulin and time to secrete insulin. From my observations, they don’t make and secrete all at the same time, at least not in appreciable amounts. If they are engaged in secreting all the time they just don’t get to make more insulin or not very much. I don’t think it has anything to do with being worn out. I could see that in other circumstances they may make too much insulin, as for instance in the case of cancer that involves the beta cells. We tend to think in terms of fatigue because we anthropomorphize the problem but in the cellular level there is no such thing. Cells work constantly and never get fatigued but they can become locked into one mode if there is a demand that pushes them in that direction. And they can down-regulate genes to reduce production of insulin if there are conditions that bring this about, e.g., excessive worry or depression. If the problem is too intense it might be that they modify their components too much so they become dormant.

The liver too can run out of glycogen if too heavy demand is made of it when its levels are low. So a person angered or excited or suddenly fearful at such a time can experience low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia. There are lots of people with diabetes, both type 1 and type 2 who are said to become frustrated, irritated, angry or aggressive because of hypoglycaemia. This is the way doctors and researchers try to explain the situation. The people close to the diabetic also claim the same. However if you talk to the diabetic you find that in many cases they don’t even remember what happened and they only know that they have low blood glucose after the event. In thinking about the biology one soon realizes that saying a person becomes hostile because of low blood sugars is putting the cart before the horse. For a person to become angry and more so to become aggressive they need high sugar levels available to be converted into high amounts of energy needed to animate them. A low fuel supply cannot provide the energy needed to make a person angry. If a person, who has low glycogen supply is suddenly angered then they will use up those supply very rapidly and quickly run out of sufficient blood glucose. So in being angered or fearful they become hypoglycaemic. So there has to be reasons why the person suddenly became very fearful, panicked or became very angry and hostile. It is hard sometimes to know who the offender is and who is not. But it is impossible to become angered or fearful for no reason.. a machine malfunction is bullshit!

Both cancer and diabetes remised.

When I left the area and headed down to Sydney, the cancer began to go into remission almost immediately. And I make a note here that I did not stop smoking till after I was in Sydney. Cancer of both lungs.. remising.. while I was still smoking. Huh! When I left to go to Sydney I did not know the cancer was in my lungs. I had been coughing up some reddish phlegm, but I had not wanted to think about it. This phlegm disappeared on my way to Sydney and I was smoking about half a pack of cigarettes a day all the way, just as I had always done. So as far as I am concerned smoking does not cause cancer of itself. Here too I suspect that the ideas of “something going into my lungs” was used and in addition the very warning on the cigarette packets can also be used as suggestion. It says “smoking causes lung cancer”. So in foul game play this idea that I saw every time I pick up the packet of cigarettes. It would have helped make the idea that the source of danger was in my body so much easier. From the time of these warning printed on cigarette packets, lung cancer in particular has sky-rocketed. What a financial bonanza! Certainly the herbalist had demanded I give up smoking but I think that was to give me a better opportunity to respond to the herbs.

The diabetes would have been reversed in that time as well and it is a shame that I didn’t know about it because I could have seen the evidence in my bgs. I had no anger episode for the entire five and a half weeks. Furthermore no one knew where we could be located. My friend and I meandered down the coast, mainly in inland areas and in a long way from the coast in many cases. We stopped where ever we wanted at the time. If we couldn’t find motel rooms we travelled a bit further till we did. So having had keys to my car would not have been an issue because they were not able to know where I was at any time during the entire trip. This means even the low grade fear would have been gone. When I got to Sydney the diabetes problem arose again but the fear element was minimal because it would have been only while I was driving my own car.

The only problem that was left at the end of 1993 was an uncertainty about the cancer. There was a big improvement in my health but I did not know with certainty that the cancer was gone. So in about November I decided to go and get a new opinion about the cancer and this time my herbalist said “now okay”. He was right. The cancer was all gone!

My diabetes was also gone. In December 1993, the bgs were back close to the normal range and in 1994 they were in the normal range. There were more attempts made to try and do me harm and particularly with respect to my heart. I did suffer some complications but they were not serious. Still they gave me more information that I can now give some more details about them in the next post.

With a toxic husband how did I survive and recover

                                                                 from diabetes and cancer?

On looking back years later, at the time when my husband had come out of the closet and confessed about being toxic, I started to wonder about my recovery in Sydney. I thought it had to have been a miracle that I survived, let alone recover. My husband admitted that some of my relatives, some of his relatives and some other people had visited him or spoke to him on the phone, and all of that happen when I was out shopping etc. They wanted him to become involved. He told them he’d “play along” but admitted that he had betrayed them. The reasons he gave were two. One was that he was a lot older than me and he knew that the only person who would help him remain independent in his older years was me. The other reason was that he saw that his relatives wanted his money. He didn’t have a great deal, just a house in Sydney and some shares. They wanted him to divorce me and change his will so that any money he had went to them. I told him that I thought they would not have helped him if he needed it. He said that wasn’t his main concern. He said that he believed they could have even killed him using some medical condition to get to the money. I did not understand at the time how a medical condition could be created and used to kill someone. And I will explain this in the next post because many of the complications are not due to the diabetes but the diabetes creates worse conditions. I realized that I had benefited and got well because of his own concerns about himself and his moves to protect his own personal interests.

My enemies, as I mentioned above, did follow up to create problems for me from mid 1994 to mid 1995, and most especially during and after some people came to stay with us. I realize now that all of these people were associated with some of my enemies. But my husband did not allow any situation that would put my life and health at risk and that had served me to suffer only relatively minor problems and get well, but enough to understand how these problems are created in the body.

And my enemies did not stop there. In the last 15 years they have hassle me a great deal, most probably to try and cause me diabetes once again so that added foul play that has been tried might cause serious enough medical conditions to kill me. They have failed. They made a very bad move in declaring war against me. I was hardly able to explain more than the most basic cheats and much less in terms of biology up until 2000. Now, as a result of what has been attempted since 2000, I can describe, not only the cheats showing how a person is stressed, but more importantly how the problems are created in the body. I am now able to explain the biology. I can explain the physiology in how a person’s reactions can be make them seriously sick and enough to die. AND I can also explain how a person can manage their own biology as to escape harm. Why did they target me?

A lot of people are criticizing the medical industry, some are themselves doctors. But I believe that some of those doctors may be employed by Big Pharma to criticize them. Incredible??? but not when you realize it’s good for business! What they are doing is selling ideas to the public that say “expect to get bad side effects on drugs”, “expect cancer treatments might give you more cancer”, “expect that the drug companies are presenting you with bad science” etc., and all of that is good for business because there is a nocebo effect. People expect to get side effects or to get worse with the treatments and they do. They get worse and need more treatment. It means more business and sales. BUT this is true only while people are locked into the system. Only while they have people over a barrel, thinking they have no other way of treating the disease than the medical system.

I am offering people solutions because understanding what it is about is the open door to health. They don’t need drugs and medical procedures. The truth puts you in the driver’s seat of your own vehicle. I offer my insights and solutions for free. Even if I get to put all my work in a book and sell it, it will still all be available on the net for free. My aim is to help validate and empower humane people. To help them stand against the toxic under-culture and win. By understanding the cheats of manipulative toxic people and by understanding how they may be inadvertently reacting, and by understanding the nature of their body’s reactions in basic terms, then humane people can overcome all problems and ultimately live healthy lives, with disease a forgotten thing of the past. A humane person can get well and stay well; can sail through the number 10 rated cyclone without a graze on their vessel. So quite plainly I am bad for business as far as the medical industry is concerned.


Appendix: Two experiments to prove ESP to yourself.
In the first instance you need to appreciate that where there is relationship, there is mental entanglement. And with mental entanglement there is what I call direct mental perception or what scientists in the field of parapsychology call psi and ESP. This means that an idea presented by one person mentally, can be perceived mentally by another. I will suggest two different experiments to do. In the first one use a stranger as your subject and keep them and everyone else ignorant of your experiment. This will help eliminate the possibility of someone else trying to deceive you. In the second experiment the subject can be anyone and it is a very simple procedure but again keep them ignorant of your experiment. If you find that you can trust them then you can do some experiments with one another.

In the first experiment I suggest you use a psychic for your stranger subject. This is not about “going to a psychic”, this is about using a psychic to do an experiment. But for all they know, you’re a genuine customer. I know it will cost some money but it will be worth it to you. You will need to see them twice. Both must be “cold calls”. Call them each time without telling them you are going to see them again a week later or that you are going to another one later. Tell them nothing. Make the visit short so it doesn’t cost you much money. Even ten minutes is enough.

The first time is the control experiment.
We want to see what happen when you do not deliberately present ideas.

I have found that most of the “mind reading” these people do is done by abusing the relationship and it can even be done over the phone. You are still relating even if you haven’t met the person and you talk to them over the phone. That is not to say there are no genuine psychics. There are, but I found most of them are phoney. They use the same psychic powers that everyone in the world has and they use it against their customers.

So what “mind reading” do they do? They first, and cunningly, present you with ideas such as “dead….?? Relative… ah???” When you don’t know this, you perceive the idea but think it is your own thinking. So naturally a name of a dead relative or friend will come to your mind. This triggers your memory. You begin to think of your dead relative or friend or whoever it is and you begin to recall some thing about them. While your memory is working and you are upholding ideas in mind, they going on with “oh.. oh.. yes I.. I.. I.. see your grandmother standing next to you.. she is saying… just a minute.. let me connect with her..”, meanwhile you’re continuing to think about people and events in your mind. If you recant these in your mind, mentally say these things to yourself.. you are effectively “on broadcast mode”. For the reading, cards or whatever it is, they tell you your thoughts! Easy. $50 thank you very much!

image048So what has happened? You have perceived the thoughts they presented to you. And they perceive the thoughts that you unwittingly presenting back, thinking your were only saying these things privately to yourself, in your mind. This comes about because of the mental entanglement in relationship. You want to try to avoid this. Your aim is to keep a blank mind but even if you fail (and remember these people are well trained), it is not important in the experiment. It will still serve as a control. But if you want to give yourself a practice run and still use it as a control experiment, you could do two controls. You could do one in which you just be yourself and let them fish you for information and then a second one, where you are more experienced and can maintain a blank mind. Be kind to yourself, a blank mind is not an easy task.

Next you do the actual experiment.

You get another appointment. It can be the same psychic or another. You go there as a genuine customer again but this time well rehearsed. After the control experiment(s) you dream up a fake problem and a fake dead relative. Or you can use a real dead relative and some phoney info about them and a fake problem. Start out with a real problem and a real dead relative and write down a composition to yourself about the problem and the dead relative. Just write down what comes into your mind. Automatic writing. Examine your thoughts in the written form and use them as a formulation for the fakes. So write a second composition but this time about the fake or real relative with the fake events and fake events of their death and fake whether they loved you or not and what they want to say to you.. the usual stuff but make it up.

When you go to the psychic or talk to them on the phone you can sound worried if you want or composed, it doesn’t matter; Most people, who go to a psychic, go for some reason, looking for some answers, so looking worried won’t sound off any alarm bells. HOWEVER the alarm bell that you have to avoid is giving them information that you’re cheating. So you don’t have any ideas of “I have….”, or anything conversational ideas. If you’ve done your homework you’ll be fine. You got to sell them on what they know how to do with charm.. cheat. If you have rehearsed well enough you will be okay. And I will also caution you that you DO NOT give any information to anyone else about the fake problem and fake or real dead relative etc. Be scientific. Be confidential.

So while relating to the psychic you deliberately give information MENTALLY ONLY. While they are telling you that they see some relative, then present your ideas mentally as you would have if it was just your thinking about it. Do not mentally converse with the psychic. Think as you would think for yourself. Then you will see what they have to say and be astonished. In science there is no proof. Only in mathematics do we talk of proofs. In science we only talk of evidence. So you will have evidence that another person can perceive what you present to them mentally. Same goes for you. You can perceive what they present to you mentally. Everyone has psychic abilities. The only difference between you and a psychic is that they have trained themselves enough to make it a craft and to make money from their craft.

Once you appreciate that direct mental perception is possible with a stranger with whom you are relating, you will appreciate that with people who are closely related, there is strong mental entanglements. Mental perception happens all the time. Some of it is coincidental. Some of it deliberate. Then you will be ready for the next step.

A footnote. There is, what we call in science, observer bias. This is one reason why scientists double blind experiments. Double blinding however causes more problems than it solves and for many reasons it is not a good technique to be used universally for everything. You really only need to be aware that many people, not all, may try and read into their results things that are not really there. However I don’t think this will be a problem for you because you have a specific set of data, the fake problem and the fake or real dead relative and you are looking to see how well your stranger psychic subject “read you”. That is how well they can convey back to you verbally what you are presenting to them mentally. I recall once, I went to a lady that I knew in Sydney and many times she was vague. Then one day I went there preoccupied and worried about something at work and she basically told me everything I was thinking. That is when I got suspicious. It can be coincidental. She may not be doing it deliberately but this capability can be abused by unscrupulous people and especially if there is money to be made from it.


The second experiment.

This experiment is not so scientific but it can also give you valuable information.

This time you choose a subject from those you relate to or know well. A stranger is trivially related to you but a close friend or relative is strongly related to you. I suggest you do two experiments, first one do with a stranger you’ve just met and the second one with someone you know well.

This experiment is not so scientific and probably a bit unfair in that the other person is in the dark and not a willing participant. But you are not going to exploit them so it is not unethical. However you need them to be blinded so you don’t want them knowing that you are testing them.

Engage the person in conversation and in the course of the conversation ask for their opinion about something. As soon as they give you their opinion just look at them in the eyes, calmly and give no hint away and mentally address them and say “that bullshit”. You will see their expression drop. I’ve even had people respond with “what?” And I replied “I didn’t say anything”. They are left stumped. Then further down the conversation again ask them what they think about something. This time, looking neutral at them again, say “that’s brilliant”. You will find their facial expression lifts and they may even smile.

This experiment is not as good as the first one because you are only getting a facial response. However it does show that the other person did perceive what you said to them mentally because the facial responses will be appropriate. Except of course if they did say something they thought was bullshit then they might laugh. If you think they are able to appreciate your experiment and you believe you can trust them to be honest then you may be able to confide in them. You can try having one person mentally presenting a simple idea and the other saying what they perceived or writing it down. If the person is toxic then they will look to cheat you. I did this with someone once, and both of us got 100% correct.



NOTE: The next post is on diabetes and complications. Are they due to diabetes? Is having diabetes an added disadvantage? You can avoid the complications!

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